Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My thoughts about Kent's post

Kent's latest blog post about 'Mr.XXX' or 'Mr. Perasan', obviously is Mr.Chan lah. After reading it, here's my thoughts about that 'incident'.

1)5 Tek 1 is a very noisy class. I myself once had to relief that class. If wasn't that bad after all, I wouldn't say they are 'monkeys' or 'animals', I would just say that they are active, they socialize, they make friends, laugh, talk, play and enjoy together as classmates. Sure it's every teacher's nightmare to have such a class, but we couldn't change them the way they are. Mr. XXX should have at least advised them to be quite or, ask them to talk softer. Don't tell me that if one student whisper, he'll give 2 canning to that student?

2)If what Mun Jin said was right, that Mr. XXX said that students are LAN C, or arrogant, or whatsoever, I strongly believe that teachers have no right to insult us like that. You can say we're stubborn, we're noisy , we're lazy, but please don't you insult students as LAN C human beings. We have feelings, even retard people has it too.

3)Calling a student 'GAO SI', you're gonna get into trouble for that. It is offending, it is rude, and it is insulting. You as a moral teacher shouldn't condemned a student like that. Furthermore, the whole class can report this to the senior assistant of the school, or even the headmistress itself. How can we respect you when you're mouth can even say such words.

4) I quote you, Mr. Chan saying this to 5 Tek 1
"I am teacher, you are student, I can say what I want, I call you shut up, then you shut up!!!"
Misusing your authority as a teacher, that's one of the worst things that I teacher can do.

5) Your motorcycle is damaged by us student, does it mean it you have to make your speech to make it sound obvious that any of the 5 Tek students did it? Didn't you ever think maybe form 2,3, or 4 students did it?

In my opinion, I think Mr. XXX here has lost his cool already. It's such a sad case.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grandma's birthday

Thankfully, this year my family and I get to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Because of my paternal grandma's passing, I couldn't even visit Malacca or go to any relatives house to visit and so on. But the best thing is....



Because the Chinese people say, if my family give ang pau, the ang pau will bring back luck to the receiver.

Awwwhhh....means that my family saved up alot of money!!!

Anyone of my maternal family member wanna kick the bucket (die) ?


Yesterday had to go back to Malacca to celebrate grandma's 81st birthday. Mum and I had to wait for my 2 cousins to come to our house and join us for the journey. Damn...it was quite long.

Suppose to leave at 11:30 a.m. But we left at around 1 p.m.

Having to sit with 2 extra people at the back seat was very very 'san fu'. I was sweating and also unable to at least have the air-conditioner blowing towards me. Come to think of it, my butt also cannot tahan. I had to be in the same seating position for a near 2 hours until I reach Malacca. When we got down for lunch, thank God lah!!!

Reached at grandma's house at 3:15 p.m. Grandma long time never see my cousin Issac already. Last time he was the only Leong family member to have more than one piercing. Guess how many he had?

4 on the left

4 on the right

Then....kena infection. That was like long time ago.

Grandma was like.....

"Look at yourself lah, you not boy, then girl lah. Boy where got wear earing? Why don't you ask for a sex change operation?" - Grandma to my cousin, Isaac.

The picture above shows how boring it is. Trust me, you wish there was a Playstation 1 in the house. After a boring 3 hours doing nothing, finally the rest of the Leong family arrived at my grandma's place. Now, tea serving ceremony, then only take ang pau from her.


Dad serving the tea to grandma

Mum serving the tea to grandma

Meet Uncle Mike. He's from Australia. He came all the way to Malaysia each year to celebrate his mother's birthday. He also, suppose to bring down the PS3. Too bad, his luggage too heavy jor.

Guess how did my uncle wished my grandma?

"Yum cha lah"


"Look ma, 2 packets!!!"

My cousin Aaron

Since I'm the youngest of all my cousins, I was the last one to receive red packets from grandma.

Mac Boy : "I'll give you ang pau for tea?"
Grandma : "Huh?"

Leong family potrait...with the birthday cake.

My cousin's phone.

After the picture, the whole gin gang went to dinner to celebrate

Look at my uncle's face.........

After the dinner, went to lepak at Makohta Parade. Quite boring but what the heck lah.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday, Hui Xian belanja me KFC, and I got this mug. Was planning to keep it as a present until....

