Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture to sum last Friday night, never been this happy with college mates for a very long time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Me, Illustrated

Adobe Illustrator, did this when I was on break from Digital Illustration final project.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I just watched Enrique Iglesias' music video for 'Tonight I'm Lovin You'. My reaction was like,

"Damn it Enrique!! Since when?! How and who taught you to get so damn dirty in a music video?"

And now I know why and MTV ain't airing this music video XD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7 Years s

So the hardest part about organizing a reunion with primary school friends is that hoping most of the would attend. I mean, its just pathetic lah to know some former classmates for 6 years not willing to leave just a day to meet up and catch up.

2004 we graduated, gosh its almost 7 years exact since we last meet at the school hall for our final farewell, graduation day. Do you guys remember? And I'm only able to meet up with a couple or a handful of them like once or twice a year.

So a Facebook searched some of my classmates that I've yet to add, I don't know whether to be in awe or shocked that 7 years, HUGE CHANGES YO!!! =O

Monday, July 18, 2011


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning wash!!

Spent the morning washing the car, looks clean as a whistle.

Shameless advertising, lol!!

Accident again.

And barely 24 hours after visiting Motorsport Playground, I had an accident.

So my mum wanted to go to this supermarket to get her groceries, so I drove. On the was we passed by Mcdonald's, and this white Viva was reversing OUT of Mcdonald's.

At first the car stop, and I though he gave way for us, so I went ahead and pass him and out of the sudden he reversed onto my rear end and bang!!! Stopped at one side, mum ordered the driver to get out of the car.

At first we thought it was a lady driver because mistakes like this are most probably made by a female driver over here. ( No really, seriously, no lie) Was surprised it was this guy in his late 40's.

He told my mum RM 20 can fix the damage. Left side of my car's bumper, some of the paint had gone off.

You go find one shop that charge RM 20 to fix this shit that you caused, then only we settle for RM 20!

So my mum was starting to lose patience with all sorts of excuse he has given. No money, not from the city, in a rush.

I wrote down his car plate number, and I saw this sticker for a college student, Taylor's College I ask him if he's poor how the fuck his son/relative managed to get into such a good college. And he gave the excuse saying someone loaned the car to him to use and the sticker expired.

Really? P sticker and Taylor's College. And you're poor? Bitch, please.

So I asked for his ID and driving license, and handphone number. and he said he dont have ant of those. Told us that he didn't bring his wallet. I told him off and asked why he didn't had it with him and he said cuz it was just a short trip from the house. Mum and I started to get real pissy with this dick.

I called dad, told me minimum wanna get from that guy is RM100 and that's it. So dad wanted to talk to this guy, and he told dad that RM20-30 can fix it with paint.

After much stalling, that dick gave us RM 40, and was from his wallet. My mum was pissed and said "just now u said you don't have wallet, were you bullshitting from the start?!" Like his pocket has some Narnia shit going on.

So I called Kyle, to play pretend as a relative from a workshop. Kyle tried to convince and talked to him to get RM 300 to me. Cuz I think it was this year or last year he had a similar accident as mine.

While waiting for Kyle, the fella got impatient and went to wrote down my car number and threatened my mum that he will report to the police saying I'm the one that knock his car. We just ignored him. He then showed his wallet, claiming I had took ALL of his money and its now empty.

Kyle came, and would anyone believe him working in a workshop when he's all dressed in formal shirt and slacks like a 9 to 5 office worker? This uncle believed it.

So the cops came, asked what was all the commotion about. My mum explained and the officer told the asshole to pay up the remaining balance. Magically again from his Narnia pocket, he gave RM 50 to me. So we only got RM 90.


