Friday, May 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Whoosshhh!!! Back from football match. Later about that one though. Sorry for not updating my blog because I was busy playing Grand Theft Auto IV with Kyle. Oh sweet, its the best console game that you can find right now. RM 8 for Xbox360 users, RM 250 for Playstation 3 users.

And I present you...the game that gets 10/10 in every review...

Grand Theft Auto IV. The mother of all sandbox games.

Just as you're wondering what is a sandbox type of video game, fear not. I copied the definition about the type of game.

Sandbox Mode
In a game with a sandbox mode, a player may turn off or ignore game objectives.This term is used to describe a mode or option in otherwise goal oriented games, and should be distinguished from open-ended games with no objectives such as Sim City.The sandbox mode is featured prominently in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.These and other games with virtual environments that the player may explore are also known as open world games.Other games where players may ignore the game objectives and explore the world as a sandbox include Freelancer, and Crackdown.

Pendek kata (again)'ll get 100% freedom in the game. You get to explore around the city, kill whoever you like, cause how big the havoc you want and the best thing is, no one stops you from doing that.

Sweet. Oh yeah....back to my point.

Grand Theft Auto IV is set in the fictional city called Liberty City (In real life, New York). Well Rockstar Games (the publisher and the creator) couldn't use the real New York because irritating people will buat bising and then....controversy starts.

Every single Grand Theft Auto game has a controversy.

For instance, Grand Theft Auto III enables players to have sex with prostitutes and the player's health restores. You can then choose to kill her and get your money back.
Monkey see, monkey do. Joshua and William Buckner shot 2 young teenagers and while being investigated, their actions were inspired by the game, Grand Theft Auto itself.
Oh yeah....Australia banned it.

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. The game was accused of inviting people to harm immigrant Cubans and Haitians, and featuring anti-Haitian and Cuban phrases. Therefore Grand Theft Auto : Vice City is kinda like a racist game. Not for children.
And of course, another shooting inspired by the game. 3 members of the Alabama police force were gunned down by a 17 year old.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. Mainly because of the 'hot coffee' incident. The name "Hot Coffee" refers to the way the released game alludes to the unseen sex scenes. In the unmodified game, the player takes his girlfriend to her front door and she asks him if he would like to come in for "some coffee". He agrees, and the camera stays outside, swaying back and forth a bit, while moaning sounds are heard. But a smart hacker named Patrick Wildenborg manage to reverse engineered the code from the game, and there you have it. A dirty o' patch. This time, the mod allows you to see the action. bad. Just in case you're curious.

But there's a great thing about the Grand Theft Auto series. You'll get high quality voice overs by actors and actresses. Samuel L. Jackson was one of the characters in San Andreas. You'll also get a great storyline to join in and best of all, you'll get to play great missions.

Finally....Grand Theft Auto 4 came out after 6 months of delay. Rejoice. A game that allows you to explore like nobody's business, hijack any care, kill anybody and have lots of weapons to enjoy.
Grand Theft Auto IV follows Niko Bellic, a war veteran of Eastern European ethnicity,who comes to the United States in search of the American Dream, only to find his cousin has lied about the wealth that was promised to be awaiting him.

As you progress throughout the game, you'll build friendships with your contacts, and enjoy the benefits of that. Like free cab rides, cheaper price tag on weapons, calling off police while chasing you and so on.

Me playing Grand Theft Auto.

What's a Grand Theft Auto game without some weird glitches.....

Like this one.

Ok, my overall review. What I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto IV is that...
-I get to explore New York in many ways.
-Your character has a handphone.
-Your character is blur and funny (trust me).
-Graphics are top notch.
-Driving are more realistic compared to previous GTA games.
-Many ways to kill your character.
-Character has rag doll physics.
-Get to buy clothes and stuff
-There an in-game Internet for you to surf
-Great storyline.
-Great voice acting.
-Interesting characters.
-Damages are more realistic.
-No loading times.
-Get to ride a taxi to any destination.
-Get to restart from the last point if you fail a mission.
-Love the music in the game, especially the opening credit song. (Soviet Connection by Micheal Hunter)

What I don't like....
-Character's friends will call you anytime. It annoys you.
-Cannot change hairstyle of your character.
-A.I sometimes can screw up.
-Some framerate problems.

