Sunday, August 30, 2009

MacBoy @Kampar

Hey guys, I'm at Kampar now, 3rd day of my church camp. Tomorrow is the last day : )

And honestly.....Kampar has more things to do than in Malacca. I declare Kampar to be my hometown (cue angry grandma with a huge thick cane)

I got eye bags now, and all because I've been sharing beds with 4 people. On the left, you'll have the construction site working, on the right, you'l have sleeping beauty snoozing away. 5 people on 2 beds joined together, and sleeping at 3 a.m +'ll be having zombie side effects on the next morning.

Hotel tv got Star Movies, Wah Lai Toi and BBC News. Last night watched the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Was surprised by Arsenal's goal, amazing shot, but more shocked when Arsenal gave United all 3 points when one of their defenders headed in an own goal through Ryan Giggs' free kick. We wouldn't know how important that Ben Foster save was, or how lucky that Van Persie's free kick sent the goal post vibrating.

Now I'm one of the 3 cyber cafes in Kampar. RM1 for 30 minutes, using the pc for 1 hour only. Only 3 people, 2 are the staff, and I'm alone Facebooking and blogging.

Don't know about you all, but I find Kampar food tasty and cheap. Chicken rice for RM 3, 2 cans of drinks and potato chips at a convinience store, RM 2.80.

O.o.....yeah. Oh great, now the 2 staffs are making out infront of me. =.= Please lah...

Heard the news DJ AM passed away. He was the one who survived a horrible plane crash with Travis Barker and suffered 3rd degree burns.

(*While blogging, 2 hot chicks walked in*)

I love Kampar.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ramblings in Malacca

Scene 1 :

Me : *Lying on the bed with boxers and shirt on*
Mum : *Opens the door* You better wear shorts ah, don't let the maid see you like this nanti kena rogol."
Me : O.o"

Scene 2 :

Me : Gosh mum, we're gonna die of boredom over here
Mum : Correction, we're gonna try our best not to die of boredom over here
Me : XD

Scene 3
Mum : If you can drive on K.L roads, I'm sure Malacca roads will be perfect for you.
Me : Why?
Mum : Malacca drivers are bloody slow. See, this road ask us to go 60, this nimkampoop like going on 35.
Me : So, can I drive on Malacca roads?
Mum : No, later you'll be like one of them.
Me : =.="

Scene 4 :
Mum : Urrrghhh the maid gonna drive me up the wall

Scene 5
Me : Mum the maid is gonna drive me up the wall!!!

Scene 6
Mum : *Trying to select an episode of Rosy Business for grandma to watch*
Grandma : Hah, finish already ah?
Mum : No I'm trying to select an episode, the remote control got problem?
Grandma : Still got somemore ah?
Mum : *grumble*could you just shut up and let me do my job, urrghh...

Scene 7
Me : Oh for God's sake mum just horn the fella lah!!! We've been following him slowly like a funeral march for 10 minutes already!!!

Scene 8 (Jusco)
Autopay Machine : Please insert your parking ticket. Please insert your parking ticket. Please insert your....
Mum : Ya lah ya lah I know.
Autopay Machine : Please insert one dollar. Please insert one dollar. Please insert one do...
Mum : Shaddup lah!!! Urrrghhh!!!
Me : Wow, amazing technology in Malacca huh?
Mum : I'm only waiting for this machine to pronounce 'parking' wrongly.
Me : *thinks* Please insert your farking ticket.
Mum : You ah......

Scene 9
Mum : *Drives past row of houses back at Cheras*
Me : Mum, one day I should wind down the window, and as you drive past the houses, I'll shout 'I'MMMMM BAAAAAAK PEOPLE!!!!!'

Transfarmers : Revenge of the Famine

I have a new movie idea, and I want Michael Bay to be directing it.

Its called........


Sounds familiar? It better be.

The stars will be.....Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Iron Hide, and the rest. Megan Fox can be the hot farmer''s wife, Shia LaBeouf can be Sam the farmer.