Just because my mum was there doesn't mean you can fucking con her with your RM 20-can-fix-this-damage trick. Don't simply mess with us. Just because I'm a young driver doesn't mean you can take it for granted that I will give in to your excuse and long grandfather story.
I don't mind if that cunt knocks my car and apologize and cooperate and settle this asap, but threatening me and my mum that he'll twist the story to the cops is just over the line =/

And to anyone who studies in Taylor's College , WSE 7463 h0597 tell him/her not to simply loan out the car to anyone, even if they are his/her relatives.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Sneak Peak

Motorsport Playground

So yeah, I decided to decorate my ride with a mustard yellow stripe with the help of Motorsport Playground. I thought of having my spoiler to be wrapped on with sticker since there's scratches, but then dad said its best to repaint the spoiler and the bonnet. Oh well, that's a few years from now. No rush.

And to anyone who plans to do stickers for their ride, I suggest you go there early in the after noon. I was there at 5:30 p.m and only after 4 hours I managed to get back home.

Some top secret project. Me, Tzong Sheng and his friend were the lucky ones that managed to get a first glimpse on it. The owner of that GTR is the man in blue long sleeve shirt.

So the owner allowed us to get into the GTR and have a look around. And the Nissan GTR is a fine example that cars can look and feel frickin' sexy in the inside too. Bose sound system, GPS screen, Japanese words on buttons to have that Japanese film. The problem is, tall people will find it hard to drive this beast comfortably.

This GTR is the Premium Edition, not the V-Spec version. That would cost a close to RM 1mil instead of RM 490k. The owner told me that having a white colored car is hard to maintaining it clean. Zoom in to the above pic and spot the amount of dust on the rear bumper.

Shoutout to Remus for helping me picking the best colors for the strip and some helpful advice. I wouldn't mind traveling all the way to Sunway again. So basically if you have any designs you wanna do for your car, you can drop him a wall post on their Facebook page.

A long day at the Playground, but damn, it was fun =)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SMK Seri Mutiara Carnival

Yesterday was my former high school, SMK Seri Mutiara's carnival. It was a long day, pretty tiring but nevertheless, it was worth it.

Reached school at 7 a.m to practice with the band one last time before our 12 p.m performance. Things didn't go well as planned. I walked into the school compound, and Mr. Chee then asked whether do I have any coupons.

And I just realized the coupons are with Elizabeth =/ So I told him my coupon's with my friend and he was like "No coupons, cannot go in."

I was kind of frustrated, but thank goodness Diong was selling coupons and she gave me one to cover up =D

And then for the morning practice, it was screwed up. Ivan was busy with his class stall set up, Sam was a lil bit late and the keys to the music room was with Madam Tee. And when we got the keys, some students were sent by the teachers to carry down the drums and keyboard.

So we decided to go to the nearest studio, 6 Strings, to practice asap before our scheduled performance. That is until Samuel's car had some trouble starting the engine, and we all had to cramped into Kuok Wei's Myvi.

Once we arrived at the shop lots near UCSI Taman Connaught, 6 Strings will only be opened at 10 a.m. So we decided to head to McDonald's for breakfast.

So for the next 1 hour, we ate, we laughed, we all acted out as The Annoying Orange characters. I'm orange, Diong's apple, Alvan's orange and Sam too XD


We then book a small studion in 6 Strings to practice. One hour for 5 songs. The problem is that the keyboard is only available in the big studio, another band had booked that studio for 10 a.m till 1 p.m.

So back to school, and I was surprised at the number of people that turned out =)

So this is Paranoid. We practiced for hours on Friday, had trouble sleeping a night before the carnival, forgetting lyrics and chords, mistiming the beats and rhythm. And yet, we managed to pull off a lively performance. Thanks to Diong's energetic charisma on stage.

And what's even funny that some of Sam's and Diong's friends decide to come on stage and show some extra support. I saw 2 of Sam's friends casually went onstage and talked to Sam while he's playing the guitar. And WanChuen came on stage and hugged Diong, gave her a blue balloon =)

Friend's like these are awesome.

And I wanna take the time to thank the 30+ friends that sat under the hot sun and watched us perform 'This Love', 'Animal', 'Love The Way You Like (part 2)/I Need A Doctor', 'Brick by Boring Brick' and 'Waking Up In Vegas'. Thanks to the crowd support to. And shoutout to the friends that weren't there to see but were busy at other stalls, salute to the ones that waited for us. We love you guys so much.

