Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm gonna screw you up!!!

Yesterday....things get fucked up. Let me tell you people, please don't screw me up in the morning, especially in the morning.

Yesterday....Hafizi asked me and Wilfred to catch all of the students who are still at the corridor there loitering around. Hafizi is my senior, so I follow his orders.

We manage to catch a few students...until this big sized form 1 student.

Wilfred : "Pelajar, turun sekarang!"

Student resist order.

The second where I grab his arm, he shoved me and Wilfred away.


He went off angrily. I was so fucking pissed off. Same as Wilfred.

We told Hafizi about the incident, he ask us to find the student. Wilfred and I then search around the whole form 1 area. Bingo! We found him.

"Wah....dia jalan macam lan si oh!" - Hafizi

Memang lah........

We brought that student down, I ordered him to sit.

Erwan : "Eh, this is the student ah?
Me: "Yeah...."
Erwan : "Damn it, I wanna slap his face already lah!! "

You think I don't want meh......

While the student is sitting, I gave him a piece of my mind....

" you like it if I shout at you instead of telling you nicely. Damn it, you gangster is it. Don't you fuck me up in the morning lah. LOOK AT ME YOU BASTARD!!!! Hope you get screwed up today!!!!!"

He looked else where. Mr Chee wasn't around, so Mr.Chew took over for the day.....

Guess what was that student's punishment?

A little of Mr. Chew's soft lecturing....and a small ruler cane to his hand.

"That's it ah Mr. Chew?!"

Seriously....I was even in a madder mood after his punishment.

Mr. Chew then explained to me.........ok lah. and I decided to tell this matter to Mr.Chee.

"Wait until Monday, I'll kena him kau kau."

Muahahaahaha, you're going down !!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cloverfield and Me. (Spoilers)


Cloverfield.................ever heard of a movie called Cloverfield.

Its a monster movie with full of mysteries......

Where does the monster come from?

Why New York?

What made the monster?

Is it still ALIVE?

Recently on my birthday....I watched the movie. It makes me so fucking sick. Trust me. It's like watching a long YouTube movie, with the camera shaking non stop, and it records the scary happenings on that day and even the recorded the monster too. Heck, it even recorded how the camera man got eaten up by the monster, then spitted out from it , with the camera in the mouth too.

Run. Fast. really have to run fast. Because the little 'minions' from the monster is even faster than the aliens in "Alien versus Predator".

This poster that I Googled looks like another 9-11 like scenario. People calling for loved ones to know about their safety and so.

It makes Godzilla and King Kong so small...... HIDE PEOPLE!!

Look.......I'm bad at keeping spoilers, so be a good reader, google Cloverfield (web), click the one at, see the videos. It's about the monster's first action in Japan's waters......eating up an oil rig.

Ok, in the are some of my favourite scenes in the movie.

1) The Statue of Liberty's head being thrown to the main character's outside of his building.
2) The bridge being attacked by the monster.
3) Them being in the middle of the fight between the monster and the army.
4) The 4 of them being attacked by a minion of the monster in a very dark subway tunnel.
5) Camera man showing the injury of one of the bitten. A women kena bitten so badly, it sickens
6) The women that got bitten, she started to bleed from the eye, then 2 uniformed people
brought her to a tent, she starts to turn fat, then blew into smithereens. EEE-YEWW!!!
7) They went all the way to the danger site to rescue the main character's love. Awww.....
8) As they reached to the chopter zone, one of them went on to the chopter. Then, the monster's
hit it and the copter flew to a building and explode.
9) Kudos to the camera man for filming one of the 2 most shocking scenes in the movie. This one
has a bird's eye view of the monster being attacked by missiles from fighter jets. Then.......
BAAAAAAMMMM!!!! It attacked and stunted the helicopter that the 3 survivors are in. Then
it crashed at Central Park.
10) The most awesome and shocking scene of the movie, the one that reveals the monster so
scary, it nearly made me pee my pants and hided my head to my girlfriend's shoulder.......
The cameraman and his friends ran off, but the cameraman accidentally left his video
camera. When he took the camera, the monster is just infront of him. You look at me, I look
at you, the monster then eat up the cameraman, with the camera, in the monster's mouth.
So fucking sick. Then, the monster spitted out Hud (cameraman). The remaining 2 of them
ran off.
11) The remaining 2 of the friends filmed their last moments, knowing that the government will
blow off New York if they cant contain the monster anymore. Amazingly, the camera
survived. you people are screwed by me.

