Saturday, November 29, 2008

I don't understand

I'll make this clear, I don't know what's wrong with you people on judging me just because I wore earrings. So what? Yeah, you heard me, so what?

I wore earrings doesn't mean I'm gay, or I'm rebellious. C'mon, if you judge people like that, you're judging by your OWN standard.

So what if I wore earrings, doesn't it jejaskan my image? Sure, some of you all having one track mind would say that having earrings make you look like a wild child or gangster, or only these un-educated people only have. But seriously, I've seen highly paid well respected people with earrings. Fine, don't believe me? I saw this mat salleh working at ExxonMobil Headquarters, he had an earring on his right ear's conch.

C'mon, some technicians, doctors, businessman had their ears pierced.

If infections come, I'll find a way to get rid of it. I just won't wear it to church that's it. In the Bible, it says that only slaves has it. But now, time is different. Yeah, we're not living in the Old Testament times. There I said it!!! Fine, judge me for saying that. I want to get this matter off my damn mind already.

"Eh, Daniel you Christian right? How can you not obey a comandment in the Bible?"

Eh, nobody is perfect. I'm not deep into the word of God, I'm sorry. Like you obey every single command. I'm sure you even break some.

Go ahead, talk trash behind me. Like I give a damn. Stop judging me by your own standard for Pete's sake.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Vampires look so good!!!

After watching Twilight with Kerrie, Hui Xian, Hui Xian's bro, Shu Teng, Daniel (Chum), Samuel, Fey Yuan......I never knew vampires are so damn hawt!!!!

Oh my gosh, did I just say that?

Nah Shu Teng, drool all you want. Not counting Hui Xian out too. Both of ya'll can drool over Edward infront of the PC screen.

I mean, throughout the movie, I noticed that Edward was so bloody pale. As near white as vanilla.

You wanna know what I like about Edward, his eyes. Damn I though Daniel Craig has the best eye feature. Light blue.

If any of my female blog readers are in Bella's situation, like in the picture above....they will faint.

Ok, about the movie. Well, it's based on the famous Twilight novel series, which teenage girls know and read the whole series. The movie's pace was abit slow, but a few minutes later, audiences were introduced to the Cullens family. All pale, young, handsome, beautiful and deadly. The Cullens are all vampires.

And what amazes me is that, all of them look damn young. 100+ year old and still looking like in their 20's. Heck, all of them look in their 20's. That's cool!!!

Story is good, not great. I didn't read the book series, that's why I wasn't into the story. Acting was nice, effects was enough for a movie like that.

Overall.....8/10. Yeah, the best part about this movie is the soundtrack. Seriously, I totally digg Muse and Linkin Park, Paramore in it. Why are you still reading my blog, go buy a ticket for this movie. Watched it already? Watch again like what I did to Madagascar 2.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow going for Twilight movie. Hope it is as good as the book. : )

Need for Speed Undercover (crappy game)

You wanna know how crappy Need For Speed Undercover is? As crappy as a Fried Kuey Tiaw cooked by foreigners.

Yeah, after pressing 'Start' button on your controller, an interesting main menu is on the screen. Seriously, EA should have done better. Need For Speed Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon and even Pro Street had even better main menus than this.

Yeah, main menu presentation sucked so bad, you wished you take a marker pen and draw something on the screen to make it look better.

What about the graphics, I expected top notch graphics for the PS2. Instead, I get a lousy outdated visuals and graphics.

Damn it, Underground 1,2, Most Wanted, Carbon had way better graphics than Undercover. This doesn't make any damn sense. What to do, this is what you should expect from a video game company whom after releasing a game, they would release a 'special edition' of the game to urge gamers like me and you to buy it. Money making scheme.

You know what makes this game laughable. Is that you no need to drive your car to an event. All you have to do is press the world map button, and select your destination. And you can choose either to set a GPS navigation to that event, or if you're a lazy ass gamer, select the 'Jump To Event' option.

I didn't even know, my Camaro SS can 'jump' instead of drive. Goodness, what had happened to the Need For Speed series. More updates.

Now currently playing Need For Speed Underground 1 to fill my time.
I am tired of shoelaces already. So sick of worrying whether will they go loose or whether am I tying it the right way, why not try wearing a slip on shoe. Yeah, every is wearing it, so I thought of buying one to replace my year-old Adidas shoe.

