Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today....I had the worst nightmare that a United fan would not want.....

Manchester United 7 - Barcelona 12

God.....don't you dare trick me again. You know how much of a Manchester United fan I am?

Rushed to my mum.....who woke up at 6:30 a.m to check on me.

"Maaaa.......I dreamed that Man U lost. Please tell me they didn't....."
"No your antibiotic medicine first, Manchester United....later lah."

Woke up at 10 a.m, turned on the TV, switched to Eurosport News............and the minute I saw the headlines scrolling below the screen.........



Then....I waited for the highlights of the game...........
What a goal man!!!

After 20 minutes ......ESPN was showing a replay of the match. Guess what?
It only took less than 20 minutes to score past Barcelona.

Do not deserve a place in final?
You must be joking............

Picture of the day.......

Yes Scholes!!!! Do your magic!!!! Miliseconds before the ball found it's way to the net.....


Yes.......everyone jump on Scholes!!!!

And my favourite....

Scholes to Deco : "What did you say about my team...come here you snub!!!!"

"Why the heck did I join Barcelona for? Newcastle.....where art thou?"

Muahahahahahaha..........just like Ars-senal......another trophy-less season.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick again.....

I'm down with flu, fever and sore throat this I thought I was fully recovered yesterday night. It got even worse.........

Guess today have to miss English oral test.......sorry Edwin.

Went to the clinic with mum......

The pills I have to take...

All waiting for me to finish them.....

I don't like getting sick.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Phantom of The Opera play in Seri Suria (and some not-so-puntual people....)

Do you people ever know the meaning of punctuality? No. Go look up to the dictionary. Well, all some of my football team mates should do that, cuz they were late for 40 minutes. We nearly started to play 4 on 4 before those memang 'grand' people came.

Yesterday's football training was always. Some times, I don't even feel like coming for training at all. But, what to do, I have to show my commitment to them. I've been dropped from 1st choice goalkeeper to second choice in futsal and football. That's my bad, out of the sudden, I have the fear of the ball itself in me.

Eh, I thought goalkeeper shouldn't be afraid of the ball?

How the fuck should I know?!

Came at 8:30 a.m to the field. Didn't saw Manpreet also patiently waiting for our team mates. Manpreet, I guess next time we should hire a limousine to fetch them from their house, have a red carpet treatment for them with Ryan Secrest interviewing them all all that shit, then only they wear their boots, do bloody warm up, then only play.

After 1 hour of training, played mini-futsal. Like futsal wasn't small enough for us. Basicly we just take a football, wear slippers or be barefoot, 3-on-3, and take 2 slippers for each team to act like a goal post and started playing.

Mum and dad were suppose to pick me up at 10:30 a.m, but they also so punctual until come at 10:50 a.m.

Oh yeah, I'm suppose to go to Times Square and pick up my delayed twice Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2008 yesterday. Dad advised me not to do it today, traffic jam.


Went to the nearest mamak to have breakfast. Like the old people would say, don't drink cold drinks in the morning. I just did it. Had orange juice and 2 roti telur to fill me up. Mum received a call from my pastor, saying that meeting will end at 4 p.m. Boy, I was happy. Maybe can make it for Yong Shan's Phantom of The Opera play at Seri Suria.

By the way....where the heck is Seri Suria. I heard of that school, where you can't miss out a single co-curiculum activity, and the school fees are high.

Went back, had some rest and studied for my accounts. I got that sports meeting that my church has sent me and my parents to attend. How nice of them.

On the way........I got sore throat. Not that for today......

Meeting suppose to start at 3 p.m. They started half an hour late. Damn you all, can't you people be on time for the meeting? Somemore walk slowly to take your seat. I was really pissed and so. Bernard called to ask how am I going to Seri Suria. I told him my dad will fetch. The people in the meeting then decided whether to choose football or futsal for the Teen's Games event. I would go for futsal. It they were to choose football, God be with you lah....

Guess what, meeting ended at 5 p.m, not 4 p.m. I rushed my dad to fetch me, know that I will be late for half an hour from Kota Damansara to Hululangat to find Seri Suria.

While on the way to Hululangat, had to ask for directions, knowing that I only first time coming here. Wow, Seri Suria is located at the deepest part of Hululangat. signboard. Dad was pissed, so was I.

Finally......manage to find Seri Suria. Saw alot of people outside the hall, thought the play ended, but they were all having the 1st break. Called Kamumalu to come out and direct me. I got no tickets, they got no checkpoints......fine by me.

Have to wait a near 30 minutes for the play to resume. Sat next to Kerrie. Forgot to say ''hi'' to Shu Teng, Hui Xian,Bernard also. Sorry lah!!!!

