About Me

 Hellooooo to whom is reading this blog. My name's Daniel also known previously as Maccaroni Boy and now, Kramleinad (Go figure out yourself.)

 I am known to most of my friends be it previously in secondary school, church and college, a VERY blur case. Yes, I do get blur whenever anything exciting happens, I have a short attention span.

 I do have a thing for die-cast car models, I collect them and no, its not childish lah c'mon, its a hobby.  From Hotwheels to Matchbox to Maisto cars, Been collecting since I was 5 and right now, I regretted not taking good care of them =/ The AE86 Initial D is one of my many cherished models.

 You wouldn't believe me when I say I'm interested in photography after taking pictures of my die cast car models with my phone camera. Apparently Nokia's close up shots are not so detailed.   That alone spawned my interest in taking pictures in DSLR cameras.  I own a Nikon D80, cousin gave it to me as a gift =D

 I have an obsession for sneakers/kicks. Started off with Converse (I still have the Chuck Taylors All Star black/white shoe). then had a brief liking for slip-ons (I didn't get Vans, I got Everlast instead) and now....Nike Dunks. I only have a limited budget and only buy the ones which is limited, has good colourway and worth the price. College classmates can recognize me from afar if I'm wearing the shoe above =D

Meet Mac, my pet.
 My first and most probably my last pet. Ain't she cute and fat and adorable? A hamster's lifespan is short, and now I'm trying to spend more time with her. She's having a good life, everday eat and sleep.

 This is what I eat  in class.
 And this is what I am =) 

Read my blog to know more about me, drop a comment and its up to you to click the Nuffnang ads for me (click if you're bored please). Have a naaiisss day =D