Saturday, March 19, 2011


For the past 3 months, I haven't been blogging a lot. There wasn't anything exciting compared to last year's January to March, not many pictures taken and also, its been a stressful 3 months.

For my final assignment for sculpture class, I had to do this ART 3D logo design. I kept on dragging it until like 2-3 days before the deadline then only I started working on it. I was busy with my typography calendar design for typography class.

4 p.m, started to measure and draw out the A's from 20x20 cm and minus 1 cm for the following A's.

By 7 p.m, I only managed to cut out 3 A's, 3 R's and 3 T's.
From 8 p.m-1 a.m, I have no idea how come it took me so long to do this project.

Sketches and rough idea on how the end result is gonna be like.

I'd be honest with you, I don't have enough patience to do anything that is 3d work. I get fed up, curse around the blades, the not-so-straight lines and the horrible cut outs of the board.

This is my most stressful assignment yet. It was close to 1 a.m, all I need to do it cut out the last letter T and I'm done, the next day all I have to do is just stick the double-sides tapes on them and the 3d logo is done.

The letter T HAD TO break when I was cutting the board.

So the next morning, decided to finish it off even though the deadline was the next day. I just wanna finish this off so ASAP so that I can concentrate on my calendar assignment.

I really hope to get an A for sculpture, even though I don't deserve it. But I'll be damn happy if I can score a B+ for this subject. This semester is the only semester that I have a good chance scoring A's for 2 of my subjects.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

I have 2 more final assignments, and I am fucking done with my 3rd semester of Graphic Design =D

I have 2 weeks of holiday after my final assignment deadline, I shall sleep till I'm sick of it.

I like turtles, just sayin'

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray For Them

I know many of us are sending our thoughts to the people in Japan ever since the nation got hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake, but face it, there's not much we can do to help them while we're here.

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Then I'm asking anyone that's reading this, do pray for them. Pray for the nations that will be and are already affected by this disaster. Trust me on this, you'll be surprised how wonderful a prayer can change someone's life or a situation.

Because, I've been through it before =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3rd Semester Is Finally OVER!!

And yes, 3rd semester of my graphic design course has just ended, and I actually enjoyed the stress, the assignments, and probably the fact I only had 2 subjects and no writing exams at all.

Today was the last class for typography. My lecturer had a one-on-one session with each of the students in class to discuss about our grades. Right now with all my in-class assignments and other marks added on, Ms Queenie told me my grades is between a C+ and a B. If and only IF I managed to score 40 or above over 50 for the final assignment, I can get an A.

I think that’s good news =)

But the sad thing is, I didn't really get to know most of the 20+ April intake classmates. I only managed to talk to a few of them, but not really a lot, like the usual 'hi, how are ya?' and that's it. I just really hoped I will get to know them a lil bit better. Besides, I'm stuck with them till next August, better make the best out of it.

Sculpture class was probably as equally frustrating as typography. I find myself struggling to come out more creative ideas that I've sketched out or visualized in my mind already. In typography classes, I get all tensed and nervous about my work and how does it fare with the others.For sculpture classes, I struggle on making 3D sculptures. I'm not good at doing practical work.

I do wish to score A's for both subjects. I have to in order to get my GPA up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I finally got the Crooks & Castle Air Gun black tee, the one I have been searching for months. Thanks to my cousin working in Singapore, she managed to meet up with the seller at around her place and bought the tee for me =D


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

So grandma's birthday was like 2 weeks ago, I went back with my aunt and uncle to Malacca instead on Saturday instead of following my parents on Friday. Friday I was rushing on my typography assignment, the one which I posted the completed work last week. I was so worried about not being able to complete 70% of it, I had panic attack and breathing problems. So much for a night to handle. Just so you know, I used to have bronchitis when I was young.

So the usual, there will be the tea serving ceremony before the dinner.

1st uncle and aunt serving.



And me..

Went to some Chinese restaurant. The food was just ok, but definitely not worth the bill. Shark's fin soup was awful.

Grandma just loves anything that is durian. So mum pre-ordered this durian cake. It is just amazing. The cake shop is located along the Taman Segar shop lots, the row where the usual Friday night market is at.

Cake time!! =D