Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lala people

Mention the word 'lala', and all of your buddies will have this picture in mind.

Yeah people!!!!!! These are the people on earth is without any blardy fashion sense.

Or, be smart, don't be a retard, look up to the good ol' Oxford dictioanary.

Lala - garbled dressing and outrageous hairstyles coupled with an aloof mannerism

Well said.

One time my mum and I went shopping at one of the many malls in the Klang Valley, and we bumped into these people. Guess what? My mum was having eye sight problem after looking at them.

Long fishnet stockings, ridiculously over accessorized blings, bad make-up, handbags which is bigger that their head, black leather boots. I even mistaken them for going to a Halloween costume party. Na-uh, there are shopping for more hideous clothing.

Look, you can dress up like that, on one day. Halloween. Seriously, just that day only. But please, tolonglah, not to the Curve, Mid Valley, and don't even think of dressing like that at Pavilion. Gone are the days where simple casual fashion exist.

I remember what my mum told me after seing lala people....

"Don't you ever, and I mean it, ever dress up like that. And you better not find a girlfriend who dress up like that too. If not, I will skin you alive Daniel." - Mum.


A fine example of how lala people camwhore....

Geee....I had to be lala to feel lala to know how lala is.

Sometimes I feel so sad about these people, I feel darn sorry for them. Sometimes, I even thought of creating a fund raising group for them. Pay a buck, and you get to curse, scold, slap, kick and yell at them for ruining your life.

I still don't understand, what's so freakin' nice about I Socks. Of all shops, I Socks is like the shops for weirdos. Yes, I'm finally letting it all go. It's for weird people who don't know how to present themselves nicely in public.

Everytime when I am in Times Square doing my shopping for casual streetwear clothes, I had to at least bumped into more than 1 I Socks shop. What shocks the shit out of me is that, there will be 3 to 4 or maybe more than that number of I Socks on a single floor at Times Square.
Wait, I went to to search for some I Socks pics, and gave me this.

In Times Square 4th floor alone, there are 5 of these shops. 5 I Socks shop on one level. Wait, there's more

1 selling Trendywear, 1 selling various type of Socks.The other 2 shop only allow VIP to get in. 1 sell mainly guy's punk cloth and some casuals, another 1 sells girls lolita and casuals. In order to get their VIP, u need to spend to buy something in the other non-VIP shops.

What the fish lah? I really need to give the manager of Times Square a slap in the face.


Oh, for people who never saw an I Socks shop before, here's a peek. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Yeah, looks like an Asian torture house.

Now, we know what a typical lala guy/girl is. Promised Alicia, and Kamumalu to go Lala Hunting. Anyone wanna join, message me at my chatbox.

Anyone of you who is reading my blog, who dress like one of these people, and act like you don't know that you do, and type 'mind-blowing' messages at my chatbox, you know who you are.

Sick of these people.

Evon's Birthday

Gee...the month of September is full of birthdays to celebrate. First was my mum's birthday (Sept 14th), then Raj Dev's birthday (September 18th), then before Raj's was my "sister-in-law"'s birthday, Evon Cheah (September 17th)

Went to Wong Kok restaurant at Leisure Mall to celebrate.

Outside at Wong Kok, we looked at the menu before going in, Ian saw the birthday milk tea, but didn't bother asking me whether is it free or not.

As usual, Ian would be the joker of the day. With his wicked sense of adult humor, its hard not to laugh while you're eating.

I reminded Ian not to order drinks, because we'll be having free milk tea. Tat Soon and Ian didn't quite get what I meant. Yu Kin was the smart one, not ordering any drinks. Told Ian that it will be a big milk tea, but he thought I was joking.

Ian acting 'holy'. (Note: He's a free thinker)

Oh yeah, Ian doesn't like Wong Kok at all. He only has been here once, and this was his second time. He thinks that Wong Kok is for lala people. Look where he is now huh?

I forgot that Evon and Kerrie don't like taking pics with flash on, shyte.

Yu Kin being goofy.