Bought at Sungei Wang's Celebrity Collection shop. Thought of getting Vans for a start, but the shoe was quite tight, even at size 9 1/2. So the seller recommended me Everlast. I didn't picked the ones with patterns and designs, I picked the plain white one instead. The price was a little off...RM 59.90. But nevermind, as long as the shoe is comfortable then can already.

The slip on shoes.


Ok, the shoes are off my holiday shopping list. Now, I'm hunting down for some SpongeBob Squarepants x Baby Milo shirt.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fad mou

Today is just another boring week of the holidays....I thought holidays are suppose to be fun. But for Mac Boy, its just like waiting for yourself to fad mou.

But Thank God, my cousin borrowed her car to my family to use. Or else for 15 days, I will rot like an apple in the house.

Its a Proton Satria. The ugliest Proton car, before Juara.

Still have to use this car, even though muka teruk gila babi.

But's all lovey dovey.

On the way to Tesco, I had a tough time tuning in to, because the radio itself don't allow me to. So I was stuck listening to Arrrgghh!!

My No.1 enemy for now.

The buttons that don't allow me to tune in to

While in Tesco, mum bought me a Playstation 2 controller. Yeah, like what the hell am I still doing with Playstation 2 when Xbox360 and Playstation 3 is around waiting for me to play them. Cuz all the good games are at the Playstation 2 format. And I can't wait to play Need for Speed Undercover. It might be the final Need for Speed game for the Playstation 2, before fully concentrating on the next gen consoles.

All together with the controller, and FIFA 09, PES 09 and Need For Speed Undercover....RM 43. Thanks Mum!!

You wanna know how 'clean' is my Playstation 2?

Yeah, dust collecting console.

My controller.....tortured with millions of dust particles.

The games and the new controller.

The moment I plug in the controller to the 1st controller port, it doesn't work. Until when I realised......I bought the 2nd player controller. Shit, but luckily can return.

I was excited when I popped in the Need for Speed game into the console. But to my surprise, Need for Speed Undercover has the worst gameplay, worst graphics and worst soundtrack for the PS2. I'm not bullshitting with you. I'm dead serious and disappointed about this game.

Can you imagine, a stock Camaro SS, can kick a modified Lamborghini's ass in a Sprint race? Or the Camaro can knock down a police cruiser like an elephant against a Mini Cooper? What about dolphin-like abilities where you can 'flip' over the spikes and road blocks that the police set up?

Graphics are terrible. Seriously terrible. I realized that Underground 1, 2, Most Wanted and Carbon has better graphics than Undercover. If you thought there is damage, means that bumpers will go off, windows will break and so, forget it. Its the usual scratch and rust effect.

Sountrack, totally out of style. Can't remember a single track in the game that is groovy and suitable for the game itself. Dear Lord, why?!

Overall.........for the PS2, I give Need for Speed Undercover a 4 out of 10. The game crashed into a mountain full of cow dung.


Ok, I can't play Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 cuz' the controller doesn't work. I played FIFA 09, not blown away by it. I think PS2 will be history.

Saw Manpreet's name in a movie poster. Just random shit coming at ya.


Had McDonald's Move It Meal for dinner.

But underneath it all........presentation wasn't like in the McDonald's flyer. This one up here, is pure mess. But still end up in stomach.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What a fun filled Monday!!!! The day when Maccaroni Boy declares that

Watched Madagascar 2 with Kerrie. All I gotta say is that, you should watch it more than 1 time! It's worth your money to laugh your ass off in the cinema.

What ruined my day (and night, later back to that), is that Golden Screen Cinema's manager and his crew was screwing up the mood. Sound problems, one of the worst thing that can happen to a fun filled movie like Madagascar 2. I hope they really fix that problem as soon as possible.

After the movie, went back home to pack my stuff and head to Edwin's house to overnight. Jit Chern will be there.

Jit Chern was busy playing Gears of War 2 on the Xbox 360. It was more action packed than the first one, and the enemies are better. Then it was my turn, and I played GRID. Another good racing game on the next gen and you should buy it, if you have one : ).

After playing for an hour so, the 3 of us then walked around at the swimming pool area. You know, if your paying RM 200 for maintainance fee for staying in a condo, but the gym smells like Seri Mutiara's gym, and the equipments in it all screwed up, and the mini market is basically empty, then I really don't know the RM 200 is for what?