Oh yeah..........this movie also caused alot of illness to people, due to the constant camera shaking by the camera man. Some people got nauseous. Read today's Star newspaper.

In the end....I can't wait for the sequel to it. Heard it will be set in the Land of the Rising Sun.
(guess lah)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday's dissapointing outing...

Yeah sweet sixteen turned out to be an antibiotic 16. Expected at least 11 people to have fun with me on my birthday, but only 5 turned out. Just me, Kerrie, Cheng Heng, Kyle, Victor and Yee Jian (Kyle's younger brother).

"Oh brudder, I sure come one!!! You fong sum.....I wont fong fei kei de....."

"Don't worry, for sure can come one."

"Can can can , no problem."

"Ok lah, see you there."

These are the words from my so-called friends who promised me to come to Lesuire Mall and celebrate my birthday, but in the end....


Eh, I don't mind you telling me that you can't go days before the event happens. For example Shu Teng, she told me she can't go because of badminton practice, like a week before my birthday. Even though I was kinda disappointed and sad that one of my buddies couldn't go, I am happy that she had personally told me earlier, not last minute.

The day started out with waking up from my bed lo, dumb dumb. Got up and take a nice warm shower, started singing again. Then went to the kitchen....

Me : "Hi mum.......*yawns*."

Mum : "Eh, why get up so early? Your breakfast havent even ready yet lah. Go pack your bag
first lah..."

Me : "Done that yesterday night jor......what am I having for today?"

Mum : "Custard steam bun lo..."

After having my breakfast and dressed up for school.....mum said a prayer for me then off we go to school. Whee...

Arrived in school, went to Jit Chern there.

JC : "Oh yeah, my birthday present to you haven't fixed yet.......bloody repairer."

Me : "Aiya, as long as the earphone arrived to me then can lo. Thanks by the way."

JC : "Yeah, Daniel, can you do me a favour? Help me find the first generation iPod for me

Me : "Of all the generations of the iPod, you want the first one. Why?"

JC : "Cuz.....the 2nd and 3rd generation iPods are too small and too not original. First generation
is all about music. Just music. Why the hack do you want to watch a movie in an iPod while
you can pay it in the cinema like every normal person in the world?"

Me : "Dude....your a genius. Ok, I'll try my best."

Went to Kerrie there, asked for prezzie....she say later give.....awwhhh...then Wan Zhuin came to me...

WZ : "Nah....happy birthday lah."

Me : " like that tak sopan ohhh..."

WZ : "Just take it lah, from me, Yu Xin and Diong one."

Then go to class............. those who took Chinese class...went to Tek1 to study. Me.............went to class and do work first. Weng Joe then came to me...

WJ : "Wah......for me ah? Thank you lo..."

Me : "No lah, for your mother..."

WJ : "Then its best you give it to me, then I'll pass it to my mother lo..."

Me : "LOL!!"

Then went to library......chatted with Yik Yau about his 'objective' to pikat a girl.......guess lah people!!

"I damn regret lah...Daniel me!!!" - Yik Yau

Then....skip skip skip.................Jun Qin and Chiao Chi sent me their wishes to. Not to mention Yu Kin, Samuel, Wilfred, Angeline, Matthew Joshua, Joshua Leong, Cheng Heng, Gan Yang, Yee Khai, Melissa Lizz, Evon, Ian and many more.

Outside the bus stop.........Kamumalu a.k.a Karmenu wished me in a very weird way...

KM : "Uncle present to you..."

ME : "Me want rabbid..."

KM : "Hookay........daaaaaagghhhh!!!"


Then...........wanted to find Weng Fai and co to ask whether are they ready to leave, couldn't find them. Then I was angry lo. Shit lah......

Cheng Heng, Kerrie and me decided to walk to LM. Watched Cloverfield...........but before that...

