Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movies of the year

Ah......2007 has been a year for's the movies I picked that is the best of this year.

1)Transformers : The Movie

Our childhood heroes from Cybertron rolled up and transformed in awesome style. Imagine..................Optimus Prime and co in the coolest possible CGI, kicking Decepticon's ass in our planet Earth, in the USA. With great acting by Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf, and a bunch of great extras like Josh Duhamel, Tyrese and so on, furthermore Optimus Prime's being voiced by Peter Cullen, what more can you ask for? A sequel? 2009 lah....

Best Scenes : Blackout's grand entrance, Sam buying his car, Barricade interrogating Sam about
his Ebay product, Optimus Prime and gang hiding at Sam's house avoiding his
parents, Optimus Prime versus Megatron.

Quote in the movie : Autobots........roll out!!"

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End

I didn't watch the first and second movie of the trilogy of Pirates, but never mind, cause the third one makes you understand what the heck is happening while you're watching. Capt. Jack Sparrow is much more funnier. Orlando Bloom and Kiera Kinghtley's acting nearly ruined the whole movie, not until Johnny Depp save it from being a shipwreck. Watch out for a special appearence by Rolling Stone's Keith Richards and Chow Yong Fatt.

Best Scenes : Captain Jack at Davy Jones's locker, the ship going upside down, the great battle
between Capt. Jack and Davy Jones, the scene where William Turner proposes
to Elizabeth in the middle of a fight.

Quote in the movie : Welcome to Singapore.

The Simpson's Movie

It took them nearly 20 years to just make a single Simpson movie, and it's worth it. I can say this movie outrageously funny. All about saving the environment. Guess who screwed it up? Homer Simpson, by dumping a pig silo to Springfield's already 99% highly polluted lake. This causes their city to be locked up, and will be destructed. All the cast are doing a great job by providing top class voice acting.

Best Scenes : Green Day got killed!!!, Bart Simpson skateboards naked, Homer adopts a pig,
Spider Pig, Spider Potter, Grand Theft Walrus, Homer chooses super clue over
jetpack to get to the top of a dome shaped glass covering Springfield, and many

Quotes in the movie : "I will not illegally download this movie."

Oopps....part 2 coming up

I got tagged.......again....

Here's how it works:
Use the first letter of your name to answer each question.
Must be places,names....Nothing made up.
Can't use own name for boy/girl's name question.
If can't answer,skip to next one.

D for Daniel :P

1.Famous singer : Duran Duran (pop group)

2.Four letter word : Damn, deng, dung, dang, ding, dart, duke, dome

3.Street : Damai Perdana

4.Colour : Dark blue, dark red, dark green, any colour that is dark

5.Gifts :

6.Vehicle : Daihatsu, Daimler Chrysler, Dodge

7.Things in souvenir shops : Ding dong bells?

8.Boy name : David, Damien, Denzel

9.Girls name : Danielle, Dhorty

10.Movie title : Dukes of Hazard

11.Drink : Durian juice

12.Occupation : (skip)

13.Celebrity : David Beckham

14.Magazine : (skip)

15.U.S city : Dallas, Durham

16.Professional sports : (skip)

17.Fruit : Durian

18.Reason for being late to work : " Damn, I thought today Labour Day!!!"

19.Something you throw away : Dirt, dust

20.something you shout : "Damn it!!!!!!" , "Do'h!!!"

I tag.....Kerrie, Carmenu, Yong Shan, Kent,

Aiya....everyone in blogspot lah

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm sick of it....

"Hi, Noel many A's you get?"

" many A's you get?"

"Eh Daniel, how many A's ah? I got 6 oh. I'm sure you same with me mah....."

Look, people. I am so depressed enough to commit suicide and so on, and you people somemore add more salt to the maggot infested wound of mine by asking how many A's I got....
I am just as sick as you people seeing Mawi on every single daily product, from bottle water, to school bags and even annoying commercials. Please lah, I know you people smart, you people got 6 A's or even better, straight A's. But please lah, if you know what mood and what situation am I now.......




So if I answered your question of how many A's I got, you'll be like....

''Eh, don't bluff lah......"

"Wei, serious ah?"


This afternoon, I even thought of suicide......................but after suicide, go hell oh.....

So fine, I stared blankly at my results paper.

Huh........let all of my friends talk at the back of me saying that I screwed up for my PMR I give a damn.

I swear to God, I will be better for SPM!!!

Stronger (Christian Version)

Out of my mind........suddenly, I got an idea of how to change one artiste's replacing all the themes of guns, sex, lies, life in the fast lane and so on, and replacing it with Christ in it.

I don't know whether this works......tell me about it.

My first of Kanye West's famous songs......Stronger.

