Sunday, July 29, 2007

My balls hurt as hell......

Today futsal..............since I've came back late and so on, and you know Yee Khai's father is an impatient father, so I asked my mum to fetch me lo.

Finally.....I get to wear my new shoes, perfect for futsal. The other one is condemned to only be wore during any mountain climbing activity. Hey, it survived from yesterday's activity. LOL!!

Brother Jordan......he tried to kill of my manhood, my dignity,my little brother. One time he dribble past uncle Andrew, and when he shoot, I jumped in a very funny way and it hit my balls. I rolled around the grass, people were laughing.

After that Jordan got hit quite hard on the leg and it was pain. Then, I wanted to try my boots....for real. The moment I got the ball, I dribble and shoot, my shot got saved by a rookie keeper. Nevermind, I'll try again.

Then the second time, I got the ball, one uncle was in the center, I cutely flicked it, he then 1-2 with me, I shoot, GOAL!!!!!

5 minutes later.............uncle Mike passed the ball to me, no one mark me, I shoot, GOAL!!!!

2 goals in 5 minutes, could have been a hat-trick within 7 minutes,my last shoot was luckily blocked,but full time jor.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bus stop......full of people.

Ok....the next few pictures are people's faces after I used the front camera trick. Gotta love the Nokie N73!!!


Amanda..........behind her is Cik.Khoo, Nicole Ng (a.k.a King Kong) , and next to her is Mr.Chew.

San Min!!!!

Thiam Jun..........

"Shut up babay!" LOL....Jun Nam's famous qoute. Trademark and copyrighted.

Gan Jerry was like so blur....and whatever man.

Gan Yang!!!

Ken Hua and Hua Xiang

Junh Xiang........LOL!!!

After taking this picture...Janice begged me not to post it.....LOL!!

Hao Yang.....

Sasi the don-ness!!

Shu Teng....remember I promised you that I wont post your picture in my blog? Here it is!!!

Cheers Jit Chern, you're face is on the net!!!

Samuel caught in the act by me!!

Finally..I got your face Tax!!!!

This guy knows my mum's friend......and yet I haven't even know his name.

DJ Black is in the house....well....outside of the house!!!


Wan Chuen.....another blur case people!!!

"We are sisters of Islam"...LOL.....hopefully those Islamic Officials won't come and find us!!!

Samuel brought his cute little doggie to see us....AWWWWW!!!!!!!! :D

Brake Jit Chern Braaaaake!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Black monkeying around......LOL!!

AWWWWWW.....Kerrie sleeping. How I wish I was there siting next to her......

After a tiring day and 2 long blogs....including this, I slept like a pig.

LOL...thanks for viewing my blog people!!! Peace !

Are we there yet???'h!!!!

Saturday..........mmm.........morning cartoons. Well, today no need to even think about it cause today my school's awesome Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah (K.P.J) mountain climbing activity. The venue is at some place called Wangsa Cheras.

Went to school at 6:45 a.m, brought my phone....hey, no regrets!! Thiam Jun brought his phone, well, his mum's phone, K616, I think that is called. Then, as I, Kerrie and Melissa and Evon Cheah was walking, we saw Nicole Ng and Michelle Ita's shoes, not those sport ones, those type of street sneakers. Eww......., we are not going to Times Square or Sungai Wang lah!!! As usual, Saturday's school's attendance is so low, it looks like you're traveling back to year 2005, where there is only 200+ students. As usual, Kent and gang didn't come, Xian Xian didn't come, Justina didn't....nope.......but Michele Tan did come. I'm surprise that some lazy ass people did come to school, but I'm not gonna mention the names.

Mr.Chew called the K.P.J members to gather at next to the canteen. I wonder how Gan Yang and Hao Yang choose their team, not to mention Yee Khai too. Gan Yang....he'll sure wants Amanda and Carmen in it, Hao Yang...well, I can say he's like trying to woo someone's girlfriend (not gonna tell), Yee Khai, let's just say he told me this on his previous team.....

(*sentence was changed due to the extreme usage of foul language)

Well, since they all pick the good ones, guest it's my turn to pick the average outcast for my team. Nevermind about that, maybe teamwork is a word that we can use these days. Well, justice was served when Pn.Anita (she got go) and Cik.Khoo (she too got go) decided that they do the selection. You should have see Gan Yang and Hao Yang's faces. Gan Yang cursed when he heard the decision. Me and Efina and Hafizi..........we just smile and let it be.