....my mum use it for breakfast. DO'H!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The day 25 teachers hilang jor.

Hmm.......25 teachers missing..........could be a sequel to the movie 25 Weeks Later.

25 Teachers Gone


Sigh.....today had to take care of the form 5 class, 5 Teknologi. Quite noisy lah, but what to do, cannot blame them, as long as they stay in the class and never go out, then I puas hati.

P.J.K, thank you Cik Roseni for allowing us to play ball. I and Nick a.k.a Thugsta went to the storeroom to take the balls. Dooi, no negative thinking at you all!! Ok, back to topic. We took a football, a basketball, and a handball.

While Thugsta was doing his tricks with the ball, Gan Yang had bad news for us. Headmistress don't allow us to play football. Just because an idiot died at another school because he hit himself on the head towards a handball goal post, then the whole nation cannot afford to lose another life. Damn.

Fine, handball. To tell you the truth, I handpicked the handball. I choose the not-so-hard handball. Hey, I was protecting myself ok!! You know how hard Tan Chin Wan or Ah Seng will shoot towards the goal, and I'm the goal keeper.

First few seconds into the game, it was like a goal feast. Goals were in from every shot.

My team :
Nick a.k.a Thugsta
Shagilan a.k.a Shagi
Tung Weng Hong a.k.a Chester
Daniel a.k.a Mac Boy

Opposition team :
Ah Seng
Chin Wan
Ah Joe
Yong Xin
Li Chuan

......wait a minute, their team more one player. Nevermind lah.

1.No jump shots

Beginning of the match, they decided to play open goal, plan backfired!!! Nick scores like there's no tomorrow. Same as Yong Xin, all he had to do is roll the ball like he's playing bowling. Chin Wan and Li Chuan was like so LOL. I managed to save some shots, until I conceded one : P . Sagilan decided to play keeper, boy he was so comical.

Out of all 4 shots, all went goal. Ah Seng was keeper for fun for his team. He was also funny. Using his fat body, he manage to block our shots in farny farny way.

I don't know what the hack was Ah Joe doing. He had a one-on-one chance against me, he wasted it.

After P.J.K, change back to uniform. Canteen was a mess, Matthew Joshua was complained by the canteen operator for the broken plates and cups. Some of them are also found in the dustbin.
Geee.....can you people please move your ass to the prepared containers for dirty plates and cups?! Uncivilized!!

I had to take care of 5 Teknologi on the first, 5th, 6th, and 8th period. On the 7th period, I went around the school, knowing that I will kena kantoi-ed kau kau by any prefect teacher for loitering around. So, I decided to go to 3 Efektif (Bahasa Melayu language is a copy cat language).

Yu Kin did a lame trick on me. So lame, not worth mentioning in this post. Then, went to Hui Xian, Sze Kei and Shu Teng there. Invited me to their prayer meeting. Wheee!!! Finally, I have time to pray in school, with my fellow buddies!!!!

Hui Xian : "What you want to pray for?"
Mac Boy : "I want to pray for KFC, because they serve me chicken breast instead of drumstick."

The 3 girls then went LOL. They thought I was joking, I wasn't.

Hui Xian : "Somemore......"
Mac Boy : "I wanna pray for McD too..."
Hui Xian : "O.o why?"
Mac Boy : "Cuz they give me crappy Made-in-China toys. Very dangerous you know?"

They went LOL again.......I'm serious. Ever read the news people? China begin recalling Barbie dolls and Mattel toys because they cause harm and they contain lead. Something like that lah...

Ok, we prayed for no distractions. You all should have see how Hui Xian pray. SO pitiful and cute too. Then we prayed for Mr.Chan, that he will understand this class and not being silly and so on. I also prayed for their upcoming PMR exam. Very important.

Then we talk about being honest to our selfs and not being "FAKE" towards people and our selfs too. It was such a great sharing.

I really enjoyed it. Hope that I can try to sneak out to their class for their meeting.

Before that, Hui Xian asked a boy whether want to join anot?

He was like...

'What? Just because I too leng zhai is it?"

SWT =.=''

Sejarah....got 70 marks. I would like to take this time to thank God for making me being interested in that subject.


Mac Boy's hands are tired, need rest. So, Mac Boy signing off for now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Imagine...you doing these tricks on your grandma's antique pot.

