Friday, August 29, 2008

Bad day

Today, mum asked me to bring the phone along so she can contact me. Gave me RM 50 to top up. I didn't know that after buying a new number, they didn't give you credits. Oh Maxis why?

Today performed the drama, no pics sorry. I kinda screwed up my character. My character is a British tax collector who speaks Malay in a British accent. Acting was ok, just that the accent sounds Americanish.

Morning I couldn't find Pn Tan to tell her about me bring the handphone. So I thought of after eating during recess find her. Along came Pn Anita, asking me and Manpreet and Edwin to set up the sound system for this special History talk.

So, no time to see Pn. Tan.

So, in class, I asked Weng Joe for my handphone, wanted to text to my mum that I'll pass the handphone to Pn Tan and the handphone will be off. And also I'll be walking to Lesuire Mall to buy the top up card.

As I was texting, the back door of my class was opened, and our school's headmistress saw me texting with my phone. She asked for my phone, I tried explaining to her, she asked me to tell that to Pn Tan.

PerfecT, just perfect.

Edwin's handphone was confisticated because headmistress saw him listening to songs. Edwin Edwin, you could have avoid it.

So we both went to see Pn Tan, Pn Tan told me to ask my parents to come. Shyte, mum can only come at 2:30 p.m after work.

Told mum about it, she was quite mad.

Went back to class, whole class was shocked. Cindy Boo told me that some teachers they don't care about you, they'll go through your handphone messages, pictures, videos, songs. Wow, its confidential for God's sake. Teachers don't have the rights to do that. Not respecting people's privacy.

Mum surprisingly came at 1 p.m. Took her to see Pn Tan, then had to signed on an agreement to not repeat this case again infront of my mum. Mum had to sign the agreement as a witness. As I was signing the agreement, Pn Anita came in to take something. Oh handphone will be kept until the end of the year if I bring my handphone again.

Nevermind, have to thank God that I got back my handphone, unlike Edwin. Early this year he had signed an agreement. This is his second time kena, so I guess until end of the year only can get back.

Late afternoon, had tea with Kerrie, Evon and Melz. The 3 of them didn't go to school, they went to Mid Valley lepak instead. Had tea with them at Gilly's cafe.

My Fruit Punch

Mango Wayne.

Me and Kerrie.

Mum is so gonna kill me lah. I used the top up money to belanja the 3 of them. Nevermind, I'll discipline myself with just RM 10 added to my phone. small.

Phone credit : RM 16.80.

Can tahan, gamabateh!!

Kerrie, sorry I have to post this.

Had lunch with Kerrie yesterday. Bought her lunch as her second birthday present.

My lunch.

After tuition on the way to Indian Hero, I saw this view. God is such a good painter. Painted a very beautiful picture for His creation to see.

It's hard to find such a view in Taman Connaught

Heavenly good.....

I have never seen chocolate snapped as a picture so damn clear wei.......eleh, Maccaroni Boy has developed photography skills (perasan).

Anyway.....mum bought donuts again. This time instead of buying the usual flavors, my mum bought cheese and chocolate.

I don't like the cheese one, but I was in love with the chocolate.

Melissa, drool!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Stolen" - Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional - "Stolen"

We watched the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend of the last week.
Before the gold and the glamour have been replaced
Another sun-soaked season fades away.

You have stolen my heart.
You have stolen my heart.

Invitation, all in grand farewells, crushed the best one of the best ones.
Clear liquor and cloudy eye, too early to save the night.

You have stolen my heart.
You have stolen my heart.

And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration, one good stretch before our hibernation.
Our dreams assured, and we all, we'll sleep well.

Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well, sleep well.

You have stolen my, you have stolen, you have stolen my heart.

Watch it spin around to the highest peels, you are the best one of the best ones.
We all look like we feel.

You have stolen my, you have stolen my, you have stolen my heart.

Kerrie's cake

Great, was planning to buy Kerrie a Baskin Robins ice cream cake. Booked already....

Out of the sudden, say that she and her friends are planning to go Mid Valley without me. Fine. Had to cancel the booking.