Went back to the room, and decided to sleep while the 2 of them went for badminton and swimming.

Another failed attempt of camwhoring. Do'h!!

Played GRID again to kill boredom. Don't like spinning off while turning corners. Damn it!!

Went to the nearest restaurant to eat. And then we had planned to watch Madagascar 2, again. Edwin wanted to go to Ampang and watch, but we changed our plans and decided to go somewhere nearer, which is Leisure Mall.

I thought yesterday night the pirated version of Need for Speed Undercover came out, but the original version beat it.

Damn damn damn if the Playstation 3 games can be pirated and bought at a low price. I have always wanted to buy a FIFA next gen game and try it out, my wish came true. Waited for the shop tauke to take out the disc for me, but it took him forever to find one bloody game. Don't wanna mention the shop's name.

Again, the sound system in Golden Screen Cinema's has gotten from bad to worst. We came in late, and at the beginning, the movie made alot of weird noises and robotic sounds. People were shouting to notify or 'wake' the people in charge.

Night show was better than the afternoon show. The atmosphere was better, cuz there were alot of families watching the show.

Had trouble finding a taxi after the show, luckily we only have to walk to the bus stop opposite Leisure Mall to find the last taxi around. Thank God!!

First thing after getting back to Edwin's place is taking a nice warm bath. But guess what? There's only hot and cold water, no warm. Reminds me of Katty Perry. Hot and cold.

Played GRID again....

This is when Ediwn injured his toe.'

Night scenery.

Played FIFA 09, and man it was the best football game by EA Sports. I guess I have to stop playing the same ol crappy Pro Evolution Soccer series and start going back to my first football game series, FIFA.


FIFA 09's gameplay was awesome, downright awesome. So good, that you can actually feel the player's movements and the ball too.

I love this camera angle too, Gears of War-ish.

Graphics, don't mention it. Photo realistic.

Played an exhibition match against Hull City. And halfway playing the match, the game disc has problems already, and there was a pop up saying that the console couldn't read the disc.

Damn, fine, restart. You thought that the second time the problem was already fixed, you're wrong. After 5 times of restarting the disc, I gave up.

I would buy the Xbox 360, if it doesn't hang often while playing games.

Mirror's Edge is the freshest game for next gen consoles. No weapons, only depend on your skills of running, and jumping off buildings to escape from cops. Lazy to give you the details, go find out yourself.

Slept very late yesterday, at around 2 :30 a.m. It was so frickin' cold, so didn't had enough sleep.

Today, had Mcdonald's for breakfast. Then played Unreal Tournament. This is the game where when you kill someone or your buddy, the in-game narrator would chant out "First Blood", "Double Kill", "Multi Kill", ''Killing Spree", "Mega Kill" and the ultimate pro, "Ultra Kill".

The loading screen taught me this....

"Be a good sportsmanship, remember that you were once a nOOb."

Well said.

I own....and got owned by Jit Chern and Edwin.

Mum had to send the car to workshop for repaint, so she had to fetch me back before dad comes back.

See you next Friday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Went to school at 6 a.m. Yes, that early just to come to school and do final rehearsal for closing ceremony speeches for today. Tom, Cheng Heng, Jit Chern and I were the unlucky ones.. Do'h.

To be honest, 6 a.m in school is pretty much being in a soulless place. No one to talk to, no one to chat, not even a single sound to be heard. I guess Pn. Anita would love this type of atmosphere, pin-drop silence.

Cheng Heng said that he'll be at school around 6 :3- a.m, until 7 a.m baru dia muncul. That is what I call Malaysian timing.

Yesterday, our Pear Star Enterprise ExxonMobil adviser helped us with our speeches, by preparing our texts. We did our own, but it was too damn long. So Cheng Heng asked me and Tom and Kyle to meet up at McDonald's @ Leisure Mall around 8 ap.m.

Mine had 4 paragraphs, and I was given 3 minutes to present it. Cheng Heng then used his phone's stopwatch to see our time.

