Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lipstick and high heels are sexy for Kelantan

Tuesday June 24, 2008

KB council bans lipstick, high heels

KOTA BARU: Muslim women employees working here are forbidden to wear lipstick and high-heeled shoes to work.

This directive is contained in a municipal council circular dated May 25 and signed by its president Shafie Ismail, which has been distributed to business premises here.

A check, however, found that only a few tenants had received the circular this week.

The circular stated that the directive, targeted at Muslim women employees working in food outlets and other business premises, was issued to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan.

It stated that Muslim women were forbidden to wear thick make-up, bright coloured lipstick and high-heeled shoes which made a tapping sound.

Those who insisted on wearing high-heeled shoes should choose those with rubber soles.

Attempts to contact Shafie for clarification were futile.

The directive on the wearing of lipstick and high-heeled shoes are in addition to the wearing of scarves, which should cover the chest and not be of transparent material, blouses with long sleeves, which were long and loose, as well as socks.

Those who do not adhere to the regulation can be fined up to RM500. – Bernama

Oh gosh, oh gosh. I am so shocked.

Lip stick and high heels are sexy

Forget about our 'sexy' uniform, the sickos from Kelantan found something that is sexier that school unforms. You wanna know what is it?

Lipstick and high heels.

I feel sick to my stomach already. My mum went LOL on it, my dad was speechless. I guess God was ROFLOL.

Now what my first impression on Kelantanese is......they think that lipstick and high heels are sexy. I wonder, would I be turned on by women who wear high heels and lipstick? And will I rape them? Find out more next time.

A bad Sunday

Suppose to go to church today, but since I'm having a terrible sore throat and I didn't even sleep well for the past few days, mum....


Throughout the past 3 days, I've been coughing and coughing until my throat couldn't take it anymore. Do you want me to spread my sickness to all of the church member? Ok, fine.

I had a arguement with my mum this morning. All because I have a sore throat and I don't wanna go to church today. So fine, if I go today, you'll expect a muka masam of mine for the whole day. Do you want that?

Oh yeah, the whole church would be angry just because I didn't come for worship? That's logic enough. Like the church never pissed me off before lah?

Ok, you're right, I'm 100% wrong.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

1 Year of Maccaroni Boy

Cue fireworks.....


Its ONE year already. 365 days of Maccaroni Boy for everyone. Time flies....when you're reading my blog. LOL, I thought my blog for bored people only?

Throughout the year, there has been alot of wacky things happened in my life, and wacky stuff that happened in Malaysia which is so funny (Like the one about secondary girl's school uniform being sexy.)

Today, I'm not gonna give ya'll my top 10 happenings in my blog. I'm down with sore throat. Sorry. There is still many many delayed post yet to be published, like how I survived with my left hand only, my report card on Friday and so on.

Later guys, I gotta rest early.

Anyway, before I go, I would like to thank the following people that help me with my blog.

1)God, for controlling me not to blog on the Sabbath day.
2)Blogger, for being my host.
3)My Nokia N73, for acting as my camera, so I can snap pictures and post videos for my blog.
4)Not to forget, my fellow loyal readers. I couldn't list out all, because its an endless list.

Love ya'll
Say (All I Need)

Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something
Somewhere better just to have it?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing's turned out how you wanted

Well, bless my soul
You're a lonely soul
Cause you won't let go
Of anything you hold

Well, all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

Do you know what your fate is?
And are you trying to shake it?
You're doing your best and
Your best look
You're praying that you make it

Well, bless my soul
You're a lonely soul
Cause you won't let go
Of anything you hold

Well, all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

I said I all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Better than you had it
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Yeah, better than you had it (Better than you had it)

I said I all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

I said I all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

Whenever the end is
Do you think you can see it?
Well, until you get there
Go on, go ahead and scream it
Just say it

Friday, June 27, 2008

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
hows yr results?

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
but can do better still

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
number 1 again

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
but teacher say I never pay attention during her class

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says: can u pay attention when 95% of the class is noisy

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Shu Teng was funny today

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
That time I jaga Shu Teng

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
u jaga shu teng?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Pintu depan

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
jaGA SHUTENG=.=!...

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
too blur?

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
okay okay den?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
she walk out with her mum

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
and then...

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I tease her

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
"CD leh?"

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Then she was like...

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I told her softly

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
broke up...argh...!

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then she told me she broke up

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I was like.....awwhhhh

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
HER MOM??????