Stage 1....your grandma will beg you to immediately put her valuable pot down. Seriously.

Stage 2....your grandma feints.

While she's at the emergency room in Pantai Hospital, show her this pic, you'll proberly see her next on her


(pics are from The Curve)


This is gonna get alot of trouble....

Got cha........clip only lah.

Mum was talking to grandma over the phone.....until she saw my "piercing" on my ear. She was like....


"Relax lah ma.....fake only......"

"Cheh.....what did you use?"

"Paper clip....plastic."

Arsene Wenger (and Arsenal) is a sore L-O-S-E-R.

"He thinks he has the prettiest wife at home" - Arsene Wenger on Alex Ferguson, Manchester United coach.

"I don't think it's because of my eyes, my beautiful eyes!" - Arsene Wenger on Henry staying at
Arsenal.....for the money.

"I tried to watch the Spurs match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep" - Arsene Wenger. Later on, Tottenham kicked their Ars'ses 5-1 in the Carling Cup.

Today saw New Straight Times newspaper. Arsene Wenger quotes on Old Trafford.

"Its hard to not let the ball bounce before making a pass." - Arsene Wenger.

It's either Arsene Wenger complains about the Theater of Dreams, other teams kicking his Gunner's butts, referees, offsides , red cards and so on.

Hey, we didn't ask you to NOT put Adebayor up front. You're the smart one who put Bendtner up front. (Wenger, Bendtner can't even score goals to save himself from being loaned out or worst......sold).

We didn't even ask you to NOT put Sagna and Clichy for defence. Without them, you and your team are soo screwed.

Even if Man United didn't put Ronaldo or Scholes or Tevez for the match.....don't forget, we have Nani and Rooney to terrorize your team.

Deadly duo.......watch out Arsenal. Same to you Lyon!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

False alarm

No, she didn't watch it. It just spread throughout to everyone in MSN and so.


the female species still prefers KFC, Gucci, McD, Luis Vutton, Armani, Giordano, jewelry, money, and anything that has sliver in it.

HX a.k.a Apple a.k.a Hui Xian got watch football?

Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Harga KFC dan McDonald turun 99% loh...




Means...........finally, the female species at least understand a little bit of football.






I'm happy, you're happy, Sagilan, Venu not happy.

Most of all....

I'm Happy.

: )

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and today I only post about it. Read about today's newspaper about a guy proposing his girlfriend to marry him on Valentine's Day in a very special and expensive way.

RM 40,000 for booking a billboard, putting his face, holding a diamond ring, with the words typed out....."Kelly Tan E Li, Will you marry me?"

RM 14,000 for the diamond ring.

Yesterday celebrated Valentine's Day with Kerrie. Well, you wanna know what I gave her for our one year anniversary?

2 kuma kuma turtles
A 'felelo loseh' chocolate. (couldn't find the heart-shaped ones....awwhhh!!)

Seriously, that's it.

What she gave to me ah?

Maccaroni girl decided to give me a small cute little red package.....inside full of (according to her) 99 small little hearts. Photos will be uploaded soon.

Whooossshhhh.....tired from today's cross-running event.

Mr.Chan was like sooooo hated today. While running towards the finish line, he was on his motorbike, shouting...

"Rumah Jati ah!!! If you are late, I'll rotan you!!!"


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Poverty Rich

Which one would you choose to have your life started?

I would say poverty.

Forgiving is not easy

I don't think so I can afford to forgive anyone from today onwards, even cannot forgive myself for not forgiving you all.

Ohhhhh.....like I don't have a troubled or screwed up past/childhood.

I had enough of forgiving people. I just noticed.......I've forgave people who don't seem to

3)Like me

My childhood life was so screwed up, some times I envy the other kids who have better lives. What, you think kindergarden I had a bunch of friends ah? Oh hell no I didn't!! I didn't even have a single friend whom I can talk,play,laugh,share and so on. Guess what, I was so bloody dumbfounded, I continued to put a smile on my face for many years during kindergarden.

Don't even think that even you can be an outcast in your own family. One time I even remembered that one of my uncles said this to me

"You in this family meh? Your surname different oh..."