See Ian, that's why I told you not to order any damn drinks.

With all the bacterias and possibility of sharing saliva with Ian, Kerrie, me, Evon, Yu Kin and Tat Soon decided not to use the 6 straws to drink the milk tea.

Everyone applauded when Ian stood to pour drinks for us. Its the first time Ian was well mannered in public. Congrats Ian, you're one step of becoming a true Malaysian.

Yu Kin thought the white sauce in his cheese baked rice with beef is sperm. Blaardy dirty minded....

My dinner.

Dessert was chocolate fondue. I was worried about the chocolate cuz it smells like burnt chocolate.

Making funny faces while Yu Kin received a call from his mum.

Kerrie and birthday girl Evon.

Ahmad's to you.

The milk tea that Evon ordered for us, Yu Kin, Ian, Tat Soon, me, Kerrie and Evon couldn't finish it all. Manage to drink until half, but was suffering while at it.

Swear to God that I was so full until let off some silenced fart bullets. Silent but deadly. Total bill was RM 100+. Planning not to have dinner. Overall, a great birthday celebration. Plenty of adult humor presented by Ian, goofy acts by Yu Kin, laughter provided by Maccaroni Boy, lots of swt-ness by Kerrie and Evon combined together.

Happy birthday Evon Cheah something something!!!!! Sorry, Kerrie won't tell me your full name. Don't worry, will go through your student Next year will be your sweet sixteen, looking forward to it!!!!

Raj Dev's Futsal Birthday Party

Tuesday I was handed a folded paper from Raj, it was an invitation to his upcoming birthday celebration at The Challenger Futsal court.

That day will be the same day as my mum's birthday.

There were a total of 20+ people who turned up on that day. So Raj's dad split us all into 5 teams, Team A to E. My team, Team D consist of me, Avern, Zedek, Inderjit and Nivashinie. Yup, girls get to play too.

So here are some pics........

My team was last place overall. Yeah.....

2-1 against Team E

3-1 against Team B

and 0-0 against Team C, losing on penalties 1-0.

Then...took group photo, and then balik to celebrate my mum's birthday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I miss Maccaroni Girl

Can't wait for her blog to be updated........screw PMR!!!

Will be patiently waiting for her to online at Windows Live Messenger, and we can chat like giler giler.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sri Perdana Mooncake festival dinner

Last Friday went for my mum's workplace event, a Mooncake festival dinner. Anyone know where Tadika Sri Perdana is? Its just nearby Ketumbar Hills there.

One of the performances by the kiddies was singing a Mooncake festival song.

Parents must be so frickin proud.

After eating like a pig (I had a plate of bee hoon, with curry chicken, a few jellies, 3 pieces of cake, a few Big Apple donuts, and 2 cans of coke.), decided to go to the john.

Once I got into the boys room, I was surprised that the sink, mirror and even the tissue row is measured accordingly to an average kindergarden student's height.

If you want to camwhore at this toilet, forget it.

I had to do the hard way. By the way, like my new hairstyle anot? Mr. Chew cut it for me. Gotta thank him for giving me a new one.

Had a few more pics before I and dad had to go off.

Kids playing games.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chocolate........*drools* of my favourite deserts to have before and after a lunch, dinner. Australia to me is known for it's chocolates. Sweet chocolates that is to die for.

Nope, that's not cherry inside this container.

Strawberry and chocolate inside.

Ain't it cute?

I don't think so the colouring will affect my health, won't it?

Inside the chocolate is pure almond nut, protected by layers of rich chocolate.


Game bugs

While playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 just to pass time on my Playstation 2, I noticed a tackle that was quite weird. So I replay it.....

Geee......that sure is pain.


Friday, September 5, 2008

River of Christ's Church Camp (Day 2)

Woke up quite refreshed. Had breakfast after that.

So during Sunday morning session, Pastor Samson Dabbas was preaching again. Halfway throughout his message, I went to the children's Sunday school to see what activities are they up to.

Found out that they were playing Snake and Ladder.

