Friday, November 30, 2007

Spice up your life......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..............the good old days in the 90's. WheN the Playstation One was the bomb. When Internet was frickin slow. Music......"Hey Maccarena" was the smash hit. Don't forget.......


Spice Up Your Life

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

When you're feeling sad and low
We will take you where you gotta go
Smiling, dancing, everything is free
All you need is positivity

Colours of the world
Spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
Spice up your life
People of the world
Spice up your life

Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Uh Uh go round
Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Hi Ci Ya Hold Tight

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

Yellow man in Timbuktu
Colour for both me and you
Kung fu fighting
Dancing queen
Travel spaceman
And all that's in between

Colours of the world
Spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
Spice up your life
People of the world
Spice up your life

Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Uh Uh go round
Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Hi Ci Ya Hold Tight

But Hip Hop is harder
We moon walk the foxtrot
Then polka the salsa
Shake Shake Shake haka
Shake Shake Shake haka

Colours of the world
Spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
Spice up your life
People of the world
Spice up your life

Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Uh Uh go round
Slam it to the left
If you're having a good time
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Chicas to the front
Hi Ci Ya Hold Tight

Yeah......I know the lyrics to you guys sounded GAY..........but for those who really lived out the 90's, these songs are mega this one.


Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna zigazig ha.

If you want my future forget my past,
If you wanna get with me better make it fast,
Now don't go wasting my precious time,
Get your act together we could be just fine

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna zigazig ha.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is.

What do you think about that now you know how I feel,
Say you can handle my love are you for real,
I won't be hasty, I'll give you a try
If you really bug me then I'll say goodbye.

Yo I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna zigazig ha.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is.

So here's a story from A to Z, you wanna get with me
you gotta listen carefully,
We got Em in the place who likes it in your face,
we got G like MC who likes it on an
Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady,
and as for me you'll see,
Slam your body down and wind it all around
Slam your body down and wind it all around.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta,
you gotta, you gotta, slam, slam, slam, slam
Slam your body down and wind it all around.
Slam your body down and wind it all around.
Slam your body down and wind it all around.
Slam your body down zigazig ah
If you wanna be my lover.

But then, in the year 2000......they break up......everyone gone solo.

The Spice Girls days were over, and me as a fan of their songs, made me sad.

7 years later, they reunited for a tour, and what makes things even better, a new song.

Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) - Spice Girls

The time is now or never to fit the missing piece
To take this on together, you make me feel complete
We fall into the future and trough the looking glass
The light shines over our heads and so it comes to pass...

To go beyond the surface, to reach into your soul
This love is not demanding: My heart has told me so
I’ll hold on to my hero with faith enough to fly
The power to imagine will keep this love alive

Let's make the headlines loud and true:
I wanna tell the world I’m giving it all to you
Let's make the headlines loud and clear:
The best things suddenly happen when you are here
If I lost my way you’d carry me home
Take me all the way to heaven, never leave me alone
And it’s just like everything matters when you are near

And it feels so good, every bell's gonna ring
Your love is alive and it’s making me sing
I could fly, wanna cry, want the whole world to know
We are together, come on baby lets go!

And words get to be spoken, will fall upon the page
Spelling out true devotion, is all we need to say

Let's make the headlines loud and true:
I wanna tell the world I’m giving it all to you
Let's make the headlines loud and clear:
The best things suddenly happen when you are near
(Just remember, friendship never ends)
If I lost my way you’d carry me home
Take me all the way to heaven and never leave me alone
And it’s just like everything matters when you are near

Let's make the headlines true this time:
There’s no hiding from this magical state of mind
(I feel love, I feel, I feel love)
If I lost my way you’d carry me home
Take me all the way to heaven and never leave me alone
And it’s just like everything matters when you are near

Let's make the headlines loud and true
Let's make the headlines...
Cause I’m giving it all
I’m giving it all to you.

The video for this song was hot hot hot. out of the sudden, played "Spice Up Your Life" by Spice Girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Turned up the volume high enough to annoy my mum driving the car and listening to me singing the song. The song is part of's 'Songs that you are never gonna listen again". Hey, don't be mean!!!!!!!

Glad that their back. Victoria is still as hot as the 90's.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

K.L ain't safe be EXTRA careful...

Recently this afternoon, I was just browsing through to watch cute little Rabbids screaming DAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!! ( Then I was bored, so I just went through Kenny Sia's blog and Joyce Wong a.k.a KinkyBlueFairy's blog.

Kenny Sia's latest blog post was about Ronald McDonald holding the Golden Arch of McDonald's as hostage. But on KinkyBlueFairy's blog, it's about someone got kidnapped and went missing.

Last time I used to think that K.L was so safe, parents no need to sweat or worry where their children go. Heck, their children go as far as Mid Valley also they don't mind. Because.........back then, K.L is as safe as it sounds.

Now...............its totally different.

Cases of rapes, murder,kidnap and so on has been appearing throughout national newspaper. Come to think of it, it's not safe anymore.

Remember the Nurin case, where the little cute Malay girl was missing and the police force went on a massive hunt to search her?

A few weeks or months later, a news was reported that there was a sports bag found in a bookstore, and inside the bag....was a body of a little girl, naked, full of injuries. And there was an object shoved into her private part.

It was disturbing. I couldn't even imagine what the pain she had gone through. What's worst, she's dead.

The police compared the picture of the dead girl to Nurin's picture. Nurin's father, denied that it was not his Nurin, stated that her hair style was different than the dead girl.