It starts like this

Synopsis :
Sam, Mikaela are making ends meet as farmers in Kedah. Yes, Kedah Malaysia. Now with them are the Autobots to help them produce rice and plants and fruits and so on. Now, Megatron and his army owns this building company called Decepticon Buildings Sdn. Bhd. Megatron and buddies planned to build a shopping complex in the middle of a town in Kedah, but Sam's land is blocking their plan to earn big bucks in this project. So, Megatron again with his usual up to no good tricks, decides to unleash a dangerous rain of famine-causing liquid that destroys Sam's plants.

Sam and Mikaela decided to lodge a report to FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) but failed because FELDA ignored their report and thought the whole famine-causing rain that Megatron will unleash to them for refusing to make way for his development story is total bullshit. So, again a war between farmers and building developers.

So one night, Megatron, Starscream, Barricade, Grindor decided to plan a surprise attack on Sam's land, destroying every grape, rice, mango, papaya, banana, cucumber, pineapple, carrot and every single plant in Sam's land. But Sam and gang were well prepared and launched a counter attack on Megatron's army.

Eventually, all of Sam's plants are destroyed after the battle, Megatron and co. were charged by FELDA for violating the trespassing into private land and destroying private plants and property. Therefore, both sides lost, and the whole Kedah state was left starve to death because the only land that produces food was Sam's land.

To survive, Mikaela had to become ayam and Sam had to become a gigolo.

Erm...the end?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday to Wednesday

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELO people!!!! How's your holidays? Bored? Fun? Miss school? Awwhh..

Anyway, today I just got back from Malacca and just in time to catch up with "Moonlight Resonance". Its a spin off from "Heart of Greed", another addictive Hong Kong drama.

On Monday was the first time I drive on the highway, and it was kinda scary at first, but soon you'll get the feeling. Sure, driving 120mph was fun, until later you realized that an express bus is tailgating you at that same speed. O.o

Oh yeah, grandma is doing extremely fine with the maid. Its been awhile since I've last visited her, probably a few months back in April. The maid is kinda blur, and weird. Enough about the kakak, more on Malacca.

Mum and I have been surviving on fast food for 2 days. See, that's how bad Malacca food is now. Cendol not nice already, satay price gone from 20 cent one stick to 50 cent already. Ais kacang......tak da kacang lah. Popiah...forget it.

Been reading Malay literature for the past few days. Finally, I can understand Sabor and others. All thanks to those reference books. To be honest, I feel like throwing away my science text book. Its so damn useless, no joke. Every chapter, before it explains the basic, the book will ask me about lots of stuff, and they answer is not in the book. Thank goodness for reference book, I finally understand polymers and monomers.

I've been Facebook-ing through the phone, and it cost me a near RM 10 just 2 days. I have to trade in my phone to Nokia 5730 soon, but not enough cash lah.

Church camp in a few days time, so exicted. : )
"Hey guys, I'm @ Malacca now. Suffering from boredom man!! Food not edible already, ****ing terrible."

Monday, August 24, 2009


Firstly, I wanna thank Joanne Chew for telling me how fugly (fucking ugly) Esther is in Orphan. Blame my curiosity lah!!

Daniel ( - says:
*how was orphan?

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*damn disgusting

Daniel ( - says:
*erm ok
*how disgusting?

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*she crazy 1

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*she kills ppl so hong bou

Daniel ( - says:
*wah deng
*she actually not a kid right?

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*33years old woman

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*vry ugly

Daniel ( - says:
*Tat alone disgusting lah

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*she sex addict

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*vry disgusting la her
*she vry FUGLY

Daniel ( - says:
*I look at the poster already wanna cry lah

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*u knw arr
*she acted like a 9years old kid

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*when she change back to 33years old tht time

Daniel ( - says:
*what happen?

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*she took off her fake retainer[somethings like braces]
*waa..her teeth damn ugly
*yellow color deeer

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*like ahpo mouth

Daniel ( - says:
*I dont wanna have nightmares

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*i just close my eyes during tht show

Daniel ( - says:
*read my status

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:

Daniel ( - says:
*I'm scared now

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*lock the dooor?

Daniel ( - says:
*I dont know

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*they lock ur door?

Daniel ( - says:
*they lock their door
*: (

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*lol adik
*u takut apa

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*aku sedang msn'ing with u

Daniel ( - says:
*takut itu fugly bitch

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*dia bukan hantu
*dia manusia

Daniel ( - says:

Then....Windows Live kena disconnected. I panic gila.

