Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gorrilla Mad In A Bikini

Anyone remembered this picture? C'mon.......try guessing the date and I'll buy you lunch. Mamak only ah!!

Only Good For 4 Minutes

Sums up England's World Cup performance, 4 minutes into the ENG-USA match Gerrard scored.....they were only good for 4 minutes.

I Rike Japanese Girls On A Shirt :D

Damn...... :D

Aya Kiguchi Gucci Kikstyo Tee

Malacca Urrgghhhhh!!

Helloooo farkers I'm back from Malacca. I tell ya, Malacca isn't fun anymore. The food is shit, the traffic is shit. Oh boy don't get me started on the drivers, you think KL teruk, Malacca the best!! :D Anyway mum and I went back to Malacca to visit grandma and fetch her back to KL to attend my cousin's wedding buffet on Saturday. The theme is pink, and thank goodness dad has a short sleeved pink shirt. Don't know why he had it in the first place O.o

Anyway back to Malacca. Its boring, its dull. The weather is hot, the food is bad. I thought mum brought back the phone charger, and mum thought I had put the phone charger into the bag. Ended up no charger. My phone died and mum's phone surviving on a few bars.

I really wished grandma had Astro. I really hope some good Samaritan would buy her an Astro decoder and pay for her bills. For the past 2 days I was eating medicine, sleeping, eating again, sleep again. Basically I was being a pig for 2 days surviving on horrible Malacca food. The satay was so-so only, cendol was the saving grace of Malacca food.

Last night mum and I went to Jusco AEON, the one next to Tesco (which was shit too). We went to this cafe to eat dinner, its called Locales Cafe. The owner was playing some Nightclub game on Facebook. Was told by the waiter that the only chicken chop available was the black pepper chicken chop. Instead of leaving and went looking for other restaurants to eat, I thought of giving it a try.

And damn it I wished I left earlier. The chicken chop was horrible, the black pepper sauce literally looks like dog shit. No lie, I feel like vomiting everytime I dip the chicken with the sauce. The only food that was edible was the potato wedges. I ordered cendol, and they gave me this ice kacang......only without the syrup and corn to make it look like a cendol. The ice was coursed and it wasn't sweet as it was supposed to be.

Don't get me started on the bill, RM 27 for something which is only worth less than RM 15.

Sigh....and now my car door scratched already. Some people just don't know that when you're fat and you can't go out from your nearest door, go out from the other side. Damn it don't force your way out and hit the door against the wall.......twice!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kramleinad Down WIth Flu

I'm down with flu again, and damn it why my nuffnang is still stuck just above the RM 50 mark? Some kiddo got RM 150+ by just clicking her own ads XD

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nike Dunk High SB RESN

Kena racun-ed by friend already, now I want these =D But too bad its sold out, don't mind getting pre-owned ones....

Dinner at Skewers BBQ & Restaurant

Went to Skewers BBQ & Restaurant at Subang Avenue, Subang Jaya. Called my parents to tell them I reach there already with Joshua, Sang, Derek and Kah Yin. Just yesterday joked with mum, she bet with me whether I'll miss a turn to Subang or I ended up lost in Subang.

Reached 30+ minutes later, sat at the bar table. Ordered 3 mint lamb, half pint of Hoegaarden, Rosemary beef, and Sang had Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger, which was frickin' big size portion. Josh and Derek ordered a jug of Carlsberg. Kah Yin being a first timer in pouring the beer, screwed up and wasted.

Derek brought his laptop and charger, forgot to bring battery. Josh brought everything that is required, and halfway online his laptop committed suicide. Couldn't find a plug near us.

Hoegaarden taste good, but I don't know why I find Carlsberg beer taste better. Maybe its just me. Then we waited for an hour after eating for the Brazil-Portugal match. Both teams were quite physical on each other, knocking around. There were like 4-5 yellow cards only in the first half. Brazil struck the post and Portugal went wide.

We went off after the first half, paid the bills and then exit Subang within minutes. I was kinda disappointed with the service, it could be better if given more time to train. The food was great.

Once they got into my car, the interior smell like alcohol. Joshua was like.....

"Dude I smell of ciggarettes ah?" x5 to Derek. Oh yeah, Kah Yin taught us a valuable fuel saving tip while driving. Drive between 90-110km/h and rpm meter between 2-3.