Me : "Excuse me, erm, do I get a free ticket from you guys at GSC? You people sent me an
e-mail saying that I get a free ticket."

Cashier : "Oh....did you printed out the form?"

Me : "Shit, I deleted it. No one told me that the e-mail had to be printed. Oh well, 3 tickets to

Cashier : "Here you go, your seatings are here, here and here. Here are the tickets, Happy
Birthday and enjoy the movie..."

Watched Cloverfield...........and scared the living shit out of me. The monster in the movie was so big, it's shadows covered up half of New York. Bigger and scarier than King Kong, Godzilla or Aliens and Predators combined together. Next post will be about the movie.

At the last few moments of the movie, I was shaking..........shaking shaking shaking from head to toe. So scary lah the movie. Violent and gory too.

Pitty New York lah...what to do. The city that never sleeps now really cannot sleep jor.

After the movie, we 3 head down to Wong Kok. Called Gan Yang to come over quickly. But they take their sweet time to come to Wong Kok. We 3 were forced to wait for them then only can order the gigantic birthday milk tea, free for me.

Took pictures, sang the birthday song.Then go home.

But it was a disappointing day for me. For those who missed it.....hope you regret it. It could be a day where I would remember in my life,but how I wish I could forget it, or even turn back time to correct it.

When people kindly invite you to their event, please book that date and leave aside any other events lah....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday pictures!!

My birthday gift from Wong Kok. It takes at least 7 people to drink it!!!

Everyone was like....OMG!!

My birthday was kinda weird....I received 2 annoymous birthday cards .

I personally like this very much......the sender even took his/her time to do it for me. Awwhhhh thanks!!

From star star star.

Too bad lah......nama pun tulis salah.

Second one was quite simple.

Kerrie's card to me.....cute!

Kerrie's gift...

Yey!! A wallet......

Thanks Shu Teng for the early gifts!!

Awwhhhhh.....thanks Wan Zhuin for the teddy!!

My prezzie's all together!!!

Part 2 comming out!! Too tired lah....

Happy Birthday to me.

Relexs lah brudder....

Look closely....

Relex ar brader!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

You make me zhadao Kamumalu.

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
eleh uncle daniel

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
icant's find rabbids at mid valley

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
=( howww

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
nevermind lu

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
not there meh?

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
cant find o.O

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
which stall?

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
u really buy ah?

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
LOL! cant find lar xD

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
if found i sure buy

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
u must be kidding me

- Ќ a ® u m e n u ™ - says:
nope =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shocking thing happened today....

Haiz......buffday comming soon. Will it be better than last year? I dunno lo....

Today.....something shocking happened.

11:50 until 12:30, I was instructed to go to 2J and take care of the class, cuz no teacher. While taking care and chatting with Gan Jerry, I suddenly saw a outsider, a parent, coming to my class, 4 Teknologi 2. Then, Pn. Rohaya went out, then Cik Chan was also there. Then, I went back to chatting with Jerry. Suddenly, I saw Mr.Chan and Ah Heng and Li Chuan walking to their classrooms. Hmmm.....weird.

Then.....I went back to my classroom and see what happen. All of my classmates were looking out of the window, like curi curi tengok orang di luar.

"Wah......comming for the 3rd time!!!!" shouted Cyndy Boo.

Asked Kien Sim what happened.......

He explained.

"Ohhh........Ah Heng accidently dropped his compass and it fell to one of the trees. Then as he look out of the window, and saw a Malay uncle doing hand gestures and so on to Ah Heng. You know what Ah Heng did anot? He waved hello to him happily. Then the uncle come into the school, came to our class, scold us lo. Bang the table and so on lo...."

"Then what did he do?"

"That fella scold us Chinese bloody useless, say we are cowards, we are stupid, say that we Chinese people bully Malay. Then he said that the Chinese emperor is a dumbass. He said that this is Tanah Melayu, and asked us why we are still here.Then he showed us his army tag, then he hit it to Ronald Choo's head lah. Then he said, that if now not 'masa darurat', he can shoot us all."


"He go off lo, then another mak cik come again and scold us. Oh yeah, Pn Rohaya and Cik Chan kena marah by that dungu."