Well...even if the game has problems, it doesn't affect the way I like love Grand Theft Auto IV

I give it a ........

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Never seen before Maccaroni Boy

(Foul language is used in this blog post. Don't like it, skip please.)

Was waiting to order food, then suddenly....Raj Dev, captain of Street Thugs, phoned me.

"Dei Daniel, tomorrow got game know. 8:30 a.m..."

Then, my alter-ego came to me. I couldn't bare it any longer. From Tuesday until now, I let it all unleashed.

"You bloody fucker, I don't want to be just like Tuesday, all never come, all fong fei kei!! Tuesday suppose to have game against Sanjay's team, you pussies never come to the field. At least notify me lah you bugger!!"

'Saujana game on Tuesday, oh shit, sorry man. This time it's different. Ok, I promise. Can you make it for tomorrow?"

"I'll try....ok, I'm not sure."

"Ok....thanks mate."

I'm not your bloody mate for Pete's sake.

You should have witness how loud was I talking. As loud as the whole restaurant can hear me speak loud and clear. Crystal clear.

I guess the minute I say the F-word, people of all ages were staring at me.

For a moment, I thought I made a complete fool of myself, now, looking back, I think it was kinda cool.


Furthermore......I guess I had everyone shocked in the restaurant. Even Kyle.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No commitment

Commitment means to duty or pledge to something or someone,or to a team. Unfortunately........the football team that I am in, which is Street Thugs, has 0% commitment.

Yesterday, suppose to have a friendly match against Sanjay's team at the Saunjana football field. Woke up at 8 a.m, was late to pick up Kyle. The minute I reached at Kyle's place, his mum then told me that he's very tired and doesn't want to join the game. Well, who ask you to sleep so damn late?

Reached at Saujana field. My mum and I waited for 10 minutes straight, I then asked her to go back home, since she is tired and all that. Waited at the playground area from 8:20 a.m to 9: 30 a.m.

Hey......I thought the match starts at 9 a.m to 10 a.m?

I was really really pissed. I had to walk home all the way from Connaught to Desa Aman my home. Had to go through the hot sun and of course, traffic. Reached home ngam ngam 10 a.m. Mum advised me to quit the team, I was thinking about that right after the first step I left the field.

This is the first time that 2 teams have not been present for a match. This is more than the first time that more than 1 players will not come for a match or a training session.

I don't think so people would respect teams like Street Thugs. I guess any of our opponents would not respect Street Thugs at all. Even the uncles that I play with in futsal also have no respect for the team.

Street Thugs? What kind of name is that?
Do they ever think twice before naming the team. I and Kyle wanted another name, but no, they wanted for themselves.

Pendek kata, Street Thugs has no commitment, got alot of bullshit excuses, not punctual for any matches or training.

What is in my mind now? I regret buying the jersey.

Even though Street Thugs has Nick, Raj, Santosh, Me, Kyle, Manpreet, Sugin, Sagilan, Vicky, Victor, Murli, these players are good, but what about commitment?

To tell you the truth, I have the bloody guts to say that I am punctual and committed to every game.

Dare you to say that I'm not early for matches
Dare you to say that I didn't push myself to the limits
And I dare you to say that I don't have any commitment in the team.

Some team mates of mine walk away the team for good, I respect their choice, I can also say that, it is a better choice to leave a team that doesn't have any discipline, punctuality, commitment and so on.

Somemore want to have a coach to train us up. If the coach were to see the true colours of the team, habis lah.

My equation of the day is....

Street Thugs = Good players - commitment - punctuality - discipline x bullshit excuses

Done and dusted.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Outing with Kerrie

Woke up at 9 a.m, suppose to meet up with Kerrie at 10. Men won't go out in time, so women have to wait. We are never punctual. Duh......