Josh : "Then when you kena caught by police for speeding tell him this.....

"Tuan, kereta saya jimat petrol jika pandu 90km/h hingga 110km/h dan rpm meter antara 2-3"

Due to financial crisis, drivers do need to do anything to save on petrol =)

Overall had a fun night with my friends, wish it'll be better if others would be able to make it :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facebook Stereotypes

SCREW YOU STEREOTYPES!!! Screw you for creating pointless fan pages, screw you for your typical comments and post on your friend's wall and their pictures. Screw you for tagging me and other innocent people on a picture with emoticons. Screw you Who tYpE lIK dIs and think its hen kerrhh aii orrrhhhxx.

Profile pictures :
Screw you with anime characters, football players, k-pop idols, exotic/tuner cars as your profile picture. Understand the word FACEbook damn it. Fuck your style of posing, stop acting cool damn it. Its no difference if you pose the same but different angle. You still look the same, its not like its gonna make your nose sharper, your boobs bigger, your muscles larger and hair longer.Especially the Ah Bengs. Heck, I don't know why I dislike them so much in the first place. No offense, its natural to have a feeling of dislike towards people like you. Can't blame me.

And fuck you, why bother posting the picture and having captions like "I know I'm ugly.", "Am I cool?" "Haha bleek", "XXXX here oh". If you think you're ugly, don't post. Asking people whether you're cool is the dumbest question on Facebook.

Language Used :
You shouldn't bring in your Friendster culture, language, way of typing to Facebook in the first place. Facebook was all good when it was 3 years ago. Yes it existed that long before you're still being a Friendster/Myspace slut craving for attention.

Plis DuN tyPe LiK DiS cUz iS nOt KeR Ai Neerrrhzxxxx

You do know your making yourself a complete tard on Facebook. Google about the word 'tard' if you don't know. To anyone who type like this on Facebook, this is for you personally. Is it that hard to type normal? You need to attend special typing class for people who have special needs if you type like the above statement. I'm serious.

Fan Pages
Yes, I do have a fan page for my pet hamster, because it is ok :D But creating a fan page for you, yourself must be in vain. Like seriously, who creates a fan page of themselves to get friends to be fans?

Unless you're really pretty and all, fine, off the hook. But if you frickin' average looking and all ( no offence kids, look yourself in the mirror please, its a fact), don't bother creating a fan page at all. Unless one of your friend thinks your good looking and created a fan page FOR YOU....its a different story. You have a stalker :D

Screw you!!! Whoever offended, take this PERSONALLY!!! I mean it, you people shouldn't be on Facebook in the first place. Heck if there was a cyber law for abusing social sites like this, you all mentioned will be the first to get it XD

I wish Facebook was 3 years ago, only a few people I know had profiles only.

Ahhh......I'm done with my rant.

How Your Daddy and Mommy's Hard Earned Money Spent?

I was shocked to read about this article.

Here's the whole article for ya....

Dr Xavier Jayakumar

After a gruelling seven days, the public inquiry into possible misuse of funds by Wives of Selangor Elected Representatives Charity Organisation (BALKIS) ended yesterday, leaving those who attended reeling from the revelations.

For more than a week, details of money spent on exotic trips, overseas souvenir - shopping expeditions and gifts for guests attending glitzy functions, kept members of the Selangor State Assembly's Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) riveted as the figures continued to rise.

The inquiry is the first to be conducted by a State Legislative Assembly in the country. Other states are widely expected to follow suit following the conclusion of the Balkis inquiry.

Yesterday, PNSB chief executive officer Datin Khairiyah Abu Hassan dropped a bombshell when she further revealed how much the State-owned conglomerate had forked out for former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo and his family's expenses during the overseas technical visits.

She also drew hoots of laughter when she explained the reasons for the trips.

1. Jakarta and Jogjakarta, Indonesia; 20-24 April 2003

Total cost: RM201,452

Dr Khir, his wife, daughter and maid also went on the trip. The purpose was for delegates 'to study' Indonesia's batik production which was supposed to lead to the opening of a batik factory in Selangor.

