Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last night was at a friend’s birthday party at Bar Tres. Took a class of whiskey and coke, and I felt disgusted by the taste. It was probably the first time though, usually I have no problem drinking it. 
Maybe its just me, that I’m feeling that I’m too old for this shit already. Maybe cause I’m already bored of it and expected to vomit and make an ass of myself again in public, that this time I decided to play safe.
Somehow a voice in my head just told me to take just one glass and go home early. After one jagerbomb and making sure the birthday boy had a good 3 rounds of vomiting, decided to head home. Parents was surprised though that I came home early, 1 a.m to be exact. 
20 and I don’t feel like drinking already, something’s wrong eh? 

Friday, September 28, 2012



But really, I was really excited about getting my diploma, after 2 years and 8 months of hard work, tough assignments, sleepless nights, rage at my pc for lagging while rendering work and so much more. All the money spent for the last 2 years and 8 months, paid off.

Mama Mak is a happy mak.

Mum and dad and me with my Hogwarts robe. I can haz cast spells on innocent people nao :D 

I'm really happy that my brother and sister-in-law took the time to come for my convocation. Their presence actually meant a lot to me though. Usually he's busy with work and all but I was really glad that they came for the event.

 So my seating was behind my creative multimedia friends. Front row is for advertising students, broadcast students followed, then creative multimedia, graphic design and mass communications completed the list.

 An hour or so before the event started, we were given around 30 minutes to do a final rehearsal on how to line up and how to come into the ballroom via the backdoor.

 Somehow the college managed to get us to feel restless before the event started. We had to wait a long time while outside when rehearsing.

I had the urge to go into Empire Shopping Mall with my robes and have this stick and start casting so-called spells onto random mall goers and just give them the shock of their day. Just for once, I felt like as if I finished my education from a magical school. Well, the robe made me feel that way. Not sure about the college though. 

Minutes before we walked into the ballroom...

Before the diploma receiving ceremony, all graduates had to endure this long-ass speech by this datin. I promise you that if you give that datin a job at some nursery centre dealing with kids, she can successfully put the kids to sleep in minutes.

Was on Twitter and looking at my friends' tweets about the speech made me LOL.

After 45 minutes of fairytale storytelling, we finally got up from our seats to get our certificates.

So close.

Yeap, gettin' that certificate like a boss.

 Special mentions goes to Aubrey for going through a tough month this year before the graduation.

 And Penny Liew, celebratin' her birthday after the convocation.

 Oh Penny that duckface of yours is too much swag.

So yeah, its the end of college life I guess. Moving on to university, let's go!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jian Hang Motorsports

After months postponing this mod for the Vios, and after a good pay for the month of August by Motorsport Playground :D I took the time off from my portfolio work and decided to go change my ride's muffler for good. Its a good thing that I made a phone call appointment 3 days before Tuesday because the last time I went, there was a lot of cars waiting for their turn.

I woke up early in the morning, got stuck in the God forsaken MRR2 traffic jam heading towards Ampang area, and got to Jian Hang Motorsport at 10: 30 a.m. I was just minutes after a customer took my slot. Had to wait till noon for my turn. 

 Scooby's been here for a few days. 

 And whadaya know? A Honda S2000, a rare gem on the road. Honda stop production of this roadster a few years ago, such a nice car to race around. 

 So when it was my turn, I allowed the workers to drive the car to the backend of the shop. As the car was lifted up, it was the first time I had a complete look at the stock muffler that Toyota had installed for the Vios. It looked pathetic. 

I forgotten to take a picture of it, but here's one which another recommended exhaust workshop, SuperCircuit at Sunway area. Above is the stock Vios exhaust system. I just had to laugh at it, I'm sorry Toyota but damn, the '97 Honda City that my parents is using had a better looking muffler. 

The stock one, after reading through so many post and threads on what to change for the Vios exhaust system had a restricted flow. Even after changing the air filter to after market ones, I realized that the pick up was still sluggish.

I opted for a S-flow muffer, with 2 inch inlet. The outlet would be the exhaust tips, which can use however big you want.

What I liked about Jian Hang is that they are really not to get you to spend more than what you have set  aside. I told them my budget was 450-500 maximum, they didn't squeeze and make sure I pay off all RM 500. Instead, they gave me RM 450, and a RM 30 off the basic exhaust tip.

One of Jian Hang's principle is to listen to customers request. At times customers do get the wrong set up that they wanted before changing and Jian Hang would advise them otherwise. Some customers are just stubborn, so you know the outcome lah.