"What did he told Pn Rohaya off?"

"Oh...he said like this...'Kita sama bangsa mah, mengapa kamu bantu mereka?'. Pn. Rohaya was like so pissed off lah."

"Cik Chan leh?"

"He scolded her lo."

"Walao leh, who the hack does he think he is?"

Mr.Chan went to our class, called out to those who fully witness the incident. Then asked them to follow him to see Pn. Tan and Pn. Sasikala.

Do'h, I missed the whole show.

Case was kinda solved. Well........all of course strike back the Malay pak cik lah.'s still in our country. We aren't doing much at all, only causing trouble. No matter how many times the Prime Minister asked us to unite and stand as one, racism blocks us to that goal.

Look, I know, I am offended, truly offended. As a Chinese, I was deeply offended. Is just like the Negroes, they were target of racism by white Americans during the 60's. Like this Mexicans, still disliked by Americans, not all lah.

I was full of rage, yet only didn't expect an adult to insult us like that. Worst thing is , he's a Malay.

Damn it!!! Doesn't he realized that he has shamed his own race and face after insulting us?

Wake up pak cik!!! This isn't Tanah Melayu, ITS MALAYSIA!!!!

If it wasn't for us and the Indians, Malaysia wouldn't be like today.You wouldn't have Chinese dramas, mamak stalls, Daniel Lee, Jaclyn Victor or Yogi B to listen, no Indian dramas or Chinese dramas to watch if your sick of your own drama aired on RTM 1 or 2.

I thought people in the army are disciplined and well educated from A to Z, guess I'm kinda wrong. Pak Cik, go back and learn Moral and Civics. Guess the government have to educate these type of people before they get a proper job.

I would like to blame it on our school's guard, for letting him getting into our school compound. Even so, please lead the uncle to see the teachers in the office. Its also his fault.

Perviously....I read through my Sejarah revision book, and one of the chapters in Form 5 talks about the steps that are currently trying to archieve it before it's deadline. One of the steps are reuniting all races to form a harmonious country.

To be frank with you..............I think that we still wont achieve that step, not even the slightest, with this happening recently.

After school, all of the students of Form 4 wanted to have a piece of that pak cik.

I would never forget this day, where racism is still happening infront of me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Buffday to Angeline Lam Ai San!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, haling from Medan, Indonesia, weighing (unknown) pounds, (unknown) cm in height, nicknamed "Fatty Mama" by Wilfred and "Ms. Chang" by her crazy friends..............................may I present........Angeline Lam Ai San, celebrating her 16th birthday.


But then......the day of her birthday didn't start so sweet for her.

Morning assembly that time, still got alot of students without their school badge, name tags and so, Angeline and co had to do the discipline job for the morning.


Was pronounced as Ms Chang at 2:07 p.m this afternoon after school.

Today......we celebrate 16 years of her existence on Earth.

God bless Angeline!!!

your suka-lipat-lengan-tangan-baju-pengawas-dan-ada-pakto-dengan-gadis-di-SMKSM brother in law.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Futsal and just pics........

Raj Dev enjoying his Chicken Rice at KK Food Court, near the Challenger Futsal center.

Waited for my parents at outside Econsave. What? You expect me to walk inside the air-conditioned shopping market with my smelly macho sweat and dirty appearance? Give me a million and I'll do it.

Wait until bored lah...comewhore lo....

=.=..... mum and dad came out.

Worship Ministry's gathering....

The youth was kinda bored......I was like 98% paying attention to what I was doing instead of listening.

Suggestions turned into a little bit of arguement.....was still wandering in my own world.

Lol....look at what I did to the Sermon Notes page. Isn't it cute?

My buffday comming soon.........rejoice!!

Yes people.......Maccaroni Boy™ a.k.a Daniel Mark is celebrating 16 years of his excellency's existence on planet Earth. Yes...............sweet 16 comming soon...


I won't be celebrating like how those crazy rich-spolied-16-year-old-nimkumpputs in America on MTV. No can my father afford a Ferrari for my 16th birthday this year, furthermore, as my first car? No lah.....mum wont rent out the whole Hilton Hotel to celebrate my birthday lah. Pitty the tourists lah, nanti they never ever visit Malaysia....there goes our economy lo tai lou.