Cost of airfare for Dr Khir, his wife, daughter and maid: RM37,695

Miscellaneous cost incurred by the delegates: RM34,404

Spent on two-day rental of a limousine / Mercedes Benz in Jakarta: RM5,800

Paid for two-day rental of a limousine / Mercedes Benz in Jogjakarta: RM5,000

2. Morocco and Paris: 17-24 December 2004
(inclusive of four-day transit in Dubai)
Total cost: RM900,000

The trip, attended by Dr Khir, his wife, children and maid as well as PNSB delegates, was 'to study' Islamic architecture, which could be adopted in Selangor.

The group, which had a reconnaissance trip beforehand, also visited Paris Disneyland to generate ideas for a theme park in Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

They bought tickets to enter the theme park and did not meet any Disneyland representatives.

Cost of official trip: RM416,000
Airfare: RM366,000
Ground arrangements: RM420,000
City travel: RM70,000
Other expenses: RM43,000

3. Honolulu (Hawaii) & Orlando (Florida): 23 December 2007 to 1 January 2008
Total Cost: RM646,841
Additional cash taken: RM101,000

A 'technical study' on the Bagan Lalang theme park was also the pivotal reason for the trip. The group, comprising Dr Khir, his family and PNSB delegates, bought tickets to DisneyWorld and again did not meet any Disneyland representatives.
A tour guide instead took them around. Cost of Dr Khir's luxury suite: RM110,000

Cost of six single superior rooms for the delegates: RM171,000
Cost of one twin-sharing room: RM24,800

Khairiyah claimed that on the trips, Dr Khir and his wife flew only first class.

The itinerary of the US trip also included visits to Miami Beach, island tours, dinner cruises and a Honolulu city tour.
Dr Khir and his wife, supposed to have been key withesses, failed to turn up for any of the inquiry proceedings.

Dr Khir would be referred to the Committee of Privileges while Zaharah could be prosecuted under Section 5 of the Contempt of the House Act 2008. The inquiry's findings will be presented at the next sitting of the Selangor State Assembly in July.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is expected to investigate possible criminal breach of trust (CBT) once Selcat concludes its findings and police conclude their investigations.

11 September 2009 - Khir Toyo was called for questioning by MACC but he was let go after some greetings and minor questions. Why didn't they keep him overnight like Teoh Beng Hock and then see if he jumps to his death from Plaza Masalam?

Thank you for giving up your hard earned tax ringgit so that they can enjoy a luxurious elite lifestyle, travelling all over the world and living like kings without having to work for a single cent. Be a good rakyat - Vote for BN?! Give UMNO more money.

Dear Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo, the public wants to know why you need Mercedes Benz limo to drive you and your family around in Jakarta? Are you really that grand at all? Have you ever think for just one second that you're not spending your own money, but all the taxpayer's hard earned money? If it was your own money we couldn't really give a damn, but we could call you a bad spending politician.

Datuk, why do you and your family need to go to Paris and Morocco in the first place? And why Paris Disneyland? Generate ideas for a theme park? What the hell were you thinking? We can't even build our very own Disneyland in Johor as suggested a few years ago and you want one in Sepang?! And how own Earth your airfares cost RM366K? Did you fly "ultra-hyper-business class fit for a snobbish prick" class on MAS or what?

Like that wasn't enough, if you went to Paris Disneyland, why again head all the way to Orlando Florida's Disneyland? Aren't they all the same? You might as well go to Hong Kong and Tokyo's Disneyland to see any difference at all.

Who the hell are you to spend the country's taxpayer money like nobody's business?! Its unfair that the opposition gets a hell lot of beating when they do the slightest mistake but when a BN politician screws up big time, his name wont be on the news but only identified as ''not identified".

Dear Datuk, I hope one day karma comes back to give you a nice tight slap and have your possessions auctioned off and money goes back to the taxpayers. I really do, I seriously will pray hard to hope that happens as soon as possible.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FIFA Malaysia

Hanged out with Kent and Leslie at BB Plaza, told them I'll visit them when I'm free. They are working part time at BB Plaza at a booth selling official world cup items.

I went to play the PS3, the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa official game. Used England, was against this dude. Then 2 of his friends came and give him some support. Not to brag but, I got used to the controls after a few minutes into the game.

I changed England's lineup, it was shit. Kicked Barry, Heskey and Green out and have David Games, Walcott and Defoe in.

Then after 3-0 up, one of my opponent's friend took his place.

4-1 up, switch again.

7-1 up, I'm speechless. I really didn't mean to sapu them infront of so many people watching the game, I really do want to score more than 7 but then I'll ruin the 3 fella's day.