What other exhaust outlets like Kaki and Wei Yip could not provide is the time to allow customer to try out different mufflers for sound. I was happy enough to be allowed to try out 4 mufflers. 

The first one was just alright, not too loud to be automatically categorized into the Ah Beng class (loud exhaust systems that irritates neighbourhood).

Then second one was just too quiet. No different than the stock sound. I just want my muffler to come up with the right amount of bass and fierceness for a 1.5 car.

The third one was the mugen type exhaust. It was 600 for it, a lil quiet than the first one but the boss didn't recommend me to get that one.

The last one was for the Suzuki Swift sport. My gosh the sound coming out from the muffler was like the ones I heard back in Sepang for the Merdeka Endurance Race. The thing is, as much as my dad kinda approved me replacing the awful muffler, I don't wanna wake up the neighbourhood with that kinda noise. And at times I do come back home quite late from yum cha sessions with friends, so its best I take the first one. 

After almost an hour making sure the whole thing fits well and aligns well, it is done. Revved the car, was satisfied and happy paid for it. The worker even told me if there was any problems, even minor ones, they are glad to fix it for free. This applies to all customers that had their exhaust system done. 

Rather than spending shitloads on HKS or even M7 for just the muffler, I paid just a fraction of their prices for a custom made one that suits well with the car. I realized the fuel consumption of the car decreased by a few hundred meters, fair enough. 

So the only thing left is to improve the handling. Ultra Racing bars for the back. A day later it was raining and I went 110 km/h over a puddle of water on the Taman Connaught highway heading back home. Almost spun out, but thank God I didn't. 

Sending Off

Last Friday, Jessica, Jared, Zoe, Jill, YunXuan, Joelle and I decided to have a final gathering at Jane's house before she leaves for the United Kingdom. Just barely 18+ hours before leaving, Jane still wasn't done with packing. 

So after midnight, Jessica helped her to pack from after midnight till close to 3 a.m. So long that I even fell asleep on Jane's bed. 

 Ohai there you purple hippo. What's with that face? 

 I woke up at 3 a.m, and the first thing I see is everyone on their smartphones and tablets doing their own thing. Oh what a generation we're living in XD

And after 6 hours of sleep from 5 a.m, and a long and nervous afternoon to go through, here I am with the rest of the gang sending off 4 of my buddies to UK for their degree in mass communication. McDonald's was packed, we decided to have our dinner at Secret Recipe. 

My gosh, where can you find a Secret Recipe outlet that has only 4 items available for the night. Dinner was expensive and bad. 

 One final smile for the camera, before she heads to the departure hall.

 And her mum said if she cries, she should U-Turn back to her house and forget about going to UK again.

Jeen Pei's joined by Jane, the last one to finally say farewell was Joelle.


This was before they head to their train to hop onto their plane.  This was cute.

Time flies really fast. It was just like a couple of months ago they started the 100 day countdown, then it was 7 days, then just 1. I definitely had an awesome time with them, and I thank you Jane, Jeen Pei, Joelle and Leo for being one of my closer friends to make my college life fun and meaningful :) 

I want you guys to really enjoy and have the time of your life in United Kingdom, we'll be alright over here. Do take good care of yourself and stay safe alright? 

The night ended with red velvet cake and water at The Bee, Jaya One.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day

It was about time that other countries caught up with the whole "Guidelines on Homosexuality" by the education ministry. Heck after rereading the guidelines on how to detect gays and lesbians, I find that most of the 'symtoms' are just stating the obvious. 

So many 'you don't say moments'. And such a shame that this news happened a day or so before we celebrate Malaysia Day.

Honestly, I don't want the rest of the world to view us as a close-minded country being democratic by name only. I really believe that it is about damn time we should try to stop condemning, but try to accept them no matter what. As much as their lifestyle is different, bear in mind that they do contribute something to our nation's build up as a developing country and years go by. You can't deny that, really.

And a big shoutout to the education ministry. I really don't care whether you guys are pulling yourself away from the controversy based on reports from The Star newspaper, but the fact that Huffington Post quoted the top guy making such statements, you really needa make this shit clear once and for all.

And thanks to your stupid guidelines and with the backing from a stupid parenting group, we're condemned for having too much time coming up with these silly ridiculous guidelines.