I'm satisfied with my group, there is Kiru, Sumitra, Gan Chen, some macha named Andrew, Ken Hua, Vivian Ng, and Kerrie!!! Look, alot of people asked me, "Hey Dan, did you purposely choose her or what?" ah, we got jodoh mah :)

SWT =.="

Mr.Chew allowed us to have a 20 minute breakfast. By the time we went to the canteen, many people, especially the girls, took out their handphone and started to play. Well, since Hao Yang didn't bring his phone, he's like in a jealous mood and asked us to keep the phones to ourself. Well, just because we brought our phones and he didn't doesn't mean that Hao Yang and boss us around to ask us to keep our phones?? Unreasonable rite?? Well, that is the way he is, I just can't change him, can I?

He did buy me a drank, tea of course. Don't get that song by T-Pain "Buy U A Drank" in your head now!!! LOL....I'mma buy u a drank...ow wheeeee, I'mma take you home with me!!! Ah, what's better than a cup of refreshing tea. Ahhhhhh......sweet!!!!

Waited at the bus stop after our breakfast. Waited for half-an-hour, then only our bus came. Guess what, it ain't a air-conditioned bus, it's those type of good-old fashioned school bus.

A fellow was listening to his songs in his phone, guess what Hao Yang did??

"Dude, can you borrow me your phone for awhile?"
Hao Yang confiscates that dudes phone, until when we reach the venue. To me, he doesn't have the right to do that, furthermore, it pisses people off.

Did some stretch ups, warm ups, here we go. I did lose some grip, nearly fall, sweat and pant for the first few minutes of the journey. When I reached level 1, I was still ok, got some energy in me, but when we reached to level 4, I was so exhausted!!!! Then, Cik.Khoo lead us out of the place. Well, nothing special happen, if it did happen to me and Kerrie, I would not tell you in this blog. LOL...private.

After 2 hours of fun, we rested at a house where they sell drinks and fruits, some sort like a Nutrition Club house. Meet up with Samuel, saw his doggie. So damn cute until Diong Diong begged him to give the dog to her. Awwwww.........after that, Cik.Khoo led us all to a small park and rest and play for awhile. When we saw the swings, I and Sang Jit Chern rushed to the last swing. He won, well, gotta let him have some fun lah. He's such a good friend of mine. Then, Mr.Chew asked us to sit at the grass and wait for the bus to come. Thiam Jun then listened to his favourite song, "Firefly" by A-Teens. The sound was clear, so it's my turn to shine too, LOL. I played the infamous Ben's Bitches song, "Kotek & Puki Berbulu". LOL, Kerrie and Yee Khai and me were all laughing all the way. San Min and Jerry also laughed.

Bus arrived, went back to school, went mamak with Hao Yang, Kerrie, Gan Jerry and that's it. Ate like a pig, went back at 3 and slept like a pig. From 4-7:15 p.m, I slept after having a nice bath. Gosh, the weather was rainy. Now for the next post of my blog, all the pictures of today people.

Random crap coming through !!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Farewell Pn. Saamah..................

To mark my 30th post at want to dedicate this blog to my headmistress, Pn.Saamah, who left us on this day, 27th of July, 2007.

Since I've join the choir, a week before Pn. Saamah's departure from us, I'm not surprised that we choir members have to sing for Pn.Saamah's farewell ceremony. Pn.Tee has selected "Lagu Perpisahan", "Auld Leng Syne" and "I Will Follow You" for the ceremony. "Seasons In The Sun" was on the lyric page, but we all didn't have the time to practice the song.

On Tuesday, we practiced the song in a joyful mood, didn't know that we will be sad on that special day. This reminds me of my graduation day back in 2004, we rehearsed the graduation song but on graduation day, we cried alot. Santosh was the most happiest person on Tuesday that time, he gave so many wonderful ideas for our presentation to Pn.Saamah's farewell day, especially the actions we all have to do on that day while singing.

Thursday was our 2nd last day of practicing the songs.

Today...............we practiced in the school hall, since it was raining again. Sigh.............a perfect day to rain. For the whole day, we were all in the hall. Furthermore, if only I brought my phone to school today to take pictures of today's ceremony. LOL, this reminds me of a MSN conversation between ne and Kent.

× keNt ×™ × メ suBcrEw rEäct™ メ × says:
Diu, I wanna bring my phone tomolo lah.....

