Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Pimples subsided :D YES!!! I'm doing fine, from used to spending 3 hours infront of the computer screen to an hour now :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got the new SPM timetable, and found out that my last day of exam is not on the 4th of December, its on the 9th of December. Oh My Gosh!!!!!

Why do they have to drag it till the 9th damn it?! bloody education department

Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodbye readers!!

Hey guys, Daniel here. SPM is a month away and I won't be blogging, go online, Facebook-ing, Barn Buddy-ing, Cafe World-ing, updating my statuses and so until.....3rd of December.

Eh Daniel, I thought your last paper on the 4th?

Haiya, Arts only mah. That one can relax lah....

So I hope by the time I come back, blogger will shut down my blogsite. And if they did......they are so gonna get it from me.

Anyway, good luck to all of my form 5 readers, bloggers who's been following my blog for a long time. Angeline, Kyle, Darshini, Hak Lee, Cheng Heng, Tom and to those I forgot to list out here. All the best and once SPM over, I have to serve for National Service. Better go for doctor checkup, I have breathing problem kay?

Buh bye. :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mac bite Daniel

Today after dinner, thought of trying something.....putting Mac's food on my hand and feed him with him sitting on my palm. Thought that will be cute.....

.....until that farker bite me.

Really? Am I a total stranger to him now?

Alison Happy Birthday (Alison getting me a puppy)

Daniel ( - says:
*erm....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*u din even know

Daniel ( - says:
*Yr blog told me

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*fw days ago kan u posted
*wei, u dont believe I bought u present ah?

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*i dont

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*u didn't right?

Daniel ( - says:
*Tuesday I'll pass it to u

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*i know u din

Daniel ( - says:
*tadi I pergi Mini Toons

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*what the heck lah
*I recorded yr birthday on my handphone lah

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*hmm.. I still dun believe =p

Daniel ( - says:
*set alarm summore

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*I'll believe UNTIL i see the pressy

Daniel ( - says:
*tuesday, I pass it through Carmen Hor
*or Carmen Chan

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*cannot give urself meh

Daniel ( - says:
*u know i busy lah

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*no sincereityocheffc
*thnx anyway :)

Daniel ( - says:
*: (

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*why awwhhhhhhhh?

Daniel ( - says:
*u lah

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*whatdid i do arh ?

Daniel ( - says:
*ppl took the trouble to buy prezzy for u
*u say dont believe

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*but but...
Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*but u want ur FRIEND to help u send leh

Daniel ( - says:
**packs bag and runs away*

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*not sincere one =p

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*: (

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*very fake one lah u
*during perhimpunan also can what
*but nooo~
*u wan OTHERS to give it for u

Daniel ( - says:
*I have to sit with class mnaaahhh
*Carmen is my worker maahh

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*blablablbalblaa maaaah

Daniel ( - says:
*: (
*(eh I copy and paste at blog ah)
*: )

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*: (
*yeerr u like that loh
*my birthday u also never wish me

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*i also dunnu when
*i think pass liao
*tht time also dunnu u

Daniel ( - says:
*this year wor

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*bila ur b-day arh ?

Daniel ( - says:
*: (
*.....22nd January

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*u also din know right?

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*at least not on yr birthday baru I know right

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*: )

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*not on ur b-day yet what
*january coming
*dun sad lerr. i buy u something cute LOL

Daniel ( - says:
*a puppy?

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*ya ya. sure sure XD

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*expect tht ok ?

Daniel ( - says:
*a shitzu

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:

Daniel ( - says:

Heffalumps and woozels ♥ - says:
*a stuffed shihtzu toy

Happy Birthday you Heffalumper
. You're 15, grow up and stop acting like a child. (Shit sorry :D)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Damn it I force myself to go to school to just attend a particular subject or to get my exam results but only one was achieved.

I waited patiently for my History and Business Studies exam results, and I guess I have to wait for another bloody week for these 2 subject results. Cik. Roseni, Pn. Rosmalaiwati, I am losing my patience already.