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then she like gave me the puppy eye look

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
her mom heard ar?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then I ask her what happen

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
she say later tell

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then I say..

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
'MSN ah?''

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then she say cannot online

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
mm hmm

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then I was like...

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
: (

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
gave her a puppy look

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then she gave me macam kung fu panda kick

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
then her mum was like looking at her

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
when she gave me a kick that time

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
her mum was like..O.o

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
she cute

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
what position u got?

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
y not 1.

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
y 1 is not in the list

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
10 count from last

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
10th place?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
must have a parade for u

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
so guess again

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
5th place?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I'm confused

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Oh My Gosh..congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says: lah!=O

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
: (

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
no la..yes lah xD

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:
wee thanks...

- -Hx ; pierre!=D says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Me also

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
give me five!!!

Ele......mum was happy for my results, but doesn't like about me not paying attention in class.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


(This is a delayed post)

Today's pertandingan antara rumah sukan event was the bomb. Way better than our school's Sports Day.

Like my previous post, I was really freaking nervous. You think being in the first team selection is a very very relaxing job, think again. As goalkeeper of Rumah Keruing's handball squad, one silly mistake can cost my team from winning the game, and making them losing the game too.

Woke up the same time, was so worried about today. Mum asked me not to be so nervous because it's just only a game. Easy to say mum.

Durring assembly, Mr. Chee anounced that the contestants that are involved in the event have permission to go down early for lunch. Yes, I can go off Pn Lily's art lesson 20 minutes early.

While in the class, I, Tan Chin Wan, Tung Weng Hong, Nick, and Sagi decided to discuss on how to defeat Rumah Jati. They are like the All Star team, 70 percent of their players represent the school. Out of the 7 players for today's competition, they have Weng Fai, Yik Yau, Weng Yew, Kheng Siang representing.

Recess time went to see Weng Fai and gang playing sepak takraw. Was so ridiculous
Compare to Rumah Keruing lineup, we have only 2. Me and one form 3 fella. Not including Tan Chin Wan and Mun Jin for having bad records, Mr. Chee kinda don't allow them to wakil sekolah.

Rumah Jati is the one to beat. And whoever defeats them, has done a great favour for Rumah Meranti, Cengal, Merbau and Keruing. :)

Went down on time, quickly changed to my Keruing shirt, and start to warm up for a few minutes. Canteen food has improved for the past few weeks. Their nasi goreng I heard, is way better than last time. Then went to the outside the bilik agama to meet up. First game was Jati against Merbau. I don't know what has got into Mun Jin's mind, he started to cheer for Rumah Jati.

"Jati jia you!!!!" - Mun Jin

It was quite a good game, finally after all these years, each team has a difficult chance of scoring more than 6 goals. Jati went and won the game, I don't know what's the score, but all I know, the Green Army won.

Second game was Rumah Keruing against Cengal.

Rumah Cengal was known back in 2005 as one of the worst handball team in school. Losing by a lot of goals and not scoring one until 2006. But since Weng Hooi, Kah Jun, Li Chuan and Solomon adding a boost to the team, things will be different.

Our line up is:
1)Foo Mun Jin
3)Daniel Mak (me)
4)Chan Wai Kent
5)Samuel Wong
6)Raj Dev

Hao Yang
Gan Jerry
2 Malay form one

While Rumah Cengal has....
3)Phang Li Chuan
4)Weng Hooi
5)Lim Kah Jun
6)Lee Yong Zhen (Oh yeah Shu Teng, your Idol is playing)

The game started quite bad for us, we conceded the first goal because of defensive error. Kah Jun was lucky that my right wing defender didn't noticed him. Nevermind, I don't wanna blame my defenders, it's also my fault for not trying my best.

Then Mun Jin scored, and Chin wan added the second after 1st half. Until....Rumah Cengal scoring the last minute goal. All of the players were pissed, because we got a mountain to climb to get first place if we didn't win our second game.

I seriously couldn't remember the other matches scores, because I wasn't paying much attention to their match. I'll edit this post if anyone tells me the other matches results.

Our second game was against Rumah Meranti. Dubbed as the most roughest and having a 'bull-like' playing attitude. They have...

1)Cheng Heng
2)Yat Keong
3)Kao Chi Wai
4)Kah Seng
5)Kar Wai
6)One Malay fella...

Oh boy, this game is my favourite game. Their first attack, by Cheng Heng. He shot right at my right corner, and all I have to do is kick it to the volleyball court. Then, everyone was cheering, I and Santosh was jumping for joy, macam kami dah menang mereka. Ele....