On a life size board.

So for lunch, went to this banana leaf mamak nearby the hotel, at the Indian area. I didn't get to pay for the food, Suresh did. The food was nice by the way. Instead of the normal servings on a plate, the waiter will give you a banana leaf, out rice on it, add a few dishes on it, and for others such as fried chicken, mutton curry and so on, you'll have to ask them to bring it for you.

Connie had told me to be at the hotel lobby to get a ride to the football field to play football. Pastor Samson Dabbas and Elijah also joined. We were waiting for Godfrey, Jeffrey, Joel, Daniel and Adrian, but they were late. So we had to leave without them.

9 people had to fit into the Kia Spectra. 9 people.

Football with Pastor Samson Dabbas.

My gosh, Pastor Samson Dabbas was damn good at football. As a former Division 3 Nigerian player, and earning an international call up. But he choose God's path instead of pursuing fortune and fame. Elijah was also good too as a goalkeeper.

At one time I was called to be goalkeeper for a penalty. Guess who's the spotkick taker, Pastor Samson Dabbas himself. Before he kicked the ball, I have a 1,2,3 signal. Just miliseconds after 3, he slammed the ball to the goal. I barely moved on my goal line. That is how good pastor is.

So I decided to 'revenge'. I asked Luis and Connie to be a free kick wall. Pastor Samson Dabbas was goalkeeper. Its been a while since I played football, so I just bend it like Maccaroni Boy. A low curved shot to the right saw the ball passing Pastor Samson Dabbas for goal. I was delighted.

It was a great football match. Even though there is only 9 people. So we decided to use a goal post only, 1 goalkeeper, 2 teams of 4 players. I teamed up by Pastor Samson Dabbas.

Pastor was good at doing skills and tricks. Skills and tricks that made Luis fall to the ground so often, its like trying to embarass Luis. Pastor scored more than a hatrick of goals. This proves how good he is.

I had my chances at goal, but I wasted it. Until I was given a shot. My shot curved to the top right corner for goal. Can't say I was good, cuz' the goalkeeper was a small boy.

Pastor Samson Dabbas had a good feeling that one day, Amos will play for Malaysia in international stage.

After an hour of play, we decided its best to head back to the hotel.

While waiting for Noel to pick us up, Luis and Amos decided to play passing to kill time.

Now last night after the service, Pastor Monica made an announcement. That tonight everyone in their groups must do a drama, sketch or a song about the topic, "The Price of the Great Pearl".

In the middle of practice after dinner.

So, the first group to present was the comittee group.

Dad was playing a loan shark in his group's drama play.

I didn't know during the Old Testimant times, handphones existed.

Jeffrey was funny too.

Joel (sleeveless shirt) was playing one of the loan sharks.

Another group performing a song about the title.

Pastor Samson Dabbas 'beating' up a person.

After stealing money, one of the most funniest lines.....

Pastor Samson Dabbas : " *looks to fellow friends* Come lets go pasar malam"

Leaving him half dead on the ground.

One of the characters thought he was just acting. So all they did was to say 'God bless you' to him.

A datuk and his secretary (my mum playing that role) pass by the person. Injured person asking for help, datuk want to give, but the money comes from the secretary's salary. Secretary objected, so off they went off.

"No way, that comes from my monthly salary!!!"

A bunch of mak ciks came. They thought it was a trick.

Mak cik 1 : "Yeah right, a good looking man like you dying infront of us aunties, very funny."

One by one they went.

Until uncle Vun's character, a foreign father with his daughter (played by Abigail), decided to take the injured man to the nearest hospital.

So after the session, the results were announced. My group, Group Knowledge, got second place.

Went to eat ikan bakar with friends and their families for supper. Again mum and dad went to eat without me.

Had to travel near Muar just to eat fish.

Day 3 wasn't that much happening, I doozed off early to bed during the praise and worship. I was really sleepy. Went off at 1 p.m. Luis followed my family back. Before that went to visit grandma. Guess what, my uncle bought chocolates for me and mum again.