× keNt ×™ × メ suBcrEw rEäct™ メ × says:
But scared kena rampas......

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
You think I dun wan meh??

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
If Ah Chee catch you, what you gonna say??

× keNt ×™ × メ suBcrEw rEäct™ メ × says:
Say I wanna take picture with Pn. Saamah

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says: your gonna post that picture with you and Saamah in Friendster lah.....

× keNt ×™ × メ suBcrEw rEäct™ メ × says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Dun know how many hundreds of comments for that picture...

LOL !!!!!

Anyway.....manage to kill some boredom by playing some songs on the keyboard. Didn't know that so many people still love listening to that emo song by Linkin Park entitled "What I've Done", but I got bored of that song. Didn't know that there were so many request for that emo song...repeat, EMO SONG!!!!!

For the whole 1 hour of speeches and prayers from the Muslims, I and Erwan and co were hanging out at outside the first floor of the gym rehearsing the song and releasing our stress. Erwan Erwan....if only you one day, no foul languages will come out from your mouth, I would buy you a drank!!!!

Ceremony time!!! With a few speeches from teachers and Tai Wei Shan, it's performance time. After Angeline and Natasha's song to Pn Saamah featuring a few 1C's our turn. A few minutes before our turn, I went to toilet and unleashed my tankee!!! Phew....speaking about being nervous.'s showtime!!!

Our entrance was started with Yong Shan playing the entrance tune, this time, more lively. Diong Diong asked us boys to sing louder, well, we'll see about that. Me, Thiam Jun, Santosh, Mohammad Joshua and Michelle Lee have to stand on the bench, since we were the last row. When Yong Shan play a tune, we 6 of us rose up. Then the students who sat on the floor were like "OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!" Yeng leh??????? =.="

Singing "I Will Follow You" was very scary, one single mistake, we all die. One time, halfway through the song, Santosh was like.......

"Macha, ada lyric tak?"

LOL.....I nearly burst into laughter!!!

After singing all the song, we all went off stage. I now only noticed, Thiam Jun cried. Look, not because he thinks that he screwed up the singing part, he was sad because Pn. Saamah is leaving us. That makes me and Wei Jian wanted to cry to, not to forget Santosh.

I did cry after that. Fine, call me a crying bitch, but it was emotional for me.

3 years......for 3 years we've been with her. Because of her, S.M.K Seri Mutiara now is a great school. I remember every Monday, she would lecture us for like about half-an-hour. I will miss her nagging. I remember one time, those who were in the smart class this year, was earlier told to stay back after assembly to listen to her to lecture us. As she look at our profiles, she saw my name. "Daniel, why you failed your maths, was the test hard?" she asked me in a caring way. Maths was my suckiest subject. Thought she was going to scold me, but she advised me in a motherly way to not give up and continue working hard to try to aim A for Maths. As I think of this very moment, I wanted to cry out loud.

Now I know why she wanted to see us for half and hour, because she knows that she will be leaving us soon and she wanted to give us her best advise to students as possible before leaving.

Now here I am, blogging about today, Pn. Saamah's farewell day.

"Lagu Perpisahan"

Bertemu dan berpisah adat manusia biasa
Hilang di mata tapi di hati tidak lupa
Berdoalah kita agar aman dan sentosa
Semoga jumpa pula kita di lain masa

"Auld Lang Syne"

Should all acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind
Should all acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne
For auld lang ayne my dear for auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne

Here's my short poem for Pn.Saamah

"Who Knows..."

Who knows Pn. Saamah, if you read blogs
That we will meet again in a better place at a better time
For our special bond between students and headmistress
Will not be easily broken and never to be forgotten
For you have taught us the difference between what's black and what's white
For you have taught us to be the next useful generations
Whether it is too late or not...........
Who knows......we shall meet again.....
In a better place


Thursday, July 26, 2007

"My Homework"................"My Humps" parody...........

The king of parodies is back. Back with a bang!!!! This is for those who hate homework... like you and me. Enjoy :P


Whatcha gonna do with all that homework
all that homework on your desk?

I'm gonna burn them off
Burn them off my desk
Cuz I hate homework, I hate I hate homework
I really hate homework, those stupid work
Check it out!!!