One was to find out is............ DNA test to see whether is it her or not.

It was her.

Once I saw the report, saying that "it is 99% Nurin". Nurin's father still could not accept the truth, and said that Nurin could still be out there waiting for help.

The next day, somehow, Nurin's father claimed the body of the dead girl to be his daughter.

Nurin's classmates, teachers, neighbours, and even her sisters, were shocked and sadden over her death.

I was disturbed how she got sexually killed, and what's worst is that, she was stuffed inside a sports bag, left in a bookstore.

How Nurin got kidnapped?

She and her family went to a nightmarket. They lost her, Nurin was taken into a van. There was alot of people witnessed her being forced into a van, but they didn't at least jotted down the plate number of the vehicle. If the people was curious enough to even write down the number and report this to the police, little Nurin would still be with us. Because of us, this is one of the reasons why we failed to safe her.

We could blame her parents, but ain't her parents suffered enough?

If they held her hand tight and make sure that she's on their sights, this wouldn't happened.

I don't know how many parents are reading blogs right now.......or maybe busy being kiasu or being nosy, but please, keep an eye for your children, especially young ones. If your child is being kidnapped or being missing without u knowing, you can be also charged neglecting your children. Parents are responsible for their safety, and they should know it.

Sometimes, I'm even scared to go to the nearest pasar malam alone, knowing that many foreign workers lived around here, mostly Indonesians and Bangladeshis. That's why, I would only walk with my parents.

If there is only one day, where no one is killed or kidnapped or raped, it would be the best day that we can go through.

Thought of the day............

bah kata pepatah Uncle Daniel ............... babi wasabi

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They are shooooooo cute and funny!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! Those rabbids.............shooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!! Trust me, they are shoooo adorable, you feel like owning one too as a pet.

The pics are too small for you all, so why just go to

Trust me, they are cuter than Mashimaro.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm sad..............shooooo sad..

The darkest day of my England supporting years in football has come, England didn't qualify for the Euro 2008.

Without England in any major football competition, is just like what a fellow blogger like Alvin said.....

For food lovers, it’s like prawn noodles without prawn, and chicken rice without chicken meat.

To me like a food junkie, is like Nasi Lemak, only without


Like Maggi Goreng, only without

The Maggi noodles itself.

Like cendol, only without


To a gadget lover, it's like The Playstation 3, only without the

main hardware

Like a Nokia phone, only without

It's cute start up melody.

*de dum de da da*

Like a iPod, only without

The Apple logo (lol)

To movie lovers, it's like watching a James Bond movie, only without

The cool gadgets and the hot girls

Like watching Dirty Harry (it's an old movie with Clint Eastwood in it), only without him saying....

"Do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya?"

It's like watching a Frank Miller movie (known for his works like Sin City), only without


I cannot tahan.....cannot lah, mummy, got tissue ah??

Saturday, November 24, 2007

First time really mabuk lo.................*hiccups*

Yeah...................*hiccups*......just came back from my cousin's wedding dinner. Sure is fun!!!!!!!!

Dinner sucks........well........not that suck anyway, I'm a little bit boozed off. I had 2 and a half glasses of wine. Yikes..............*hiccups*

Gonna miss tomorrow's "Anime Fair" at Times Square.

Will update this post for a better one.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

England didn't Euro Championship Football for me

Came back from went to see doc. Heard he had a lump inside his throat.

As I switched on the TV for news...................................


What the fish man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Means that I wont be able to see England at least lose in the quater-finals again??


Saw the first goal of the match and the first goal to concede for England........again, England goalkeepers have a bloody habit of letting the ball either slip or roll through their legs or hands. Me too, also was like that. Scott Carson, screwed it all up for England. He now join the ranks of buterfinger keepers like....

David Seaman

David James
(Sorry, no picture of him being careless, go instead)

And....Paul Robinson.

Sigh...................................................................and to think Israel handed England a very priceless lifeline, to qualify for next year's Euro 2008. But, England fuck it all up.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winnie the Pooh got OWNED in Bee Movie...

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE----HAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally......Winnie the Pooh dies!!!!! Pooh lovers must be so sad....AWWHHHH. But seriously, Pooh Bear really died. I'm not joking. I'm dead serious. Trust me, all you have to do is watch "Bee Movie", the latest comedy animation around town.

Surprisingly, it's worth everysingle penny you pay for the movie. Well, depends whether got stupid assholes disturb your viewing pleasure. Mine did.

Woke up at 8:45 a.m, not as early as 7 something in the morning. Yesterday mum woke up early to the market to search for Dad's missing IC card. Dad took it to the morning market, but somehow manage to slip away from his wallet.

Guess he's too "careful".............LOL!!

Today...........................played Need For Speed Prostreet as early as 9:30 a.m.'s addictive. Gotta love the game.

Promised Kerrie to go watch "Bee Movie". At the same time....give her some of my Form 3 revision books.

Reached there, had lunch at Lesuire Mall. Bought the tickets before I ate my lunch. Thank God there's twin seatings available.

First to got in to the cinema, quickly find our seatings, finally get to sit. Sitting beside me is another sweet couple cuddling away. A few minutes later, they went to other places and sit.

Movie only starts 12 minutes after countless of movie previews and strangely, some documentaries about our country, clips of each year's parade from 1985. Not to sound patriotic and all, I seriously don't think that they should air those clips....because, we pay RM 10 to watch a few previews and the main movie, not to watch a few movie previews, 9 minutes of historic crap, and then the movie.

