Friday, July 30, 2010

So Far So Good...

I got my Semester 1 results, and I was surprised to get good grades for 2 subjects I thought I was gonna resit next time, Advertising Principles and Mass Communication.

Nights of staying late and Facebooking have finally paid off!!! After weeks of anxiously waiting for the results...... I now can sleep peacefully.

And yesterday's photography class, lecturer asked us to bring a prop for shooting, I brought the 2 Lancers to college. Need to shoot 4 pictures and tell a story about it. I had no idea until I walked around Wendy's area.


Jared complained about my shoe being too complicated. Yesterday's drawing principles class at the studio, the lecturer found my shoes interesting and asked whether can use it as a prop to draw. Tak kan I say no right? =)

Jared and Levi complained my shoelaces was so hard to draw, they blame my shoe.

Nyahahahhahhaha.... had a great time during drawing class.

Syaf's prop was a pair of drumsticks. He decided to use Jeen Pei as his subject.

Wonder what happens if you twist those sticks around XD

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Now Like Artline Graphic Pens =)

Just this month I've spent RM 20 on just 4 Artline Graphic Pens. 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8. Last weekend instead of wasting time on Facebook as usual, I decided to start playing around with the graphic pens. In just 10 seconds, I started to like this pen!!!

Whatever pops out in my mind, I just draw it out.

Screwed up Lil Wayne's skinny jeans and his kicks =/

The downside of drawing with graphic art pens, not even a single mistake is allowed. I was trying to draw a Jamaican emcee but I drew his face too rounded. I did some cover up by drawing the singlet and the hair locks to make up for the mistake.

Random kan?


This idea came from the wine bottle that was place infront of me.

Monday, July 26, 2010

All for Peter

At times when you have a dear friend suffering in the hospital, you tend to feel useless because all you can do is pray. I've decided to skip lunch for the whole week for Peter. One of my friends planning to have a fund raiser for Peter, even if the whole operation is covered, what about the aftercare and all?

Yes even if I have class from 9 a.m to 6 p.m, I will fast for my dear friend. A promise is a promise. If a week's saving is not enough, then another week I'll have to miss Wendy's again. Water alone will do just fine for me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My friend Pete's in HUKM ICU, involved in an accident. Those who know him please pray for him, he's one of my many good friends since SMK Seri Mutiara days. Thank you so much.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV Rally & BMW M3 Modded

I remember exactly 10 years ago, mum and I was at Jusco Malacca. Usually I would head down to the toys section on the first floor. That time I didn't even know what is a Lancer Evolution, heck I don't even know that car model at that time.

What caught my attention of this car is the design. Sure the Skyline and the RX7 was the bomb, but the Lancer Evolution 4's design just naturally caught my attention without trying hard at all.

I bought the Evo IV, Tomica made. And the number one thing I regretted in my years of collecting die-cast car models is not taking care of them. I dropped the Evo, scratched the Evo, messed up the stickers and so on. And just yesterday when I found where was it, I feel shit.

The scratch marks, rim chrome gone off, colors slowly fading away..........I feel bad.

Now I'm looking for people who can help me do restoration works on this Evo. Any of you have contacts please tell them about me =)

I know, AutoArt is known for their detailed car models at a high price.
I got this BMW M3 for RM 50. With detailed engine bay, cockpit and with the speakers at the rear seats, neons lights and headlights, detailed disc brakes.

Last time Toys R' Us rocks, now it sucked so bad. You shouldn't overlook Toy City, they do have good car models on sale.
And for RM 50, you save around 90% of what you might have spent on an AutoArt model.

Nike Dunk SB High Gucci" RESN

I just bought a new shoe. Well....its not new actually, it was released back in November. I only started to have an interest in Nike Dunks earlier this year only. And this is my 2nd Nike Dunk SB, and probably my LAST of the year. Parents shaking head already lah, I think my shoe cost more than they spent on clothes for a month XD

Meet the Nike Dunk SB High "Gucci" RESN.

What's the unique selling point of the shoe? (cheh sounds like I still remember most of my Principles of Advertising lessons)

I think most of us would buy a sneaker just because of the colorway. For this shoe, there are 2 meanings for the color. First would be the Gucci colourway, the red, black and forest green. Another interpretation would be the weed colorway.

Green is for weed, black is for the ash and red is for the flame to burn it up =)

See the relation between RESN and resin? Google.

As the story goes, Sam Smyth (designer of the known ”Gucci” now RESN Dunks) used to write the word RESN while a part of the IBC tagging crew in the Bay Area and used the green to symbolize weed, red for fire and black for the resn.


I got this shoe from a seller by the name of Streethype, COD-ed at BHP Station, Taman Connaught. Zone5 selling for RM 500, I got this RM 100 cheaper.

Here's some pictures of the shoes.

And finally I need not to worry about accidentally kicking stuff and worried about the shoe's skin. Its denim =)

I just love the detail of the mesh tongue.

Red laces next to the shoe ( on right)

Ok right now, I have to promise myself not to spend alot already. Just for this shoe I've been skipping lunch for a whole week already. This is my last shoe of the year and I hope it will be my last of my small collection. I wanna save up for my camera or for emergency use


A teaser =D Well....maybe not but still. I'M BROKE NOW!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here's what happened in the morning.........I knocked my knee against the staircase railing, I sat on the steps and grinned in pain.

Grandma : Mui go see what happened to your son lah, he injured his leg

Mum : Haaiiiya don't worry lah, wait a little long also won't die lah!!

I have an awesome family =/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Short Update Again.

Just now heavy rain, while driving I couldn't even see the nearest cars on the Federal Highway. Its the first time I've seen such a angry-like weather in KL. Is God really that pissed? I've counted.......7 thunder strikes around Federal Highway.

