Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's One Distracting Circus Tent

I've seen alot of modified Proton Wajas on the road, maybe too many of them. Heck, its so common sometimes you might mistaken them for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 from far.

Yesterday was on the way to college, while looking at my right side mirror, this Proton Waja or Wajalution X caught my attention. And from that moment onwards, it has been every driver within 50 meters' distraction.

The rear of the Wajalution X is so ugly, the front is to graphic to be shown.

Really? Evolution X? The paint job was an eye sore to everyone who looked at it. The rims, goodness me swap with my rims, my ride even with that red rims looked a heck lot better. And the emblem, we're not that dumb to fall for that bro.

Until now, I cannot understand, why majority of Malaysian tuners have such good taste in modifying the outlook of their rides'?

Myvi Passo/Boon does it better =D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Parents had a great idea, they shifted my PC out of my room and now I have to deal with the humid temperature during late night hours to do my work. And also the noise coming from the living room's TV while they're watching their shows.

Radiation my ass, the whole house is already filled with radiation from the TV screen, computer screen, cell phones and so. It doesn't make any difference for me if they shifted the PC out. Even so, the radiation's still gonna spread to my room in any way.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Twins and Kicks

DM 2: That's not how to tie your shoe lace bro.

DM 1: Remember what you Googled the last time? Want me to tell mum about it? Then shut up =D

Honestly....I don't know which of me is the oldest =/ Oh well, it couldn't be that both of them come out at the same time XD

Readers help me decide puhleessee =D

Special thanks to Kyle Sui for taking the pictures with the Nikon D5000

Thursday, September 23, 2010

van Gogh, the paintwhore

Today's Art and Drawing fundamentals....... learn about van Gogh's art and his life. He's such a loner and a lil bit looney though, only a few friends, love to draw and paint himself. Paintwhore XD

The background took an hour just to paint finish.

Levi and Aubrey.....kacau MK je.

My masterpiece....from this.....

To this =D

Ok lai lai lai bid bid bid. Bidding starts from RM 0.50 =D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Runaway Love Remix

Who would have thought, 3 unlikely singers....Justin Bieber, currently the world's most adored Canadian kid, would collaborate with Kanye "Imma let you finish" West and Wu Tang Clan's Raekwon. Add them up with classic old school hip hop and you'll might get a decent remix.

This is probably the year's most unexpected musical collaboration.
Kanye West mixed JB's "Runaway Love" from his My World 2.0 album, with Wu Tang Clan's "Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To F*ck Wit".

And honestly, after listening it for the first time, I kinda like it. But before you start flaming me for used to hating him a few months ago, hear me out first.

He's 16, he's just a kid. His voice hasn't crack yet, give him a break. Hate all you want but this kid is making money that you and I will only able to earn in years or maybe decades later. I mean, his childhood might be screwed by ridiculous screaming teenage girls who have no idea why they think he's frickin' awesome.

I'm ok with him,even though he might be annoying at times. I think its the fans and the hype about him that gets on my nerves.

But still, that doesn't mean I have that so-called Bieber fever. Its the most ridiculous craze of the century. And I only like just 1 or 2 songs of his, definitely not "Baby" though =D

But anyway, do check out of the remix at Youtube or download it via Frostwire =)

*credits to for the picture.*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Unusual Afternoon

Ok today afternoon something exciting happened to me =D Ok lah its actually not nice to go around telling your friends about you getting stopped by police officers who suspect your on drugs.

I bought McDonald's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe with the new McShaker Cheese Fries. Then went to the cendol roadside stall to have my lunch their. Its just outside Leisure Mall, opposite the Indah Water sewage area.

So right after finishing my lunch, I went back to my car parked outside the housing areas at Mutiara Timur. Yes I was that cheap, I don't wanna spend money parking inside Leisure Mall.

So while walking towards my car, I saw 2 police officers (the ones on motorcycles) checking a car and its driver. I then calmly walked to my car, quickly get in because I was like so full and sleepy from my lunch, I just wanna sleep.

Before I can insert the keys into the ignition, one of the officers asked me to get out of the car and show him my license and IC. So here's how it goes...

Police officer 1 : boleh show IC dan license kamu? Can I see your IC and driver's license?