I wouldn't be so in vein to say that I had a mature mind when I was 6, but at least I did understand. I continued to laugh on after my uncle said it. Fine, I forgive him for saying that to me. Just because my grandma treats me better than my cousins doesn't mean I took advantage of it against you all!!! I wanted to be equal with my cousins, means no more extra money from my grandma during Chinese New Year compared to the others, no more special places and so on. You think I enjoyed it?! I didn't even wanted to be treated special than the others. What am I? VIP?

My dad had called me useless for so many times because I wasn't so fucking bright in kindergarden and primary school. I forgave him.

During my 6 years at S.J.K (c) Tsun Jin, I thought I would able to make alot of friends, but not even half of who I know who are only my many few trustworthy friends. The rest, you can say they make use of me because I was too kind to them.

Oh perasan ah? Say yourself kind.

Well damn it!!! I deserve to say that I was kind to everyone in my class and forgave them for spreading bad gossip about me, betraying me, fong-fei-kei-ed me, lying to me, make use of my kindness for their own, rejecting me, hurt me and many more. Yes damn it!! I deserve to say that I was kind to everyone in primary school, that I even have the heart to put a smile on my face after hearing them confessing, one by one to me!!!

You think I hadn't had a hard time in church, guess what? I did. I was the only Chinese youth in my church, River of Christ. To tell you the truth, I really wanted to have friends in church too. Well too bad, ask my mum, she's been following the same church since or even before I was born. Fine, it's an English church, and majority of the race is Indian. Well, just because I'm the only bloody Chinese in this church doesn't mean you have to look at my skin colour, then only confirm to whether be my friend or not. Do you people even know, that this hurts? Is it just because of my race, then only you set aside me?

Ohh....the worst has yet to come. Secondary school, Seri Mutiara. Well God forbid maybe I will make friends who are even better that the ones I had during kindergarden and primary school time. Well, 1B was ok, I got a few good friends. Then the old past came and haunt me. My friends during form 1,2,3 started to use me for their own good. You think I didn't realized ah? What am I? A retard?

Ok, let's put it this way, start from last year, I have forgiven so many times.
I forgave Kerrie for not treating me as her boyfriend for more than 2 months.
I forgave Mohd. Joshua for being a pain in the ass for me.
I forgave Wilfred for telling all my secrets to her mother, Pn.Elizabeth.
I forgave Erwan, for choking me.
I forgave Amirul for being so irritating.
I forgave Wei Jian, for playing tricks on me.
I forgave Hao Yang, for causing so much problems to me.
I forgave Yee Khai, for being nosey and not respecting people's privacy while chatting MSN.
I forgave my fellow youth members in church for not treating me good.

Now this year............I hope for a better year, but no......I had to
Forgive Weng Fai, Kenny, Hui Xian, Kamumalu, Justina, Michele, Sammy and many more.....
for not coming to my birthday outing, which he promised to come.
Forgive Mr.Chew, for being soft.
Forgive my classmates, for creating so many noises.

That's alot.............

Until someone added salt to my wound.

You promised me to go Jusco, with Shu Teng and gang to eat KFC.
You say belanja, fine, I bring only a little money.
Waited there from 1 - nearly 3:30 p.m.
Phoned Yong Shan, cause thought you are in her house.
No, Yong Shan told me you're surpose to be there too.
Fine, I wait, until I got fed up and had a little bit of gastric.
Took a taxi to Yong Shan's house.
Had Shandy for refilling. Not a smart way though.

Went back home, had to lie to my parents that I had a tummy-full lunch.
My parents thought I was full, so they cook little for me to eat.
Had to tahan until this morning 6 a.m. Finally, can eat.

Today, you don't even have the heart to personally apologize to me, you ask Shu Teng to pass your apology.

All I can say is...wow.

The more I start to forgive people, the more they won't appreciate me being their 'very forgiving' friend. They will take advantage of me.

For slightly more than 10 years......I've been forgiving people who hurt me or disappointed me so bad.

God says......

"Forgive and forget".

This year, the word that you'll be hearing or describing me is


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

On Wednesday early in the morning, as early as 6 a.m, my family and I woke up to do last minute packing for our journey to grandma's place. Malacca!!!! Whoot!!!

Still......*yawwnn*.....sleepy. But on the bright side, my flu gone jor. Guess the flu went back hometown.