Then I played against this Middle Eastern dude, he used UAE. I asked Leslie is Malaysia in the game, he nod. I didn't believe him at first until I look at the list of Asian teams. Crap Malaysia is in it!!

Let me tell you something about FIFA's Malaysia team
1) They were a hell lotta faster than the real players
2) They were a hell lotta stronger than the real players
3) They were a hell lotta smarter than the real players (strategy and positioning wise)
4) They were a hell lotta good looking than the real players.

UAE scored first, then after a nice counter attack by Abdul Radzak and some fella, I managed to score with a 1-2 pass. I suddenly have this huge patriotic feeling, as if I'm so proud that my country scored its first World Cup goal. I yelled "YES DAMN IT YES!!!" so loud until quite a number of people were looking at me.

I played with Leslie too. Against Singapore, Malaysia lost 1-0. And then next game I used England against Leslie's Spain. I lost 4-0 =(

Had a great day though, wanted to buy this skinny jeans. I like the material, shame about the size. No size 33.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm done with exams, and now have like 2 weeks + of freedom. Can't wait for Friday, Skewers with my Mutiara Schoolmates and watching Brazil-Portugal clash. Next sem will be using a DSLR camera, can't wait for my first Nikon :D

Oh yes, my prayer is answered. France is so gonna be knocked out of the World Cup. Right now they are 2 goals down against South Africa. Go Bafana Bafana!!!

Pudu Jail Wall Gone....

Its a pity that the Pudu Jail wall has been demolished for commercial roads. Could have just preserved that part of the wall and tore down the rest. C'mon, it has the world record of longest mural wall.

I think Malaysia is the only country that destroys its own heritage. =/

Monday, June 21, 2010

Its 7 a.m, I woke up at 6:30 a.m just to read through preproduction, shooting and postproduction of a tv commercial. Can't wait for 12 p.m......I will be a free man once I get out of class....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Go Swiss!!

This sums up the 2nd week of the World Cup =) I love how the underdogs of the tournament upset the favourites.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Satria GTi Remembered.

Remember this car kids? Its a Proton Satria GTi


The Satria Sports GTi was launched with a 138 bhp (103 kW) 1.8-litre Mitsubishi-sourced 4G93p engine, originally found in the Mitsubishi Lancer GSR but minus the turbo and upped the compression to compensate for the power loss.

This model was later evolved by Lotus Engineering, the Satria GTi's engine and handling was later tuned and revised, delivering 141 brake horsepower (105 kW) at the wheels. It has a Top speed 204kmph.

During the involvement of Lotus,a new body kit was also adopted for the GTi for better aerodynamics. In the UK this limited edition vehicle wears a Lotus Engineering badge below the Proton Satria GTi badge. Proton claims that the Satria GTi was their fastest car it has ever produced to date.

Anyone who owns or have a friend/relative driving this car? I would like to have a ride in this car = )

England 0 Algeria 0

When England against Algeria. Oh sure they were like lions......only toothless though =S

Slovenians Are Homos XD

For the past 2 days I have been rotting in the house trying.....TRYING to study. Its so hard, Advertising Principles, off the 3 subjects that has theories, this is the hardest nut to crack.

12 chapters, same as Mass Comm but alot has been elaborated and explained. I can't fit all these information into my head.

Oh yeah, I was surprised that Spain, France and Germany lost. I hate France, I just frickin' hate them. They don't deserve to be in the World Cup, Ireland. should be in it for this year. All because Sepp Blatter wanted France to win so that the South Africa World Cup will not have one star team missing.

Who gives a damn about the French? We have South Africa, the Koreans, Spain, England and the rest to cheer on. France or no France no problem for us. One less lousy team to worry about.

Can't believe USA was denied a 3rd goal. Saw the replay, it shows the Slovenia players were being a bunch of homos in the penalty box, hugging most of the USA players. Even if the goal was canceled, give a penalty to the Yanks.

Slovenia sucked!! I hope their country suffer from an economical crisis until everyone loses their jobs >:)

And the referee looked like he was being bought to be in favor of the Slovenians. Crap, they were like so rough on the Yanks.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story 3.......After 11 Years

I waited 11 years....its a long time before I finally get to watch the 3rd one. And you kids (aged 5-10 years old) damn right better not ruin my day tomorrow. I will scold you, I'm dead serious. I pay RM 10 to enjoy the movie, not to hear you kids whining around.

