Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So if you noticed on your Facebook news feed you see your friends started sharing all sorts of picture quotes about life, love and what not. Yes, I do think they should have a Tumblr account if they're planning to share 20+ quote pictures a day, because most of them are from Tumblr. I stumbled across this picture of a Chow Chow doggie.

This Chow Chow dog was abandoned by its irresponsible owner, and managed to find its poor self back home, 3 times. The owner got so fed up, decided to injure its eyes so that it wont find its way back home, ever again.

I do have a soft spot for dogs, and this has got to be one of the most heartbreaking stories of dog mistreatment in months. The description of the picture was in Chinese, and I managed to understand most of it. I assume, repeat ASSUME that this took place somewhere in Mainland China.

I personally think China's society is just going down the drain. Last week I saw this video of a 2 year old girl got run over by a van and a lorry, left to die on the road and after 18 passerby, a garbage collector went to aid her. She died over this weekend. 18 lifeless bastards could have not care less about a 2 year old child lying on the road, dying.

What's up China?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Far I'm Mentally Exhausted.

So......I'm currently having my one week midterm break and right now I'm feeling damn exhausted. I'm currently focusing on my digital audio and video assignment. My group's filming this short film that has a lil bit of time travelling and what not.

So here's what I've been up to

College :
So Monday we went around Bandar Utama to scout for a place to shoot the first few scenes of the film. Tuesday I went for this Kancil Awards briefing at 10 a.m, came back and my PC couldn't start after more than 5 times rebooting. Until I wait for another 30 minutes, it didn't freeze right after the desktop. Decided to download this registry cleaning software. And so far my PC's alright.

I've completed my resume, sent to my brother to send to any of his friends working in the advertising line. And till now I have yet to receive any updates/news from him. Am really tired of waiting. I might as well give my resume to the college admin and let them handle it. Or I might wanna go back to Adwizard, but the problem is majority of them converse in Mandarin. Although I've graduated from a Chinese primary school (that was 7 years ago, mind you), I completely lost it all after form 1. I can't write and speak well than I used to.

This Saturday and next week Tuesday/Wednesday, its filming day. I do hope everything runs according to plan. We didn't bother planning the camera angles in today's meeting because whatever we planned, we failed to follow. So let it be spontaneous =D

I have no confidence in competing for the Student Kancil Awards with my friends. We're just so tired and pilled up with loads of oncoming assignments and stress. We're mentally stressed out and soon after this semester I really need to take a darn break from all these.

My portfolio, dm-artndesigns.blogspot.com. Do give comments and tell me what is there to improve and what not. Thanks =D

Life :
Same shit different day. I'm having a hard time having a good rest. Unifi installed already, have to say goodbye to Astro. Thank you for 8 years of entertainment provided. So far Unifi's stable. The Hypp TV's good, MTV Live HD is focused 100% on music, no more crappy reality tv shows. Goodbye Sweet 16, Awkward, I Used to be Fat, Plain Janen and The Hills and Jersey f*cking Shore.

I really need a new phone. Its not that I don't wanna change, the problem lies on my dad. Yes, I still depend on my dad to get my needs. I didn't have time to find a part time job because of the short holidays after each semester ends. And whenever I saved enough money to feel better, I had to spend on assignments.

I don't know, I just hope October's gonna be good to me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

R.I.P Alex Ho

So this week has been tough for me. A friend of mine Alex Ho passed away unexpectedly on Thursday morning due to a heart related sickness. I was shocked throughout the evening, didn't really had the mood to have my dinner.

Tom and I decided to head to the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cemetary to pay our last respect to Alex Ho, with a bunch of former classmates and school mates. Its just sad that within a year I've lost 2 friends.

I got to know Alex through Tom. During form 2, both of them were crazy about Japanese anime shows and online gaming like Maplestory and what not. I remember we went to Tom's house for a sleepover and I brought my Playstation 2 with Zone of Enders to play. Alex Ho completed the game within 24 hours. We also watched the movie, 'Eurotrip'. I also remembered during the weekends we would go to the cyber cafe near Leisure Mall to play a few hours of Serious Sam, Counter Strike.

I didn't talk to Alex much after form 3. He mixed around with a different gang of friends. Tom went to the science stream, I went to the Arts.

The last time I ever talked to Alex was after graduation ceremony, we exchanged handphone numbers to keep in touch. I remembered he told me he wanted to study hotel management, somewhere in the tourism line.

Alex didn't go to college, he ended up working at Nike Pavilion. By looking at his Facebook updates, he seemed to be enjoying his working lifestyle. Getting new kicks, be it Jordans or Dunks.

He's just 20 years old, still have a lot to achieve. His death only reminded his friends, and me that death doesn't care how old you are and life is always unpredictable.

So paying my last respect to him was the only thing I could do. Its a shame I didn't get a chance to try and catch up with him. Ronald's gonna miss you Alex, you were his bro since secondary school days.

What a bad way to end the week, huh?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I shall say goodbye to this phone soon, died whenever I was about to make calls to anyone.