Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Boys The Burger Bar

So last week Thursday, Passion Alive youth members decided to head down to Publika to try out Fat Boys The Burger Bar for of course, the burgers. 

From Fat Boys' menu, its really simple. One side is presented with their speciality burgers, and the other allows you to customize your own burger. From what type of patty to the buns and sauces and extra toppings. In my own opinion, its best to just order the ready made ones. You'll end up paying more for your own burgers.

First of all the burgers were great. Didn't really liked the fries. They were too dry. As for the portion size, Skewers' were bigger.

Right after Fat Boys, we decided to head to The Bee to chill.

Me and James
Chermaine and Erica

The Last Polka's Guinness Flavoured Ice Cream. Me gusta.

Overall it was a great night. Its been a long time since we got together for dinner. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh Dear England

Let me be an honest England fan....

Watching England losing in the 2002 World Cup quarter finals against Brazil was hard

Watching England losing to Portugal in the 2004 Euro Championship quarter finals was tough

Watching England losing again to Portugal in the 2006 Euro Championship quarter finals was a pain

Watching England screwing up and not qualifying for the 2008 Euro Championship was just an insult.

Watching England getting schooled by the Germans in the 2010 World Cup was just embarrassing.

And watching England losing on penalties on God knows how many times in a major tournament, to Italy in this year's Euro Championship, I expected it. 

Face it, England fans should know how overrated, overpaid the whole squad is. 6 figure salaries WAGS that looks like models. And the fact that Roy Hodgson was appointed instead of Harry Redknapp, and that six Liverpool players were featured in the squad, with Carrick, Ferdinand, Richards, Welshire left out......

We know England can only go this far. Quarter final stages. 

Its like their main objective in every major tournament is to top the group and score at least 5 goals and winning 1-0 as always, and then just play 20 minutes of good football, and screw everything up in the quarter-final stages. 

Lord knows how many times England has failed to live up to their expectation as one of the top 10 football teams. And He knows how many times, its the same results but at different times. And that the good Lord knows that England's weakness is going through penalty stages.

Everything about this year's squad is just wrong. Here's a list

Martin Kelly and Jordan Henderson over Micah Richards and Rio Ferdinand and Phil Jones?! 
Oh God this has got to be the news that really gave us a huge hint that England will not go far at all. Roy, I don't know whether you still have feelings for Liverpool players but damn it, we're sick of playing safe and going for 1-0 wins. We need some senior players that's been featured in tournaments and a creative defender like Phil Jones to run and pass to midfield.

Have you seen Richards played? Tough City defender. And I know John Terry's racial abuse against Anton Ferdinand is on hold but have you ever thought of putting Richards and Ferdinand and Jones in defence, and have Terry to warm the bench and might shag a few girls while at it?

The Midfield
Lampard out with injury. Fine, could have picked Tom Cleverly or Carrick or Wilshire. But no, Roy decided to pick Stewart Downing, who is by far the most expensive English midfielder that has 0 assists and goals.
And why did you start Parker and Milner?!  Milner is shit. He was shit ever since he don the Manchester City shirt. Roberto Mancini screwed him. 

And The Ox and Walcott wasn't in the starting lineup against Italy. We needed to attack and try to score as early as possible. But we opted for a boring, typical England

Beckham Missing
David Beckham was all the while our missing puzzle piece to the creative midfielder department. No one listened. No one.

Roy Hodgson
Of all people, Roy Hodgson. Horrible record at Liverpool. Average record at bottom half clubs. Could have opted for Harry Redknapp, or Brendan Rodgers.

Come 2014 Brazil World Cup, it'll be the same expectations for England. Deja vu all over again. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carbon Fibre Stickers On Them Panels.

 Bought the EURO 2012 Holland jersey, wore it on the day when Germany defeated Holland 2-1. And now they are out of the Euros. Bye Oranje.... 

Anyways, not much has been going on tho. 
 Took an hour and thirty minutes to just stick them onto the panels. The thing is S Spec's panel's surface is different than the current G spec ones. 

 Out of boredom, I've asked one of my crew buddy to stick some carbon fibre sticker onto the panels of the radio dashboard. Looks good.

 From the outside.

Finally had the time to wash the car in peace. I don't wanna drive my car to the usual car wash spot at Taynton View. It ain't clean as it used to be. Ah, the joy of spending time with your car. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids, don't be cheap.

Original Statement:
me and a few friends went to MacDonald and we share money to buy 1 cup of large coke , we refill it so all of us can drink it, MacDonald said that their drinks can be refilled , then on the 5th or 6th time we refill , the staff there pour in smelly water and mix with the coke to let us drink, we went to complain then the staff ask us to drink it since we like to refill, we got angry get out of MacDonald and that staff was still not satisfied , he climb out of the window and seek us for a fight ,
i think this is really bad , if this happens again , who will dare to go to Macdonald?