Stronger (Christian version)

N- n- now let the devil taunt me
Cause Jesus only make me stronger
I need more of Jesus in my now
Cause i can't wait much longer
It's best for me to repent for my sins now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been prayin' all night now
That's how Jesus forgives and loves ya

I need more of Christ right now
I need more of Christ right now

Don't get lost tonight
Head down to church and pray tonight
Ask the Lord for forgiveness tonight
And don't care what they all say right?
Awesome, Christian music is in the house ya'll
Gee they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask, cause I'm not sure
Do anybody listen gospel music anymore?
Bow in the presence of his greatness
Cause right now thou has forgiven and come for us
You should be honored in his presence
Cuz' his love for us is like sweet essence
So go ahead go nuts go crazy
You'll never be as happy as this lately
Act like you can't tell who made this
New gospel homey take six, and take this, believers

N- n- now let the devil taunt me
Cause Jesus only make me stronger
I need more of Jesus in my now
Cause i can't wait much longer
It's best for me to repent for my sins now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how Jesus loves ya

I need more of Christ right now
I need more of Christ right now

Me likey

I don't know if you got problems or not,
And did you prayed for it or not
God put you in the plans or not
I'm trippin' cuz' his holiness got me testifying' a lot
But i know that God creates you me
So how the heck could you reject God in front on me
There's more than a thousand reason God loves you and me
You're trippin' cuz' you're caught up in the moment right?
Because God never let's you out of his sight
He'll protect you through day and night
He'd already send his only Son to sacrifice his life
To wash away our sins and lead a new better life
One husband one wife
And bless our enemies and neighbours
Yeah, because that's how God teaches us to be stronger

N- n- now let the devil taunt me
Cause Jesus only make me stronger
I need more of Jesus in my now
Cause i can't wait much longer
It's best for me to repent for my sins now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been prayin' all night now
That's how Jesus forgives loves ya

I need more of Christ right now
I need more of Christ right now

You know how long God been on ya?
Since the day you were inside your mum's womb yeah
Since the day you start to walk ya
Trust me, that's how God knows ya (x6)
Cuz' he'll make you wiser, better, faster, stronger

N- n- now let the devil taunt me
Cause Jesus only make me stronger
I need more of Jesus in my now
Cause i can't wait much longer
It's best for me to repent for my sins now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been prayin' all night now
That's how Jesus forgives loves ya

I need more of Christ right now
I need more of Christ right now

You know how long God been on ya?
Since the day you were inside your mum's womb yeah
Since the day you start to walk ya
Trust me, that's how God knows ya (x6)
Cuz' he'll make you wiser, better, faster, stronger

My PMR results.....

Yeah..............from 12 a.m today until 7 a.m, I didn't even sleep, I couldn't even close my eyes for one second. I was nervous from head to toe. I was thinking, what will my maths and science will end up with what grade?

I wonder.....

Today I got up from bed after a nearly 8 hours of no-sleeping.

Went down, read the newspapers, Chelsea 4 - Aston Villa 4. I bet that was a great game.

Then, stared at the clock.........8:45 a.m. Then watched the previews of Astro on Demand.

9:45 a.m, got to get ready for the D-Day. Results will be taken at 10 a.m.

Saw Tom, Yik Yau and Santosh, then meet up with Joshua and Tirzah.

Teachers then asked students from each class to line up at their teacher's counter respectively. Should see the faces of students everywhere in my school, damn nervous lah they all.

Them suddeny...............someone bang the table, it was Joshua.

"YES!!!! I GOT 5 A'S................"

Celebrating with his church friends, Joshua was with full of joy. Then after a few students later, it was my turn. Pn. Azatul then read my results clearly to me.

A for English
B's for Malay and Sejarah
C's for Science, Maths and K.H
D for Geography

I was kinda dissapointed......look I have to be honest with you people, I am totally (beep) dissapointed. A

A few days after my PMR, I dream that I got an A for Maths.

Now....C. I know I shouldn't blame it on God for giving me the wrong vision or so....

After getting my results, I am damn pissed off, from the inside. From the outside, I'm just normal, full of smiles and so on.

I thought to myself, how can a person, who last minute study, very last minute study get 5 A's,
while I studied hard enough to get just one pathetic A.

And I thought to this fair? Pilih kasih ah? Just because the other person is much more holier than me, he'll get the advantage lah?

Fine, I'm not as holy as the pope, I don't everyday read countless of chapters from the bible, I seldom give thanks whenever before I eat, but seriously....IF you were in my shoes, I'm sure you'll feel pissed off. A person who last minute study can be better than you ALOT.

I am pissed, I have no mood to eat, I have no mood to blog properly, no mood to reply to friends asking how's my PMR results.

I was expecting 3 to 4 A' me, I did. But now......1 pathetic A only. I'm sure you'll all be like...

"Aiya, better than no A....."

Diu, because those people didn't put extra effort mah!!!

I don't mind having maths for B.......but now, what's the point of complaining? Results already shown, that's it lah.

I really wanna "thank" God lah.....for my results. Thank you lah.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blessed Birthday to Hui Xian!!!!

Sorry ya, yesterday didn't get to wish you through MSN. I'm happy that you had a blast with your friends and family.

