Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Clot

I had enough of black and white tees already, bring red and blue please =D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The silly mistakes we make...

I spent hours a day just to complete my typography design, hours sketching them out on my sketchbook before I draw with the tablet and then trace it on Illustrator. I have never been so nervous about having my in-class assignments being presented by the lecturer to the whole class. Lecturer gave the class 3 weeks to present to her the ideas, sketches on book, drafts on computer and the day before deadline, 70% of the work done.

I rushed from home to college,hopefully not gonna be late for class. Kuala Lumpur traffic is a bitch. Yesterday going to college took me an hour instead of just 15 to 20 minutes. I have no idea why so many drivers are slowing down for nothing. I was late for an hour, and another hour later, class finishes and I spent another hour in traffic. Highways are a luxury for other countries but here, more of a liability.

Transferred my work to lecturer’s computer, and all 30 of the students work is being presented, one by one. I do get a lot pressure in this situation. What if mine isn’t as good as the rest? What if they laugh at it? I tried not to think of these ‘What Ifs’.

I’m glad the lecturer liked my font designs, but I did screw up. I didn’t really group properly the designs, so one of the designs got separated and it looked funny. It was really embarrassing, and yeah some of the April intake students had a good laugh at it.

I find myself laughing along with them too. Sometimes you just gotta let loose yourself when you make mistakes, no matter how embarrassing it is. I’m actually glad that my silly mistakes managed to make a few people laugh. Most importantly, Ms. Queenie knows that I’ve put in a lot of effort on my work. I really need to score an A for this subject.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Screw It

I'm not good at hands on art work, especially the 3D art work. I had a frustrating afternoon trying to not screw up again on my work. Darn metal sheets, most of my fingers are having small cuts because I've been bending, cutting, sticking them to each other for hours. Thought I could pass up the sculpture work yesterday, until I screw up by sticking the double sided tapes on the wrong side of the sculpture shape.

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I had my afternoon sleep since college started. Yes, I've been that busy during my afternoons. I'd be honest with you, I've never felt so bored in years during the first 2 months in a new year. This sucks alot.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rock N Roll

I’m searching high and low for that damn Crooks & Castle Air Gun tee, seriously, I had been searching for that tee since Drake wore it in his “Miss Me” music video.

My friend had reblogged one post and this girl was wearing a Crooks & Castle Air Gun black sweatshirt. If its not available in What’s Good?, I guess I’m gonna buy one from Singapore.

And I’ve been replaying Swizz Beatz’s “Rock N Roll” featuring Lil Wayne and Lenny Kravitz. I WANNA ROCK RIGHT NOOOOOOOWW!!!!! =D

i’m in this b---h like i wanna rock right now,
we so deep you motherfuckers might drown
i’m so fly tonight call me a night owl
i’m high as stars blue skies and white clouds
talking about let’s go crazy, let’s go ladies, they all follow soon
…tell it, yeah it’s a movie, watch the trailer if it don’t float out both, pop the sailor
party all night, party all night, a whole bunch of b-----s this is the dog fight
begin in the cream, you know off right, a whole lot of smoke, i need fog lights
young money baby you can’t hold me, you can’t put me so you can’t fold me
lose your mind, out of control, i now pronounce you rock and roll, yeah

party, all night, let’s go, alright, we gonna rock and roll, who wanna rock and roll
party all night, let’s go, alright, we gonna rock and roll, who wanna rock and roll.

DM Illustrator

Just for fun. Its been awhile since I last did something like this =)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tired and Sick

I haven't been sleeping early for the past few weeks since Chinese New Year was over. I'm so used to sleeping in at 2 a.m, its not funny anymore. I really wanna sleep early like before 11 p.m, but I can't. Sometimes I do wanna take sleeping pills to make it better, mum's totally against it and all.

College is much more the same as usual. Its amazing that until now I have yet to make friends with the April batch students. Funny thing is some of the girls laugh at Levi's jokes.

And yeah, I'm in a relationship with my best friend. I'd be honest with you, it wasn't an easy relationship to go through. Its like every month there's an argument about something. Heck, at times I can't even remember why are we arguing or feeling misunderstood about something in the first place. I mean, the previous relationships I rarely argued or anything.

I don't wanna sleep late. I don't wanna wake up feeling dizzy and sleepy. I'm sick of trying to stay awake while driving. For once, just let me have a good sleep and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

Like I far 2011 has been a shitty year.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here Doggie Doggoe =D

Was unloading all of the stuff that’s required to bring for tomorrow’s sculpture class. I parked my car just at the exit of an alley behind the shop lots. As I was unloading the stuff one by one, I looked to my right and there was like 3 stray dogs, running towards me….FAST. And yet I had the time to stand there and watch them getting close to me……then I started to panic in front of a few cars passing by.

I just shoved everything into the boot, close it quick and quickly went in the car. Dogs ran out of the alley, 2 cars had to stop at the last minute.

And I find myself laughing in the car, I could have been bitten and hurt but yeah, funny shit happens.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So from Thursday afternoon till Sunday afternoon I find myself staying at home, alone. Its really hard to keep yourself occupied when you have nothing to do, no one to talk to, and the neighborhood is very quiet. I really wished my friends weren't that busy even on the weekends, I couldn't even get to hang out with more than one friend during those lonely days and nights.

Oh and, I finally know how to play Chor Dai Dee. Yes, I am THAT late to learn to play because every Chinese New Year, no cards game. I was very confused about the rules and how it was played, only after a few rounds I then only got the hang of it. Thanks to Kah Yi, Zi Yang and Zi Yean, I had a great weekend night by playing cards with them. Blackjack is still my favorite card game =)

Its amazing I managed to keep myself sane.

Typography Poster

Hell yeah....typography assignments are fun to do =D I remembered my 1 month stint in Adwizard Sdn. Bhd, applied whatever I've been taught.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I look myself in the mirror, another extra pimples on my face, especially on the chin area =/ It happens whenever I'm at Malacca. Its probably the unfiltered water or the weather or the pillows =( Oh well, guess I'll just be at home till it gets better......

Congrats =)

Oh right, congrats to my bro on his registration or marriage =D This was taken in the Putrajaya Marriage Registration Witness Room =)

Edited : after a long lecture from my dad about the Mak family history, I don't have a step bro =D I have a bro instead, WHOO!!!!

I Get Lonely Too

And here I am, celebrating first day of Chinese New Year, alone at home. Parents decided to stay back at grandma’s house till Sunday afternoon, they’ll be back. I had to come back home early just to rush my darn typography poster assignment. Oh well… least the house is all mine for 3 days.

Chinese New Year hasn't been fun for this year. I didn't really get to catch up with cousins, reunion dinners have their own awkward moments, like whenever we just ran out of things to say or talk about.

About my cousins, its really hard to find anything to talk about. Maybe its the age gap, I mean most of them are in their mid 20's or approaching their 30's, there's really nothing else to talk about. Is it me, or sometimes I do think myself as socially awkward. Hmm..

So from tonight till Sunday afternoon, I could really appreciate some company in the house. I just really do hope any of my friends would drop by just to accompany me. I'm not surprised if I find myself talking to the walls in my room, or to the kitchen utensils. Its not even a day and I'm trying hard not to lose my sanity. Its too quiet in the house.