I drive these teachers crazy
Never do their work daily
I punnish me really badly
They give me all these homeworks
Geografi and Moral
Seni and Sejarah
Caring they be giving
All that homework make me wanna fly
Whether I ain't asking
They gave me work to do their thing
I say no but they keep giving
So I keep on taking
Went back home be burnin'
We can keep burnin'
And keep on pollutin'
The earth, the earth, the earth , the earth
The earth, the earth, the earth, the earth
Homework make you....

Homework makes us crazy
Burning off your homework on me
And polluting the air for me (x2)

Whatcha gonna do with all that homework
All that homework on your desk?

We're gonna burn them off
Burn them off and make a mess

Whatcha gonna do with all that caning strokes
Canning strokes on your ass

We're gonna sue in in court
Sue until your pants drop from your ass.


Whooot!!!! "My Love" parody........MY SLAVE!!!!

My Slave /My Maid- Justin Timberlake feat. T.I

(Let Me Turn You To perlude)
(I'm tired of arguing, maid!)
(I'm tired of arguing lah, babi!)

My maid,uh huh,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid,hey
My maid,hey,my maid
My maid

I love the way you standing,
You look so tired, you're gonna get fired (My maid)
That doesn't mean that you can stop working
Cause you know I'm the type that is so demanding (My maid)

Let's put it to cruise control
You can massage me from head to toe (My maid)
I'm gonna take it really nice and slow
But first let me turn you to be (My slave)

My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave
My slave

Walk in to my house, messy
I'm glad you came, now clean it up (My maid)
Let's sign a nightmarish contract
And get back to what you're surpose to do (My maid)
Let's take a trip to the gaming room
You can clean my Xbox360 and my Nitendo Wii
I know you want a rest
But first let me transform you to be (My slave)

My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey
My slave,hey,my slave,hey

Ain't another women can take your spot my-

If I wrote you a cheaque from me,
Just to say how much you're worth to me ($200 a month)
If I told you you are so bloody ugly
Would you buy a voodoo doll and curse me (tell me would you?)
Well, bitch I've been around the world
But I've never seen myself another maid (like you)
This cheaque represents my heart
But there's just one thing I need from you (a massage)

Yeah, because
I can see you mopping the flour
Walking barefoot, your feet getting sore
I can see you in the laundry room
Sitting next to my clothes, sitting side by side
You can be my maid, then naik pangkat to slave
Girl, you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothing crazy
See, all I want you is to be my slave
(So don't run away) My Slave
(So don't run away) My Slave
(So don't run away) Ain't another women that can take your spot,my slave
(So don't run away) My slave
(So don't run away) My slave
(So don't run away) Ain't another women that can take your spot, my slave

Oooh slave
My slave
My slave

Now if I wrote you a complain note
And made you pissed off every word I wrote (what would you do?)
Would that make you wanna change maid agencies
And hope dont be selected back to my team (tell me, would you?)
See what's the point of paying you anymore
Cause bitch I've never been more sure (that it's not you)
This cheaque represents my heart
And everything you've been waiting for (naik pangkat)

(Chorus repeat)

(T.I's rap)
Bitch be hot as Paris Hilton
On the CNN again
Still hate her when I hired her from Japan
Listen maid, I've just got a plan
Why don't you sell yourself to a man
Cause the maids real wild they raise their're hands up high
Wanna get hired with a filthy rich guy
You don't really wanna let that chance go by
Because you ain't work for a guy that's so fly
I'm so fly I can be fly
Private, cause I handle mine
Call me candle guy, cause I am on fire
I love to cancel your vacation so you can be denied
I ain't patient, but I ain't gonna try
You don't come, you will die
Hold up, what you mean you cant go why?
You my maid ain't no tie
You say you wanna run away until you get so high
Bitch you decide that I ain't your guy
I ain't gonna lie, I'm destroying your space
Forget your face, I swear I will
Shoot you with my shotgun anywhere I chill
Prepare you a awful funeral, I will

(Chorus repeat last time)


To Homer!!!

Look at Homer people.....................if only he was my dad.

Oh well....he would be eating donuts and wearing the same old shirt with the same old look with the same old hairstyle and whenever I do something wrong he'll choke me in a funny way and when he do something wrong......he would say "do'h!!"

LOL....this blog is a tribute to America's all-time favourite dad....Homer Simpson.