Daniel ( - said (12:13 AM):
*MSN kena possesed

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*lol yea?

Daniel ( - says:

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:
*i tot u turned off the light n sleeeep

Daniel ( - says:
*I DONT care electicity bill

Joanne ♥ Josiah. says:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday drivers make Daniel happy

I hate Friday evening drivers. Yes, those 6 p.m to 7 p.m drivers are starting to piss me off. Gosh, I hate Thursday afternoon drivers too. And since when drivers are classified into different days and sessions?

Every Friday evening after bible knowledge class, I have to deal with the fact that I'll be stuck in tortoise-speed traffic. I hate it when drivers last minute (And I mean very very last minute) give signal and cut my lane. Honestly, I don't like to horn at people, but I had to since people like you NEED TO WAKE UP!!!

Espcially that damn Taman Segar uphill stretch near the Friday pasar malam zone.

I felt so relieved after reaching home. There's no place like home.

Summary of this week

Hey guys, sorry for the late updates. Not been active on blogging lately because I really don't know what to post about for the past few weeks.

I've been quite busy on Facebook, commenting on photos, playing games like Guitar Geek, Roller Coaster Kingdom, Barn Buddy and so. Gosh, I need a life.

Nearly had an accident yesterday. 2 cars trying to cross a T Junction and was on my lane at the same time. One Pajero and a Wira. They knew I was still driving on and yet they wanna cross. Have to evade the Pajero before I had milliseconds to decide on the Wira. Arses, just because I P license driver doesn't mean you can push me around like you're the king of the road.

My fines have been settled, thanks to Santosh. Oh yeah, I'm part of the Prom Night committee in school. And now we're having a tough time convincing our own school mates to come for the prom night. I mean, why bother wasting time on the outsiders when your own mates wouldn't give full support to coming for their own school prom. If RM 70 is expensive compared to other schools RM 80 to RM 100+, then there is really something wrong with ya. Oh yeah, you all can manage to buy branded goods more than RM 70 and only use it once a while, where you can spend the same amount on a ticket and have a great time too.

I'm been driving around Santosh, Cheng Heng and a few to other schools to promote our prom night, and the feedback was ok. Went to Seri Hartamas, PJ on Monday, Seri Bintang Utara and Selatan on Wednesday. We didn't manage to finish of the flyers, but managed to get the word spreaded. Santosh did a good job by asking one of the teachers in Seri Bintang Utara to promote our prom.

School finally asking us to wear mask. I think its fun, cuz by wearing mask, teachers would not know whether am I singin the national anthem or any patriotic songs. They wouldn't know I'll be 'singing praises about them' in class (READ : CURSE, SCOLD). But I'm having a whole lotta hard time breathing.

My pimples....getting better. Slowly most of them starting to go away. And by the way, enough with the pimple jokes already, I'm serious. I had enough of it for this week. It might be funny to some of you all, but please lah, can think about me first ah? : )

Trials on Sept 1st. Gosh, and I'm still not worried...yet. Wait until the Sejarah paper baru I worry gila. Church camp is also next week Friday, can't wait to have fun in Kampar.

Great, mum using the car from Monday to Thursday to go back to Malacca. I'm gonna grow moss in the house soon.

Maccaroni signing off, take care and have a great holiday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sentuh saya

Whooooooo!!! Who has heard the touching song? Lagu sentuh? "I Wanna (Touch You)" by The All American Rejects.

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too!!!
Aku nak Aku nak Aku nak sentuh kamu, kamu pun nak sentuh saya!!!

Oh Pn. Pengetua would love this song. Let's make babies. I'll try to do a piano cover for this song. Oh yeah, 21 Guns Piano Cover by me will be posted soon. Depends whether I got time to record it in the first place. : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Puh puh puh pimple face, puh puh pimple face

Lady Gaga singing about someone having a poker face...

I'm complaining I myself having pimple face.

Sigh, skipped school today. Went to see doctor later this morning at Taman Connaught. The best part about having one of your parents working for a semi-government backed company or institution is that.....medical fees are paid by your working place. Heh.

Mum and I had to wear face mask. I slept quite late last night, and I was having a little running nose.