Had McDonald's for breakfast. Never knew that they sell pancakes for breakfast too.

Kerrie with her coffee.

My coffee.

Too much coffee makes Kerrie crazy.....shit. Kerrie...STOP!!!!! Last cup for ya....
She told me that coffee doesn't make her stay up all night and not sleep. LOL, really?

Noticed that I have a slight cut on my wrist, no no no, relax, I didn't even thought of committing suicide. It just happen during Gym class, while doing push ups, them little stones accidentally cut my wrist. You're not the only one who ask me whether I wanna end my life as early as 16?

No thank you very much.

Shopped at Times Square. Went to Ed & Ed to buy funny tees. Tried to find the shirt which contains ways of solving a computer and what problems will you face if you choose yes and no. The shirt went to another person, so I have to settle down for another one. Notice that all funny shirts contain at least a single foul language or more than that. Bought a shirt, cost RM 30.

Walked to Pavilion. Had a mini-argument on which direction to go to Pav with Kerrie. In the end, she was wrong, so wrong. Nearly led us to Plaza Low Yat.

Women + Map = Bad sense of direction
Men - Map + Good guts to follow = Good sense of direction

Went through Lot 10 to have a little bit of air con before walking another few blocks to Pav. There was a Mac center there, I played with the iPod Touch while Kerrie was there busy patting the other iPods....cuz she thinks that iPods are cute. I think they're what do you call.....

Style + Substance = Good product

Reached Pav's main entrance. Snap a few shots just for fun (and for my readers. Gotta make my blog interesting)

You gotta love the inside of Pavilion if you like the outside of this shopping center.

So farking unique.

I like this pic....


Ahem.......bless me.

"I wonder who is she thinking? iPod or me?" - Daniel

"Wonder what is he thinking......iPod Touch or me?" - Kerrie

Answer is.....

We're thinking of each other....and the iPods too. sweet.

After walking around aimlessly, I decided to change my shirt to the pimp shirt. How cool is that. Let everyone in Pavilion know that I am a pimp. And yes, I know what is the meaning of the word pimp. Duh.

Went to Pavilion's food court and eat. Mum said the food there was great. Have to try.

So many people....

Then,bumped into this shop called....

You Tiao = You F@#$ (for Ah Beng people)

It was quite hard to decide what to eat. Couldn't blame me and Kerrie. There was Madam Quan's , Indian Spices, Milky Lane, Laksa House and many more. Wong Kok also got. Decided on Tepanyaki instead.

Ordered the chicken chop set, Kerrie ordered fried rice with salmon and garlic.

Mine comes with a mango drink.

Don't know why the chef decided to cook our lunch infront of other guests. Cook infront of us mah!!! MAKE US DROOL!!!

My food.......yummy!!

After paying RM 27 for both of our meals, we went to Speedy to see see.

Bumped into The Simpson's family.

4 something...went back by bus. Raining quite heavily.

Kerrie and I were forced to stand under the bust stop for 15 minutes. There was a funny incident happened. One teenager girl, dressed in short short skirt and wearing like a bikini, ran out of the bus to avoid the rain. There was this old man was so offended by her 'image'.

Old man 1: "Nia ma lei ah, toh sui kah lah these people. Dress until like that, no wonder so many
people kena raped lah.
Old man 2 : "Must blame the parents also...."
Old man 1 : "These type of people where got parents wan?"

We went LOL. After a few minutes, the rain stopped. When we walk through McDonald, the 'girl' was in there. Everyone was like staring at her.

Said goodbye to her once we reached near Popular.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Black and White thumbelinas

May I present to you, the emo version of thumbelinas, perfect for you and your emo lover (if you are.)

RM 5. Special Edition. Need to order through me, may I remind you. MSN, handphone or by mail also can

2.7 seconds.....

My McDonald Big Mac chant.......2.7 second. No fake shit. Gan Yang can be my witness. Second attempt, 2.8. What the fark man?!

What my mum doesn't want to see in my blog

Is her face when counting money.