After that, our first goal was not too long. Mun Jin went 'Hero' mode, same as Tan Chin Wan. Rumah Meranti's waves of attack, blocked by my defenders and me. One of the highlights of the game was when Cheng Heng did a curling shoot, I dived to punch it out. Aiya, if wanna show off, show off in a very very yeng way mah. Maccaroni Boy gone nuts. I guess the whole team was on fire, including me. Once I did the save, the whole team celebrated like nuts. Mun Jin was like, "Relax, relax, don't worry."

We have a code name for Cheng Heng. If he comes, I would shout 'Ice-cream man' to my players, if we score, we say "Who's your daddy?!" loud and proud, and then shout the person who scores the goal. Cool huh?

Cheng Heng was lucky to score past me after we score 3 goals. 3-1 was the first half. Again wave after wave of attack, we score again. I told you, I couldn't keep track of the results, because I was paying much more attention to my team's defence, and my performance too.

We won, we knock out the 'bull' team by alot of goals. We're like on a goal scoring spree. Next game for us, against our closest rival, Rumah Jati.

While I was in the canteen drinking water, Leong Kit told me that my mum has been waiting for so long. I ran to her, told her to go back first, but she insist on waiting for me. Went back and see the other team's match.

Finally, the main match of the day. Rumah Jati versus Keruing.

Rumh Jati's lineup has :
1)Weng Fai
2)Wei Jian
4)Weng Yew
5)Kheng Siang
6)Yik Yau

Surprisingly, Hak Lee, Eng Chuan and Ronald Choo wasn't in the list.''

The game started awesome, we scored the first goal. Then they scored another one to tie. Weng Yew is the only one that is helping Rumah Jati to attack and attack again and again. I manage to block his shots nervously. Cuz even if he isn't jumpshooting, his far shots are enough to scare the shit out of you.

Then out of the sudden, we score again. And first half was 2-1. Second half, the pressure was on us to not concede a goal. Again, Weng Yew shoot, I block. Not my defenders fault, it's part of the plan. Block Kheng Siang, and force Weng Yew to shoot from far.

Something terrible happened to me. One of my players missed pass the ball to Weng Yew, and Kent quickly ran back to help Samuel defend. As Weng Yew easily jumped shot, I kneeled down, raised my right hand, and the ball deflected by my hand, hit the goal post. We were 99.9% close to conceding a very very costly goal. Then I realized that my right hand, the thumb area, has been injured by the powerful shot by Weng Yew. Santosh replaced me as keeper, and I was substituted by Raj Dev. My team used the all useful tactics, the time wasting tactic. Santosh manage to block Kheng Siang's ball, and then he starts to juggle the ball...safely. Mun Jin, Kent, Chin Wan tried to waste as much time to win the match. Well, they got tired of that and well as
scored the third to kill off the game. And they did. Final score, 3-1.

We have a big chance of winning the competition. All we have to do is draw against the next team, or best of all win it. Hao Yang and the 2 subs were begging for me to let them play, but I can't risk it, because the last game is also as important as the one against Rumah Jati. Fine...I take the risk, by putting a Malay fella, who claimed that he can play keeper as good as me, and Hao Yang, to replace Samuel. He even ordered Sam to be replaced by him. Hello? Samuel played way better than Hao Yang, and Samuel managed to pass the ball cleanly to his team mates. Hao Yang, I don't think so.

Last match was against Rumah Merbau. It's also a must-win game.

Since I was injured (Thank you Weng Yew, for making my hand 'better'), I had to change myself to a Malay fella who claimed that he can become goalkeeper. Here's how it goes...

Malay fella : "Eh, biar saya keeper lah, saya boleh..."
Me : "You sure?"
Malay fella : "Ya, saya boleh. Senang kan?"

I was like =.=''

There were 2 Malay subs, one is the one that say he can keeper for the team, the other one was so pissing me off.

Me : "Adik, lu jadi defender boleh tak?"
Malay fella 2 : "Defender, tak boleh striker ah?"

Eh, if Mun Jin and Chin Wan and Santosh teaming up as strikers not good enough, what about you?

Thankfully, Hafizi talk some bloody sense into that fella...