I'm happy that you got to know God this year, it really surprised me. Anyway, may 2008 be a blessed year for you and your family and friends. Next year....PMR!!!! You will score in that exam. Just have more faith in God, do your part, and God will do the rest.

Just don't get into trouble next year.

My present...........27th lah. The day I take my PMR exam results, you can kacau me to buy you Starbucks. (Oh yeah.......did you pray to God so that our school will open a Starbucks mini cafe in the canteen?)

Take care sis.

X-mas and Christmas...........

As a Christian, it kinda offends me whenever people wish me "Merry X-Mas" instead of "Merry Christmas". So tell me, what's the difference between X-mas and Christmas?

Both share the same meaning, except for the spelling. I wonder...........

Why newspapers are encouraging people to spell wrongly Christmas to X-mas?

Is it because of our 'aiya-nevermind-lah attitude?

What? Typing X-mas won't hurt any single Christian feelings? Especially X-ing 'Christ'?

It really hurts me whenever I see "X-Mas" in Newspapers, shopping malls, saloons, restaurants and so on. Its like X-ing Christ.

What's the point of celebrating Christmas when there's X-mas? Christmas without Christ is a sad case, I'm serious.

Oh yeah, Christmas ain't all about shopping, sales at Mid Valley or Pavilion, or about eating Turkey, or about a fat old bloke dress in red, asking you to sit on his lap and tell him what you want. No, Santa Claus ain't part of Christianity. It's a man made character with man made stories.

You materialistic people need to go to church on Christmas before you do your shoppings, let the pastor get into your mind and tell you the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas to me, is to remember the birth of a savior, named Jesus Christ. What? Don't know who is Jesus ah? Jesus Christ is the one who died for each and everyone's sin, including you and me. But some choose not to believe.

But before he died for us, I'll tell you how he was born.

Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, who is also Joseph's wife, in a city called Bethlehem. The birth of Jesus Christ took place in a manger. Since there were no place in the inn, Mary wrapped Jesus in cloths and place him in a manger. Surrounded by farm animals, it was such a beautiful night to remember. Far far away, there were 3 wise men, whom followed a star called "The Star of Bethlehem", and found Jesus, and presented him with gold, frankincense and myrrh.

You see, this isn't any ordinary child that was born to this Earth. The child, died for us to forgive us and wash away our sins. Christianity is not a religion, its a personal relationship with God. Jesus is our friend, and he will always be.

We were once God's enemies, for we have sinned alot. But because he loved us so much as his creation to his planet, he sent his only begotten son to die for us and to forgive us. No one in the history of mankind, has shed his blood and died for you and me. No one, but Jesus Christ himself.

I dare you readers to name me any other man other than Jesus Christ that died for you and forgives for your sins and burdens.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.

God wants to be your friend, he don't want to have a 'master and slave' relationship with us, he wants to have a 'father a son/daughter' relationship with us. For he created us , and he is our beloved Father in heaven.

I'm really sad for people who treated 25th December as a day for parties, Turkey eating day, sales on their favourite items in shopping malls, or a day to see Santa.

This time, I had a wonderful Christmas. I get to spend it with my church members and my parents too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blessed Christmas everyone!!!!

Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
12 more minutes~!
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
7 minutes to goo~~
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
6 minutes
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
4 minutes
Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
3 minutes
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
2 minutes
Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
1 ~~~~
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
a minutes
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
merry christmas!!!
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Monday, December 24, 2007

X mas and Christmas......what's the difference?

Find out more....tomorrow.

Maya Hotel........

Just came back from carolling at Maya Hotel. It wasn't that great, I have to be totally honest. Not that great at all.

Had dinner at Boston Grills.......thanks Bryan for giving my family 10 percent discount. Owe you one. So if let's say you did some offenses at school, I'll let you off the hook, hookay?

Promote Boston Grills lah.....their Boston Ribs are fantastic. Super fantastic. Buy the set meal, get a drink at a soup of your choice for FREE. Who doesn't like things for free.......especially food.

After eating our dinner, went to Hotel Maya straight away. TRAAAAAAAAFIC JAM!!!!

Then reached at Maya like about 7:15 p.m.

Sat down at the lobby lounge. Alone.............alone.......nak camwhore pun malu. Got high class people around. If I did camwhore, their thoughts would be like...

"What the hack is that boy doing, snapping photos of vein can he be?"

Then the workers would be like.....

"Eh, budak ni buat apa? Ambil gambar sendiri macam bukan masalah dia?"

Aiya.....dun wan lah.

Anyway...........the rest then came. Surprisingly, Joel came too. He missed out our last 2 carolling at church member's houses till late night.

Have to wear all black picture. Was at the toilet adjusting my attire, but forgot to snap picture. Do'h!!!

After that, we all went down to the main entrance there, at the Martini Bar. Then, Priscilla arrange our standing, then asked us to face backwards.

Infront of me was a Coca Cola bottle and a Sprite bottle, so I was wandering.......

"Am I gonna sing to 2 bottles?"

"Adrian......looks like the rows of martini glasses and bottles are our audience of the night..."