P.S : He's not related to Jessica nor Ashlee Simpson.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wilson're so bloody dead

First, you called Kerrie a bitchy looking gal with the worst attitude ever. Then, you said that she berlagak and so on. You better watch your gay ass from now. One more message from any of your unknown friends and one more crazy people call me to ask about me for're dead.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Darren Hayes - "So Beautiful"

Whether I'm right or wrong
There's no phrase that hits
Like an ocean needs the sand
Or a dirty old shoe that fits
And if all the world was perfect
I would only ever want to see your scars
You know they can have their universe
We'll be in the dirt designing stars

And darlin' you know
You make me feel so beautiful
Nowhere else in the world I wanna be
You make me feel so beautiful

Whether I'm up or down
There's no crowd to please
I'm like a faith without a clause to believe in it
And if all the world was smiling
I would only ever want to see your frown
You know they can sail away in sunsets
We'll be right here stranded on the ground
Just happy to be found

You make me feel so beautiful
Nowhere else in the world I wanna be
You make me feel so beautiful

I have lost my illusions
I have drowned in your words
I have left my confusion to a cynical world
I am throwing myself at things I don't understand
Discover enlightenment holding your hand

You are..
So Beautiful

Yeah darlin' you know!
That you make me feel so beautiful

It's a shame that he's gay and married. Sigh..........anygirl who be so frickin lucky to have him. So leng zhai la. Go watch the music video for this song.

Savage Garden - Truly,Madly,Deeply

"Truly Madly Deeply"

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah

I want to stand with you on
a mountain
I want to bath with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining
brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the
pleasure in the certainty
That we're surrounded by the
comfort and protection of

The highest powers
In lonely hours
The tears devour you

Oh can you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right here
before you
All that you need with surely come

I'll be your dream I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do

I want to stand with you on a
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

This lyric from the song "Truly,Madly,Deeply" by Savage Garden is for my lovely Kerrie.

T-Pain - Buy U A Drank

"Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')"

Shawty Snap (Yeah)
Shawty Snap
Young Joc (Shawty)

[Young Joc:]
Ay Ay
She Snappin
Ah She Snappin
Shawty Snappin

Snap Ya Fingers Do The Step You Can Do It All By Yourself

[Verse 1:]
Baby Girl
Whats Your Name
Let Me Talk To You
Let Me Buy You A Drink
Im T-Pain, You Know Me
Konvict Music Have Every Boy Like Ohh Wee
I Know The Club Close At 3
Whats The Chance A You Rollin Wit Me
Back To The Crib
Show You How I Live
Lets Get Drunk Forget What We Did

Imma Buy You A Drank
Theen Imma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty Whachu Think Bout That
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ohh, Ooh Ooh
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

[Verse 2:]
Talk To Me, I Talk Back
Lets Talk Money, I Top That
Crunk Juice Bottle
Oakly Shades
Shawty Got Class
Oh Behave
Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out (Walk It Out)
Just Like That
Thats What Im Talkin Bout
We Gone Have Fun
You Gone See
On That Patron
You Should Get Like Me

Imma Buy You A Drank
Theen Imma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty Whachu Think Bout That
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ohh, Ooh Ooh
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

[Verse 3: Young Joc]
Wont You Meet Me At The Bar
Respect Big Pimpin
Tell Me How You Feel
Mama Tell Me What You Sippin
A Certified Dime Piece
Deserve Louy 1-3
150 A Shot
3 For You And 3 For Me
Im Checkin Yo Body Language
I Love The Conversation
And When You Lick Your Lips
I Get A Tinglin Sensation
Now Were Both Bout Tipsy
You Say You In The Mood
All I Need Is Bout A Hour
Better Yet Maybe Two
Let Me Take You Where I Live
Ferrari Switch Gears
When I Whisper In Ya Ear
Ya Legs Hit The Chandilleer
Passion Fruit And Sex
All In The Atmosphere
Imma Let T-Pain Sing It
So He Can Make It Clear

Imma Buy You A Drank
Theen Imma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty Whachu Think Bout That
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ohh, Ooh Ooh
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

[Verse 4:]
Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out
(Now Walk It Out Bang Yo Body, Aaaahhhh Snap)
Now Rock Rock Rock Rock
You Can Do It All By Yoself

Imma Buy You A Drank
Theen Imma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty Whachu Think Bout That
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ohh, Ooh Ohh
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

After listening to this song....I think T-Pain is actually teaching me to flirt....


Monday, July 23, 2007

That's it!!!! Who the fuck is this number???


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Continued from the Wilson post.........