The whole "Phantom of The Opera" could be better, if it wasn't for the microphone problems. Christine can sing, but the Phantom couldn't. How can he manage to be her Angel of Music.

Cannot take pictures or video while the play was on. Damn. Only can snap pictures after the event......which is the awards for 'Best Actor' and 'Best Actress'. La Carrotta and Raoul won those awards.

Fu-yoh, first time seeing Kerrie with her camera.

The judges giving the awards to the casts.......


To be honest, Seri Suria's choir wasn't that good, they could be better too. I guess there's always room for improvement. Serious.

Yeah, see those dressed in black people.....that's the choir team.

Hui Xian asked me to take a picture of she and her 'babes'.....after ruining one of my picture shots. Grrrrrrr........

Hui Ying isn't looking at the camera. Guess she spotted leng zhais.......

Meet with Yong Shan.....remember I told you all that I couldn't make it for the play? Yong Shan was mad at me and at the same time, happy to see me. WHEEE!!!!!

Mohd. Joshua played a small role in that play.....a doctor. Still....he's as annoying as always. Not surprised if the whole Seri Suria hates him. That pesky fella....wouldn't shut the fuck up.

Went to back stage with Bernard for fun.

Then.........we 10 people tried to fit into Yong Shan's car to go to Jusco for dinner, failed. So, got 2 rounds of fetching for Yong Shan's dad. Felt pity for him. I went for first round, I was really hungry.

Reached Jaya Jusco 15 minutes later. Walk around with Kerrie to wait for Hui Xian they all for dinner.

Knowing that I have sore throat........I was smart enough to eat KFC.

KFC = Fried food + Sore throat = shit happens.

Yup it did........... No pictures, cuz I was too hungry. EEEMMMM............Cheesy Potato Wedges....

Yong Shan's mum took the trouble to fetch us home. Some of the rest have to wait for their transport at Jaya Jusco.

Came back tired....was sick for today. Wasn't good at church. Need some rest.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Got my report book today. Parents have to sign it. Guess what? My silly Standard 6 face came back to haunt me.


Hold on........

That's me....back in 2004. Short spiky hair, pimple-less face, and of course, that RM 15 smile!!!
(RM 15 ......cost of taking 5 passport size photos)

My results......

All 10 subjects.....I failed Moral. Like memorizing all 100 moral values gonna make me a better person. At least learning Civic got something out of it lah......duh. Stupid Government!!

The statistics.....

Cheh............number 1 lah!!!! 4 A's, 3 B's , 2 C's and one frickin' G (gagal/fail)

.....but even if I fail Moral.....overall, I passed!!! 588 marks!!!

8.....lucky number!!!!

Glad that dad was happy about my results....I wanna get A for Science for the first time. Improve my maths and Moral for God's sake.


The moment that the anouncer said...."SMK Seri apa?"......we were like....MUTIARA!!! But it went to Seri Saujana......


We did pictures for yesterday. The teachers and our friends liked our performances, including the headmistress of our school. We were the 2nd best school for like the first 10 schools.....until Sains Selangor and Bukit Nanas came along. should have see how good was Bukit Nanas. They were fantastic!!!! to thank Pn. Tee for buying us pizza for getting number 6 out of 23 schools. Not bad lah....furthermore, we didn't even receive any professional help from any music teacher, only Yi Vonn and Pn Tee.

Imagine if we got some more time to prepare killer moves....we kicked Sains Selangor's butt too.

P.S: Santosh thought that the girls from St. Mary and Bukit Nanas....were hot hot hot!!! I, Yu Kin and Santosh did magic videos. Including a spoof of jumper.

Malaysian drivers.....

Was stuck at a T-Junction at near the Bukit Bintang and Sungei Wang area last Saturday.........and it was a perfect time to show you how 'good' Malaysian drivers can be......

Don't believe........fine, let me show you.

In the beginning..................there were no traffic lights and police officers....

The moment my drove into the yellow box....chaos started. The Myvi car infront of me drove right in, and got stucked with us for 10 minutes.......

Plate number.....WNK7403 was very impatient and arrogant and STUPID!!!!! Hope someone scratches your car!!! was that messy.

Still got alot of cars behind us cursing left and right.

This is how Malaysian drivers can be......'smart' and 'patient'.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crap again.

CRAP!!!! I'm gonna miss Yong Shan's performance this Saturday, cuz' my church has selected (pressured) me to represent them for a sport's ministry meeting. Well.......I told them I'm busy, no THEY don't wanna listen.

Furthermore........I've already asked Yong Shan to book for me the tickets.....a few weeks ago thankyouverymuch!!!. Since I'm not going, I have to still pay for it, and then leave the seat empty.