"Dey......I'm singing to a Carlsberg filler."

Zouk KL was just infront of us, how I wish we could carol over there.

Mark came late, was all sweaty, worst of all, he stood on my left side for the whole 45 minutes. I have to tahan for 45 minutes of his off key singing of all the songs, from "Joy To The Word" to "Noel".

I nearly laugh like Cameron Diaz.

You know how she laughs, don't you?

Priscilla asked us all to silence our phone. While halfway singin Noel, Mark's phone vibrated, then he answered, while we were singing with our lungs out.

Amazingly, he can sing and type SMSs at the same time. Amen

Anyway...................after 45 minutes of caroling, we all went to the coffee house of the hotel and drank refreshments.

Went back by Suresh's car.

Tomorow..........hopefuly better than today lah. 8 more minutes to Christmas. Wish we were more louder.

Blessed Christmas guys!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas time in Times Square...

Ahhhhh.......the time of the year where the Christmas Tree gets all the attention that it needed...

We're so small.....

Arghh.........stop blocking me!!!

How I wish I had this big tree in my home

Then went to Sungei Wang and check out the Hotlink Youth Tour.....Dina, Malaysian Idol 1 finalist, was on stage mic testing. Boy, she gave us one heck of a performance.

Her the vibration of the 2 huge speakers.......nearly caused deafness to all who is as close as I am taking this picture.

Lazy...........I am lazy to blog now. I need to take off and resume my blogging after new year.

At Times Square, bought an Echo Park shirt.......70% discount. Hallelujah!!!!!

Got one baggy jeans.....very nicely done, but over my budget. Wait for my birthday lah.

(Hey, gave you guys a hint what I want for my birthday, 22nd January)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Yesterday's Christmas Carolling.......

Thursday's carolling was great. We had lots of fun. Instead of going to church and meet up, we decided its best to go straight away to the first house, then only to the second.

Yesterday's lucky number one was Vanessa's house at Len Sen, Cheras. Reached there at 7 p.m (talk about arriving at time...). Uncle Paul welcomed me and my parents to his lovely house. A few minutes later.......the rest of the gang arrived. We all sat down and waited the rest to come.

Daniel : "So, hows the plan at Maya Hotel?"
Michelle : "Dunno lah.........Pastor Monica still has yet to phone the manager to arrange our
Daniel: "I'm sure we'll be singing in the lobby, rite?"
Michelle : "No lah, maybe at the ballroom."
Daniel : "So.....if we screw up then how?"
Luis : "Daniel....don't lah think negative..."
Daniel : "No, I'm just saying, if we really did screw up......I rather screw up at the lobby area,
rather in the ballroom."
Michelle : "Yeah ah, then they'll throw all the food at us....LOL."
Luis : "Eh, why are we sitting when all of them standing...."

Then we began to stand and sing "Joy To The World" as the starting song. Adrian's sister then closed up with a prayer......then.........makan time.

After eating rice with curry chicken and vege, we all had to leave the house for the next one. Due to shortage of vehicles for the whole carollers to sit in, we 10+ people had to fit in 2 cars.Its a miracle that we all fit in.

Our leaders of the pack, Phillip and Suresh, each had walkie talkie. So expect some comedy from them...

Phillip : "Bos, sekarang pergi mana, over?"
Suresh : "Oh bother.......dah jalan ke dead end lah...."

So, we had to reverse and head the other way.........

While Phillip was talking, there was a bump, and it scratched his car's exhaust. Oouch.

A few minutes later.......we stop at a traffic light junction. Next to us, we saw a Malay guy selling durians..

Adrian : "Michelle.........your friend lah. The cute little doggy. Dey.....damn skinny lah the dog..."
Jeffrey : "Michelle......go down lah. Let the dog lick you a few times then he's full already."
Michelle : "I smack the living crap out of you ah!!"
Adrian : "Eh, you like durians ah?"
Michelle: "No, what about you?"
Adrian : "Me too lah, I don't know what's so nice about it?"
Luis : "Daniel, you like durian ah?"
Daniel : "I like it when its in an ice-cream cendol, don't like the smell on my fingers after eating

Suddenly, Suresh checks in...

Suresh : "What's with the debate?"
Jeffrey : "No lah, they're asking whether each of us like durian anot?"
Suresh : "Ask coconuts lah...."

Second house was Brother Voon and his wife's place, not to mention their 2 cute daughters. Grace a.k.a Cartoon Mamoo adores them. Trust me.

After singing 5 Christmas songs, we had McD's nuggets for treats. Then, we asked Voon and family to join us for the next few houses ( 7 houses ) .

Off we went to Aunty Rebecca's house to carol. After doing the same routine, she gave us candy.
Coco favourite. Should have seen Phillip's face when he was given Coco jelly, as happy as a kid.

Then went to Jeffrey's house. Played darts in his house after carolling in his place. Godfrey and Rebecca then joined us for carolling.