Instead.....I am looking forward to watching "Cloverfield" with my buddies. Another monster invasion movie, this time the setting is in New York. Like America hadn't had enough problems already.

First........"King Kong" ate the most blondes in a night.

Then, they had their "Independence Day" screwed up by aliens.

"Godzilla" made New York stink like fish market.

"Day After Tomorrow" proved that Al Gore was too late to predict about global warming.

Now.................."Cloverfield" will screw the Big Apple...again......wa!!!!

Thank God...we live in Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


*this blog contains foul language. Sensitive people.........fuck off.* only I now.....Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mutiara, Taman Taynton View, Cheras Kuala Lumpur, is one fucked up school, just like Taman Connaught and Sri Garden. Damn you private school wussies!!! Pampered to the max!

7 Awesome things I've done in 2007

Awesome......2007 was awesome. I'm serious.....just Manchester United awesome. Godsmack awesome.

There are so many awesome things happened in my life in the year 2007...but I can only choose 7 sahaja.

Here's the list...

1. Went to a smart class and met up with new friends like Joshua Leong, Cheng Foo, Weng Fai, Kien Sim, Justina and many more.

2. Dapat GF lu!!! But thankfully my brother didn't successfully bongkarkan my secret to my parents.....nanti mati lu.

3. Ma...............I got gold and silver medal for handball and volleyball respectively.

4.Moved from Friendster blog to Blogspot. Why? Cuz my name is before Blogspot. Which you or Of course your name first lah.......wakakakakaka. Furthermore, its clearer whenever I post pictures in my blog posts.

5.Meet up face to face with celebrities like Dina and Roger Kwok.

6.Christmas caroling....who doesn't love it?

7.Went through PMR......Got my results. 50/50 lah.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Whatever and Anything

Thanks Shu Teng for the nice gifts that you bought for me. I'm kinda curious enough to know what is "Anything" and "Whatever". Hope it isn't medicine-like drink for me. I had enough of those lah. Today not gonna drink it, cuz I have tummy ache. Awwwhhhhh.........blame the mamak stall lah.

While revising my moral notes by Mr.Chan, I forgot that I have 3 blueberry cheesecakes held hostage in an oven. None of them survive, even if they did, they still end up in my stomach lah. What?? As long as I don't eat anything cold or drink anything cold then can already lah.....won't die lah. Choi choi choi....touch wood.

LOL, last Saturday, went to eat breakfast with my parents. Walk lah, have to move my lazy video-gaming ass to Fatty Corner, a coffee house. Then....saw this cute little doggie lu. Aiyo.....the face of the dog damn innocent lah. Like begging me to open the door and let the little fella go.

So...took a picture of him lu. Didn't know that doggies don't like flashes, so when I use my phone to capture the picture....he started to 'curse' at me for the flash. I ran off before the owner saw me. Yikes!!!

Mummy......I want the doggie!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chritsmas Caroling at Maya Hotel

Family precious hair was that long and loud. Now....gone lah, wait until after Form 5, my hair will be long, you'll mistaken me for the girl in "The Ring" movie......

All of us in insane lah. Getting ourselfs ready for a big family picture...

After 3 tries and constant delaying of taking the picture......finally, a picture to remember on Christmas day.

Gosh......I memang sangat putih!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dengue Fever!!!!!

It was the year 2005, ahhhh.......2005, never forget that year again.

On my birthday, dad bought me a second PS2 8mb memory card. Sweet.

Went home, my parents cooked black pepper chicken with rice and veggie. Cool.

Suddenly..............I felt uneasy. I begin to feel dizzy,feverish, and so on. I had lost appetite on my favourite food. Black pepper chicken, with deliciously baked chicken served with black pepper sauce on top of the chicken, made by my then-chef dad......home cooked, what can you ask for more?

Then went to sleep. Mum previously wasn't feeling well too. Dad said she had fever.

Then when dad took me and my mum to the clinic, the doc said...

"Erm Mr.Mak, it seems that your wife and son had Dengue Fever. I would advise you to take them immediately to the nearest hospital in your area."