Guess what,I was too fast. 1 minute and 19 seconds. Fine, I'll talk slower, but it didn't help much, only 1 minute 29 second. So, Tom and Cheng Heng finished their speeches before a minute half. So Cheng Heng had to call our adviser, and he allowed us to add in some of our own text. It did help, I managed to fnish my speech in 2 minute and 25 seconds. Hooray for me.

Bus came around 7 :05 a.m. Sat next to Hak Lee, Thiam Jun bugged me to send him all of the latest English songs. He just got back his handphone after 6 months, and after 6 months without charging, the handphone left 3 battery bars. Now that's what I call good battery life.

So we reached at the Equitorial Hotel 30 minutes later. We then went up to the ball room, and took our seat. Zie Yang, Sri Ayu, and Azila and the rest set up our booth.

Slide show showing the Sport's Day DVD, and also some pics from the Cultural Evening.

The pizza is fake, made by toilet paper, coloured with Buncho poster colours.

And my cute Thumbelinas.

Pearl Star Enterprise members photos.

Taman Connaught was the first to present their presentation about their company's annual report summary. It was pretty good.

Then it was Damansara Utama (so sorry if the name was wrong). Their speech was so energetic and full of ommph, that it woke up Cheng Heng for awhile. Gotta give kudos to their C.E.O for giving us a wake up call.

Then it was the Ampang Boy's Enterprise, from the SMK Ampang school. It was good too.

Then it was SMK Seri Mutiara's turn. I totally fucked myself up. There, I said it, I fucked and screwed myself on stage, infront of the V.I.Ps, my headmistress, Encik Abdul Aziz, Pn. Rohayah, the Pearl Star Enterprise members, and infront of the other schools.

It started out after Jit Chern's speech, then it was my turn. I started it out well, until the moment I look at my palm notes, my mind was completely blank. I mind was telling me...

"Oh boy, Mac boy!!!! Not infront of the V.I.Ps and your teachers and others".

I forgot my lines, I stuttered, my face had that type of blank expression. Oh gosh. Instead of telling "Thank you, and now I would like to handover to Lin Cheng Heng", I said...

"Thank you, and now I would like to handover to Lee Jian Yuan."

Cheng Heng then was so blur, he kinda thought I switched his identity with Jian Yuan.

After the speeches for SMK Seri Mutiara, I then walked out of the room and chill, relax my mind for the time being. Thanks Jit Chern for the cheering.

Jit Chern taking the certificates for EYE participants.

Screw the awards, Damansara won it nearly all of them. But one thing for sure, nearly all of the schools really felt like punching SMK Bukit Bintang's C.E.O in the face.

When the V.I.P announced that SMK Bukit Bintang won an award, the C.E.O walked proudly, hidung tinggi, with an arrogant and cocky style. Manpreet felt like punching him, Santosh felt like kicking him in the nuts, the rest (all of the school's EYE members) were giving him the Malaysian "I beh shong you" look.

As their C.E.O walked out to take the award, one of them was like "Tepuk tepuk!!!!!"

None of the Bukit Bintang schoolmates cheered, only that bugger alone shouted that. Everyone was amused.

Who cares about the award, what I am proud of my Pearl Star Enterprise company is that we worked our asses off in every single project, and managed to get 3rd place in profits. Not bad for a new school.

One thing that I was looking forward for the day was the food. Oh boy, delicious food. The best part was its free.

Had fried rice, with curry gravy and fried chicken. I didn't know in the dessert section, they had bread pudding. Tried it, thought that my dad's homemade bread pudding was way better.

Then it was dessert time!! Second round.

Beside the chocolate cake, the one with the almond flakes, it was the best among all of the desserts.

Kyle's awkward moment.

Santosh begged for a picture with Rajdev, but there were some buggers disturbing me.

Matthew ruined the shot.

Zie Yang's peace sign says it all.

Finally, the good shot came.

Me and Azila.

Azila and me.

Me and Zie Yang.

This is the one picture that Zie Yang doesn't want me to post it. Oh well, surprise.

SMK Bandar Utama swept away the top awards, but we SMK Seri Mutiara swept away all of the food. : )

Thank God that the whole program is over, and we can now concentrate on our normal lifes from now on. I would like to thank ExxonMobil for organizing this wonderful program, to encourage us students to be part of the business world. Not only we managed to make a fortune out of our projects, but we manage to gain priceless experiences that only can be taught outside of the class room.

Thank you ExxonMobil.