A very tiring day, morning photography class had to go around the college campus to snap pictures, then realized I forgot to bring my futsal shoes and sports attire. Rushed back home and then went back to college again for Art and Design fundamentals at 12:30 p.m. And now...just came back from futsal. While making an attempt on goal, one classmate of mine knocked against me, and I fall flat on my arse. Now my left cheek of my bum is pain =/ Oh bugger.........

Can't wait for Friday, new kicks. Oh yeah I'm selling my Echo Park shirt and the Northern Rock polo tee for RM 50. Price can still nego =) I'm clearing off unwanted clothes and some of my Playstation stuff.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I just realized I've post 1001 blog post since 2007. Damn, time pass fast when you're having fun telling stories of your everyday life on your blog, with pictures to accompany with. I'm feeling kinda down now, Mac had her tiny little leg stuck and when mum helped her out, she's limping for awhile. Had me worried until I nearly shed a tear. All these past few months I didn't even spend alot of time with her.

She bites me when I try to feed her with my hand in the cage. Is it true that if a hamster doesn't recognize the owner's smell, it'll bite as an act of self defense?

I really wish I could have her munching on sunflower seeds on my palm. Wouldn't that be adorable? =) I'm sorry Mac, I've been a bad owner.


Anyone interested in buying these items? An Echo Park black tee, Marc Ecko jersey and a Northern Rock polo tee :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photography Class 3

Today's class was frickin' tiring and fun at the same time. Went to Taman Aman at Petaling Jaya for outdoor Principles of Drawing class. Had to sketch flowers and landscape with cross hatching and lines only with different types of pencils.

Had lunch at some coffee shop nearby. I'm broke, I'm supposed to eat Wendy's, I ended up eating Fried Kuey Tiaw.

From 12 p.m + to 2: 30 p.m was at the park, then after that went back to college to attend Photography class. Class postponed 45 minutes later.

I finally understand what's the use of aperture and shutter speed and ISO settings in the DSLR camera. Still a lil' bit blur but nevertheless at least I know the basics of it. I think photography class is the only class when you can take lots of pictures without worrying about the lecturer thinking it as a disturbance. Like every 5-10 seconds there will be a capture sound. And here's some pictures of the day.

One, Satu, Uno.

Zoe and Jane Jane =)


Jane Jane copy Zoe Lim's face expression. OMG Feel like pinching her face =D
I see monkey pointing another monkey.

Syaf and me.

I knew today was gonna be a fun day. What a way to end your week in college =)

5 Cents Up, Mood Went Down

You wouldn't know how 5 cents can make a difference only until you're paying for petrol =(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey phuuuuuckkkeerrrss!!!! I've been busy with college again. The feeling of exhausted, stressed, insane, frustrated is back again and chillax.....I'm ohh kaay =)

My 18-135mm lens has been sent to Nikon to check and repair. Cousin dropped the lens and the lens was kinda loose and malfunctioned =/ I'm stuck with the 50mm lens, only suitable for portrait shots.

Yeah, and I'm trying my luck for the GREEDY game. This evening I tuned in to them and some fella missed out on winning RM 500 for a 2 second snippet of the song. How can you not know that's "Womanizer" from Britney Spears?! Sigh.........

And I just missed the cue to call. The minute that "Show Me The Money" song played I dialed and the number was busy =(

I saw one of my friend's Facebook status.

"You need to walk into their shoes to know how what they went through...."

hat hits me. I'm kinda sick of people who bitch about people's problems and comment as if they know how the situation is like and they have been through the same shit as that person did. Hypocrites should try being that unfortunate person for a day, then only they can open up their mouths and crap all about it.

And shit I got myself new scars again. This time on the left elbow. All because of futsal, was keeper and this time I kinda didn't screw up as much as I did for the past few weeks. Even though I did a blunder (ball went through legs while catching it.......twice), at least I'm happy to make a few good saves.

Good thing about being a keeper, when you make good saves from good shots, you get applauded for that. But when you're the last player around to save the team and you screw up, you get most of the blame.

Sigh....the fella who got the call for GREED screwed up. Its David Archuleta lah dei how can you miss that?!

Photography class 2

Here's some pictures from yesterday's photography and digital imaging class.
Shanor's D90.

Jane Jane and BREEEEEEYYY!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Holland 0 Spain 1

Howard Webb forgot to wear his Spain Jersey. Had Elia was given a free kick just outside the penalty box it would have been a different game. Congrats Spain =)

Best kick of the game goes to De Jong's kung fu kick on Xabi Alonso =) Its amazing this didn't get De Jong a red card, with Howard Webb close to the incident.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4 Dungus and A Shoe

Went to Santosh's place at Taman Connaught to just toy around my camera. Here's a few ok shots.

Me....cute kan? =/

Kylieeeeeee Sui =)

I personally think there's something wrong with the colour coordination here. Santosh bought it from Echo Park, RM 100+. But still.....its still kewl.

Mystery feeling. But we all know who that bugger is =) Kelly!!! She happens to be Kyle's 'oh-my-gosh-I-just-realized-we're-related-in-a-way-which-is-frickin'-complicated-but-I-think-you're-my-cousin-so-no-big-deal' cousin.

Not to sound like a racist prick but damn............I can't see Santosh's face at all XD

Friday, July 9, 2010

Left ear just went 6 gauge =) Don't ask me why, I just did it for fun :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul The Octopus

Not surprised at all, England was as shitty as a Sunday League football team.

Not surprised at all, Argentina depends too much on Messi and Higuain. Maradona was a human circus for us to watch.

After Paulie decided to pick Spain over Germany, everyone went mad about him and plan to eat him.

LOL Don't blame him if your team played terrible. And in order to end all these stupid superstitions and all, Paul the Octopus must either be released to the ocean and be free from this cruel human world, or be eaten =)