Tomorrow, I want to get my Business Studies results, and yes I'm gonna attend Ms.Chan's Accounts class. If tomorrow I don't get my result, Pn. Rosmalaiwati's Toyota Vios will be 'decorated'. If I get screwed for no reason (again), Ms.Chan's Toyota SE will be sold to half-cut warehouses. :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Favourite lines

1) "Tunggu......tuuuuunnggu!!!"
2) "How I know? Maybe he bluff you? Maybe you ugly?"
3) "Who are you?! You call people on the phone and ask who are you?!"
4) "Not meeting....MASSAGE!! No not message, MASSAGE!!! Where the girl pour the oil and rub the backside, play with the cock MAASAAGGE!!!!"
5) "KC tak da senang. Dia tak da senang...DIA TAK DA SENANG!!!"
6) "Hooi Melayu tunggu ah!!"
7) "Eh how I know? You depend lah how long they play with his john (cock)"
8) "Oi you apa main datuk besar?! Saya ada datuk dan nenek!"
9) "TUUUUNNGGGUUUU!! Kalau lu Tan Sri saya kasi tunggu tapi you Datuk you tunggu!!"
10) "Ah what message? You going to break his balls ah? Mrs T.K ah can I tell you one thing ah...YOUR HUSBAND GOT NO BALLS!! Elek Elek ELEK!! Hah? No, actually you got the balls!! Because your mother got balls!!"

Oh gosh, I laugh until I cry. He's better than Russell Peters alright :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Piss Ms.Chan

Honestly, I kinda dislike school now. No no no don't misunderstood, I'm not gonna stop studying, just that I don't like to study in an environment like my school. Teachers being a bitch towards you for your whole school hours, irritating classmates are the 2 reasons why now I really really....

Don't feel like going to school :(

Today I forced myself to go to school because of accounts only. My target for accounts, a pass or higher grade. So today before recess I was sleeping in class, I wasted 2 hours of my life. And during assembly time, the teacher announced that gerak gempur is canceled without any reasons. Great.

Ok, I was excited for accounts, I really do. Never in my life, I was impatient for Ms.Chan to come in to my class to teach me accounts. But thanks to my classmates, things pretty much turn bad.

Last week, Ms.Chan gave us account document homework for revision. Today she expect to see us all finish it. But then again, due to laziness, out of 18 people that came for class today, only 4 people (including me) finish off the documents and imbangan duga.

I really don't understand, SPM is just a few weeks away from us, and instead of studying hard and doing accounts exercises to save your asses from getting a pathetic G on your SPM result slip, you all had to be so fucking lazy and piss Ms.Chan off.

Then it was my turn. Yes, I might able to do the documents question but I still haven't fully mastered it. And please lah Ms.Chan, if you're pissed, don't released it on me. All I did was a slight mistake, do you need to release it on me?

After 'bombed' by Ms.Chan, I was left completely speechless and moody. What was suppose to be my now favourite subject, now....sigh...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Madonna and Lil' Wayne

Currently listening to Madonna's new leaked hit, "Revolver" featuring the ever-high and dope rapper/auto-tune singer Lil' Wayne. Guys go check it out.

I wanna die happy :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dad and his German Shepard

Dad : *Looks at Rico, uncle's dog* You know son, last time I used to have a dog, a German Shepard.

Me : O.o, serious ah?

Dad : Yeah, friend gave it to me. Heh that time I used to bring back hotel leftover food for him to eat.

Me : Aiya, that one normal mah.

Dad : No, its not the normal terrible leftovers ya know. I'm talking about beef steak, lamb chop and so on.

Me : Dad, when I say dog pampering you did it to the extreme.

Dad : Yeah, that lucky fella. Now look at this dog, poor thing nothing to eat.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kent!!

Wassup peeps. Ok, today is someone's special day. Its my senior Kent's birthday!!! *cue fireworks, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin dramatic piano play with fat opera lady singing* Sigh, all the expense.

Anyway, as band manager, I did give Kent a wonderful surprise. As you know his profile stated that his songs, his life has to do with S-E-X :D So, I called Sexy Escorts Agency to hook Kent up with some models who resemble famous celebs like Paris, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and many more.

Well, something went haywired, and this conversation happened....

Daniel ( - says:
*wassuupp birthday boy

- keNtzai` - says:
*band manager

Daniel ( - says:
*hey, did the groupies wait outside yr house
*I ordered them

- keNtzai` - says:
*u kidding is it==.=

Daniel ( - says:
*oh shit

- keNtzai` - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*u sure no chicks at yr house this morning?

- keNtzai` - says:

Daniel ( - says:
*farking escort agent
*next year k

- keNtzai` - says:
*fuck you lah

Daniel ( - says:
*I janji, Megan Fox datang dress up in bunny suit

- keNtzai` - says:
*pantat kau!