Then halfway heading to Uncle Herrington Fernandez's house, I was asked to switched to Godfrey's car. As I got into the car, Tamil hip-hop music was blasting in the car. Adrian and Godfrey were chilling with it.

Adrian : "Don't mind with the music ah bro?"
Daniel : "Nope, not at all."

Hmmm.......Yogi B's songs are quite nice to listen. One of my favourite song is "Hip Hop Era".

Then went to Uncle Herrington's house. I ddin't know he was a Catholic the minute I saw a picture of Jesus in his house.I really don't know. After singing the songs, ate again.

Then, after thanking them for their hospitality, off we went to Connie's house.

Godfrey : "Now Adrian, we have a Chinese fella at the back of us gone blur because of listening
Yogi B's songs. Can we at least play him songs in languages he understands?"
Adrian : "Oh yes macha, why don't we play Chinese songs for him?"
Daniel : "No, I don't listen to Chinese songs......."
Godfrey : "Go and see through the CD's Adrian, this time you better not borrow ah!"
Adrian : "Ok ok , chill lah macha. Oohhh, got Tupac ah, eh , you also got this one ah..."
Godfrey : "Adrian, just put a fucking CD into the fucking player, you little fucker....geesh.."
Adrian : "Ok ok, chill.......ah Eminem lah."
Godfrey: "Sorry ah Daniel for the language I used just now, sometimes Adrian can annoy you."
Daniel : "Ok......"

I was shocked.

Totally shocked.

Went to Connie's house. Tell ya something, Connie's parents are the happiest parents around in church. You'll see them smiling all the time. After singing the 6 songs again (tired mood...and sleepy mood), Connie's parents treat us with snacks like the Indian kuih kapit, some syrup drink, banana cake, pandan cake and much more. Pastor Monica was there with them. Thankfully, we didn't screw up again since last week's Christmas dinner. Alot of drama and stuff.

Connie's parents joined us too.

Then we all headed to Phillip's house, which was the last one. In Godfrey's car, we all listened to songs by Eminem like "My Name Is...", "Stan", "Guilty Conscience", "8 Mile", "White America" and so on. Due to Godfrey's CD , sometimes the songs didn't play that smoothly, which caused us to curse at the CD player. Didn't fully enjoy singing along "Without Me" with the skips.

At 12 :45 a.m, 'today is tomorrow'. We wanted to end the carolling with a bang, and we did. After 5 songs again, we did it. We quickly fall to the sofa and rest our backs. Voon's 2 daughter were fast asleep. Had nasi lemak and mango juice for 'dinner', which is already supper.

Godfrey had to fetch Adrian back, then go to Bangsar again. Grace, Luis and his sisters, Michelle, Gracie and Priscilla had to go back home by Suresh's car. I and Vanessa, we had to trouble Phillip to fetch us back home.........safely, since he's known for driving insanely fast. For a Proton Iswara Saga (the sports edition), its a miricle to reach at a speed of 170 from one place to another.

While he fetched me and Vanessa back.....I curi curi take a peek at the speed meter. 120 mph.......hmmmmm not bad lah.

Reached home at 2:45 a.m. Today is tomorrow.

Today.....guess what time I woke up?

12:30 p.m


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yesterday's Christmas carrolling.....

Went to church by Uncle Paul's ride, with his daughter, Vanessa. Yesterday was a tired day for me, so this blog maybe short lah.

Reached church at like about 5:45 p.m. Suresh asked us to come to church to meet up before 7. Since I was bored, follow Kent lah, cam whole for the next 2 hours.

I was super bored.....then half an hour later.....

Wait........who off the lights?? Ma...............

The once was the Youth Room, now turned into store room for our upcoming Christmas Carnival's donation items. Ranging from clothes to bags and toys. TV also got.

The plan........first go Puchong, then go Old Klang Road, Setapak and then Cheras.

Due to traffic jam and bus wars, most of the carrollers manage to come like about 8 o'clock. Begin late, end late. Crap.

First stop was Pastor Vincent and Jaycee Cheah's house. It was a small but lovely apartment that they are living in. It suits them by the way. After performing 5 songs, we ate some snacks prepared by them, and off we go to the next house, which is Brother Don's house nearby here.

Look.......I'm just so exhausted from blogging now. But for blogging's sake, whatever lah.

After Brother Don's house, Don joined us for caroling. Next house is my friend Adrian's house. Its an apartment, small and quite stuffy. Thank God they're moving in to a bigger house.

On our way to Old Klang Road.....I phoned my dad. My parents was pissed off because of the carollers arrangement. Suppose to come to my house for the last stop at 10:30p.m. , but by the time I called, its 11 p.m. After discussing with the leader of the pack, my house would be after Adrian's house.

12:15 a.m , its Thursday already?? Awwwwhhhhh............After performing at my house, we were all treated with nasi goreng kampung with fried chicken wings, curry puffs, pizza, sandwiches, papaya and orange juice. My parents took the whole day preparing the food. Of all 24 pieces of chicken, left 3 only.

