Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kelab Pencegahan!!!

This might sound crazy, but................Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah rocks....big time. I would like to give a special shoutout to Mr.Chew. YES!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER...I'M THANKING A TEACHER IN MY BLOG!!!!! WOOT!!! I thought it would be boring and crappy.....but Mr. Chew brought joy to the club.

After school..............I saw this..............

..........................someone jumped from some floor to the ground!!!!!!!!

Ahahahhahaha.......Xian Xian is sooo easy to be bullied la.....

Xian Xian : "OMG....... what happen?"
Daniel : "Some Form 2 guy jumped and the incident become like this........he later was sent to
the nearest hospital."
Xian Xian : "Oh my......ewww..."
Daniel : "No's just paint and bad drawing from the people who plan this for a C.S.I game."
Xian Xian : "DANIEL!!!! sheesshh!!!!"

C.S.I................Let's play.

Here's the sinopsis............Hao Yang was murdered. And the suspects were:
a) Gan Jerry
b) Gan Yang
c) Efina
d) Angeline Lam

Gan Jerry : He was on his way from a mamak stall, and he picked up a hitchhicker. The
hitchhicker was Hao Yang. When Jerry droped him off, he heard a loud metalic a gunshot. And....Hao Yang's body is lying on the ground.

Gan Yang : Well.............I don't know. I wasn't paying attention.

Efina : Same here

Angeline Lam : Same...wasn't paying attention.

Before the game was started....we were splited into 4 groups. Surprisingly, Kerrie and I are in the same group and I'm the leader of my group, she's my assistant.

Awww.................look at us.

Anyway......................the C.S.I's game's answer is ruined, all thanks to Azereel Zedek. He's smart enough to tell everyone the answer and ruined the game for us. The actual answer is Efina as the killer, but because the answer is leaked out, Gan Yang and co manage to change the answer to Angeline Lam as the killer within minutes before the game ends.

Wahahaha.....come to think of it.....KPJ is fun after all. Thanks for the memories!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ah....bitches in my school.

Sigh......every school sure has their own popular student, and nerdy nerds, and of course not to forget...bitches.

Bitches = A girl who loves to flirt alot, loves to self proclaimed that they are as beautiful as Paris
Hilton, as famous as her too, and as popular as her too.

Good God...!!!! The worst bitches in this school has yet to come.

Fine, I don't mine seeing preety girls in their tight pinafore with folded long sleeves or short sleeves. Ok, call me a pervert then. Guys, let's be frank, if you see a girl who has a Coke bottle's body, nice with sexy curves and all that jazz, dress with tight pinafore, with a cute and kawaii face, with socks that reach till the knee and has a great're in the greatest school in your life.

Well................let's put it into this way shall we.......

If you see a girl with a William Hung body, dress in tight pinafore that reveals her freak body figure,ugly smile and "yong sui" face, with cheap drugstore socks, and wears long sleeves to school and bitch and craps alot in'll proberly wish you would be in St. Gabriel now! it really true that for every school, they must have bitches to spice up a high school life? Hell no!! Gosh, when I'm in school with my friends walking around, and whenever we see these girls walking towards us, when they walk pass us, we purposely shiver infront of them.....cause they are so cold. Mum....I want my blanket now!! It's snowing in Malaysia, well, it can't be, since it's located at near the Khatulistiwa area of the earth. See, I know my Geography!!

Fat girls with long sleeves and tight pinafore's that reveals their giant body figure is a no-no in school fashion. Let me put it this way for you fat and bitchy and sluty girls out there, cute girls with and model's face and a Coke bottle's body figure with tight pinafore and a matching blouse in school is a yes-yes, I repeat..........."YES-YES" in school fashion. Cheh...I'm no school fashion guru here, Kent is.

Oh yeah, I'm not making a diss just for fat bitchy girls who gossips and camwhore alot, I'm also making a diss towards skinny bitches that skip classes just to flirt with cool guys in my school. I feel like shooting myself to the head whenever I see you. I hate you people. I want normal, sexy, cute, kawaii, smart, respectful girls in my school. God....send those angels to my school, and fullfil every single people in my school, especially Sui Yee Khai. God, he's been blaming you by saying that you put somesort of curse in him for not getting any girlfriend. He's soooo emo man!!!

In Jesus Christ name ...AMEN!!!

My first blog....time to ditch Friendster...hello Blogspot!!!!

Ahhhhh.....a historic moment for me, is the place for me to blog baby!!!Blog!!! Sigh, still can't find a way to copy my previous blogs in Friendster and and paste it over here. Hey...I like this font nice and big!! I'm getting the feeling that I'm gonna love this site....better than XXX sites. LOL.

Blogging really changed my life, since last year July 2006 till now I've been blogging for fun and comments. Cheh..........................O.o" SWT.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to havong some great comments for my blogs,and hopefully I can be a famous blogger. High hopes have high expectations people, as the saying goes. Does that really exist in the dictionary?? Oxford better not sue me...again, since I've created words like Danielmania, Danielrama, dibahasamalaysiakan, dibahasainggeriskan and superfergaliciousdefeniciousofdeliciousmagneficiousworldofDaniel!!!!!! Wow.....the longest word I've ever created.

My blogs will include well....blogs of course, blogs about funny conversations, blogs about what-I-think-about-that-subject, blogs of my parodies (I love making fun of people's work, especially songs and song title's.) and basicly that's it. Not to mention me typing out my favourite song's lyrics. Wow, I do have alot of time in my hand, do I?

I'll try not to type in any foul language, anything that has gotta do with drug abuse, alcohol usage, sexuality and religious offence. I respect people as people respect me.

Peace people, I want comments.....or you'll die in fifteen minutes. Geez...gotta love those predictable chain mails in Friendster.

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