"Eh, lu ingat senang nak jadi pasukan pertama ke? Mereka pun tidak pernah nampak kamu main handball atau tidak, tak kira jika kamu wakil sekolah atau tidak. Mereka tidak tahu kebolehan kamu dalam permainan ini, then maaf lah, saya pun tak boleh bantu awak." - Hafizi


Damn Hao Yang, he told me he can block the shots, he was acting like a clown while defending. You all should have see how he play. Even Samuel doubt this team will defeat Merbau.

"Eh, what is this lah? Rookie team?!" - Samuel

I trust the 2 subs, they fucked up my mood. Like injuring your hands ain't bad enough lah...

Chin Wan, Mun Jin has the right to be so mad at them. So, immediately I switched back to the team, Samuel and Hao Yang switched too, for good.

For the entire first half, I have to force myself to use my injured right hand to block shots. Rumah Merbau have such a great advantage over me. Thankfully, I survived.

Out of the sudden, Wei Jian told teacher they somehow forgot to start the timer. I and team were so pissed at him.

Then for second half, I started to conceded stupid goals. Sagilan managed to score past me, then we reply back. Then while we were celebrating because we were leading, our opponents took advantage of our broken defense, and scored.

Then there was one time, Samuel tried to tak the ball all the way to score, and Rumah Merbau's defenders were all on him. Samuel fell down, and the referee didn't foul them. We were so pissed, especially Mun Jin. Guess who's the referee, Rumah Jati players Weng Yew and Weng Fai.

Then there was a war of words between Mun Jin and Weng Fai. Started to argue and foul language was exchanged.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Apple vs Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts....once was Malaysia's favourite donuts chain, now becomes Malaysia's worst and expensive donuts chain.

Guess who's the best? Big Apple Donuts baby!! Let's see how they go head to head...

Box Art.

Dunkin' Donuts box cover is plain simple.

Big Apple......something different. Their logo is much more detailed than Dunkin' Donuts.

The donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

Big Apple Donuts

Look, I'm kinda like wasting a lot of time by comparing Dunkin' Donuts and Big Apple. It's like comparing a Proton Saga to a Mercedes Benz. Am I right?

Seriously, Dunkin' Donuts have nothing special already. Look at their donuts....nothing special. It's plain Jane, what do you want me to do?

There is something about Big Apple's Donuts.

I guess it's the detail on their donuts. Pay attention to it. For instance, this one with the white heart shape. Wonderfully crafted on the donut.

What about the flavours......Dunkin' Donuts has the same old donut flavour for the past few years. For Big Apple Donuts, its different.

You'll have the almond (My favourite)

The ultra-delicious Mango Donut...with mango cream in the middle.

What about the peanut butter donut with white chocolate on the top. Irresistible.

And another favourite of mine, blueberry donut. Yummy.

Now I don't have a picture of their Durian Donut, it's so nice. I guess these few pics of what Big Apple has to offer is enough to make you not buying Dunkin Donuts anymore.

Oh yeah, talking about the price, Big Apple is cheaper by a Ringgit.

Half a dozen for Dunkin' Donuts : RM 10.50
Half a dozen for Big Apple Donuts : RM 9:50

You see the difference now.

Conclusion : Big Apple Donuts is better than Dunkin' Donuts. No contest.

Nerdy Maccaroni

There is a nerd in Maccaroni Boy. Yes, a nerd version of Maccaroni Boy. And boy...I am damn proud of being called a nerd by anyone, including my cousin from Down Under (Australia, see I'm smart). Jesper used to call me fatso, now he's calling me a teacher's pet or a nerd.

Entered the science puzzle competition. Hope I beat Tai Wei Shan
(That is so fake of Daniel, how can he defeat his ultra smart opponent who is also the tai ka cheh of the prefect body?)
That is so better than being called a fatso. I'm not fat for Pete's sake.

And to proof my genius theory, I got 1st again for exams. Wait until I upload the picture of my results to show better evidence that I am...........


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tomorrow is the pertandingan antara rumah sukan event, and I am so damn nervous right now.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm so proud of you Proton!!

I know....I posted about you (Proton) for being one of the most uncreative, uninspired, un-original car makers in the world. That your Proton Persona was just as same as Proton Gen 2 (Well duh, don't you think so?) came up with a new Saga. A new look, and a new style. I am so proud of ya Proton!!

Finally....Badawi has something to be happy of, which is for the first time ever, Proton came up with something much more better than screwing up their company.

The red one is sexy.

Well...I guess I can forget about driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Proton has finally come out with a family car that is spacious, fuel saving, comfortable and affordable.