Now I'm gonna piss the people at Baskin Robins.

Whoot!!! New number!!!

Now after dad and I bought my mum a new phone, we decided it is best for her to use the old number. So that means I will be getting my mew number soon.

Oh yeah, I heard that Maxis allows you to customize your own number. I would like to have 0122211992 as my number.

012 - My preferred sim number
22 - My birthday number
1 - My birthday month
1992 - My birthday year

Instead, yesterday I went to Maxis. This is my first time buying a new number. Fine, call me noob loh, like you so damn pro like that. As I walked in to their Cheras office, one of their workers attended to me with a warm smile. I never felt so happy. I mean, usually workers would stare at you with a dulan look, but at Maxis, its all good.

Asked about the price of a new number, they gave me an answer I didn't expect.

RM 8.80.

I nearly answered.....

"Serious shit? Serious ah, RM 8.80?"

So I asked about me creating my own number. I heart broke into pieces when they say it is only available for post-paid customers. Isshh!!!!

Fine fine fine, after slowly selecting the numbers on a piece of paper, I finally choose 012XXXXXXX.

My new baby.

Saw this phone, Maxis is offering it for RM 200+ with their Maxis Plus 150 plan. Must be postpaid.

With all these great features, I found out the price at RM 750. Wanted to buy this phone for dad.

The friendly people at Maxis told me that I have to wait for 2 hours after purchasing the new number, then only can use. Cuz' they have to like, register it and wait for the confirmation.

Yes, at 7 p.m, I finally get to use my new number. Today only started to send countless of messages to my buddies, saying that I changed to a new number. A total of 90 people I sent.

But most of the replies I got was....

'Which Daniel? Mak, Lai or Chan?"

Had this stupid poster to do. Perpaduan teras kejayaan.

Did it within 1 hour, last minute started to do. Mum lectured me.

I wonder, how can Malaysia be a great successful country when our politicians are acting like monkeys, people still haveing racial issues, demonstration going on, PAS being narrowed minded like kids, people not unified and so on?

The goverment should stop using pointless propaganda and start being real for God's sake.

I'm pissed

Cultural Night that day, before the whole event started, Amirul asked me to bring the pendrive with the works in it and pass it to him.

I went back home to rest while they were still decorating the hall.

So today was Amirul's resignation day, our company's new C.E.O was Jit Chern. That time out of the sudden I remembered my pendrive. So I asked Amirul about it, he said its with Cheng Heng.

Today online, Cheng Heng added me. Asked him about it, he said its not with him.

Ok, I was pissed when both of them said that my pendrive was not around with them.

Great, all my personal data, pictures, videos, e.t.c all gone to nowhere.

Great job people, you guys just f*beep* -ed me up.
Went to Kyle's house for futsal.

While waiting for his dad to give a signal that we're going to go off, Kyle had time to kill by helping Jun Qin making a special birthday present for Melissa.

In the process of editing.

Found out that the gift I gave to Kyle 3 years ago was still around. Its a rubber ball with a dolphin inside. Bought it at Australia.

Still in good condition I guess.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Me get high score

Fark Fark Fark!!!!

Today's the first day of school after the holidays. And of course, Mr.Chee would catch students with long nails or hair today.

Today's the hair. Shyte.

Samuel, Edwin, San Min, Thiam Jun and me kena hair. Not to mention the usual prefect suspects. Wan Zhuin, Ying Xian, Diong. Sigh, when will they stop catching us.

Its just like a few weeks ago, proberly last 2 weeks I went to see the saloon already, and now they want my hair to be shorter?!

Look, if you want me to go bald, I understand, but not now. And I pray that I won't be selected for National Service. To you people who criticize National Service dodgers, shut up for Pete's sake!!!

If I don't wanna go, then let me off. I don't wanna waste 3 months of my time standing under the hot sun and having a risk of getting skin cancer. It's not like our country is going to war with another country. And I hope war won't happen. It better not be!!!!

I would rather go straight to collage and start my multimedia design course right away.