I couldn't join them to carol at Luis's house, which is changed to the last house. Why? Because I got no transport. time lah.

At 3 o'clock, I manage to sleep. Neighbour starting his nonsense again.


Today carrolling.............again........

Friday, December 14, 2007

Should I??

Should I pierce my ear?

My mum allow.....but not totally in favour...

Dad.....don't know lah....

Grandma.....when she finds out....she'll skin me alive..

Hui Xian a.k.a Apple......say that I jadi siao jor....

Kerrie agree lo....up to me....

Joshua a.k.a Joshie said the same thing too....up to me...

Yong Shan mummy said can de......, but I prefect wor...

Niece Alicia said no.

Geeeezzz.......this has been bothering me for nearly a how??

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A toast to Yong Shan.....

Last year, alot of my friends made fun of her, calling her "The Fat One", "King Kong" and so on. That was the past, but this year, she's known to me as one of my greatest friends in S.M.K Seri Mutiara, and also my 'mummy dearest' loh.

She kept secrets that will embarrass...

She listens to your complaints...

She comforts you when your sad...

She'll be your dear friend when you don't even have one in school...

Most of all, she cares for me and you more than herself...

She sacrifices her time of lesuire to hear our personal problem...but did we?

When she said that she's changing school.....I was shocked. It's like you're about to lose another friend to another school.

Her smile will be remembered in our hearts.

Her laughter will always be in our mind.

And most of all......we'll have her friendship, like she has our's in her heart.

I dedicate this blog post to Yong Shan mummy. Take care in Suria. Remember to chat with us. S.M.K Seri Mutiara will always welcome you back whenever you feel like returning.

Bye bye, you'll be sadly missed by us in school.



*The following links in this blog contains disgusting beautiful girls eating shit, vomit, and so on. By the time you hit the 'play' button, you will be so in regret.

The most disgusting websites.....that contains porn in it......

Dare you to copy the link and see the videos...

and the list goes on if you're sick enough to see the connecting links........


At first when I watched the video, I thought it was another porn clip, but no. One girl shitting crap on another girl's face. Then both of them share one cup of mash up shit to lick and drool over.

I wanna vomit......

Kinder Surprise!!!!

Kinder Surprise. I'm sure 78% Malaysians don't even know what Kinder Surprise means.........heck, they don't even know what type of product is it? Could it be an anonymous name for a food in a menu? Or could it be a name for a lucky draw?'s a name for a chocolate brand. Its Kinder Surprise.

To my surprise, Kinder Surprise is banned in Malaysia. Why? Because they say it's toy causes harm.

YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!! These toys are made in European countries like France, Italy, Germany, Argentina. I rather pay more than to have low quality made-in-China crap decorating around my study desk.

Well, I'm here to explain Kinder Surprise. You see, these aren't your normal chocolates that you'll eat everyday. Why is Kinder Surprise special? Well, the chocolate is shaped like an egg. And what's more surprising is, inside the chocolate, there is a capsule. Inside the capsule, there's a toy waiting for you to collect.

I've received my 3-in-one box of Kinder Surprise from my cousin at Australia. Thanks!!!

Ate 2 of them, well, left one for you all to see what's the fuss about this chocolate.

I remember my first Kinder Surprise. My toy was an Oscar statue. LOL, I wonder where it went?


Awwwwwhhhh......ain't it cute?

Me holding the 'egg'.

As I crack open the 'egg', it shines!!! It blinds one's eye if not prepared to see it.

And behold.........a small tube waiting to be opened.

Guess what? The inner layer of the chocolate is white chocolate. Like Homer Simpson qouted..........

"White chocolate is not a chocolate."

But what the lah..


Hmmm....chocolate will never be this good already.....hmmm.....

Shit.....didn't know that the dye that mum used on me could be THAT effective.

Muahahahahhhahaahahahhaha..............your not gonna escape!!!!! more half of the egg.'s just like a mouthless face. Cute.

As I looked at the other side of the other half.......there is a weird logo, or is it a symbol from outer space.....trying to message me to EAT MORE KINDER SURPRISE?


After 8 minutes of struggling to open the bloody capsule....I finally got the mole!!!
Go and see the first picture. Look closely at the box. The mole figure itself is limited!!!

So colourful, so nicely done. It's worth eating a chocolate to get it.

Wow.....they even give me a free mini poster....THANKS!!

These are the 3 toys....priceless!!!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Falling Down - Duran Duran feat. Justin Timberlake

Falling Down - Duran Duran feat. Justin Timberlake

Once was a man who consumed his place and time
He thought nothing could touch him
But here and now it’s a different storyline
Like the straw he is clutching

Why has the sky turned grey
Hard to my face and cold on my shoulder
And why has my life gone astray
Scarred by disgrace, I know that its over

Because I’m falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?

Howl at the wind rushing past my lonely head
Caught inside its own motion
How I wish it was somebody else instead
Howling at all this corrosion

Why did the luck run dry
Laugh in my face, so pleased to desert me
Why do the cruel barbs fly?
Now when disgrace can no longer hurt me

Because I’m falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?