Of all the movie previews, from "Enchanted " to the upcoming "Alvin and The Chipmunks", what got my attention was this upcoming Pixar animated film called...Wall E. Really.....the name of the animation is Wall E. It's a cute animation film about a cute robot, alone on Earth after 700 years. It's main clean Earth up. Awwwhhhh.....

Ok, the intro of Bee Movie is quite funny.

"Go to school for 3 days, go to college for 3 days, go to university for 3 days, and"

As usual, movies like these sure gets children's attention. Especially those noisy ones. There was this Indian couple who brought along their 2 children, one boy one girl. Heck, they were sitting infront row, but then...they moved to the back row. Then they somemore allow their children to run around and play, which it irritates the whole audience.

Out of the of them cries. Then....vomits.

The stench of the vomit really really disturbs the whole audience who is watching the movie. After a few moments later....the 2 monkeys started to play again.

The plot is basicly about the bee suing human race for stealing their honey. Barry the bee also manage to sue Sting, for using the word 'sting', which Sting wasn't stung before. Heck, Barry even sued Ray Liotta for misusing his image on honey containers. LOL.

Bee Movie manage to parody alot of famous people, including Larry King.There's a 'bee' version of Larry King, 'bee' versions of people are also mentioned here, including BeGandhi and BeJesus. Ok...........

But the one scene that makes me go so LOL is ........Winnie the Pooh got killed in the movie. What, you think I'm joking? Oh no, for real. After Barry the bee wins the case, he orders all honeys to be returned to the bees, arrest anybody who is using honey products (yes, including an old women), and.....................................kill any bears who eats honey.

One scene goes like this....

Barry the bee was with a zoo keeper with a tranquilizer gun, they was aiming towards Pooh bear with Piglet. Pooh's eating the honey.

"Wait for shoot!"

Bullet goes to Pooh Bear's head....Pooh Bear dies....Piglet...was shocked.

Throughout the final 30 minutes of the movie....I have to endure the smell of the vomit caused by dumb children raised by dumb parents.


My viewing was ruined, but at least Kerrie enjoyed today's movie.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Jesus Walks" - Kanye West

"Jesus Walks"

Yo, We at war
We at war with terrorism, racism but most of all we at war with ourselves
(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks with me) with me with me with me [fades]

You know what the Midwest is?
Young & Restless
Where restless Niggaz might snatch your necklace
And next these Niggaz might jack your Lexus
Somebody tell these Niggaz who Kanye West is
I walk through the valley of Chi where death is
Top floor the view alone will leave you breathless Uhhhh!
Try to catch it Uhhhh! It's kinda hard hard
Getting choked by the detectives yeah yeah now check the method
They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us
Saying "we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast"
Huh? Yall eat pieces of shit? What's the basis?
We ain't going nowhere but got suits and cases
A trunk full of coke rental car from Avis
My momma used to say only Jesus can save us
Well momma I know I act a fool
But I'll be gone til November I got packs to move I Hope

[HOOK x2]
(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks with me)
The only thing that I pray is that me feet don't fail me now
(Jesus Walks)
And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs
(Jesus Walks with me)
I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long

To the hustlas, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers
To the victims of Welfare for we living in hell here hell yeah
Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly
I know he hear me when my feet get weary
Cuz we're the almost nearly extinct
We rappers are role models we rap we don't think
I ain't here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way yall need Jesus
So here go my single dog radio needs this
They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?
Well let this take away from my spins
Which will probably take away from my ends
Then I hope this take away from my sins
And bring the day that I'm dreaming about
Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks)
The only thing that I pray is that me feet don't fail me now

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally....I get to play Need For Speed ProStreet

Finally....I get to play this game.....

After the bloody police and anti-piracy people raided the, I went to Giant Connought, saw the shops opened, but alot of people lo.

Then.......the seller took out the games.....

"Leng Need For Speed Pro Street anot? For PS2?"



Got back home, thanked the Lord for the game (RM 4, I still don't care the price as long as I get to play the game)

Took a nice bath....quickly on the PS2. Inserted the game.....walla!!!

The graphics was quite OK....for the PS2. Don't be dumb enough to compare it to PS3 or Xbox360.

Gameplay was fun....well, while in a grip race, I couldn't get my car to at least drift while turning corners.

Customization is much more different. You can do blueprints for your car.

You have to own at least 6 cars. Each for different catagory. Grip, Drift, Drag. Plus at least 2 backup cars. Means 8 cars you need to own.

Story ah....the story kinda lame la. Play the game to find it out lah


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beryl's choc factory......hmmm.....the land of chocolate

Yesterday was the last day of school. Manage to escape from Mr.Chan cutting my hair. Brought my phone to school, brought money to buy some tasty chocs, and, set myself to Homer Simpson mode. Cuz.....if you have a chance, there is a Simpson episode when Homer was talking to his new boss, who is German, he begin to day dream while the boss was explaining new rules to him, about German being the land of chocolate. Sweet.

Skip skip skip (follow Kerrie LP zhai). It's not worth mentioning over here.

Went to Beryl's chocolate factory. The minute we stepped out from the bus.......the smell of sweet tasty chocolate was too strong!!! I, Gan Jerry, Chew Boon Kit, Thiam Jun couldn't resisted it already.

"Is the building made from chocolate?" - Boon Kit.