The new Saga is using the Proton CAMPRO 16v DOHC, which I don't know what the heck is it? For 1332cc and 70kW for maximum output and 120Nm for torque, and the best thing is...


The boot space is big enough to put a few dead bodies (If you're a hitman)

You know, for RM 40,'s not that bad for a good car from Proton. Better not have any recalls anymore. The latest one was for Savvy owners.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Dad

Father's Day might be over, but I would like to take this time to share with you about my dad, like most of my fellow bloggers (Kamumalu, Wan Zhuin, Alamanda.......).

My dad comes from a poor family, eating porridge with soy sauce only for lunch and rice with few pieces of meat and veges only. Being the eldest in the family, I bet he had lots of big responsibilities when he was at my age. I guess his teenage life is tougher than me.

His highest education was until Form 5, and off he goes to work at K.L in a hotel. I'm not sure about which hotel he worked for, but the one I really remembered is Regent Hotel, Bukit Bintang. The best thing about dad working as a executive sous chef (I didn't spell sous chef wrongly, it's not sauce chef mind you), that everytime mum and I went over to see dad, we'll get free lunch from the hotel. I remember one time, dad's boss even gave dad and us a free 1 day stay at the hotel, everything free of charge.

I can still remember one time when I was small, dad brought back a ginger bread house made out of biscuits and icing for us to build the ginger bread house. While waiting for dad to come home on Christmas Eve, mum and I would build the cute ginger bread house.

I remember when I was 4, I accidently said the F-Word infront of my relatives during a family dinner. It was not a good idea by the way. I learned it from Die Hard, stupid-main-character-which-I-don't-know -what's-his-name. Dad wasn't around at that time because he had work. So once mum and I got back from the event, dad was kinda disappointed at me, didn't say anything at all.

I can say that dad is the main source for providing food, shelter and care for the family. Over the years I and dad had lots of arguments, and it really makes me and my dad's relationship worsen, until Form 3, things got much better.

Dad hasn't been going to church for a long time when I was small. Until 2006, with his new job after retiring from Regent Hotel after 15 years serving for them, dad got the opportunity to go to church. Now, he's an active member, and I wanna thank God for that.

Dad hasn't had much patience in him. While using the PC, sometimes it hangs, and dad will be quite pissed (especially in the middle of saving a recipe). Dad also doesn't believe in punctuality. People invite us to be at a certain venue at 9 p.m,we only go out of the house at 9 p.m. That's why mum ask me to not be like that, cuz it gives other people bad impressions.

One thing my dad loves is morning and evening walks. So I expect my weekends breakfast to be quite late, and my mum expects dinner for her and dad to be late too. : )
Growing up in the 50's, my dad prefers Chinese oldies compared to Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse. One thing for sure, my dad doesn't like Hillsong United or Planet Shakers, don't know why.

My dad didn't even teach me how to drink alcohol like most of yours would, but I remember one thing that he told me I wouldn't forget about alcohol...

"Wine is like women, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. So choose wisely your future wine-to-be lah boy...."

Usually I don't like to eat fruits, but after the constant nagging and lecturing about apples, bananas, pears, honeydews and longans, I finally appreciate the fruits values and it makes out body much more healthier.

Dad would bug me to eat fish oil tablets, Vitamins, Spirulinas because I have quite a weak body. Can't blame me.

Even though my dad's education is until Form 5, but his Chinese knowledge is so good, he'll beat you in Chinese proverbs and essay writing. Cool huh?

My dad's so good at cooking (well duh...ask Kyle or Gan Yang), he can open a restaurant and it'll be full house. My dad doesn't want to because Cheras area is full of restaurants which 70% of them are empty and chances of them surviving are slim as paper. He don't wanna be part of that statistics.

My dad wouldn't buy me anything that I wanted, because he would ask me to come out my own money or maybe it is unreasonable to get it for me (like the PS3).

My dad plays sports like badminton and last time, basketball (school player). I rememeber one time I lost to him in badminton so badly, he kept on teasing me from the badminton court til' when we reach our house. Darn dad darn!!!

My dad doesn't speed, so I don't expect some thrilling fun on the highways.

My dad might not have the financial status like Bill Gates, but what I'm happy is that he is able to provide for the family.

My dad might not appear on Tv or magazines.....wait, he did appear in Tv and magazines. 8TV, Food and Cuisine, e.t.c. Eleh.....cekap kan? What about your dad?

