Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blessed New Year

2008 definitely was a good year for my studies. 5 A's, number 1 in class for 3 times. Yeah, 2008 was definitely a wild ride for me. Like speeding a Proton Saga with failed brakes, zig zaging on Genting Highlands road.

January, I was starting to count down my birthday. I mean, sweet 16, you only get to go through it once in a life time.

Wong Kok's compliments to me.

You know I invited alot of my friends to come, but most of them last minute decided to 'vanished'. That really went over the line already. To be honest, that makes me realized that I don't need that much friends at all. All I need is buddies, best mates that can and will stick with me through the storm and never last minute bail out whenever problems come to me and I ask for help. These are my true friends F.Y.I. My phony friends can fuck off from my shoulders.

I would like to thank my buddies who treated me lunch on my birthday, Kyle, Cheng Heng, Victor, and Kerrie. You guys saved the day, I really appreciated what you all did to cheer me up on that day.

And as for the gifts, I have never received so much in my life from my friends. Wan Zhuin, thanks for the teddy bear. Shu Teng, Anything and Whatever is great!!! Kerrie, I'm gonna use the wallet you gave me soon, wait until I finished using my Nike one : ).

As for my studies, I really don't know why out of the blue, I had such an interest on History subject. Never in my life, I was addicted to reading the text book. Seriously, even my dad couldn't believe it. Oh yeah, thanks to the hard work, I scored A for History, and first time in my life, I was 1st in class. Thank God for that.

School environment just got worst weeks later, I had a small 'fight' with a form 1 student, who pushed me. Hey, I'm a prefect and what I did was part of an order from Pn. Tan. Yeah, that jackass got away with it. Mr.Chew decided to lecture him and gave him a ruler on the hand.

Chinese New Year, it was the first time since my paternal grandma's passing, so for 2007 I didn't go back to Malacca. For 2008, I did. And the amount of money I received for nag paus was amazing. A staggering RM 700!!!!

Then for football, I will never forget about Street Thugs.

I missed their first official match against Taman Connaught School's football team. We lost 7-0, but compared to last year's 10-0, we did improved. Just one day, number 22 will score for Street Thugs, be it futsal or football. Heck, I was this close of scoring my first goal for Street Thugs in futsal. But anyway, on July we won our first football match.

I tried out for the school's handball squad, made the cut. Didn't start a game for them, only sat at the bench watching them. We didn't managed to fulfill our Pn Yuliza's wish, to get top 3. Sigh, crashed at the quarter-finals.

Because I was involved in so much of activities, for once I forgotten about my studies. I failed my History (yikes), but managed to hold for pole position in class. Miracle happens.

Oh yeah, 2008 was the year God gave SMK Seri Mutiara money to spend on CCTV, which was installed infront of the toilets on the second and third floor of my class block. Way to go!!! RM 1500 gone.

2008 introduced me to ExxonMobil Young Entrepreneurs (EYE). I was the only Teknologi student in the company (right after Sasi and Sabrina were fired from Amirul, who was then C.E.O of Pearl Star Enterprise.)

And my project, tagged with Kyle called "Thumbelina" was such a huge hit for the company's profit (a near total of RM 500 after 3 times selling it to the public), I would like to thank ya'll for spending RM 4 on it!!!

For the Cultural Evening project, I thought that project could have been better if one rap group can stop fucking around on stage and do their routine properly. Note to self : Don't hire blur performers.

Even though Pearl Star Enterprise went back with just one award (Well, that doesn't count, cuz each company has won it, which is 'best employee award'.)

2008 marks the second time I've helped Hui Xian on Tadika Mayter's sports day.

And as for school....

Resumes normal.

2007 Rumah Keruing didn't manage to capture the handball gold medal prize, so for 2008, my team and I pushed ourselves to the limits, and we managed to get gold medal. Sacrifice means nothing.

2008 would be the year Angeline Lam would wanna forget. Who can forget her so-called sex scandal that spread in school like wild fire. Some of my buddies photocopied her blog post about her 'bonding' with Leong Kit. And soon, groups of people were reading it, laughing, or maybe disgusted by it. "The Journey to the Center of the Body" was a smash box office hit in school, trust me, the teachers even digg it.

Fights happened in school alot, especially racial fights. Every now and then in year 2008, Indians, Chinese, the Malays would meet up in a secretive place and go knuckle on knuckle. It went on to be such a serious case, that the police would patrol around the school area. I just hope 2009 no one would caused another one again.

Politics, Election 2008 was an unforgettable one. I thought Barisan Nasional would win again by a majority. Yeah, the won, but the Opposition managed to claim a few states, including Penang and Selangor.

And after that, the madness continues. In the parliament, our elected MPs started to behave like monkeys. Shoutings, arguements, remarks, menstrual remarks on women MPs (The bocor incident), yeah all of them were telecast live on TV. Oh boy, my family and I were definitely entertained by our 'mature' politicians. Put a monkey next to them, no difference. And thanks to, you are also able to watch all of the MPs behaving so bad, that even put naughty primary school students to shame.

"Bodoh bodoh bodoh", "Batu Gajah pun tiap tiap bulan bocor", "Big Foot", "Big Monkey", these were a few of the most famous remarks made in the House.

Anwar also has something in his mind, after winning. I don't know why, but why would a politician, who said that he's an important man of the year, would wanna sodomise and former aide? Nah, that report is false. You kena sodomized more than 1 time baru make report to police ah?

Oh yeah, did I mention I had a beef with a person who commented on my previous posts? Yeah, that lasted quite long, until it nearly went out of hand. Still wondering, why would he choose 'Holy Shit, it's a hand job' as a welcoming title to his post. Thank goodness, he changed it. Yeah yeah whatever.

Overall, it was just a year of fights, racial tension, scandals, heated arguments and CCTV watching us going to the loo. I just pray that 2009 would be better. Oh yeah, SPM lo. Damn it, after that would be National Service. I really don't wish to be randomly selected for that. Anyway, how's your 2008? Type it in my chatbox, share with others and what you'd think 2009 will be in store for us.

And for now, I'm signing off saying

2008, SCREW OFF!!!!

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