Meet Benjamin Chai. This fella chickened out in leading me, Elizabeth and Xiao Xi into the haunted house. And never before I had screamed and shouted and sweated a lot when visiting a haunted house. The ghost were like grabbing my legs and jeans and shirt. Funny thing was halfway into the house, Elizabeth was leading us XD

And at the final turn, this girl was playing as a ghost gave me a surprised. I'd be honest with you guys, I am easily scared so when she surprised me with her ghost face, I was like


No seriously. It was just a joke. I was confused at that time whether to laugh or to be mad at the ghosts XD

My favorite mangkuk!!! =D

Ok first off, I wanna thank everyone that was part of making this carnival a success. I had a great time, it was worth my Saturday and thanks for the food, the games, the dance and band performance, the teachers, and to Mr. Lim for putting everything together with the students.

Thank you for inviting us seniors and outsiders to come for the carnival =) We appreciate the invitation and we're thankful for that.

To all the stall organizers, thanks. Shoutout to the futsal, the DOTA competition, haunted houses, zombieland, cafes, drink stalls, DJ. Things might not have gone smoothly as expected but then again you guys managed to get over it.

And hopefully, we'll see you guys next year. =D
*pictures from Diong and WanChuen. Do visit mua favorite mangkuk's blog at*

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Rant.

Now July 9 is the day when BERSIH 2.0 members will gather and march to the King's palace and hand in a memorandum to our king.

For the past 2 days, we now know the true colors of Najib and his cabinet. And how troublesome the police has been for having roadblocks at major highways to and from the Klang Valley district.

By halting most of the public transportation in the city, the BERSIH 2.0 people will still continue to march to their destination.

By having roadblocks, my dear police, as if we had hated you enough already, you are causing more damage than the BERSIH 2.0 movement. I see lower ranking police officers manning the roadblock under the hot KL weather, while the higher ranking ones are busy relaxing in the office with the air cond on.

PERKASA, you are by far the most hated racial party we Malaysians have ever came across with. Ibahim Ali, don't you command as if you're our Prime Minister. And its a good thing that the King does not want to meet you at all. If there is any riots caused, the first to be blame is you and your damn party.

Najib.....nevermind. This will be your last term as Prime Minister. =____=

Hishamuddin, screw you. You are not the law, who are you to issue such ridiculous laws on yellow shirts and declaring the rally 'illegal' when the King and Datuk Ambiga and co had met in the palace and agreed to have the rally in an indoor venue. The King had recognized BERSIH 2.0, and you had balls to say its still illegal? Home Minister MY ASS!!

To the silat group, you are a joke. Silat was practiced for self defense, not going to war against 'enemies' like BERSIH 2.0. Let's see whether you'll be the nation's line of defense when we get invaded by foreign army forces or aliens.

So this is Malaysia's very own democracy, with a touch of hypocrisy.

SMK Seri Mutiara Carnival.

WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!! My former high school's having a school carnival this Saturday!! =D I'm actually excited about this year's event, knowing how much PIBG Chairman Mr. Lim and all of the students that are involved in creating and making this event happening.

Shoutout to Sanjay for coming up with a mini futsal event. To the classes doing haunted houses, would try my best to visit all of them if I had time. To the classes selling Western, Oriental and Local dishes, can't wait to eat!! Also to the bands and dance groups that are about to perform this Saturday, all the best and what's important is to entertain the crowd.

The reason why this time outsiders are allowed to come for this year's carnival is because the school is raising money to buy air conditioning systems for each class. Come to think of it, I remembered the days when some times at 12 p.m, there won't be any electricity in the school cause the school's trying to save on their monthly bill. But I'm sure the school's admin are smart enough to limit the time the air conditioning system can be switched on =)

I'd be honest, from what I heard, last year's carnival was a disaster. I just hope on Saturday, every single person that attended this carnival will have a blast =)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

YMCMB Finally!!