Because I’m falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?
I don’t know…. Why…

Go blog or goblok?

LOL, yesterday read the newspaper. There was this section called Dewan Rakyat, and what happened was this MP called our Information Minister to go blog. But the Malay people in the hall heard wrongly 'go blog' to 'goblok', a Javanese word for 'stupid'. When the MP explained, the people asked him to 'tarik balik'.

LOL, listen carefully lah. I don't blame the poor fella for saying 'go blog', not 'goblok'. I mean, how can a Chinese guy know Javanese language?



Happy. I feel happy. was happy enough to send me happy little stickers to cheer me up to be happy on a rainy day last Friday.

Before I went to Tesco to meet up with Joshua to go to the PC Fair, I found this inside The Star's newspaper. A sticker, from Happy.




Got meh in KL?

That would be nice...

KFC got owned!!!!

Next to it is..... "Nobody sings badly...."
Simon Cowell would love that to happen in American Idol

Awwhhh.....this is cute. SO that people no need to become EMO!!!

I want this to happen now...

My bro would love this sticker....

Nobody goes hungry........I want that to happen in Africa.

Next to it is....."Everyone says please and thank you."

My parents would love it!!

Love to do that!!!

"You sleep on the job, but the job doesn't mind"

PS3 will come to me ........after SPM..

Sigh.....after SPM lah. I wanna concentrate on my Form 4 year, but my mind is now on the PS3.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let me tell you clearly!!

I know got someone want me to break up with Kerrie. I know who is that person. Not in my school, not my tuition mate, not even on my MSN.

What makes matters worst of her best friends is teaming up with the planner.

Wah.......nice date lo.....Christmas Day to break me up. Or should I me off.

Syok.....can't wait to see the fireworks.

Furthermore, her best friend is Kerrie's friend also. Or should I say, like a SISTER to her.

I will tell you 2 straightly. I never made any racist, religious, or any insults if included more than that. If I have, I want proof. I want solid proof. Solid like rock. Because I know such remarks will cause big problems.

You hear me?


Hey there readers. Went to PC fair again with my dad. Was happy that now I no need to worry about my memory space for my phone again. But morning, phone battery died. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Cannot snap hot models!!!! Why?!

Dad saw the Samsung flyer that I showed him yesterday night. There was this Samsung phone, it's stats included 3.0 mega pixel, Bluetooth, MP3 player for RM 488. Super cheap. So today maybe he's getting that phone for himself. And his old Nokia phone, for mum lah.

Went at 11: 30. Reached at 12 something. Went to the speaker hall. Dad agreed to buy a speaker for the PC and my phone. I wanna hear bass vibrating the floor of my house. Revenge to my next door 'feng tao' neighbour, let's see how loud can you go!!!! Edifier speakers were good, kinda better than Altec Lansing. There was a portable speaker for my phone, but it was quite weak and there was those annoying 'sand noises'. Then we went to see the PC speakers. Fu-yoh, damn powerful. Price was reasonable. We told the promoter that we will come back later.

Went to the next hall, which has Ben Q, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Lenevo and more. Sigh.....cannot take pics of Ben Q babes. Next year lah. Went to the Samsung booth, asked them about the cheap 3mp phone.

Then.....they say they type wrongly at the flyer. Actual camera pixel is 1.3. Cheeeehhhh.........
Then we tried the Ultra Edition phones. One of the is the 3.2 mp phone, so slim,like a leng lui model.

Then went to Canon booth. Dad finally found his ideal digital camera after seeing Ben Q's one. RM 499.

Then went to see the PS3. Downstairs, there is only one booth selling video games, called Genius Masters. Saw the offer, RM 1450 for a 40GB PS3, included all accessories. I was on cloud nine when dad nodded when he heard the offer. So I asked whether got include games.........

The salesman says.....NO.


There is a Pro Evolution Soccer limited edition PS3, included the game itself. Asked for the price of other games. Instead like the PS2, which is one price for each game (RM4), its now ranging RM 190-250 a game.


Dad said after Form 5 then only buy. I was 99.9% close to getting my ultimate gaming console.

Sigh.......I bought a memory card reader. Kingston for RM 25. Then, went home dissapointed.

No, I'm not angry at my dad. I'm angry at Sony. Yes, you Sony. Poor people like me can afford the console, but not the blardy games. Tell me, why Blueray? What's so special about it? Eventhough Xbox360 is not using Blueray, but a HD DVD, it's grapphics still is on par with your format. Damn Sony, it's just not that we don't buy pirated DVDs, is just because of the price. I don't mind paying RM 50 for a game. But a near RM 200 for a game, means that one year one game.

Sigh......wait for 2 more years lah.

PC Fair part 2

Ok..........Josh was really fed up and confused of which laptop to choose, a Ben Q, or an Acer. Due to some wackiness and insane behaviour by Joshua for about half an hour, he finally decided.....erm...........when we went back also don't know lah he.