Photos weren't allowed to be don't expect tasty pics in this blog. What?? You can't blame me for that!!

First, we were guided to a mini cinema. They people from Beryl's showed us a video clip about the history of Beryl. Wow.....the video showed us delicious chocolate flowing smoothly. There's even a comparison of a size of a round diamond to a Beryl's chocolate. Sweet!! Everyone drooled as we all watched the video....

"I thought Fererro Rocher is the best chocolate around?" - Daniel Mark a.k.a MaccaroniBoyz , after the video was finished.

After a mere 20 minutes of touring the factory itself, we all headed to the store to buy and eat free samples of delicious Beryl chocolate. Bought a heart shaped chocolate for baby Kerrie. And spent half of the money on chocs for my mummy and for some friends.

Here's some pics of that day....

Lol....the other bus....

Thiam Jun taking pictures.....haha....gotcha.

Yu Kin doing funny faces.....LOL!!!

Then...went to McDonald's and eat. Ate Fillet-O-Fish, French Fries and drank Sprite.

Then go back to school.....only to find all the students in the hall, since earlier in the morning everyone is ordered to clean up the class before the final bell rang.

Then......when everyone said their last goodbyes, bad news came to me that baby Kerrie got into 3J next year. She cried so hard, cuz she really did study hard for final exam.

After school, had lunch with cousin Noby and my mum before he go. Went to neighbour Rozlan's shop to eat. The best Malay cuisine is served over at his shop, "Sufi Station" at Cheras Business Centre.

Then..went back and have some rest. Promised Hui Xian Starbucks.....wanted to buy Need For Speed Pro Street, but what makes me strange it that all the Playstation shops are not selling Playstation 2 games.

Today went to Sungei Wang and Times Square with Kerrie. Even all the Playstation shops over there aren't selling any games. Not even one. Shit!!

Anyway...back to Friday. Went Gamebox with Hao Yang and gang. Kicked his ass. Then as I, Kerrie and Evon walked out of Gamebox.....we saw Kent. Kent greeted me with a middle finger, he was sitting at Starbucks with his friends, I greeted him back with the same gestures.

Today's outing....went to Sungei Wang and Times Square. Went bowling at Times Square, enjoyed myself over there. Dad asked me to buy a Canon printer, bought a 3-in-1 printer, carried the 6.5 kg printer to the bus station. Very 'san fu', cuz I have to carry the printer out of Plaza Low Yat, through Times Square, get on the bus, get out of the bus, give it to dad, and then walk back to Lesuire Mall to accompany baby Kerrie.


While in the bus....I saw this ...

Geee....this is crap!!

My new printer..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A day out with my cousin Noby.......

Phew......escape from Ah Chan for the second time.

"Daniel, I've warned you better cut your hair, especially at the back. See....the hair long until touch the colar."

"But sir....I've cut already lah.." was packed. Quite strange lah....why nearly all the students come to school today de? Well....guess how the school manage to keep it's attendance from falling down?

By sending surat amaran to students who skipped school for a week or so.

That's lame...I mean, we students come to school, only to be doing nothing at all. The teachers couldn't bother us a single bit, so they send us out to play sports. For those who don't want to, they sit in their respective classroom, do nothing or sleep. That's their option.

Then why force us to go to school?

The school authorities also never held any competition for sports to students who are interested..... Also don't have any field trip at all, until last minute let us go to Beryl's chocolate factory.

Mr.Chan also another dukoo.....ask students to cut their lenghty hair before holiday starts..

Gila ah, what's the point of cutting our hair 3 days before school ends?! It's bloody pointless.

My mum says you really got nothing to do. Go play in traffic. Or go jay-walking.

So today....decided to take a day's off.

Woke up 6 a.m, aiya, thought today need to go to school. Finally....I got 2 hours worth of extra sleep. The woke up again at 8 a.m. My cousin, Noby,came to my house yesterday. He's still quite jet legged. Pitty. Mum went to friends house for a belated Deepavali celebration with her Indian friend. I was playing the Playstation 2. Hmmm...starting to take lots of time editing and creating my own football team, with our 'sponsor'...Nokia. It took me 2 bloody hours to edit the 1st and 2nd choice of my team's strip, plus the goalkeeper's strip too.

Played with my own dream team, gotta love it. Especially when your team's sponsor is Nokia.

Then at about 11 a.m +, Noby woke up. Guess he had a great sleep.

Then after playing my game, I switch on Astro to surf the channel. The Weakest Link was kinda ok. The hostess of the show is strict. Once a contestant was voted off, she said "Goodbye..." in a strict and short way. Oouch.

Went to Sungei Wang with Noby at around 12 p.m+. Mum fetch us. Today's traffic wasn't that bad at all. What surprises me not many people at Sungei Wang. Amazing.

Noby wanted a pair of black I brought him to Levi's, the ultimate jeans maker.

How much is the jeans itself?

RM 249.90

Wait......hold your it to Australian dollars...considered cheap leh. up with another cousin of mine for lunch. Went to Madam Wong to eat. Their buttermilk chicken with rice sucks to it's limit. Trust me, the rice was dry. Thank God I didn't pay for the food. At least their pineapple was Ok only.

Then went to Times Square. Went to look for shoes. Saw this nice black Levi's shoe, RM 108 after 10% discount. Next time lah..

Lao po....on my birthday, buy one for me.

The next thing you know....she give me a slap on my face.

'Wah, you think I take money from trees ah?!"