"What? Daniel, put that camera down!!!"

Preview of the black and white thumbelinas.

Money money money, makes the world go round.

Chelsea,'s to you

Here's to you, for being English Premier League's 'lousiest spenders'. Spending millions of pounds on...

Nicolas Anelka - 15 million pounds, scored one goal, missed one of the most important spot kicks in Chelsea's most important match.

Shaun Wright-Phillips - 21 million pounds, 81 appearances, only 4 goals.

Claudio Pizarro - 28 matches.......2 goals.

Juliano Belleti - 38 matches.....2 goals.

Branislav Ivanovic - 0 matches.....0 goals.

Steve Sidwell - 15 matches.....0 goals.

But most of all, the most expensive Chelsea player, Andriy Shevchenko, for 30 million pounds to score 8 goals for 27 matches, super flop. Torres is way better than Shev. (Torres scored 33 in his first Premier League season, compared to Shevchenko's 14 goal.

Money can't buy superb flowing and attacking football like how Manchester United did it. Arsenal wanted to play style.Who wants that when Manchester United is playing attacking football, smooth passing with style. Got it?

Hate it or love it, Manchester United is better than Ars-senal and Chelsea.

Oh yeah, here's a picture that Manchester United hope you Ars and Chel's will remember it forever.

Who's the special one now?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory glory Man United!!!

Couldn't sleep throughout the night. Because I have this thought in mind....


Too bad, have to wake up fresh to get ready to sell the Thumbelinas. Later about the Thumbo's, more on Manchester United.

First thing on morning, on the TV, switch to Eurosport news, and see the results.

"Manchester United defeated Chelsea through penalty shootout after 1-1, 120 minutes."......"Drogba was sent off."

Mum and I was rejoicing like orang gila di dalam rumah pada waktu pagi.

After coming back from school, managed to watched the replay of the final. Witnessed Lampard's effort hitting the post. Waited for Didier "wimp, bad-tempered, gonna be sent off" Drogba to be....sent off.

My wished came through......

Just because of a throw in, and a few arguments, add in a hot tempered Drogba and a angry Vidic, plus Drogba's 'itchy' right hand, you'll get...



Whoooshhh!!! Red for the drog.

That wasn't the 'main happenings' of the match, after extra time is the ever nervous penalty shootout. Two players that decides the fate of their club are....


And van Der Sar.

Carlos Tevez knocks the first penalty in.

Ballack, who scored the winner at Stamford Bridge against Manchester United, scores to keep up with Man U.

Carrick scored from the second spot kick for Manchester United.

Then this guy named Belletti (who the heck is this guy?).........

Scored for Chelsea's kick.

I don't know what was with Ronaldo.......his shot was saved!!!

Lampard scored....putting Chelsea ahead.

Didn't get Owen Hargreaves's shot. He scored BTW.

Ashley 'cheats on hot wife for a dumb slut' Cole then scores.

Nani kept cool to score for United. was Captain Chelsea a.k.a John Terry to take the kick. Drogba was suppose to, but since he stupid behavior caused himself to beg for a red card, Chelsea had to do last-minute changes. Terry had to take the fifth spot.

If he scores....Chelsea wins.

But if he didn't.......Man United still be in the game to win.

Captain Chelsea however, did a carbon copy of David Beckham's missed penalty kick against Turkey in the Euro 2004 qualifiers. He missed it. He blew Chelsea's hope of lifting their first Champions League trophy.

It hit the right post and ball rebounded to elsewhere.


Anderson finally scored after a season.

Salomon Kalou scored.

History making Ryan Giggs scored one and for his 759th appearances for United. Way to go Giggsy!!!

it's not over until someone misses a penalty. And Chelsea literally gave the cup to United, with Anelka missing it. Van Der Sar saving it.


Ronaldo, scoring for United in normal time, missing a penalty kick in shootout time, buries his
face to the pitch.

Van Der Sar on the other hand....mobbed by his United team mates.

The greatest club in the world won the toughest cup.