On Father's Day, I treat him dinner at Boston's Grill. It sucked so bad, he told me next time he's deciding on what's for the next Father's Day dinner. Sorry dad....

My dad might not be perfect, but he is the best.

Thank You dad for loving me and mum.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A prefect's punishment.........

First of all, I wanna thank the person who came out with this 'wonderful' idea of writing lines as punishment for the assembly not being in a pin drop silent mode and I would like to send him/her my hugs and kisses.

While I was sick from Tuesday to Friday. Friday I went back at 9 a.m, so I was present in that small meeting where Tai Wei Shan sentenced us to write 50 lines of "Saya akan pastikan tapak perhimpunan senyap sepanjang perhimpunan." For junior prefects, they don't need to write a single word. SO, I wrote the 50 lines on Father's Day. Guess dad's present was to see me suffer. NOOOO!!!!

You know, by wasting a paper to write the same sentence 50 times, we just killed a tree to do that. Mother nature is so gonna kill us with her fury. Oh boy....

I know, I write like a girl, so what?

Until today morning, happily pass the paper to Wei Shan. Then, once assembly started, the same shit happens again. Students noisy, prefects standing like kayu, e.t.c.

So, again have another meeting. Solomon and Yu Kin were so unlucky, they owe our big boss lady 200 lines. Yet, Yu Kin and Solomon still don't give a shit to do it. They think its wasting their time, I think they were knocking on Wei Shan's patience.

So,today Wei Shan punished us to write 100 lines of the same thing...
"Saya akan pastikan tapak perhimpunan senyap sepanjang perhimpunan."

I nearly shouted the F-Word, I was damn pissed. Juniors 50 lines, seniors 100 lines. Yu Kin and Solomon, they should just thank God that Wei Shan didn't add 200+100. Still 200 lines for them.

So during class, Edwin asked Cindy Boo to help him write 100 lines, and she did. So, I ask Lai Jo Ee to help me. And she did. Wow, miracles do happen.

Jo Ee and Cindy Boo's writing is sooooo different than mine. Cindy's one is with the numbers, Jo Ee's one is the one without the numbers.

Mum advised me not to hand out the papers to my boss lady....cuz mum know's best, that my handwriting is quite small.

So fine, I decided to do again 60 lines on one paper.....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Woke up 8 :15 a.m, didn't wanted to go to church (I know, that's so sinful of Maccaroni Boy). Wasn't in the mood in the first place after bombing and stinking so many Rabbids. I'm not surprised if any of them died from the horrible foul smell of my diarrhea.

Today's Father's Day, woke up just in time to wish dad. After dad came back from the morning market to buy newspaper and breakfast for us (everyday, that's his job). Thank God mum realizes that I can't drink milk, or else another A-Bomb will come out of my A-Hole. Had cereal with soya bean instead, more healthier. Yesterday Saturday didn't go for church worship practice, I was under doctor's order.

As mum and dad head to church at their usual time, I went upstairs to their comfy room to read the newspapers. Ohhhhhhh yeeeessssssssss............that nice comfy bed and the morning breeze. Thank God AGAIN that our house is located just opposite of a mini forest. Cooling.

Father's Day usually have specials on TV, Star World has some nice programs on, like a Father's Day sitcom marathon. 9 a.m to 9 :30 p.m, that's like alot of laughter for Father's Day, since the line up was American Dad, Family Guy, My Wife and Kids, The Simpsons and 8 Simple Rules Of Dating My Daughter.

Watched American Dad, which is from the creators of Family Guy. Oh boy, American Dad should replace 'Growing Up Gotti'. 'Growing Up Gotti' was total rubish, 'The Simpsons' finished it's current season. D'OH!!

What's funny about American Dad is that their family is much more like Family Guy, a dad, a mum, a brother and a sister, and their talking pet. Their talking pet is an alien named Roger, who is addicted to alcohol and might be gay. How fresh is that?

For the first time in 2 years, I finally get to watch Sunday morning cartoons!!!!

Had chicken floss bread for lunch, then waited for mum and dad to come back from church. Decided not to go to futsal, I need alot of rest.

So tonight, decided to treat dad a nice dinner, so we headed to Boston's Grill. Dad ordered black pepper chicken chop, mum ordered salmon with Mexican rice, I ordered steak and tried this smoothie which contains pina colatas, pineapple. orange belacot.

The dinner sucked. Trust me, Boston's Grill's standard dropped so bad, I think the only thing that is worth paying is the drinks alone.