Then.......went back by taking the monorail. Bought the tickets, went on to the train, got on the train. Suppose to get off at Hang Tuah, but we got off at Maharajalela. Yikes....

"Gee Daniel, you did it again. First, you can't even find a way out from Sg Wang, then you couldn't find the way out of Times Square through the main entrance. Now, you got us off the wrong station. You're properly the worst tour guide ever..."

Lol...we both laugh.

Then......we went back to Hang Tuah station, took the LRT tru Ampang Line, waited at Chempaka. Mum picked us up.

For dinner, we went to Station One to eat. Their mash potato was bad. It doesn't taste like one either. But their soups and drinks were great.

I wonder what my friends did today in school...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A copy from Kenny Sia's blog......Malaysia Boleh.

In Malaysia, sometimes, our ministers write the jokes themselves.

Transcript of Malaysia's Information Minister's interview with Al Jazeera News on the Bersih Protest.

Minister: I commend yo-yo-your journalists trying to project... to exaggerate more than what actually happened. That-that-that-that's it. We are not the-the and I-I congratulate your journalists behaving like an actor, that-that's it...

Reporter: As you say that, sir, we're watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water!

Minister: YA! I am watching! I'm here! You've been trying... trying to do it this - to do this everywhere but in Malaysia people are allowed to, you know? We know our police head our colleague... Police have whatever allowed the procession to go to the Istana Negara, you know? Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they... the police don't, don't, don't fire anybody?

Reporter: Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!

Minister:You-you-you-you are here with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind! You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everything you-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!

Reporter: Well unfortunately when you refuse to let people protest, it does appear so.

Minister: Ya ya we are not like you! You-you have earlier perception, you come here, you want to project us like undemocratic country. This a democratic country!

Reporter: So why can't people protest then, if it's a democratic country?

Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST! People do-do... of course they protest. We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated. But we just trying to disperse them, and then later they-they-they don't wanna disperse, but later our police compromise. They have compromised and allowed them to proceed to Istana Negara! Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why do you report that? You take the opposition, someone from opposition party you ask him to speak. You don't take from the government, right?

Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests...

Minister: Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?

Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

Minister: I can't hear you! I can't hear you!

Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

Minister: No we-we are! We... this protest is illegal! We don't want..this... the... NORMALLY...

Reporter: OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?

Minister: YA! It's a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It's no-no point on having a protest! We are allowing to every erection... every five years never fail! We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country. And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this, this forces. The, you know, these forces who are not in passion, who don't believe in democracy!

Reporter: Alright, many thanks for joining us.

Minister: I don't, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?

I don't even understand half of what our Information Minister is talking.......

Hey hey, you, yes Minister, you are a disgrace to people in Malaysia who speaks English. don't even know what's the next bloody word you're even gonna say.

I am so embarrassed that I live in a country where our politics speak horrible English. So bad, it makes one ears go deaf!!

Go back to school, you dumbass!!

What, you think that I scared that you'll shut my blog down. Shut lah, I'm talking some sense over here. I mean, you as a minister, giving a bad impression to a reporter, from Al-Jazeera. Now people from around the world thinks that our big time.

Malu lah...............................errection in 5 years...NEVER FAIL?!

Syok lah...seriously laughable.

Malu memang malu!!!

Chen Li did it again!!!

Assembly was held in the school hall as usual, since yesterday the P.A system fell from grace. Cool....

Pn. Guna asked me and Jit Chern to take chairs for the teachers to sit. We did so. On my way to take the second round of chairs, Chen Li Kei and her slutty friend, called Christine, suddenly said this to me...

"Wooi Daniel, can take the chair for her anot?"

"Can't you take yourself, since you're not doing anything at all?"

"Why you so cruel de?"

"Like I give a damn......"

Then...Li Kei started to cry, well, almost crying, like I give a damn about her so called backbone problem. It's been nearly 2 years, and don't you bloody tell me that she still needs to sit on a chair everyday, especially on assembly session?!

Screw you.

Then as Christine was about to walk to take the chair for her 'dear' friend...

I slide the chair to them..

"Nah.......hope your queen enjoys her day!!!"

I give you face Chen Li Kei....I don't give a fuck whether you would tell this to your mum or ask anyone to kick my ass. You slut, you purposely cry as you sit the chair, then your stupid friends would come to you and console you. Faker!!

Hey bitch, my mum has the same problem as you, but not as 'serious' as you. She didn't sit on the chair for the whole day......she laid down on the floor to rest her backbone. Don't you know that resting your backbone against a hard surface makes it worst?

Fine by me.

Oh yeah're the cheapest slut in school!! Heard that they paid you a maggi goreng's price to screw you in the school hall's toilet. Hey, we found condoms in the toilet, and some witness said that you went to a toilet with 2 other boys. one free one.

Cheap slut.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Talent show got screwed up !!!

Last week of school, last week of P.A system for me. Finally, God has answered me and Wilfred's number one prayer request........that the portable PA will be screwed up for good. And it did.

Talent show is today, thought it was tomorow.

So, we all went to the school hall.

As usual, nearly the same people would perform for such an event like this. Including Mai Sabrina, Angeline,Matthew Joshua and Yong Shan. Surprisingly.....Melissa was on the list too. 3 cheers for Melissa!!

Pn.Guna last minute tell me to prepare all the mumbo jumbo. What makes matter worse is that my 2 juniors don't want to help me and Wilfred out. You wanna know why?