Next time....choose those who already finish Form 5 and has nothing to do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sean Kingston........wonder kid or lasy bum?

Was reading Kenny Sia's blog...............he was invited to Sean Kingston's 'concert', organized by Hotlink. Well, if you think paying a fortune to see a fat Jamaican guy, came in late for 1 1/2 hours late and sing only 30 minutes and disappear without a trace was worth it......the mental hospital is not far from here.

My friend went to the so-called 'concert'.......

Me: "Eh, how's the concert?"
Friend: "Concert?! You called that a concert ah?! I regretted going to that so-called 'concert'!!
Should have stayed home and watch Wai Lai Toi better lah...."
Me: "How much you paid?"
Friend: "Half of my ass...."
Me: "So.....what did he did?"
Friend: "Well....that fatty came in late, 2 unknown rappers, a DJ, sang for 30 minutes, and then...
said goodbye. Damn it!!! I want my money back!!!!"
Me: "Kesian lah......"

Well....the whole crowd could have demanded refunds from that 'concert', but Sean Kingston would say he's tired, jet-legged and too exhausted to sing.'ll have many Malaysians sui-ci-dal after saying it's over.

That's why.......................Sean Kingston will say your girlfriend is like one of the many Beautiful Girls he had meet. He'll take you're girlfriend, complimented her that she's his Me Love, then he'll take her to the backstage and hang out with him, but won't Take You There, cuz''re the boyfriend of the girl he's taking.

See.........all he has is just 3 hits on the radio, 3 music videos, a few songs he's been featured, and that's it. Not to mention.....he's fat. Sean Kingston took money from you all!!!!!!!!!!! He'll use the money that he has earned from us to buy and sip pina coladas........

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Handball competition

(Delayed post............again)

Finally, I got to represent my school for handball a sub. Well, at least I made it into the team, I don't mind being a substitute for the team. I can cheer them up, give them some moral boost.

No pics for this blog, for I didn't bring my phone to school.

Came to school with a bag with just a bottle of water and an extra shirt (just in case). Meet up with the team for briefing. Sat Eve's father's van to the old Cochrane school, which turned into a sports meeting place for any annual tournaments. The moment we reached there, all of those who turned up were girls. Felt dulan and pai-seh. LOL.

"We got cut off cock, wear skirt and play lo. Sure win lah!!!" - Kah Jun

Had to pitty Eve's father for taking the trouble to fetch the team all the way to the venue by going through traffic. While halfway going back to school at 8:30 a.m, the school is still having their assembly. Imagine we go in, all look at us, feel malu leh.

''You sure you all want to go in ah?" Eve's father asked us in a friendly way before making a decision. Well......we said yes, and boy.....we regret it!!! The minute you go in to SMK Seri Mutiara, there is NO WAY OUT!!

Teacher made a horrible mistake. Well....she forgot that the boy's under-18 and under-15 matches were postponed to Tuesday. We then decided.....walk to Aladdin. Then I called my mum to picked me up from there....... Mum was pissed.

Got the news that Man United won agaisnt Ars-senal. WHOOOOT!!! Gunners fired empty bullets.

At night....had to do my art work. Bloody poster.

Monday's work all done. One more day.....just one more day.........

Went to the venue mistake. Did some warm up before our first match for under-18 against SMK Cheras. For under-15.....Miharja.

We both lost...............4-1 to SMK Cheras, and for under=15......3-0 to Miharja. Everyone was pissed. There was a conflict between Weng Fai and Khai Liang.....both argued about each other. SIgh.....the worst thing to happen to your own team. Like the Ars-senal goalkeepers......Lehmann and Almunia. Same thing happen to under-15 team. No teamwork.

Second game was very very important. Against Taman Connaught. Have to win to go through to the quarter-final. We won.....2-1. Thanks to Weng Fai for important saves, Weng Yew and Kheng Siang for the goals. Kheng Siang deserved the praises....for scoring the winning goal in the dying seconds of the game.

Then we went to cheer on for our under-15 team. Was playing very well...with our guidance. Was 0-0 for the first half. Well......they did have chance to score, but number 5 was blind to see number 11 unmarked. Then second half...................their opponents scored with a fast goal. Solomon was too slow to react. Was such a crack in the team's defence line. Shit. the end....have to settle down for the lost.

For the under-18 team.....not so fast to relaxs. It all depends on Taman Connaught now. If they lose, we go through. They win, we can kiss goodbye to our chances of winning the competition and wait for another year.

Went back to school, head to the Multimedia room for choir meeting. General election for the choir, Yi Von was the chairperson.