Here's my own personal view on this : 

Kids, don't be cheap. Really, just don't. I mean, you guys can afford to waste money on a few hours in the cyber cafe to play your DOTA, HON or whatever online games, but don't come and tell me y'all can't afford your own coke drinks.

So this video is about these secondary school kids, being pissed poor by buying one large cup of coke, and refilling it 5 to 6 times so that all of them can drink. McDonald's staff workers were mad, and confronted the kids outside of the fast food outlet.

And its a good thing this video is under the comedy category, because the kids really made an ass of themselves on the Internet. Most of the comments were against the kids, and some thought the workers were at fault and IT IS OK TO REFILL 5 TO 6 TIMES.


1) Picture yourself as a McDonald staff. This guy or girl comes up to you, buys a large coke. Just a large coke. And the he/she comes back to you 5-6 times to refill and pass it to his/her friends to drink. So who is abusing the special benefits of refilling in McDonald's? I know some of my friends do refill, but they only refill for themselves and definitely not more than 5 times.

2) I know its OK to refill. But really, 5 people sharing one coke is just too cheap. If you're offended, I don't care. I don't need to please you by saying its a way to save money. How much can you save for Pete's sake?! 

3) Proof and pictures of workers mixing dirty water and coke into your cup, or it didn't happened at all.

4) To the kid who had coke in his bottle and drank it in front of the workers. You deserved a punch. I'm serious. I would buy that McDonald worker lunch and dedicate a blog post for him if he did that. 

5) Was there a need to provoke further by challenging the McDonald workers to speak Mandarin. Sure, working in a fast food outlet isn't the best job in the world, but that doesn't mean we have the right to underestimate them in every aspect in life. You'll be damn surprised to see how many non-Chinese that can speak fluent Mandarin or any other related dialect. Props to them if they can speak better than me. 

6) Calling them 'sohai'. I admit I do sometimes use that word to add further insult to people that I do dislike but I try not to really use that word so much, because its just......uhh. I don't like that word, and I think you should only use it (if you have to) if the person you're dealing with is really, really, really acting up like an asshole.

7) Its McDonald's, not MacDonalds. Sigh.

Was surprised that my comment got voted up as one of the 2 top comments of the video, until some smartass thought my opinion was bias. But do tell me how am I supposed to defend kids that cheap and low, huh? 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacman-Bradley rant.

I think sports these days are rigged. The World Cup, Euros, Premiership, La Liga, even our local football league. NBA too (yes Queen James, I still do not wish to see you and Miami Cheats to lift. And I do hope the Thunders win) 

But I never expect boxing to be in the list. Never.

Google up the stats of that match, Pacman owned Bradley's ass in the ring. They probably should have gave Bradley the belt and announced Pacman as the winner and the defending champ. Bradley can keep the damn belt, because Pacman is still the finest boxer at this present day.

Timothy Bradley I hope you can even get a good night's sleep after what happened. I hope this haunts you until November 10. Pacman's gonna destroy you during the rematch, and even your hugs can't save your sorry ass. 

Celebrities Reaction to Pacquiao-Bradley Match

Its funny how the celebrities you're following on Twitter is tweeting about the same thing and their reaction was about the same too.

It was the Manny Pacquiao - Timothy Bradley fight. Bradley said he was gonna pull off a surprise. And shit happened XD

Pacman had better scores than Bradley, the odds were for him, but the judges at ringside thought otherwise.

Pacman lost. And here's what Drake, Chamillionaire, Russell Peters, Kevin Hart, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and even the Illuminati had to say.

Hello there, Isabel Mak

And on the 5th of June 2012, a new addition to the Mak family. Meet Isabel Mak, and no, there's no spelling errors. My brother sent me this picture via Whatsapp, and I was really happy and proud of him. He's finally a dad now =) 

So mum and I decided to visit my bro and sis-in-law at Tropicana Medical Center, located at Kota Damansara. Dad was at Kota Kinabalu teaching students for a few days. 

Not surprised to see the tiring look on my bro's face. It has been a stressful week for him before Isabel came out.

Someone's sleeping soundly.

Skipping class to see niece, worth it. 

Lunch at KFC Petronas, chicken was tasteless tho. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Need for Speed : Most Wanted First Impressions

The wait is finally over!!! EA and Criterion released the official trailer for their latest NFS series, Need for Speed Most Wanted.

I literally had tears, manly tears streaming down my face as I watched the first exclusive trailer shown during this year's E3 event. Waited hours for EA's press conference just to catch Need for Speed.

The main star of the trailer is the game's city. Yes, I know most of the time its the line up of the exotic, tuners and muscle cars that will be in the game. But pay attention on how much the city's landscape and the routes would influence your plan to escape from the city's 5-0. No word out yet on whether the city could be Rockport like the previous Most Wanted game back in 2005. 