Well......Wilfred and I had received a certificate each for helping out on the P.A system....for 3 years. Saw Xue Ling and Carmen Chen sort of got jealous of us, and don't want to help me and Wilfred.

Eh, c'mon. You haven't even 3 months, you expect a certificate for you 2 ah?

I and Wilfred waited for 3 years for the teachers to appreciate our rajin-ness!! LOL

Anyway......Wilfred never come today. Shit.

After the set up, and the national anthem singing session and taking oath session, talent show begins.

First act was Yong Shan and Melissa, due to technical problems, the two of them have to sing without the music. Sorry girls, I didn't expect this to happen.

Then....Yu Kin got perform oh. His performance was playing the piano blindfoldedly. And before he started playing, he took the mic, and said...

"I wanna dedicate this song to Carmen Ten."


Then...........a bunch of Indian girls performed a hip-hop dance. The music....."Pump It Up". Ok........their performance consist of lack of creativity, lack of fresh ideas, lack of new moves, same old crap.

Then.....Mai Sabrina and Nazim performed "My Heart". Well.....this is how the portable P.A system's life ends.

As it runs out of battery, I quickly plug in the charger to the system and continue using it. Knowing that the wires were tangled up, I left off the stage, pretend tak tahu.

Then.....halfway through the performance between Mai and Nazim, Mai pulled the mic so hard as she struggles, the P.A system falls gracefully. Whoot!! Everyone started to clap and applause once the system fell. The "Negaraku" cassette flew from the P.A system, the battery also. I and Gan Yang quickly take the system to the backstage to check how was the system working.

It died.


Finally!!!!!! Our prayers (Wilfred and I) has been answered!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

After that, Mai performed again, with Mohd. Joshua. Heck, he even forgotten the words of the song halfway.

Angeline, Matthew Joshua, Evelyn, Azila and Ken Hua performed "You Are The Music In Me". Due to sound problem, their singing not that clear.

Then, Erwan's performance was canceled. Because, they used a notebook to play the music instead of using a audio CD to play their song, which was "Rain's Comming" by Rain himself. Even so, he should have brought along a bloody speaker.

The best part was....P.A SYSTEM DIED TODAY!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! not that syok....

Eh...why blog getting duller and duller?

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Oh gosh....imagine you're sitting in your car, with the air-cond switched on. Then there's rain and sunlight at the same time.

What will you get?

A massive headache to your pain list.


Before that.....I had a wonderful time at church. Christmas carol practice was postponed, because Form 5 students besok ada SPM. Very good!!!

Anyway...good luck to those who are sitting for that exam. After that, you may enjoy freedom in front of me as I wait for my PMR results.

.......BOO ~ ~

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Of all the days, you would choose Saturday as a "Demonstration day"....

Can't you assholes choose Monday or Wednesday??!!!

Today read the newspaper, Prime Minister said that got demo at Dataran Merdeka.

Parents don't allow....

"'m not going to Dataran Merdeka for God's sake, I'm going to Sungei Wang and Times Square, why can't I go? I've promised my friends already........."

"No, later you get into trouble how?"


Damn it!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not as holy as the pope.........

Promised you all that I wont put any foul languages in my blog, but because of one bloody Italian, I'm not holy as the pope.

One Italian can change it all.

This should been inserted as idioms....

Italy don't deserve to win the World Cup.

France do.

Or Greece....

Or even Malaysia...

Heck.....MyTeam pun boleh!!!

A note for ya......

Hey hey, yeah, you, you bloody Italian.

Yes, I'm pointing at you!!

Yes, you!! Are you retarded?

Hey, you haven't even give me and my friend our pay....


What, we're workers for free?

Pissed off!!

You called me a bloody idiot infront of customers....

You mumbled in Italian to me when I only accidentally serve 2 plates to 6 customers...


Tell me......

How can I concentrate on my job when you're cursing and scolding and telling me off left and right?


Only one "small" mistake.....


My friend Wei Jian also got fired, because he forgotted and counted wrongly a table.....

Only because one of the waiters last minute told him the latest info...

When my friend wanted to explain to you....



I could have happily scratch your Mitsubishi Storm in return as a 'favour', but God told me not to do so. Fine, I listen to Him.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I got fired

On my previous post, I've stated that I've found a good job at an Italian restaurant called Venezia, next to the Taman Segar mamak (which is great). Now people, I got my fucking ass fired. Like I give a damn about you saying me being a foul mouthed ass. Let's start from the beginning to the end.

Monday afternoon, had my chicken rice at my neighbour's shop (which is great). Rushed back home to have a rest, then changed to my attire work. Rushed to Lesuire Mall, meet up with Wei Jian.

At that evening, there was a private function, some rich gal booked the whole restaurant for her party. Trust me, it's hard to work when kids are around. Everywhere, noise is being polluted.

That boss of me and Wei Jian, never even teach us a single thing. He expect us to be like robots, knowing what to do and how to do it. I got told off left and right. I don't mind being told off in a private corner, but not infont of the guests and customers. Fine, I tahan for the moment. Wei Jian also got screwed up by our boss.

One time, there was this kiddo, her plate was like, the food was finished, and like waiting for the waiter to take off the plate. So I went to do it...... I asked the kiddo, she said she haven't finish. So I went off to another table. Then boss come to me....

'Why you didn't take that bloody plate.......*curses in Italian...*....."