A grand total of RM 107.90. How fabulous is that (say it in a very very gay way) ?

Anyway, I would like to thank Dad for giving me lots of advises, even though he didn't talk to me about the birds and the bees (I have to discover it myself). No matter how many times he nags me to eat during recess, or control my spending, all the things that I thought it was annoying and embarrassing, it was all because dad loves me.

Thanks Dad, you do know that Cristiano Ronaldo is faster than me. LOL.

Father's Day

Before I start, I would like to wish every single father in the world, whether you're single, you're rich, poor, smart, dumb, retard, childish, selfish, no common sense, thinks that you own the whole road, didn't pay any fines for your double parking at outside shopping malls, addicted to char siew, likes to nag, thinks that your wife is choosy, sucks at Playstation, noob at blogging and so on..


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Toilet got bombed

From Wednesday until today, I've been visiting the toilet 10 times. Oh boy, 10 times. Stupid diarrhea.........what have I eaten wrong?

I guess I've'bombed' the toilet. My 'stink bombs' are getting 'eco friendlier' day by day.

I just bombed Rabbid land, I wonder hows the Rabbids now?

"......*stares at poop coming to them* DAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wall E

Heard of Wall E yet? It's the latest film from Pixar Animation Studios.

Pixar makes things cute in a very unique way, and boy they manage to make robots very cute.

Wall E is about a robot named Wall E, which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class. being the last robot on Earth. Earth was so polluted until the whole population had to leave Earth. What was green, now is brown. Humans have set in place of millions of small robots to clean up, but thanks to humans polluting it, the system failed,with the exception of this one little robot and he's left on Earth doing his duty all alone. He doesn't know he can stop working.

Wall E is soooo blur right now.

All alone on Earth, Wall E takes the opportunity to try out things like ping pong, fire extinguisher, basketball, headphone and much more.

Then, a female robot came along.

Her name is EVE. She was sent to Earth to recover the last plant, which curious Wall E is having it. And...they both fell in love.

Until one day, EVE was taken back to her station, and Wall E decided to tag along. And they arrived at the new home for humans. Along the way, Wall E meets new robots like M-O, a very very obsessed with cleanliness.

Can't wait for the movie. 27TH June, come to me!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I've been visiting the toilet for alot of times for the past 3 days.Wednesday, Thursday and today. Finally...I gte to blog about today.

Went to school today. Pn. Yusaslinda asked me to practice for tomorrow's art competition. Crap, hope I can practice well.

Today there was a spotcheck conducted during assembly. Guess what? The school decided to check on student's shoe. You know those type of Converse style? don't allow. So half of the school students had to sit down at the disciplinary corner there.

After assembly, Wei Shan asked us prefects to meet in the canteen. Everyone has to write 50 lines of "Saya akan memastikan tapak perhimpunan senyap sepanjang masa." Crap.

Then Cik Khoo and teachers asked Form 4 and Form 2 students to stay back. Teachers asked us who wants to represent our school for the National Day march. 2 months no need to go to school.

Out of the sudden...there was pain in my tummy. Oh crap.

Phoned my mum, got my bags and stuff, went to see the doc.

Doc say I got gastric, diarrhea, and stomach ache. Oh snap.

The pills to eat...


Furthermore, today is the last day I got to practice for tomorrow's art competition.

I'm doomed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love you too

P.S : I love you too....

Forest Gump

Heard of Forest Gump before? Nah, bet you don't. One of the many greatest films being produced.

Forest Gump is a story of Forest Gump, a person who has an IQ of only 75. That's low. Based on the novel written by Winston Groom, Forest Gump his epic journey through life, meeting historical figures, influencing popular culture and experiencing first-hand historic events while being largely unaware of their significance, due to his lower than average intelligence.

"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." of the many famous quotes from the movie, and one of my favourite quotes.

The last time I watched this movie was like....5 years ago, I think? Guess its good to watch it over again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sick again

What da ya know, Maccaroni Boy is sick again for the 3rd time this year. Yikes, I still got alot of crap haven't do, including practicing for the art competition which is on the 14th this month.

I never touched the paint brush since finishing my poster for the 'anti-dadah' campaign. Crap.

Not really interested in this year's Euro 2008. No England, no fun. If Christiano Ronaldo really wanna go to Real Madrid, then fine, let him be, since he is too good for Man United. I hope he regret leaving Man United for Real Madrid.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dedication to Rabbids........