Ok, PC Fair was slightly getting crowded. First day always give out free gifts, lots of them. Got a Maxis and LG bag for free, without purchasing anything. Good for keeping countless of flyers distributed by leng luis and leng zhais.


Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhh.......cuci mata session over.

Anyway, meet up with my church friend, Mark. Went to see memory cards again. Then, since Joshua's dad agreed to come at 4 to get the laptop, we went to Burger King to eat.

I didn't know.....that a BK Black Pepper is actually black pepper beef burger. All the while I was eating, I thought it was...



Then.......Josh used Mark's phone to call his dad, since it's already 4 something....

Guess what?

Dad's not comming.

Joshua sad.



Then..................................after walking around at KLCC, time to go home. While we were outside KLCC, its after working hours already. Which means...

PC Fair people + office people + shoppers + normal traffic = HEAVY TRAFFIC!!!! we decided to use the underground train. But too's pack like hell. It's like people rushing to get a free Ferrari. Waited, then bought our tickets. Thanks to Mark, I and Josh were able to find our way back to Maluri, where we will decide to take bus.

First time Josh used a LRT to go to a destination, and boy....he was fricking nervous.

After reaching Maluri, we tried getting on a U47 bus. Luck wasn't at our side as all of the buses were full. Then....we decided to walk.

From Maluri station to the Courts Mammoth, we were dead tired. Josh tried to hail a taxi for us, but he failed to do that. Started cursing the taxi drivers 'asshole'.

Finally.....God saved us. A Metro bus came, I helped Josh bought his ticket. Bus reached at one of the stops near Tesco. Walked to Tesco, sang while walking to Tesco. It was a crazy idea by my buddy, Josh.

Reached at Josh's shop, Brixton, looking so blardy tired. Phoned Kuan Yoke, ajak her for dinner.

After 12 minutes of 'I dont know where to eat lah' ........we decided to go to "Food & Tea" there to eat.

Ate Buttermilk Chicken, dessert is Mango Cocktail, drank plain water.

Thanks Kuan Yoke.......for paying our dinner. Owe ya.

Went back home by Josh's car to have a good night rest.

PC Fair

PC Fair 3 for 2007 was my first time ever. So expect me to be super noob around there. Alot of people go there to get the cheapest and reasonable prices for the hottest gadgets and laptops like Ben Q, Acer, Sony Viao, Dell and much more. Here's how the day goes by....

Daniel : "Dooi, seriously, we should go as early as possible. What time you think we should start
our journey from Tesco? There will be alot of gadget geeks around quite early...
Joshua : "Hmmmm.......9 o'clock lah."
Daniel : "Ok, see you at your shop..."

This morning, I woke up at around 8+. Received a SMS by Josh.

Hope your not mad, can we meet up at 9:40?


Fine, meet up at 9:40, walked to the bus station outside Tesco. Took bus number 47, was raining again. Sigh, God really had a bladder problem. Sorry, if any Christian finds this joke offensive, you're no fun at all. It's not like I'm offending God F.Y.I (For.Your.Infomation, you noob!)

Took a taxi as soon as we got down from the bus. Josh was really nervous in the bus, worrying that we might be lost. LOL, don't worry, Josh is safe with me.

Taking taxi to KLCC cost us about RM 9.70. Not bad lah.......then asked the guards at KLCC for directions to the KL convention centre.

Went to the centercourt and we saw a big Christmas tree. Whee.....17 days to Christmas!!!

How I wish my house's Christmas tree was like this...nice and tall.

As soon as we got to the convention hall, we were guided to the exibition halls. As I and Josh go up using the escalators, outside we saw many people lining up outside the building before the guards allowed them in. Pitty.

We went to the top floor first, which has companies like Acer, HP, SanDisk, NEC and many more. The models were quite hot. But I didn't get pictures of them.

Then went to the other hall, which consist all speaker companies like Altec Lansing, Edifier, Sonic Gear and many more.

Then went downstairs for the laptops.


Begged Josh to go down to find Kingston. They're giving away free gifts with every purchase of 1GB above for a lucky draw.

Bought 2GB thumbdrive for myself.

Then.......went to the main booth to redeem the recipt for gifts. In the mean time, got some pics of the Kingston girls.

Went to LG booth, which also have hot girls (sorry, baterry low that time)

Went to Panasonic, take some pics again.

Josh : "You go PC fair to see laptops and other gadgets....or to see hot babes?"
Daniel : "......both."

Ben Q babe was super hot!!

Kingston mascot "Qee" was super cute!!

AIya......tired lah...later part 2.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baptize time!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!

Pastor Monica: "John, just one dunk will do......"
John: " dunk only ah? You sure John the Baptist didn't dunk Jesus twice?"

"Son........get ready to wet...........3,2...."


Amos : "Hey, you haven't counted 3 lah. Again again, tak kira..."

LOL........2nd of December was a great day for them as they will be reunited with the Lord once they entered his kingdom.