So for yesterday, I and Wei Jian got pissed off. We kept quite for the moment. I only went back like about 11 p.m +. Didn't eat dinner, only had supper at the next door mamak. Eh you bloody Italian, at least provide us dinner for God's sake. Furthermore, you didn't even let us drink a sip of water, also never let us have a seat once the bloody function was over. Fine....hopefully on Tuesday it will be better than today.

Tuesday, after attending a lunch session for prefects, by Pn. Anita, I rush back home, ate pizza again cooked by my dad, had an hour of sleep, changed and go to my workplace.

Boss asked us to come at 5:30 p.m

We were there at 5:23 p.m

Guess what time the boss came? 5:40 p.m. Wah, damn punctual lah you Italians...what? Still cannot adapt our time zone ah. Go back to Italy lah!!

Went to do my usual duty, washing the cups and glasses. Suddenly some Italian customers came, boss went to dine with them. Omar, my senior, told me that the boss would sometimes dine with his friends who come and visit his restaurant whenever he like. Fine.

Then customers slowly came along. Omar was very kind enough to teach me how to make drinks from the menu, how to prepare them, what to do and where to do it. At least he teach me something new.

After a few customers, the place is slowly getting crowded. Wei Jian was busy with his job, so am I.

One particular moment that the boss had me screwed up is when I was washing lots of cups and glasses, I didn't know that there were orders again. I didnt even see it. He asked me to be faster.

How fast you want me to be? I'm not an octopus for God's sake. Can you please be patient and give me a few minutes before I prepare the drinks?!

But before that, there was this Italian waiter, properly one of the boss's relative, like I wanna know who is he...............he asked me to make Ice Lemon Tea.......less ice (in a soft tone)

I was so bloody far from that waiter, I didn't know what to do!! What, if you speak louder enough, you think I will laugh at your accent? Christ!! Grow up would you, I'm serious about my bloody work!! SO......I as usual, put the normal amount of ice. He took the drink, served it to the customer.

Then he come back..........

"Less ice please..." speak loud enough for me to hear. So I have to do the bloody drink again.

Boss saw me doing that mistake, he's quite pissed. So am I.

The the bloody Italian waiter come again, holding to glasses to me.

"Pour warm water in these glasses....." he said.

I thought for a sec, Omar told me that hot or warm water to be in a white cup, not the glasses. But the waiter ask me so, so I follow instructions.

As I hold the 2 warm glasses, Kak Stella, one of a few good co-workers that are trying to help us (me and Wei Jian), said that I've done the wrong thing. I was like...

'Kak Stella, dia suruh saya buat macam ni!!" I replied in a fustrated tone. I didn't mean to....

Boss look at me, went to me, slam the orders to the desk, told me off by saying....

"Get the FUCK out of here!"

Fine.....I get the FUCK out of here you faggot. Then next time, you smart fuck, hire more people to work for you!!

I stood at one corner, wiping off the sweat.

Then........a few minutes later, Wei Jian was ordered to get 'lost' too. LOL. Guess it's the end for us.

Boss came....he was like...

"Remove the aprons and get the hell out of here!" he went off.

I was so angry, we didn't even get paid after all the hard work. On Monday, because of the late hours of work, we were forced to eat mamak for dinner, as our parents didn't prepare late dinner for us. We kinda felt that we got used. Guess that boss of our must have fired newbies every 2 days, then hire innocent people like us to work, then fire. Hmm....saving up workers salary huh? Nice one you Italian..........

My mum and dad was like shocked, they wanted to confront with the boss of Venezia. I just told them it ain't worth it.

My parents took me and Wei Jian to Taman Connaught mamak to eat. The nasi lemak way better than what Venezia has to offer. Cheap and nice. Thumbs up!!!

All the hard work, comes to nothing. Don't go to Venezia to eat people!! Even though it's the last restaurant on earth, I rather go starving mad than to eat their food.

Omar, Kak Stella, and the rest, there is better jobs for you all. Good luck!!

Oh mum yesterday night told me one of the best things I've ever heard about Italians, and it's a fact....

"Italians are the rudest people on earth, trust me son. They think that just because they are white, that they can boss people around, especially local workers. One day that boss of yours is gonna get into trouble. I think his car got scratched alot of times...."

"Mum, he's driving a Mitsubishi Storm........"

"Still can kena scratch mah..........."

LOL...thanks mum for cheering me up.

Thank God, I no need to go back to work. I can enjoy reruns of "The Simpsons" again!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Risk of doing that bloody job.............

Yeah, previously I told you all that I had a so called "job", which is distributing cards to one house to another. Yeah........thought that job won't give me any problems....until today

1)I've gone me.

2)I've got sunburn baby!! No wonder people keep on looking at my neck when I was in church. Do'h!!!

3)The heat on your hurts...ouch!!

So children, don't try this job only if you apply lotion on your neck, hand, arm, any part of the body that is expose to the sun. Especially your face!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I've gone darker after doing this job............distributing flyers for a kindergarden!!!'s one of the most tiring job. Distributing cards to houses. All nearly 1000 cards to give out.

Wanted to just throw the stack of cards to the trash bin....but I remembered what my mum told me....

"Dan, datuk of the kindergarden has many friends living in this area......especially Taman Segar. So don't ever think to throw away 700+ cards to the thrash bin and get the money. One time this Malay fella got the cards, threw it away and got the money, then vanished into thin air. Datuk was pissed off and got no response from the Malay fellla..... better don't do that, ok son?"