At home.....was busy with work. Dad cooked Thai fried rice with egg wrapped around it....with mum's fried chicken.

Bon apetite.

Then....back to art work. Tomorrow is the I promised Pn. Lily.

Just the background left......

......and I finish it after 30 minutes. Had a good night sleep.

Then....had a call from Pn. Zaliha.

"Besok ada game ya....."


Heard the news....our under-15 squad won 4-1 for their last match, before they say goodbye to the competition. Thank God.....Taman Connaught lost by a goal. Did some warm up, then first game against Bandar Tun Razak.

The match was like a Manchester United - Liverpool game....full of attacking and defending. We conceded 2 goals for the first half......we didn't score at all. Pn. Zaliha then cheered us up, ask us to try our best. Furthermore, Weng Fai promised her to win for as her wedding present. Weng Yew then scored 3 stunning jump-shot goals for us. The moment we were drawing 3-3.....everyone was full of joy....until last minute, Santosh and Cheng Heng was suspended for 2 minutes for not substituting at the substitution zone. We were shot of a player. Then.....Bandar Tun Razak scored at the last minute.

Lost 4-3.

Pn. Zaliha was happy even though we lost. Cuz' she know we have given our all for the match.

She then fetch us to Aladdin to play. Thank you very much!!

My jerseys......

Got my jerseys not long ago......for futsal/football and handball.

Well....I gotta give back my handball school jersey back to Pn. Zaliha. Sigh....
Got nothing to do on Saturday......last Saturday, so I mix and match my 2 jerseys together.......

Street Thugs.....numba 21 my wigga!!!

12, the number of tribes in Israel and the number of Apostles that Jesus has choosen before his glorious death.

Put them side to side, you'll get.....

2112........................the formula is...


Get it, see I so smart clever......

Then on Sunday, I switched numbers with Kyle....

21 for 22. My birthday number!!!

Came back from futsal. Well, after changing the shirt and number, I can honestly say that....I played better than last time. Improved lah......

Mum was shocked the moment I took off my shoes, the pebbles started to splash like none of their business.

Now you got work to do mum. Start now.

Now....I'm happy.

22 for life!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Debate competition

Last last Thursday.......was debate competition. Was against St. Gabriel school. The motion was....

'Irresponsible parents are the main cause of child disappearance."

We reached the new Cochrane school...late for 15 minutes due to
1)Traffic jam
2)Lost in directions

Yeah....other schools were also late.

Then....the first time, which is made up of Kyle, Dharsh and Sabrina, they had to be quarantined for an hour to prepare for the debate. Me, Eve, San Min, and Sasi then wandered around in the school.

Then....time to go up 7 floors to the debate room, by lift!!! Sweet huh?

My point of view before the debate....

The adjudicators....

Our "worthy opponents".....which is the government.

Crap........kami jadi opposition.

Let the rumble begin....

The goverment began the debate with it's first speaker, which is the 'prime minister'. Fu-yoh.....macam memang loh.


Then Kyle hit back with lots of yadayadayada......


Then the 2nd minister rebut the oppp's first speaker.....and gave his points...which are weak.

Gotta give it to Dharshini....for killing the Government team.

Second speaker was left speechless.

Debate was now is the time for the adjudicators to decide the winner.

The team posin'.

"Teacher.....pick SMK Seri Mutiara pleeeeaaaaseeeee??"

'We're gonna win....."

"No....we're gonna win."
Eh, where's Kyle?
He rushed went to the bathroom after so long......if don't go, guess he'll pee in his pants.....LOL.

I wasn't surprise when the adjudicators announced that our school had won. Because....
1)The Gov's 1st speaker was too nervous, his points wasn't strong
2)Their 2nd speaker agreed with us....oppositions.
3)Their reply speech was week.
4) have to admit it if you're there....we were too professional good.

Hehe.....then, the first team had a picture with the opponents from St. Gabriel.

Went to the canteen to have our food. Pn. Lily Minarni then gave us RM 5 for use. Happy!!!! Ms. Adlina was relieved and full of joy when she got the news that we won. 2 weeks before debate, she was more worry than us, cuz' we didn't had a proper stand until the final day, our points weren't that strong, and also worried about Kyle being first speaker (final practice time at our school the day before debate, he screwed up very bad.)

Worth every single effort for the win.

Bumped into former Seri Mutiara student Kenny Wong, and also bumped into my former classmates for 6 years during primary school at Tsun Jin (1999-2004), Makiyo.


Went back to school, the first team then got to stay back and watch other teams to debate.

Puterijaya school screwed up. Aminudin Baki school kicked ass!!

Then lucky draw.......we skipped 2nd round for 3rd round.

I can't wait for it.......