To the rest of the world, you have no right to say we Malaysians are as stupid as the education ministry. It is because I believe that it isn't actually a fear to begin with in the first place. Its not the Malaysians that's minding their own business' fault, its the people that had too much time instead of coming up with solutions on why after so long we failed to grasp the English language in Maths and Science, they decided that leading a different sexual orientation was much more important in their meeting agenda.

So I guess Malaysia Day's was kinda ruined eh? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disgusting Guidelines.

I can't help but to feel sorry for the LGBT community. On behalf of the non-LGBT community members I would first like to apologize on behalf of the donkey-ran Education Ministry for making y'all look like a disease that needs to be destroyed. 

Its already bad enough that our education system is slowly going down the drain, why do you need to make yourself look like heroes by pointing our this issue? Just let them live their life. Have they been bothering or harassing you all? 

I really have nothing against y'all, really. But to some homophobic people especially in the political field, does one's sexual orientation really mattered to you? Mind you that as the upcoming election draws nearer, you all will be kissing their asses for their votes. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As to some of you all who know that I am working part time in Motorsport Playground, I had a work-related accident. You see, I tend to go off focus whenever I'm really drained out from a day's work and I can't seem to pay attention to anything.

I was separating a few stickers for the FXPrimus Racing Team's Lotus cars. I used this blade, which was quite rusty to cut it. And whadayaknow, I accidentally sliced off a lil bit of my thumb's skin and also managed to cut a lil bit into the flesh. Then it bleed, went to wash it off but things got worse.

Even with the plaster, it didn't work. I used up all of the tissue that's left in the office toilet, my boss, Remus had to take the trouble to send me to the nearest 24 hour clinic which is at USJ.

10 15 p.m and my thumb was still bleeding. The doctor wiped away the blood with some medicine and also gave me an injection to prevent any infection that could be caused by the injury. I had antibiotic pills, antibiotic cream and some painkillers to finish off for the next 5 days.

I felt horrible. Not only I troubled my boss to send me to a clinic, he also paid for my medical fees. I just felt awful for not able to keep my mind focus on work into the night. 

Just another lesson to remind me to be extra careful and see, think then do. 

Sterimar for my Sinus.

Back in August, my sinus was back and I was on this for a week or so. My sinus problems come and go, and I've expected myself to stop taking them after a week. Its a habit, like I spend on these remedies and then I don't use them no more. And when my sinus comes back, this shit will go missing and I'll spend another RM 20 on this spray again.

Sinus, I hate that man. There's no point going through surgery when it's gonna come back and haunt you a few weeks later. No cure. Such a bitch. 

A lil catch up

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farewell Berbatov

Last season, I have been patiently waiting to see the Rooney-Berbatov partnership continue to bring United to the league title. But Sir Alex chose Danny Welbeck ahead of Berbatov. I've lost count on how many chances Welbeck fuck up or how many selfish plays he has gotten himself while attacking.

When Berbatov signed for United when Tottenham thought he was heading for City, I knew something special was gonna happen in Manchester United. You see, Dimitar Berbatov is not the fastest striker in the league, but his one-touch play and vision while setting up goals is just amazing.

His goals was wonderful. The bicycle kick against Liverpool was my favourite goal by him. His many assists leading to Rooney and Ronaldo's goals, and being the top scorer for the 2010/2011 season. He deserved it.

But when Sir Alex still continues to choose Welbeck over Berbatov, I knew he was gonna be on the bench for a very long time. Maybe too long, that last season I rarely see him play for United. I kept on denying that he was gonna leave after being left out of the squad for the Champions League final match against Barcelona.

I was damn sad that Berbatov left United for Fulham in the final days of the transfer window. I understand that such player like him deserved to play first team football rather than warming up the bench. I was totally against Sir Alex at signing another striker. Everytime when being asked about his attacking options, he mentions Rooney, Welbeck, Chicharito, Van Persie. But Berbatov's name was not included.

Part of me lost respect of Sir Alex for selling such a good player. I would rather see Welbeck off and have the Rooney-Van Persie, Berbatov and Chicharito or any available striker to pair up with Berbatov.

I personally believed that Berbatov had an unfair final year being a United player, I hope he will be playing good first team football at Fulham, and if he happens to score against Manchester United, I would be glad to applaud him for doing so. This is to show Sir Alex what he as a manager deserved for giving the worst treatment to a genius player.

Thank you so much Berbatov, when you come back to Old Trafford and play against United, most of us United fans will still remember what you have contributed to the club. We would not have lifted the title a year ago if it wasn't for your goals.