If the people don't want to go, or maybe the parents don't let them go, then let them off. You (goverment) can't just force people to go, and punish those who refuse to.

What about the VIP's children? Are they selected to go? Or maybe with the 'close one eye' attitude, I guess they'll just laugh at the ones who were forced to go and continue to live life happily.

My opinions, so respect it!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Anyway, Maccaroni Boy here wishing you all the best in studies. Glad to know you dear, don't you know how precious and special you are to me and your sisters?

Very very special.

I love ya!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mum's early birthday present

Next time, remind to sleep properly. Now I'm suffering from body aching and neck pain because of yesterday's badminton session and sleeping the wrong way. So after having breakfast with parents, dad and I had a secret chat. I suggested buying mum a handphone so that

a) Her church friends will stop bugging me
b) Her relatives will stop disturbing me while I'm out
c) Her friends' SMSes will annoy me.
d) So that I can contact her.

So dad and I went to Plaza Low Yat by bike. Plaza Low Yat was quite quiet today. So decided to buy a new PC mouse. Our current mouse is like 10 years old and works like shyte. Stumble upon this PC shop which has a cute yellow mouse with a small cute bus. Cost RM 20 only.

So after going to different phone shops to see mum's phone, a phone caught my eye. It was the Nokia 3500 Classic. First shop at Low Yat's handphone floor was selling RM 515 after charging credit card fees. Dad and I don't like the price, so we went to another nearby phone kiosk. I had trouble remembering the name of the Nokia model. So while we were at this other phone shop, which was nearby a Nokia dealer, I went over to that Nokia kiosk, asked about the phone that I wanted. After they show me, told me the price, I walked back to dad and the other phone dealer and told him about the model.

Nokia kiosk selling RM 548 for Nokia 3500

Samsung Mobile selling RM 480 for Nokia 3500

Thank God for Samsung Mobile selling Nokia phones too. Dad also wanted to buy a screen protector for his phone and mum's phone. So all together, RM 500. Dad and I made a deal, RM 250 each shared to pay. There goes my PS3 savings.

On the way home.

Once we reached home, I gave my mum the present. She thought I was joking, until she took out the box. Her face changed and she was full of joy. Macam dah kena lottery.

I welcome a new Nokia phone into the family.

My parents and I wouldn't even dream about using any phones other than Nokia.

The Nokia 3500's package is simple yet function packed.

With Bluetooth Class 2.0, 2 Megapixel camera, Music player, MicroSD card support until 2GB, Internet and so on, for RM 480, this is a bargain phone. But one thing I don't like about this phone is the camera without flash, screen might be quite small, keypads are irritating and that's it. Oh yeah, since the package doesn't include a USB cable (which really really comes in handy), so I have to take out the battery, take out the MicroSD card which was freakin' small, insert the card into my memory card reader. If you don't have a memory card reader, forget about listening to your favourite songs in this phone.

Ma fan handphone.

Pink!!!! Pink alert!!!

Dad was amazed that the phone can listen to the radio. He took the phone, asked me to connect the provided headset, and off he went with the phone, listening to the radio and doing his gardening.

I had to wait 30 minutes then only he is willing to give back the phone for me to check.

The casing for the phone cost RM 10.

Thank God, at least the instruction manual is in English. My Nokia N73 is all in Finish language.

Mum's favourite past time is in her handphone already. Thank you Nokia. You really connected people at the right time.

The phone's menus

Finally, I can get rid of my old PC mouse. I got a new mouse, proberly the cutest mouse that I own.

Ta-dah. mouse trying to become that yellow double decker bus.

The mouse can be either connected through USB or the old fashion way, PS/2.

You know, for RM 20, you'll get to own this mouse. What I like about this new mouse of mine is that the movement of the mouse is good, very responsive. Its yellow colour, small, has 2 connections and the price is cheap.

One thing that I don't like about this mouse is the surface. I was so worried that I'll scratch that nice 'skin' of the mouse.

What a day, Kerrie's birthday is just minutes away.