A few things I've found in the trailer,
1) why is there a pick up truck speeding along with the other big boys? 

Gameplay was much of an improvement of The Run. It feels like there was more speed and more towards the older version of the Most Wanted game, with better handling and drifting physics. Damage wise, don't expect GTA style damage visuals. Its more likely to be the same as Hot Pursuit. Car companies do not want to see their sweet products being torn apart while in a cop pursuit.

I've noticed :
1) Speedbreaker (the ability to slow time while driving to avoid road blocks and spike strips) is missing,
2) Road blocks, spike strip and helicopters are missing in the game. Maybe a few weeks later another trailer or gameplay video would include them in it.

Trivia : Honda had their cars requested to be pulled out from any Need for Speed series that features illegal racing. This explains why the last time I saw a Honda was in Shift series. But then again, why bother when most of the ones screaming in the middle of the night on Kuala Lumpur highways are Hondas? XD

So, I'm really looking forward towards getting this game. But first I gotta save up for a PS3. I know my PC can't handle any upcoming EA games already. The last time I played Battlefield 3, my PC crashed.

And as for the next videos to be released, i hope EA would show off whatever improvements they had made for the Most Wanted remake. And also to answer all of the NFS new generation gamers (the ones that only started playing NFS after Most Wanted, and not appreciating the previous titles on the Playstation One days) whether customizing options are included or not.

And also the complete car list on their website. Maybe not, maybe just reveal a car every 2 days. No pressure EA, no pressure =D 

Come October 30th, I won't be seeing sunlight for a month, maybe longer than that =D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cadbury Share the Happiness / MIB 3 @Sunway Pyramid

A week ago, met up with my Scream Interactive former co-workers for lunch. Was excited that the Cadbury event was gonna be in Sunway Pyramid from Friday till Sunday. And since Men In Black 3 was gonna be released on that week, thought of catching up with a few friends that I have not seen for months.

Kyle suggested this awesome noodles stall that's located along the uphill road at Taman Connaught. before KFC and the night market road. 

I've forgotten when was the last time I met Carmen. Still, its fun to make fun of her after all these years.

Kyle, his bro and I patiently waited until the girls got their orders on the table, then only we start to eat.

Ohai Carmen Hor.

We reached Sunway Pyramid around 8:30 p.m, I thought of buying some colourful character based shirts like the Cookie Monster, Elmo from Seseme Street or Spongebob Squarepants.

But the minute I saw Pikachu, the rest is nothing to me =D 

I'll be honest, this is only the 3rd time I've been to Sunway Pyramid since my last visit back in 2010 for the MTV World Stage roadshow. And with that in mind, I have completely no idea which shop is located at which block and which concourse is at which block too.

But thank goodness for Carmen and Siang Er, since both of them are studying in Sunway University and The One Academy respectively, they were the tour guide for the night. 

I was happy, really excited to see my layout plan came to live. Even though there were minor changes made after I left, still proud of it =D

The event's main entrance arch.

The main attraction of the event is the Cadbury chocolate machine. Beneath the rotating globe is a chocolate fondue and some interactive screens for you to interactive with a mascot and some games. 

Carmen and Siang Er with the Cadbury mascot.

Thought of carrying the mascot for the picture but the person inside the mascot asked us not to do so '____'

So this is the Cadbury Share the Happiness wall, where anyone can write down a shoutout or dedication message to spread the happiness.

Personally, this was my favourite one among the rest on the wall.

Men in Black, 9 ;45 p.m TGV @Sunway Pyramid. I've been waiting for a year so for the third instalment of the Men in Black series. Its been a long time since I last saw Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as Agent Jay and Kay on the silver screen. 

Here's a short review of the movie. The whole Agent Jay jumping back into time to save his partner might be confusing to some, but put that aside, we get to see how the whole organization was like back in the 60's. Andy Warhol makes a special cameo as an undercover agent for them too. And Josh Brolin as the young Agent K stood out among the actors in the movie.

Its a shame that Will Smith might have lost a little bit of his usual loudmouth comic that made Agent J interesting and animated, Tommy Lee Jones is still Tommy Lee Jones. The movie is more focused on Agent K's past, so don't expect Transformers-like alien special effects, because you'll be disappointed. The villain, Boris the Animal is nothing special. Just that he has the ability to shoot mini parasites out of his hand and is able to tongue kiss Nicole Scherzinger and kill her off after setting him free from jail on a moon (oops, spoilers, my bad!!) 

Overall, MIB 3 deserves a 7/10. The movie showed us why Agent K recruited Agent J in the first place, and why after all these years Agent K has been gloomy for the past 2 movies. Do spot a cameo from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Blink and you'll missed it.

Another yum cha session at the usual Maideen mamak at Taman Connaught. A long time since I had after midnight talks with my friends. Probably the best time to have good conversations and bitch about how awful life has been to us.

A good night. Ignore the duck face