Me : Diu lor ma, I'm having running nose. Nanti doctor give me flu medicine. Quickly give me tissue paper before my name is called.

Mum : Haha, habis lah you.

Doctor called, I quickly sniffed back the mucus. Eeeeeeeyeeeeeewwww!!!!

In the room...

Doctor : Hi, what's your problem?

Me : *Pulls down face mask, points at pimples on left and right cheek*

Doctor : Hmmm........your son have this condition called the stage 4 acne problem, where 80% of his face have pimples. Well, at least he isn't suffering on stage 5, which is the whole face got pimple.

Me : O.o"

Doctor : So, have you tried any face washing products?

Me : Got.....Johnson's, Clean and Clear, Garnier, Olay, and Oxy. But I think I'm allergic to Oxy cuz the last time I used it, more bumps on my face. Must be the medicine in it.

Doctor : Hmmm..anyway, Mrs. Mak, I'll just have to give him antibiotics and cream will do the job.

Mum : Erm doctor, actually what happened to his face?

Doctor : Actually, the highest possibility is maybe his hormones lah.

My hormones? Damn, what the heck?

After getting the medicine, went back to the car.

Me : What do you mean hormones?

Mum : Alah, maybe you still going through puberty?

Me : O.o going through puberty ah? What the heck? Haven't grow finish one ah? How long?

Mum : Until 21 years old.

Me : Wei, until I grow an Amazon forest then only considered done ah? What if I can't find my brother if grow so many trees?

Mum : =.=" Just get in the car.

So here are my drugs.


30 pills, twice a day after eating.

Cream......oh where have you been?

Unleashed Fashion Show

Last Saturday night, went to Taman Connaught High School's EYE event, called 'Unleashed' fashion show. Our school band was supposed to perform but due to miscommunication, we ended up doing nothing.

Oh yeah, I ended up going to school on Saturday, all just for this kursus pemimpinan at HELP university, but at the 11th hour it was canceled because the speaker for the event wasn't feeling well. Ever heard of a back up speaker?

So in school, ended up doing Maths revision and History revision. At least I learn something ok?

Went back home, Facebook for hours, played Kung Fu Pets and Roller Coaster Kingdom too. Addcited to those games already.

So last minute in school, decided to go to Taman Connaught High School's fashion show. Went there at 6, bump into a few school friends who will be working as RELA security for the event.

Tickets was RM 8, but I ended up sitting at the VIP section with Diong, Sam, Zhuin, Hui Ying and the rest. VIP seating was awesome. Oh yeah, Sam and I had to endure typical Chinese lala-techno-shuffle music. I can't believe you call that music.

So here are some pictures, sorry if its not clear and sharp. Mind you this is what you get for a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The PIBG members cutting the ribbon to start the event.

And boy.....first 4 models already so damn nice to stare. I remember the 4th model, which is a male model came out, girls sitting. at the back of me were screaming as if the Jonas Brothers were stripping for them.

See those girls sitting infront of me? Models. Oh man.......and see that girl on that stage? Model also.

Oh yeah, the models catwalking on stage are students in SMK Taman Connaught. : )

All 40+ models came out again for a final catwalk. It gets shorter as time goes by, lazy huh?

Sam, Diong and I went to mamak for dinner. When we go back in already missed some of the performances.

5 ex Taman Connaught students belted out a 2 songs, which had the crowd singing along too. Its a good performance, even though the P.A system was a little screwed.

Then, it was price ceremony time. Only 9 awards were given out.

Closing ceremony.

Overall, SonnyBiz (Taman Connaught's EYE company) did a very good job for organizing this event. I'm not joking, its an awesome event, and I'm glad I didn't missed it. : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just came back from Taman Connaught's school EYE event, Unleashed fashion show competition. Sat in the VIP row, also had the best view in the hall.

Heeee.......nose bleed section

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perodua Myvi diecast model

Got my Perodua Myvi diecast model last Friday through online order. Cost me RM 60.


Actually, RM 60 for this model made in China is a little overprice, but mind you that this is a limited stock model.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Screwing Each Other

Ok, I know most of you all saw what happened between me and Mr.Chew this morning, and here's the real story behind it.

I woke up early, had breakfast, changed, packed my bag and drove to school today. Thought of having a short nap in the car before heading in to the school compound. Hey, which page of the rulebook says I can't do this?