Ohhhhh my!!!!! Finally YMCMB ( Young Money Cash Money Business) launched their official merchandise online store. So there was this seller in Lowyat forums that ships anything from the US, and RM 170 for the red one and RM 205 for the limited red foil on white.

I need another red shirt. I'm selling off the Clot polo, doesn't suit me =/

Friday, July 1, 2011

Transformers 3 Review

Watched Transformers 3 on the first night of screening. 12:30 a.m show at 1Utama with Ian. The last Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen was kinda horrible compared to this one.

In Transformers 2 ; Revenge of The Fallen, you have
1: Annoying supporting characters
2: Annoying twin Autobots that represents a typical African American. The ones with the ghetto/street talk
3: Ridiculous plot
4: A Decepticon with balls, no joke though.

And yeah, there were more explosions and slow mo scenes of Megan Fox in it, but more than what the first Transformers movie doesn't mean its gonna be better. But then again, I wanna thank Nuffnang for sending me and Kent for the premiere at The Curve Cineleisure =D

So I went into the cinema, expecting Michael Bay to get his shit together with Steven Speilberg and try not to screw up the franchise and end it in a flop.

So the movie started with the whole Apollo mission actually being a mission to retrieve some Autobot energy that Sentinel Prime and The Ark had crashed on the moon. And right after the opening title, we are introduced to Sam's new girlfriend, Carly, played by Victoria Secret hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

For a Megan Fox replacement, this was a good choice =D

So Carly is Sam's new girlfriend, or boy toy to her. She works for this ultra-rich businessman who collects classic American cars for a living (Played by Patrick Dempsey)

I'd be honest with you, the plot of the movie wasn't memorable to me but to die hard Transformers fan, they might have remembered all of it. I'll try to remember what I know about the movie. While Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots are busy destroying Libya and dealing shit in Chernobyl, Sam Witwicky is busy trying to get a job and not being unappreciated at the same time. You see, people around him tend to forget that he saved the world twice from alien robots and they just want him to be as normal as they are.

So I guess getting a medal from President Obama ain't awesome enough. And so one day Optimus Prime discovered that us humans know more about the whole Apollo discovery and hadn't told him about it. Optimus gets mad, and then off to the Moon to bring Sentinel back home. Optimus revives him with the Matrix (from the 2nd movie) and once again they prepare to face the Decepticons.

Megatron, damaged from the 2nd movie and seeking refuge at some safari, along with his pussy-servant Starscream soon got to know that the Energons that they wanted to bring Cybertron closer to Earth and build a bridge to connect the 2 planets and enlave humanity and be Gods again =D And so, the baddies again invade Washington to go against the Autobots.

This time, Michael Bay actually noted what went wrong in the 2nd movie. In Revenge of The Fallen, the fighting scene between the Autobots and Decepticons were hard to differentiate which is which. It was too messy, not smooth also. The director also decided that annoying stereotype characters are OUT for good. Well, except that RC former Decepticon turned Autobot robot (the one that humped on Megan Fox's leg) and some old small Autobot, these 2 secondary bots are actually fun to watch and they are a hell lot better than the ghetto twins in the 2nd movie.

This time around, there are more robot battle scenes, more smooth transformations of the Autobots and Decepticons to their alternate vehicle mode. The lead female isn't as useless as Mikaela. Rosie's Carly delivered one of the best lines in the film, against Megatron. It was worth part of the RM 18 I paid to watch in 3D. And compared to Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can act for a first timer.

And watching this movie in 3D was the best decision, a hell lot better than watching Pirates of the Carribean 4 in 3D.

Overall, I do enjoy this what could be the final of the Transformers movie. I read a rumor like a few days ago that Steven Speilberg might direct the 4th one. A 4 out of 5 stars for me =)


I Haz Disappointed

I haz big big disappointment in Carmen Hor and Kua Siang Er....and myself.