That bitch even have the guts to tell me that she's one of Kerrie's good friends while asking me to add her on Friendster, through message.

Ahhh...Wilson better watch out!!!

Wilson had me to boil to the highest point.

Dear readers of my blog, if I gave you my number only, do not, I mean....

DO NOT!!!!!!!

........give it to anyone else. Don't give it to people that I don't know.

There's this bitch who every time sits on a chair during assembly time. Yup, that bitch is gonna get scolding from my wife!!

Today, at 6:30 p.m, I was watching MTV, "Diary of Nelly Furtado". Go Nelly!!! Then out of the blue, at 6:45 p.m, my cheering mood for Nelly has gone when I received a call from a girl, with the number 0162544989. It was a girl, the first question she pop out is.....

"Hello....I'm actually Wilson's friend. May I ask, can I be your friend?"


God, my Saturday's was perfect until this bullshit happen to me!!!!

By the time I heard the name "Wilson"......I was totally angry.

Wilson Foo..........I don't care whether I will be suspended from school or being fired from becoming a prefect, I will kick your ass to the ground and I would really like to scold your parents for teaching you to become busybody. You ask about Kerrie whether she's my GF or not from Yee Khai, that is totally busybody. You screwed up Yee Khai's day...every're shit!!! You piss me off, you fucked my day up, and you gave a bitch my handphone number and my house number. That's it shorty, you're dead when I see you. Thank God that I didn't breat you up outside the library.

After listening to songs from my phone at about 5:30 p.m, I charged it. Then, she phoned me at 6:45 p.m, then after 1 minute and 15 seconds of freakyness.....I phoned Kerrie about this incident. Because the line was 7:01 p.m, she tried to phone my handphone, since the house line is engaged.

Then..............................9:45 p.m, she strikes back. She asked...."May I speak to Daniel?" I said Daniel went to tuition, then she ask what time will I be back, I said 10:30 p.m. Now it's like 10:05 p.m, I still got 25 minutes of peace.

Kerrie promised me to scold her off. That's my girl.

Kerrie......please tell her off like this...


Thursday, July 19, 2007

I joined choir...

And it rocks......ok, my blogs are getting smaller and shorter....D'OH

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Damn Sasikala....damn

Cannot go









P:S :......WHEEE!!!

What's written on my study desk

What can I say........I love my art!!!

Emmm.......nasi babi......*drools*

LOL......what if they found it out???

"Suicide is not an option cuz' God gave you something priceless.........LIFE!!" - Daniel Mark a.k.a Maccaroni Boyz


"Cheat codes can't save you, you have to save yourself." - Daniel Mark a.k.a Maccaroni Boyz

"Living my life to the fullest......" - Daniel Mark a.k.a Maccaroni Boyz study desk is now like a message board for me to write for fun....creative enough.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Grits - My Life Be Like

Grits - My Life Be Like

its times like these that make me say
lord if you see me please come my way
leavin bread crumbs for when i stray
rely on sacrifice and the price you paid
feel me like a fingertip
sometimes i fall i slip
my heartfelt desire be more like you
trying not to quench your fire by the things that i do

on an island by my lonesome stranded
low key and stayin’ candid
reflect on all the things i try my hand at
search for the equations to persuasions im used to
finding comfort in the zones of closet bones i get loose to
a mountainous fontaine
spinnin and monsoonin’
grinnin’ its high octane
explosive how i came
rollin down hills cause lifes a hastle
encircled by my folly like a moat surround a castle
stay afloat catch a second wind
thin is the air i breathe
teary eyed nose runnin’
wipe the snot on my sleeve
im callin’ on my savior
to be all that i need
please forgive me
my behavior had me lost at light speed

the fear of never falling in love
and the tears after losing the feelings
of what you thought love was
like the dirt still up under the rug
bad characteristics
covered in christs blood
the joy of new birth
and the pain of growing up
the bliss between giving my all
and giving up
the highs and lows
paths and roads i chose
in the cold i froze
trying to ease my woes
in this world of sin
clothes to thin to fend
so to God i send
words of help to win
in grumblings so deep
letters could never express
so the sound of ooh aah
beneath my breath projects


My life be like ooh aah ooh
Come young diti
Here comes that boy from the capital city
Last up on the Grits new diti
But eight bars of the truth will do, eh
I beleive there's a bride thats stunning
And, I believe in the kingdom coming
I believe if you seek the truth,
You don't need to look far cuz it's gonna find you


My life be like x4

I don't think its perfect but you can do the detailing!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Transformers v.s Shrek 3 (movie battle)

This is such a no-competition. The fairy tale creatures couldn't stand a chance against the awsome cool robots. Optimus Prime will kick Shrek's ass to far far away. Ginger breed man.........Bumblebee sure sting it till it dies. Megan Fox is so much hotter than Princess Fiona. Megatron is far more evil than Prince Charming.