Don't you just love rabbits? Oh boy, aren't they cuddly and cute? prefer Rabbids. Yeah, no spelling mistake.


They are the new breed of your long eared buck teeth fauna species.

The most simplest character in gaming history...I guess.

Rabbids can be found in the video game called Rayman Raving Rabbids. Yeah, a Rayman game with rabbids? How weird can that be? You wanna know what's even weirder? Rabbids are planning to take over the world, and without any motif or objective.

Wow....I wish Dr.Evil from Austin Powers were like the rabbids. Taking over the world without any objective. take over the world, and basicly without any objectives or whatsoever? That doesn't make sense, or does it?

The original idea for the rabbids was directly based on a concept from Michel Ancel himself. Basically the Rabbids were lurking below the ground and plotting to take over the world. The story was to be as simple as possible. The Rabbids, for centuries, had been preparing an invasion…Now it’s time for them to rule the world!!

Oh screams too. Serious, YouTube them. Famous phrase....


One of my favourite rabbid designs...the Superrabbid.

And of course...other rabbids.

I think this one is loose based on Terminator.

The french maid rabbid...that cleans absolutely nothing

Niiiiiiiiiiiiinja rabbid.

Look like Jack Sparrow to me. LOL.

Awwwhhh.......rabbids are so cute.

Best of all, they even have their own blog, with their creators and developers handling it. HAve run reading and laugh at it.

P.S: I think Mashimaro has competition now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today's the holiday, the king's birthday!!!

Bored at home, so asked dad's suggestion to go where to kill time. Seremban. Oh yes!! Back to my uncle's place.

Afternoon's weather sucked. Was raining throughout the journey. Went out at 12 p.m, arrived at Seremban at 2 something.

My uncle and his business partner had opened a restaurant not long ago called Fireworkz. You should go try out the food, pretty good.

Had mushroom soup with garlic bread, BBQ chicken leg with salad, sweet corn and fries, and I had the restaurant's signature drink.....the Fireworkz Smoothie. It's like, orange yougurt with pineapple fruit, longan fruit and to top it all, whipped cream with strawberry sauce.

Taste like heaven.

Went to my uncle's house to chill. What caught my eye was this cute little doggie.

Wanna know his name? Momo. Not jokking, Momo. Oh yeah, Momo's a guy, not a bitch.

I think Momo is a maltese. Don't know what it Maltese? will help you.

A Maltese is a small breed of white dog belonging to the toy group and poodle. The Maltese does not shed and is covered from head to foot with a mantle of long, silky, white hair. Their hair is compared to carpet. An ancient breed long associated with the island of Malta, it has retained its distinct appearance for millennia. They are very lovable and often get along well with other dogs.

Awhhh......a toy doggie? That's hot and cute.




Joked with my dad.

"Dad, why don't they name the doggie....Jiaojiao."

"You gila ah? Imagine the dog gone, what you want the poster to say? Help, my Jiaojiao is missing?!"

"LOL, if they don't wanna find it through posters, what about searching the area?"


Super LOL.

This is where Jiaojiao Momo stay....and shit and pee.

Ain't he just so damn adorable?

Macam teddy bear.

"Daniel...get me out of this hell hole!!"

Can't help ya buddy, but what I can do is.....upload a video of you being cute. file too big. So sorry. Ask from me

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"White Is Sexy 2008 Campaign"

Everyone, tomorrow will be the world launch of my very own campaign called....


That's right, white is the colour that defines sexiness. White is sexy now, not black.
White is so sexy, that even Munirah Bahari condemns it one of the colours for Malaysia's school uniform.

White attracts people, it lures people, boy and girl, men and women, male and female. So, I Maccaroni Boy, invites everyone who reads this blog, to post a picture of yourself in white and submit to me, and I'll post it in my blog.

Here are the rules:
i) Pose in white shirt, polo shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve, sleeveless or not,and any type of
jeans, shorts, baggies and so on.
ii) Must be white.
iii) Give your best pose.

i) Pose in white shirt, dress and either skirt, jeans, shorts anything that is 'sexy'
ii) Be wild. Be creative.
iii) Give your best pose.

Then...complete the slogan:

If I were to wear white, I would woo....

List out any celebrities, athletes and so on.

I miss teddy!!

I remember I gave this to Kerrie on her birthday....

(flashback 2007!!)

Guess teddy is really happy Kerrie.

Here's the proof.