Oh boy, until I received a call from the agency that they accidentally sent the girls to this dude name Duck NgapZai. D'oh!!

Anyway, happy Birthday Kent!! Dah 18, bulu dah banyak lahir lah hehehehehhee. Enjoy your special day, only got 24 minutes left till the clock strikes midnight. :D

Singapore only a island, not a country.

"Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore’s population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country." - Nazri Aziz

Barbados (population 272,000), Iceland (population 292,000), Malta (population 397,000), Cyprus (population 807,000), and Mauritius (population 1.2 million). So even Rihanna's country is not a country?


Guess History and Geography books will have a major recall and Singapore will be fully removed. :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Of Fat-assed Cars and Arrogant Drivers

Was driving back from school to home. Noticed that there are 2 right turns after the school's long stretch? I decided to take the one with shop lots along.

Ok, I guess you all know that sometimes cars parked too out or double park on the road, thus make the road narrow and hard for oncoming cars to go on right? So I give way to the cars which were earlier than me, then only I continue. While closing on to the exit, a Toyota Alphard came blocking 1 1/2 of the road.

The rule says, he should give way to me. Yes, that's what I think. And I thought he'll move to the side and let me go, but no. I stop, he stop. That uncle stared at me, I stared at him. Fine, I give face and let him go.

Blardy hell, that uncle somemore wanna go slow and take his sweet time and stare at me. You know the height of the Toyota Alphard is higher than my 97' Honda City right?

I fucking hate it when people do that. I fucking hate it. I'm sure for those who have a driving license reading this also hates this. I fucking hate these type of people with this fucked up attitude. Uncle, what makes you have the right to give me that damn stare? I give you way, the least you can do is give me the 'thank you' hand gesture. I would really appreciate it.

But no, you decided to give me that face, that arrogant face.

Hello? Who's smart enough to buy such a huge MPV, a Toyota Alphard for Pete's sake and drive on a narrow road. A road which is the size of 1 and a 1/2 lane of a Malaysian highway road.

This is why I hate fat-assed cars like the Alphard. The Camry also another one, the Fairlady also another one, Mercs and Beemers are also to be mentioned here. Urrrghhh what's the use of driving a car with a rear that's the size Jennifer Lopez's ass? You're only making other drivers pissed.

Note to self : Never give way to fat-assed cars, never ever. And if they give me that 'face', all I need to do is wind down the window, and ask them to keep their bloody eyes on the road. I mean it. If I can manage to deal with Mr. Chew, I'm sure I can deal with these arrogant drivers.

Good Luck kids!!!

Carmen Hor, also known as 'the other Carmen' by Carmen Chan. good luck for PMR tomorrow. Don't worry, freedom is just a week away. May the force of Rabbids be with you :D

Amanda Law, not forgetting you too.

Carmen Chan, also known as 'the other Carmen' by Carmen Hor. You'll be in my prayers tonight, and I'll forever be your boss, and you be my worker. :D Score As!!!

Mak Yee Leng, though we never meet face to face, we might be relatives seperated ages ago :D Don't worry, after PMR you can be more obsessed towards TVXQ, Super Junior, DBSK or whatever weird Korean boy bands that you and.....

Yoong Pui Yen like. You also another Korean boy band obsessed fan. Good luck :D

Carmen Ten, its been awhile since we talked :D Good luck and God bless ya for tomorrow's paper.

Alison, if you don't score you won't sleep well for the next umpteen years of your life because I will try my best to be your worst nightmare possible :D Make you mama and papa proud :D

Oh yeah, for those whom I forgot to mention, Good luck for PMR. When you're in your SPM years, you wish you were sitting for PMR.

*fail or pass, still go form 4 :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

A+ is what?

Hey guys, what's up. (ceiling). Yeah ok, so you all must have read the newspaper that the Education Department has prepared/set up a new grading students for the SPM students? (Don't tell me you don't know what's going on in your own country?)


Previous Grade System Latest Grade System (2009)

1A A
2A A-
3B B+
4B B
5C C+
6C C
7D D
8E E
9G G

See any differences? Its just an extra A, and the numbers beside the grades are gone while the latest one shows A,A+,A-,B+,B-,C+,C-,D,E,G. That's it.