Wahh.......long time no blog

Phew.....yesterday's KPJ activity was fun. Didn't know that cooking can be so much fun. I group, which is Squad One, was planning to cook marinated chicken with mashed potatoes and rice and some egg and cocktail drinks. Alcohol-free, people.

Went to see Ms. Eliza for counseling. has it's ups and downs. Thanks to my mui mui Hui Xian for praying for me oww....and Kerrie to cheer me up and support me through the good times and the bad times. Yesterday I got so fed up until I was this close to be reduced to tears.

12:20 p.m, the team leaders, supervisors and assistants were suppose to come down at this hour. But then....suddenly Gan Yang and co. got screwed up to hell. I don't know what's wrong with Gan Yang man. Well, first, Efina told us to come down at this hour,when we come down that time, Gan Yang said that we shouldn't come down now.


Then a few moments later, Efina asked the fire starters to go to the sepak takraw field and wait for the signal to start the fire. Then, Gan Yang again got pissed off. He said go to the backyard of the school hall and wait. They both exchange words and then we all follow Gan Yang to the school hall there.

Skip skip time. chicken sure better be good. Mashed potatoes.....don't have time to cook, mind as well fried it. The rice.....lembab betulnya. in peace lah.

Look....I'm too tired to type out all the things that I have done yesterday. Furthermore, I slept pass yesterday's homecell fellowship. Too tired.

Oh yeah.......after school, mum was kind enough to fetch us to Lesuire Mall and go out. By the way, she knows about us. Wow!!!

And we watched Harry Potter..........Order of The Phoenix. The ending.... Harry's uncle, Black, died.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mamak again......this time ok ok lo

Whoot!!! 2 goals in handball, how sweet can scoring be. But then when druing history tummy aches like sheet!!!

Woah.......don't tell me it's gastric again. No way dude, I'm not those type of people who likes to slim down their weight and body size.

Went to mamak....with Kerrie, Yee Khai and Gan Yang. Shu Teng and Yong Shan also got go.
Saw students from our school buying ciggarettes.
Better keep mum about it.
Ordered roti canai, they machas give me roti bom instead.


Total price of us eating............9.90 dollars.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mamak time people!!! tuition school. Wasaiii!!!!!!! Well, the best thing about it is free and it's just an hour. God Bless Malaysia!!!

After school, I and Kerrie and Yee Khai and Gan Yang walked......yes people, we WALKED to the nearest mamak controlled by machas in Malaysia's Taynton View area. Wah, time is running out and we still slowly walk. Walk and talk and walk and talk. When we reached the mamak stall, we saw alot of peps from our school, my Derek darling, Thiam Jun, Hak Lee, See Na, some 1Jaya class people, some form 2 people and many more lah. Most of them are from the "choosen ones" for the tuition program.

3 of us sat down, ordered our drinks and food.....and then chat. Then........I saw one of the form 2 people smoke. Fine....I'll keep mum about that you lucky bastard!!! I ordered Maggi goreng and limau ais, Yee Khai ordered the same as me, Gan Yang ordered Indomee and limau ais too. Then..........our food came, but it's like indomee to me. But I take it as my maggi goreng, as for Yee Khai and Gan Yang...they have to wait lo. Then.........2 maggi gorengs came........oh shit!! I just ate Gan Yang's order. Nowonder spicy. The total charge for our food was RM13.50.
Oh yea........Kerrie darling ordered Milo.

Eeee......I thought you like warm water??


Then after that, while we all eat, all of the others cabut lo...nanti Pn. Anita smack us. Well, we all are so full, we can't run. Well, when we reach there, we're already late. Thank God Pn.Anita is such a good teacher.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Did you see that???