After resting for a few minutes, I decided to head into the school compound. Usually I would go into the school compound through the main gate. But when I was heading to the main gate, the guard told me to use the bus stop gate. Hmmmm.....

Until when I got to the bus stop I saw quite a number of prefects spotchecking the students. So I walked pass them calmly, but Mr. Chew told me to wait aside first.

Fine, I waited there as more and more students were caught, especially the girls because of not clipping their hair.

After waiting for quite some time, I was worried that I'll be late for assembly. So Mr. Chew told the prefects to go back into assembly ground. He asked me why I was still waiting there, I told him that he asked me to wait aside.

Rupa-rupanya, I fold up my sleeve. Damn it, you could have told me earlier and I wouldn't waste my time waiting for ya.

I sat down, long sleeved buttoned already. Since today is Thursday and my class is on duty to clean up the assembly ground. Then, my old habit kicked in again, decided to fold up my sleeve.

Just when I'm done picking up rubbish and heading to class, Mr. Chew stop me again. This time he's already damn pissed. So here's what happened between him and me.

Mr.Chew : "Why you want to fold up your sleeve?!! Kan I told you this morning to pull down your sleeve right?!! You are a prefect!!! Must take care of image!!! Why you want to fold your sleeve up?"

Me : "But school rulebook says that students can fold up their sleeve lah, never read the book ah?"

Mr.Chew : 'You want to apply letter to wear short sleeve or not?!! Can no problem!!"

Me : " (gives him the stare) "

(Both of us went to see Pn. Chin)

Mr. Chew : "Nah Pn. Chin, see your own prefect, sleeve also want to fold up?! What is this lah?!"

Me : "I told you before, the rulebook says so lah. If I follow means I'm abiding with the rules!"

Mr. Chew : "You ini jangan biadab kepada saya ya?! You pengawas tau?! Pengawas macam ini ah?! He say he don't want to wear long sleeve."


Dear readers, the following conversation above is true and accurate and was never modified/changed. Now, flashback people. Now did I say that I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR LONG SLEEVE?

Look guys, girls. I only fold my sleeve after an important meeting, event, program with the VIPs and respected people and during recess and in class. Now could you imagine me folding up the coat's sleeve in school. It will make me look dumb rite? Honestly, which idiot would do that? I know the Jonas Brothers did it : )

Ok, back to where I left....

Me : "No I didn't say!!"

I sometimes feel so sorry for Pn. Chin to be part of this messy shit. And to be honest, I would like to take a time to apologize to Pn. Chin for Mr. Chew scolding me infront of her. I know she's embarrassed, but bear in mind that I didn't cause trouble/commotion this morning. Its Mr.Chew that wanted to. Find, if he really wants to lecture me in a shameful way, I do not mind being lectured personally and not in front of the students.

Pn. Chin just kept quiet, and was looking at me. No, she didn't give me that 'You're gonna get it from me soon' look, her face expression alone told me to stay calm and keep myself together.

You know, getting your first ticket and having your next morning bad is so not a good thing to happen. C'mon, who wants their mornings to be shit?

One thing I really forgot to do is to take out my transparent stud out of my left ear. Yikes, Mr.Chew saw it, scolded me for that. Pn. Chin looked at me. I know, that's my fault Pn. Chin, sorry for that.

Mr Chew : "You pengawas, why want to have a stick on your ear?"

You know, sometimes if you wanna do something, you do it. No other reason. Sometimes you no need reason to do things. Haha, confusing rite? Mr. Chew, I want to pierce my ears, let me be lah. Its not like its gonna affect your monthly salary or your eyesight lah. Don't worry, RM 3000 for walking around and pissing people off is a good pay : D

Like having Pn. Chin involved in this wasn't enough, he dragged Pn. Tan into this pile of mess.

Pn. Tan stood next to me, pulled me by the arm and ask me to go to the office. Yes, I was surprised by her action. I thought she's gonna lecture me but she told me to go to the office.

Pn. Tan : "Mr. Chew, please go to the office and settle this. Don't embarrass him in front of the students..."

Mr. Chew : "No, I talked to him very nicely already. He himself make me like this only."