You see, we all know, ever since Maths and Science will be taught back to Bahasa Malaysia, first thing pops in our mind is...

"Our education system is screwed. We're going back square one."

Trust me, I bet with you that more than 80% of Malaysians think that way. Those who didn't think this way are 'very bright'. :D

So, Education Department boys have been cracking their heads to think a brand new idea to convince people that they didn't screw things up by reversing Maths and Science to Malay language. So, again they thought of a brilliant plan.......

Add another A, an A+

Oh it sounds nice, but when they lay out their plan on newspaper, they got your mama and papa and you yourself thinking

"What's the difference?"

"I don't understand."

"Where's the explaination?"

"Does it make education better?"

and so on.

And I thought...

"Are they trying to put on a show?"

What I'm trying to say is, it will be BETTER if the person in charge of this brilliant idea EXPLAIN BLACK AND WHITE about this whole new system. That would make us not confuse with ourselves.

Or maybe, the Education Department, they themselves are confuse and blur about their own plan? They say that all school's principals will explain this whole new grade system to students, but today Pn.Halimah has yet to mention to us about this. I wonder whether she understands this whole thing or maybe wasn't explained clearly about this new grade system.

So here's a imaginative scenario between big guy and my principal.

Muhyiddin : "Hello, Pn. Halimah, just to tell ya we'll be adding an extra A+ and the previous grades will be gone and replaced with plus and minuses. Have a g'day" *hangs up*

Pn. Halimah : *O.o*"..........erm, okay...."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharp cools

Guess what? Dad bought be a new aircond system. And it rocks my socks hard!!!

Oh yeah!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You don't know hybrid cars, do ya?

Got a pathetic 62 for Arts. I am seriously disappointed at myself for not scoring an A2 or better for Arts. I sometimes feel like kicking myself for not grabbing the opportunity to score when it is given. After I saw my paper 2, which I thought can score at least 39-42 marks, my mood went down. I got 34 instead.

Paper one....28. Expected 34. Why oh why oh why, until now belum dapat satu A. Oh you think I'm not worried about my English paper? I'm not sure whether Pn. Azatul can help me or not.

I tell ya, sometimes teachers can be so blur (don't worry Cik.Adlina, you're not one of the many blur teachers in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mutiara, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur). My science teacher, Pn. Azizah don't even know what is the word hybird. And she doesn't know that word existed and is now the word used for Eco-friendly cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid and many more.

There was this science question, about pollution and one of them was

Name a way to reduce air pollution problem

I write 'Use hybrid cars' and she gave me wrong. Until I explained to her in details, baru diafaham.

Then there was this question which asked us to name 2 side effects of radioactive substances, and I write 'damage to babies in mother's womb' and she gave me wrong because the word 'damage' to her, is terlalu kasar. Hello, damn right I didn't right 'destroy babies in mother's womb' and one thing that shocked me is that, she don't know what is the word 'womb' until I explained to her, in deep detail again.

I wonder, what the fuck is the education department doing here? Is this what you call a qualified teacher, who have the guts to tell my classmates that she prefers to teach Science in Bahasa Melayu than in English. Hello? Even YohnHeng understands science way better in English than Bahasa Melayu. You know, its a shame that even sometimes we student, even the most weakest ones, have better knowledge than these teachers kay, no offence this is the fact. Is just that, if we correct them, they think we are rude and not showing respect and flaunting our knowledge. Hey, it helps if both sides help each other by exchanging and trading knowledge. Teachers might know something we don't know, and we students might know something they don't know too.

Agree right?

Then they say we are rude and send us off to the disciplinary teacher to be recorded. God bless you teachers that are like that.

Look, what I'm trying to say is that the government still got time to change the whole damn system (which is screwed right now) and have Maths and Science to be taught in English. What the hell can you do with Bahasa Malaysia in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan, China, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand in their respected universities and higher education institution. I just don't understand why some idiots in our beloved country wants future generations to be stuck with them by not being exposed to English teacher, and not moving forward to be better? Guess Wawasan 2020 ain't gonna be achieved.

I'm not saying Bahasa Malaysia is not good at all, its ok. Its just that, lets face the fact, English is better. Honestly. To those who don't want their sons and daughters to learn Maths and Science in English, send them to a Malay or Chinese or Tamil school where these 2 subjects are taught by their respected mother tongue, and leave us who want to move on alone.