Gosh....Mr.Chew is sooooooo like Arnold Swashienag.........ah, that guy who acted in the Terminator series. Assembly was soo noisy, so Mr.Chew can't take it anymore, so he like, walked from the canteen where the teachers was having meetings, and he stood at the center of the stage, and he used his loud voice and yell and us to shut up. Furthermore, he wants pin drop silence. No noise or whatsoever. Then, he told us prefects to not move and stand where you're at right now, and because I went to my beg and take a pen to fill in some forms about my junior prefects. By the time I wanted to go to 3D to take care of my duty, all the prefects were ordered to stand still at where were they I stand beside the portable P.A system.


Waiting for it to blow in front of me so that I no need to go through PMR......LOL!!!!

Then......a few seconds later.........Mr.Chew caught a student talking, it was a girl. Then he called the girl to stand up, then the boys who sat at the stage (disciplinary case students) laughed. Mr.Chew stared at them and warned them.Then, there was a rubbish on the floor, he picked it up, then he looked at me, he gave it to me, I looked at him, I took it, the students were looking at us, he point at the rubbish bin, I......................malulah.........took the rubbish to the bin.


First.................Mr.Abdul Aziz asked me to picked rubbish, then the Headmistress Saamah ordered me to pick up, Terminator asked me to do the dirty work...

I feel like swearing the word "fuck".

There.....I've done it again.

You people saw it........rite???

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oh my gosh!!!

Ok.............................this isn't the face I've been looking forward to see in my PC screen. But what the hack?!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I am bored.....

Ahhhhhhh....nothing new happen to me at school.

Wait................some fat fuck pissed my classmates off. That fat fuck is Uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob is a very fat guy, who operates our canteen. He charges our school canteen food at some ridiculous prices. His foods aren't worth your money. But since doctor advised me to eat more, the doc said I'm skinny until she even ask, "Are you Paris Hilton's brother?"


The nasi lemak ain't worth a cent. Beggars can tell you it's shit. The soya drink taste like crap. I'm not sure whether the ice in the drinks are safe enough anot. Milo sucks balls. The curry The nuggets....swt!!! The chicken.....most of my friends who bought the fried chicken, either the chicken's meat are still cold or it just suddenly bleed. The French Fries don't deserve to be called French Fries anymore. Trademark name violated to smithereens!!! It's sooo bloody salty, you'll be crying over spilt milk for buying these shit. The fried should have seen how those canteen workers, the amount of salt and sometimes sugar is poured into the rice and then fried with Uncle Bob's special ingredients is alot man.......alot!!!!!

Fine, 3 Dinamik pissed you off, because one of them kicked the football to your French Fries corner, and caused the French Fries to fall to the floor, so what?? You saved people from eating your so called Bob's Fries that are soo bloardy salty. People won't have kidney failure anymore. Whee!!!!!! You picked up the ball, you kept it as hostage, and 3 Dinamik can't play football anymore. Nice one you fat fuck!

Today P.J.K, we played 4 handball matches and 3 football matches. Handball match, my team won, with me scoring 2 goals. Sweet. team loss thanks to goals by Chean Foo a.k.a Wayne. last handball match, Amirul and Chean Foo screwed it up again. I shoot, Jun Xiong blocked it, Chean Foo picked up the rebound, tried to pass me and Amirul, Amirul elbowed him, everyone scattered to play basketball. So then, I, Jew Han and Mampreet and Amirul, we played practise match, involving just one goal post. 2 balls comming towards me, handball and football. Aw........Mampreet can't score past me, pity.

Then...I went somewhere else for a while, then suddenly someone shoot the ball to the canteen. I went to see the commotion. Oh gosh, it's gonna be the same situation like 3 Dinamik , the football is gonna be a hostage for some time. Weng Fai asked the kakak to please return to ball, in a very polite way, the kakak said that the ball is missing. Then we saw the ball at the kitchen since the door was open. Weng Fai then asked again, in a polite way. The kakak asked us to go away. Weng Fai got so angry, he stormed into the kitchen to get the ball. Uncle Bob was sitting at the canteen near the drink corner, he heard the incident, he shouted at us. Since I was holding a handball, he stared at me and shouted to Mr.Chee....."MR. CHEE!!! WHAT LA YOUR STUDENTS KICKED THE BALL TO MY KITCHEN!!!!"

I'll explain in a better view. When Chean Foo kicked the ball, the ball bounced, roll in slowly to the kitchen. Uncle Bob saw this, he commanded his workers to close the door and asked them not to give back the ball to us. Damn you, you fat fuck!!!!! can we repay getting fired. Hey, I kena 4 times food poisoning, you deserve to go back to Indonesia with your imigrants!!!!!