And this afternoon to think about throwing the cards off, the houses could be datuk's many good friends that are watching. Sigh.........guess I and Wei Jian and Kerrie have to burn under the hot sunny afternoon to distribute cards.

Wei Jian distributing the house to another...

Kerrie distributing the house to another...

What the heck.....Kerrie and Wei Jian distributing the house to another...

Nearly every house has dogs guarding and barking all over the place..... house has 3 cute little doggies when Kerrie distributes the cards. Guess they just saw pretty women.

"Leng Luiiiii.......come see me ahhhh!!!!!" dogs to Kerrie. LOL.

Behind this green pillow.....there is this cute little girl who was so exhausted from distributing cards one house to another. She is Kerrie a.k.a Maccaroni_Girlz. Go check out her blog, it's her first time blogging, so don't be too harsh on the way she blog. I like it by the way.

Yeah, after finishing our job at Taman Segar, I've recruited Gan Jerry to help us out, and his dad even took the time to fetch us to Yee Khai's house at Taman Bukit Segar. Thanks Jerry!!

For the last 129 cards, we went to the nearby flat and shoved it into all of the post by one.

Then go Taman Segar mamak and eat. Wei Jian suggested to go to Venezia and find a job. We struck the jackpot. There is some job for me and Wei Jian at that Italian restaurant. The boss is mat salleh.

Instead of us asking the how much is the salary, the boss asked us.

Okay......................................600 bucks a month. Not bad, since experienced waiters get 1500 a month. should be 750 for us, but what the hack. Later on boss get more headache.

Then go to Lesuire Mall. Went to Fireworks.

Hehe..................Gan Jerry versus Wei Jian in Sega Rally arcade. After that, I went to play Initial D for the first time since playing it on the PS2. Whooosh!!! Loss by the way, but it was close. Seldom played with the steering wheel.

After that......we went home....

"Ma...........I become darker jor............................."

Mum fainted. Dad speechless. God no eye look (translate to Cantonese please.)

Friday, November 2, 2007

"Gone Going" Black Eyed Peas feat. Jack Johnson

"Gone Going"

Johnny wanna be a big star
Get on stage and play the guitar
Make a little money, buy a fancy car
Big old house and an alligator
Just to match with them alligator shoes
He's a rich man so he's no longer singing the blues
He's singing songs about material things
And platinum rings and watches that go bling
But, diamonds don't bling in the dark
He a star now, but he ain't singing from the heart
Sooner or later he's just gonna fall apart
Coz his fans can't relate to his new found art
He ain't doing what he did from the start
And that's ??
He decided to live his life shallow
Passion is love for material

And its gone... gone... going...
Gone... everything gone... give a damn...
Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing...
Gone people... up awkward with their things... gone.

You see yourself in the mirror
And you feel safe coz it looks familiar
But you afraid to open up your soul
Coz you don't really know, don't really know
Who is, the person that's deep within
Coz you are content with just being the na¯ve brown man
And you fail to see that its trivial
Insignificant, you addicted to material
I've seen your kind before
Your the type that thinks souls is sold in a store
Packaged up with inscent sticks
With them vegetarian meals
To you that's righteous
You're fiction like books
You need to go out to life and look
Coz... what happens when they take your material
You already sold your soul and its...


You say that time is money and money is time
So you got mind in your money and your money on your mind
But what about... that crime that you did to get paid
And what about... that bid, you can't take it to your brain
Why you on about those shoes you'll wear today
They'll do no good on the bridges you've walked along the way

All that money that you got gonna be gone
That gear that you rock gonna be gone
The house up on the hill gonna be gone
The gold -- on your grill gonna be gone
The ice on your wrist gonna be gone
That nice little Miss gonna be gone
That whip that you roll gonna be gone
And what's worst is your soul will be gone


Don't be materialistic!!!

Look ma......2 medals and a certificate for me!!! Wheee......

Today is "Hari Anugerah" day....yeah...whatever....

Seriously, I was so fed up today. Well, not totally emo-fed up, it's like those moments where people pissed you off when you're in a bad mood. Well, nevermind. Still miss Wei Feng as a friend, but I have to accept it. There is a lesson to be learned, eat healthy, exercise more oftenly, don't drink or smoke, and.......keep on smiling. Laughter is the best medicine as they say.

Daniel: Wilfred, there isn't any short tables that En.Abdul Aziz wanted to replace the chair for the
keyboard, so now what?

Wilfred: Try asking Pn.Anita....


Daniel: Pn. Anita, where are the tables that were used for PMR?

Pn.Anita: I thought Wilfred told you that it was in the PJK store?

Wilfred knew it ???


Anyway....mummy ah, I finally got my first gold and silver medal without sitting as a substitute ohhh....................( The previous one don't count, I signed up my name for handball last year, I ended up having my ass sitting on the pavement for the whole tournament.)

Heck....I even got surprised yesteday during rehersal when they say me and Wilfred gets a certificate for PA system. Syok!!!!

Muaahahhaahahaha.........pure sweet glory for me!!!!

Today we celebrated Weng Fai's birthday 2 days early. Yesterday when I was chatting with him through MSN, he was worried that I won't bring the cake for today, which costs RM 96. It ain't cheap.......

While eating.......

Yat Keong: Daniel, you don't know meh, Secret Recipe, 2kg, RM60 plus only ohh.....

Daniel: *chews cake*.......WHAT?!

Anyway..............Weng Fai, hope you have a wonderful birthday this Sunday. May your wish come true!!!