Then went to Pantai Hospital Cheras. Was checked by doctors. Mum was forced to stay in the hospital for days. Maybe a week.

Doc took my blood for blood test.

'Wanna stay at hospital until you're fully recovered?"

"Don't want lah doctor, my PS2 waiting for me leh. Give me medicine lah...."

Doc gave me medicine, asked me to rest more, and eat the medicine according to time.


Should have see my face. Very pale. Place me next to a white paint, you can't see the difference.

Weird thing is............I have energy to move around and played with my EyeToy (Playstation 2 webcam which you can use to play games, by moving around and so.)

A few days later, dad kena Dengue Fever.

Mum had Grand Prize. A 5 day 4 night stay at Pantai Hospital, with food and a nice comfortable bed to laid rest.

I had second prize, a 5 day 4 nights of blood test and medicine eating journey, with EyeToy included.

Dad had third prize. A 2 day only Dengue Fever, with Quaker Oats provided.

After 4 days of blood tests and eating the medicines that were given to me, I was fully recovered and lived to tell the tale of my Dengue Fever experience.

One person I have to thank is....God, for curing me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A can of Jolly Shandy makes Daniel more jollier....

After having a father-to-son conversation with my dad over whether should I switch class or stay where I am being put, today, a can of good ol' Jolly Shandy makes my day dandy.

Don't worry lah, after getting so knocked off at Luis's house last week, Jolly Shandy only contains not more than 1% of alcohol. Compare to the previous drank that I had (15% alcohol!!)

Eeemmmmm.............the taste of lemon and beer.....sweet.

Mum took a sip of what I drank, she must be so curious of why I begged her to buy 2 cans for me at Tesco Extra.

After taking a sip, her face was like....

'Thank God, this is the first and last time I'm drinking that drink you bought!!!! Ewww!!!"

- Mum on Jolly Shandy

Mum got owned by Jolly Shandy!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lazy to put effort ah?

Heard that teachers don't even bother putting up a single effort in teaching last class, even thought deep down someone is yearning to learn.

Willing to learn, but are they willing to teach?

I'm fustrated...

I'm fustrated. I don't know what to do with my education now. I'm lost, totally lost. Super lost. I am lost.

They placed me in 4 Technology (1), which has Additional Maths and Accounts. Sad thing is....I'm not even interested in those 2 subjects.

The subjects I'm interested are Art and Perdagangan. But they are in 4 Technology (3), which has all the 'bad apples' in the class.

4 Technology (2).......they have Art and Accounts. All the students are quite good. But because of accounts, I don't even think about switching to that class (since teacher gave us a choice to switch).

Dear God, please help me.
I'm lost.
I'm lost without you.
I'm lost without your guidance.
I envy my friends who don't worry like me.
I need guidance God, I need it now.
Because , I need God to make me stronger.

I'm stuck in a situation, you need to shout at something to only feel good.

Help me...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Movies of the year

Spider Man 3

A little bit disappointing lah this movie, but with the introduction of Sandman and Venom, damn nice this movie. The effects in this movie is great, storyline is deeper, secrets was revealed in this movie.

Best Scenes : All the fights.

Quotes in the movie : "It means EVERYTHING!!"

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Magic wasn't as cool as this. But don't get too obsessed in it. Lord Voldermolt is back, one of Harry's closest family member died, Harry's first kiss, introduction of a new headmaster of the school, which causes the whole school of Hogwarts to go rebellious. Acting was ok, lots of talking and magic. Wasn't as exciting as the previous one, but this will do well.

Best Scenes : Harry's kiss, Harry's uncle died, the new headmaster of the school got owned.

Quotes in the movie : none

I Am Legend

One movie not to be missed is this one, "I Am Legend". About the last man on planet earth, with man's best friend, all alone, in America.By day, our main character hunts for food and ammo, by night, he and cute little German Shepard hides in their home, sheltered by steels covering the windows and doors, from the Darkseekers (a mix between a vampire and a zombie plus the quickness if Marion Jones, with steroid). It's just like Resident Evil, only much more better. A scientist found cure for cancer on present year, boasting that it tested on 12800 cancer patients, and all of them have been cured. 3 years later, Robert Neville and his German Shepard was all alone on earth. The whole world was wipe out by the 'cure'. Thanks alot Dr. Alice Krippin for screwing the whole world up, leaving Will Smith and his dog, alone.