Portugal, Italy, France, England....Germany is best.

I feel sad for those who bet on Portugal, Italy, France and England to score easy wins this week. Guess Germany was the safest bet yet.

I'm not surprised if North Korea managed to pull a shocking win over Brazil. 2 a.m live on Astro Stadium channel.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gosh college exams........3 days. 14th, 16th and 21st and then holidays until 2nd sem starts in August. Now that's a very very long break. Thought of either getting a part time job or get some experience in an ad firm. Hopefully it won't be damn tiring and shit.

World Cup........screw you Robert Green. And damn you Capello, why didn't you include Joe Hart and Walcott in the squad. Lennon and Jamie was shit against the USA. How the hell can you draw 1-1 to the United States?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seed Shirt

Seed was having a 50% sale, got this shirt for RM 50 =) My first red shirt.......serious shit. Like all my shirts are black and white only =/

Brits 1 Yanks 1

When Robert Green butterfingered.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

May The Force Be With You

I'm so loving the Star Wars' "Imperial March" remix by Adidas, in launching their Adidas Originals X Star Wars shoes. Damn they dope :D

If you want the song, message me at my chatbox.


This is me right after South Africa missed 2 good chances and Mexico scored to level the game 1-1. World Cup is on bitches!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mac X Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

Mac X Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour. Those earpiece cost RM 600, headphones RM 12XX-
RM 1999. Whaddaheck Dre?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Allergic to Wine

Having allergies now. I'm very surprised that I'm allergic to wine. Yesterday's red wine cocktail mix didn't go well with my body huh =/

I'm on meds and cream again. The last time I had allergy is when right after the 2006 World Cup final. I ate A&W's Chicken Fillet burger.

Might get snakebites on Tuesday @ Malacca :D

Tell me what cha think....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teacher's Day

Just yesterday was my former secondary school, SMK Seri Mutiara's Teacher's Day celebration. Yeah they always like to leave it late to celebrate. I just had to get something for the teachers who most of them had taught me for the past 5 years in that school.

So Kyle and I decided to buy a cake for the teachers, mocha chocolate : D And because of that, I slept at 4 a.m and woke up 4 hours later to get the cake. Then rushed to school to meet up with Kyle to pass the cake to the teachers.

We then stayed for the performances, and gosh I never regretted staying until the whole celebration was over.

20 performances.....20!!! All in one day, that's a real surprise and a real treat to the students. To those who missed it, you guys missed a heck lot of fun. I like Zero Degree's band performance. They did a cover of Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry". Honestly lah, better than last year's band XD

Diong....the truth hurts :D But don't worry, at least we still had bragging rights as becoming the first band for the school.

5 Science 1's drama and Sydney Pong's multi-costumed performance. It was frickin' funny.I can't find the links for the videos. but if you're on Facebook and see lots of Teacher's Day videos, go check them out.

And managed to have a few pictures with Diong. She's had to bully me whenever we bumped into each other.

You see YOU SEE!!!

Ok, I would like to thank the following teachers for teaching me for the past 5 years. You teachers made my secondary school days a blast!!

Mr. Chan
Yes, you'll be surprised. I know there are more people that loathes him than liking him, but during my form one days he's kinda ok. Well, how many of you all had a chance to sing oldies during English classes? I remember when I was in 1Bestari, the whole class had to sing "Seasons In The Sun".

Mr Chee
Erm........thanks for the PJ lessons, really had fun. And also thanks for being the disciplinary teacher for us prefects. At least you DO understand us, unlike SOME TEACHERS. Whenever prefects of students are having a hard time, at least he well, kinda knows what situation we're going through.

Pn. Anita
The one teacher that improved my History grades from an F to a B during PMR years. She might be strict, but I thank God she used her gila babi tactics to teach 3 Cekap to score better grades. 100 question correction, tons of practice and mock tests, she is the best sejarah teacher I've meet.


"Oi!!! I smack you!!"

"If you do this, I kiss you."

These are just a few of her many funny quotes.

Pn. Chin
I couldn't thank you any much when I was confronted by THAT teacher on that day. Thank you for voicing out for me, I really really appreciated it alot. Again, one of the best prefect teachers.