In my mind I was thinking....."What the heck man? I didn't ask you to come and lecture me and create a scene here ok?!! You talk to me nicely ah?!! YOU HYPOCRITE!! I wasn't the one yelling at such a tone. Do teachers do that?!! Heck, I even think that Pn. Pengetua has a more softer tone than you.

Ok, Pn. Tan told me to go to the office, then I decided to walk away. While heading towards the office, Mr. Chew yelled at me...." Oii BOY!!! COME BACK HERE!!!"

I swear on Mac's tiny grave, I was already so fucking pissed. I walked back to Mr. Chew, he say I biadab, he say I no manners, he say I no respect for him. He say I kurang ajar, he say I jatuhkan imej pengawas.

Hello? Look who's talking......

If any of you want to argue with him, make sure you're in the right, not the wrong. If you're in the wrong and you argue with him, you're stupid. If you're in the right and abiding the school rules but he want to cari pasal with you, go ahead and argue. Mind you that teachers will not blindly side him against you.

From the look of Pn. Tan's face, I knew she couldn't bear seeing me being embarassed helplessly by Mr.Chew. She was trying to help me by solving this in the office but not in front of the students.

So, Pn. Tan had it with Mr.Chew, and told us to go to her office. I just walk away from the 3 teachers and the students pissed, angry, screwed but at the same time, I feel like I have the guts to speak out on behalf of the student and prefect body towards Mr.Chew. I mean, how many of you all, say want to scold him, but ended up doing nothing? Mind you I kept my word, I type it, I honour it.

Went to the office, Pn. Chin then came in later. Mr. Chew and Pn. Chin kinda have a heated debate on the sleeve topic.

Pn. Chin : "Mr Chew, my prefects themselves showed me the rulebook and say that can fold their sleeve *points the rule in the book*."

Mr. Chew : "Yes, but that is only applied to the students only."

Erm, hello? So you mean that prefects no need to abide that lone rule. If don't want to follow one rule, better don't follow the rest right? Common sense damn it!!!

Mr. Chew : "See ah, I catch this prefect so many times, especially the hair long, right?"

Me : " No."

Mr. Chew : "No?! Dare you to say no again."

Me : "No, you didn't."

Pn. Chin : "Daniel, tell me. Did he catch you alot of times?"

Me : "No, I'm telling the truth."

Mr. Chew then asked me to go out of the office and seat outside.

Then, he called me back in. Had a discussion, which I can't type it here. What happens inside, stays inside.

We had to shake hands. Pn. Chin knows I didn't wanna shake hands with him at all, she knows I'm pissed that he had to shame me in front of the students which was disrespectful. But I had to, and I had to smile...which is so hard.

That's my story

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Short post

Just a short blog post. I heard I got 2nd place for caricature competition in conjunction with the school's minggu Pendidikan Seni Visual. No, it ain't that Obama picture, Pn.Lily said it has to be either a school mate or a class mate. I drew Chin Wai Mun.

Compare to the others work, some really can't differenciate between potrait and caricature. Sigh.....

2nd place was a shock. Teacher mentioned my name during assembly, I was still sitting there in my class line being blur like always.

I'll try to get back my caricature work and post it here. And I need you guys to give me some feedback, good or bad I dont' mind. But please don't be so melampau thankyouverymuch. : )

P.S : I know I haven't been blogging alot lately, cuz I've been very busy with a special project going on, and I again have to deal with pimples. Sigh......shoo lah!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday went to PGRM after checking out UCSI's campus hall to book for a special night. I can't believe that for the whole month of December, UCSI's hall is fully booked. Bullshit.

Ok, so after mamak at nearby UCSI, we all decided to head down to PGRM Maluri. No pics, because Santosh and Cheng Heng were busy leading the way.

While dropping RajDev at school before heading off to Maluri, i didn't managed to powerslide like I did on Thursday. Shit, lost the magic touch.

While on the way to Maluri, police roadblock was just ahead of us. And at that time, Santosh and Cheng Heng only start to wear seatbelt....................a few meters before the police officer. I yelled at them for doing so. Haha....whenever I panic I like that one wan lah. First time know me meh?

Moral of this blog post : Practice powersliding, and wear your seatbelt before starting a journey. :D