All I can say is.........this is one of Will's best movie yet. After playing the role of Mohd. Ali in "Ali", and "Pursuit of Happiness", this will be added as one of the best by him. Gotta give credits to the dog, who later died in the movie. The Darkseekers are so scary, it makes zoombies in Resident Evil series run for safety. A definitely a must watch.

Best Scenes : The flashbacks before the virus happened, Robert Neville hunting the deers in
New York city with his dog in a cool Ford Mustang, Robert finding his dog in a dark
building after his dog was chasing a deer to a abandon building, and finds the
Darkseekers, sets trap on a Darkseeker, he later got trapped by a Darkseeker on
his birthday, Sam (his dog) beginning to die, the part where Robert got pissed and
he rams every single Darkseekers he see, Robert reacts all of the dialogs in
"Shrek", Darkseekers manage to find his house, rams into it, Robert sacrificng his
life and blows up his house with the Darkseekers after passing a cure he founded to another couple of survivors. Oh wait.....the scene where New York is deserted.

Quote in the movie : "I like Shrek."

I got wined!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday after church, followed Luis back home, cuz' having sleepover. Adrian and his sister also will join us later, same as Grace a.k.a Cartoon.

Luis's dad, Uncle Charlie, belanja me fried kuey tiaw and pisang goreng. Thanks uncle.

Grace suppose to bring Monopoly game, World Cup 98 edition also. But........her mum accidentally threw it away. Pitty.

Reach at Luis's house, at my lunch, had my drink, played some card games bought by Grace. Played "Happy Family", "Uno", and got one more game......where u stack up colourful sticks. Each colour represents the amount of points, and you can choose which colour to take once it falls. As you start to choose the sticks, make sure it wont make contact with other sticks.

Get it?

At about 6 something, Adrian and his sister, Yvonne then came.

Had dinner at 9 p.m. Luis's mum cooked tosai with curry chicken. It was tasty.

Then eat dinner, then played Uno Stacko. Before that, Grace was bored and used the Uno Stacko bricks to do dominos. Wasn't that long lah. Then only started to play. Yvonne I tell you, she damn psycho. She will take the base first, proberly the third or first one. Then it was Grace's turn, she tried to make things hard for me when it is my turn, but it goes the other way round. One round, the base only left one brick supporting the whole stack, and it was so unstable, Luis had to turn off the fan. I was shaking and sweating when it was my turn. I slowly pulled a brick, which was making the whole stack shaking even more. the name of Jesus, jadi!!! I successfully pulled the brick, and let Grace lose. For 4 consecutive rounds, Grace lost.

Then watch X-men 3. Uncle Charlie the poured us wine to drink, to celebrate New Year's Eve. I only had like about 1 cm height of wine, then uncle poured until 10 cm. What to do lah, have to drink it.

A few moments later, I was wined!!! I felt sleepy and dizzy, I barely can focus on anything. One time when I was going to the kitchen, I couldn't even walk straight and stable at all. Luis's mum had to push me to the sofa and let me rest.

Luis and his sister, Michelle was kinda wined off too. They both went to his room, joked like mad fellas. Should have recorded the way Luis laugh. Then a few moments before the movie ends, I went to Luis's room and sleep. I fell when I went in. Must have caused a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

Couldn't sleep, due to noises. Then eat 11:57 p.m. Boy....I'm crazy.

Watch them play Saidina, a total rip off from Monopoly. Adrian made everyone bankrupted. Including......his sister, and Grace.

" I for sure wont landed up in your property, Adrian. Hopefully don't end up in Kuala Lumpur or Pulau Pinang." - Grace a.k.a Cartoon.

In the end......she ended up paying RM 12800 to Adrian......for landing up in Pulau Pinang.

Slept at 4 a.m

Woke up at 10:30 a.m.

Blessed new year to you all. I'm gonna update soon, I'm too tired lah.