Couldn't sleep in the car, thanks alot dad. So I ended up listening to songs through my phone. Hey guys, ever heard of Michael Jackson's new song, "Wanna be Startin Somethin' 2008" with Akon. Well, wacko jacko here is comming out a 25th anniversary of his greatest album of all time, Thriller, called Thriller 25.

*Daniel does the moonwalk*

Well......"Wanna be Startin' Something 2008" ain't my favourite song, but try listening to "The Girl Is Mine 2008" with Will.I.Am. It's nice.

Ok, throughout the near 2 hour journey, the traffic was smooth and the weather was fine. Once we reached grandma's place, I quickly help out my parents to take out the luggage, and then off to the bed with the aircond on and sleep silently.

Aiya mum..............when I want to sleep, you begged me to set up the PS2 to watch "The Game Plan". Yeah...grandma's DVD player from Hong Kong died long time. "The Game Plan" was a good movie, the little girl in the movie is cute. The Rock a.k.a Dwayne Johnson's acting was ok, not too bad though.

Then....my relatives come. Changed my clothes, then great each another "GONG HEI FATT CHOI!!".

Then....line up to take ang pau...

"Eh, no second round after the first ah..." - mummy


Then...went to the kitchen to see what was dad cooking....

Awhhhhhh.....fishy die die jor....

Ummm........rendang chicken. One of dad's best dish.

Dad in action...

Yeah.....this is what we are gonna eat for lunch....LOL!!! Mana ada?!

The 'yee sang'.


Last year never get to celebrate Chinese New Year, because of my other grandma's passing. Sigh....don't know whether on her dead bed, ded she accepted the Lord anot......I still wonder.
But this year....bagus lah....got ang pau.

Not going back to Teluk Intan, Perak for Chinese New Year. Good lah, well...yeah....it's ok.

Throughout my 3 days stay at Malacca....I've noticed something....



But then again...going back to my hometown Malacca is not to just eat cendol, satay and pineapple tarts alone, also go and see my grandma mah. I enjoyed this year's Chinese New Year, hope next year will be better.

Part 2 comming up.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick mode...


Noticed the green dots...those are the germs.....

No lah.....the quality of a 0.3 megapixel camera is like that. Trust me.

Doooozed off ......ZzZzZzZzZzzZzzzZzZzzzzzzZZZZZZzZ

Taman Connaught 7 Seri Mutiara *sniff* 0

Long story short lah.....*sniff*.......

Today, went to Lesuire Mall to see for clothes with my parents. I've been wearing the same shirts for nearly 2 years people, have you all noticed?! If you complained to me that I once in a blue moon only shop, for your bloody information, I don't print money.

I'm not some rich brat who shops a fortune for shirts, pants, shoes and so on.

No, I don't hunt down the latest collection from some street wear brand.

Then dad fetched me to Saujana field there to wait for my friends. Today, big day for our so called football team. We're going against Taman Connaught.


Once they go off, I've decided to walk all the way to my school. Today tak da pergi sekolah, I sendiri take off. Muahahahhaha..................*sniff*
Then caught up with Kathi, asked them where were all the players....

"Oh, they changed the venue, they are gonna play at Taman Connaught school field." - Kathi

Damn it. Don't tell me I have to walk my butt all the way to that school.

But thankfully....Kathi's driver generously gave me a ride to that school. Thank you auntie!!!

Saw them playing..............

The moment I arrived......we were losing 3-0. Halftime that time, Cyril asked me to refill water into his plastic bottle at the nearest mamak.

When I come back...


Oh gosh...please don't tell me its gonna be like last year, a day after PMR......we had a match with Taman Connaught team, lost 10-0.
We had a few chances, 5 chances, but it was wasted. 2 on target. One hit the post, one saved by the fingertips of the keeper.

Final score......7-0.

Agian...we makan telur. I don't mind seeing us losing 7-1, but not scoring a goal is quite malu lah.

Haiz....better luck next time lah.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I cannot be *haaacheeewww*......sick on *haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccheeeeeeeewwww* Chinese New Year.


Mood: So sick of sick.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cloverfield monster

How I wish the pic above is the Cloverfield monster......AWWWHHHH!!!

But then....this is the real one...

Slusho drink + satellite dish + sea water + host = this ugly amphibian monster


Watch Cloverfield before it ends. Planning to buy the DVD soon (note : original one)