Madam Tee
My choir teacher, the one who allowed my former band to have weekly practices during after school hours. Madam Ee and YiVonn has help guided the school choir to 2nd place in Pudu Zone. And even if we didn't made it to the top 5, she'll still buy us KFC or Pizza Hut to cheer us up :D

Madam Ee
My science teacher, the best science teacher. I'm serious. I remember during form 3, I kept on failing science and leaving alot of questions blanked because I couldn't understand a single thing. It is because of Madam Ee's encouragement, I managed to get a C for PMR :D

Pn Nazeema
Whoooo she's the one that teach me maths sampai pass!! From gagal to pass!! Thank you Pn. Nazeema. LOL I still remember before she got married my class clowns used to call her Nazeema jie jie :D

Pn Tan
You wouldn't believe this, but she taught 5 Tek 2 maths.......for 2 periods. She helped my classmates solving every maths problem, showing shortcuts to answers. Pn Tan, I know most of you all kinda dislike her. But like Pn. Chin, she's actually a good teacher =)

Cik Chan
Fulamak this teacher, salute!!! The one that make sure at least 70% of 5 Tek 2 class students pass accounts. LOL she actually thought I'll get just a D for accounts, but I got C instead. Her voice is so loud, microphones aren't necessary for her to use. She's serious when she's teaching, but put the teaching aside, she's a very friendly teacher. I remember YohnHeng kept on asking her how to buy shares in a stock market XD And 2 years ago, the EYE program that the school participate, she has helped, argued with the teachers who doubted us throughout the program to be our voice.

Thank you Cik Chan, respect!!!

Miss Adlina
One of the many english teachers in the school I respect and liked =) She sings, she draws and she can also be your good friend. Last year if it wasn't for her help and a few important debaters, we wouldn't made it to the finals for Pudu Zone. Miss Adlina, I miss your rendang chicken and the ketupat :D Bila open house again?

Pn Azatul
Strict yet friendly. She taught me english when I was at my final year in school. Sorry if I didn't bother handing up your homeworks, but at least I scored As for your subject =)

Pn Rohaya
My Bahasa Malaysia essay improved all thanks to her.

Encik Nazri
The coolest Bahasa Malaysia teacher you'll ever meet. Its an honour to be your student Encik Nazri. You'll know what am I talking about if you're in his class.

Cik Roseni
I remember this teacher for sure. I'm quite sad I didn't get to send my teacher's day wishes to her on Friday. She taught me history, but most of the time in class she'll be bullying me and my classmates. She sometimes threaten me if I don't get a B or an A, she'll rUN me off with her car XD Damn teruk right? And during last year's preparation for Hari Keushawanan, she kept the Playstation 2 away from us when we went finding for it. She laughed at us when we thought it was stolen or went missing. Bugger!!! Nearly had heart attack tau!! And she also helped out at my class' Playstation corner. Thank you kak!!! =)

Pn Lily
The best art teacher in the school. Our class' big mama. Not the best teacher to fool around when she's serious, but the best teacher to joke around when she's in the mood.

"Nak jadi anak angkat saya tak?"

Haha, that's her favourite line to us 5 Tek 2 students. For months she has been nagging on us about our bloody art project until we got an A. She's the boss for sure.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unhealthy Lifestyle

I've been going through an unhealthy lifestyle, like seriously unhealthy. Sleeping at 2-3 a.m, waking up at 10 a.m to go online and check my Facebook, e-mails for assignment updates. College life has been a bitch to me. Its been 4 days I have been on a Wendy's diet. Spicy Chicken Sensation with fries and coke, add on a ringgit and I got a grill chicken burger or chicken nuggets.

Its amazing, new pimples ain't poppin' out.....yet.

And now its 3:07 a.m, I just woke up after a tiring day. 1 p.m till 6 p.m, and plus the jam and had dinner at KFC with Jason Chen. 9 p.m baru balik rumah.

And to top that off, I'm having leg cramps. I don't know why for the past few days my legs are like so tired.

Soon I'm gonna get sick, watch me get screwed by life. Next sem will be more bitched than ever, April intakes will join January intakes.

And somehow, some of my classmates dislike them =/

Yeah, and I remember one time one of the April students gave me the cock stare. Dude what the fuck man?! You're in college, not some secondary school anymore you douche!!

Sigh, Eff Emm Ell indeed.