Me : Oh ya tuan * shows IC and license* Oh yes sir

Police officer 1 : You tinggal di mana? Where do you stay?

Me : Erm Taman Desa Aman, dari sini kiri then kanan Erm Taman Desa Aman, from here go straight, turn left and then right on the next turn.

Police officer 1 : So you dari situ park ke sini? So you drive all the way from your house to park here?

Me : Ya, saya nak pergi makan kat Leisure Mall. Yes, I went to Leisure Mall to have my lunch.

Police officer 1 : You kerja atau belajar? Are you studying or now working?

Me : Saya college student. I'm a college student.

Police officer 1 : Kat mana? Where at?

Me : Kat IACT, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. At IACT, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Ok at that time I thought I was gonna be fined for parking here. Then the 2nd police officer then came along.

Police officer 2 : You kerja atau belajar? You're working or studying?

Me : Belajar. Studying

Police officer 2 : Boleh saya bodycheck you? Don't mind if I perform a bodycheck on you?

Me : Oh boleh boleh Oh sure sure.
*raise both hands up*

Police officer 2 : Eh releks relaks nanti orang ingat kami nak tahan kau. Hey relax relax, later the people passing by would thought we're gonna arrest you.

Police officer 2 : Apa dalam poket ini? What's in this pocket?

Me : Oh ini kunci rumah saya. Oh these are my house keys

Police officer 2 : Poket ini? What about this pocket?

Me : Oh ini dompet saya.

*checks wallet* and while at it, he asked me this question which surprised the shit out of me.

Police officer 2 : You ada ambil dadah atau ada dadah pada kau tak ? Are you under the influence of drugs or currently possessing any drugs with you?

I don't know whether to laugh at his question. That time alot of funny answers popping up in my mind.

"You smartass, even if I have drugs would I tell you?"

"No I don't have drugs. But I do have a few illegal immigrants hiding in the trunk of my car. Wanna see?"

"Nope, but I do have porn though. Interested in Maria Ozawa or foreplay?"

Me : Tak ada tuan, tak ada dadah. No sir, no drugs at all.

Police officer 1 : *hands back both license and IC* ok, you boleh balik sekarang. Ok, now you can go back home.

Seriously lah, do I look like some drug addict ah? I need to gain weight =/

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

G.O.O.D Music is Back =)

I love hip hop music, over any crappy country music or KPOP/JPOP, generic Autotune R&B shit that's on MTV or on the radio. I've been listening to hip hop since primary school days, Nas to 50 to Common and now Kanye, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, J.Cole. Lil Wayne and Drake is more into the pop/mainstream rap category, means they would sellout to anyone in the industry.

I was on, and in the website they posted Kanye West dropped a new single, featuring fellow G.O.O.D Music label mates like Kid Cudi, Common, Pusha T, Big Sean and with the help of uncle Charlie Wilson.

And the minute the song starts on Youtube, I feel that the old, classic, Kanye West is back and damn right I miss those days when piano and hip hop beats mixed/blended PEREFCTLY!!

This song, G.O.O.D Friday is definitely on my playlist and I'll be replaying it alot of times.

(Kanye West)
Party people in the place to be
You are now in the midst of a real MC
Throw your hands in the air if you real as me

(Kid Cudi)
Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Such an easy mornin’, we on a ride
And I’m feelin’ smooth as the way the Benz drive
Turn the radio down if they playin’ that bullshit
They don’t want black people to think at trial
He think he live

He think he live, he think he cold
He think I’m high, I’m in thinker mode
Eyes low’d, I let the skies hold the thoughts
The streets are like the high road that I go across

I mean, my whole team ’bout to smash the streets
The Phillip Lim remind them that it’s Fashion Week
And the weather wasn’t barely hot
Did I mention that the sweater was a Jeremy Scott?
Did I mention G.O.O.D. Music, yeah, forever we hot
Motherfucker, are you ready or not?

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

(This goes out to the hardcore hip-hop)
(Can’t stop! Yooou can’t stop!)
(This goes out to the allcore hip-hop)
(Can’t stop! Yooou can’t stop!)

(Pusha T)
As ‘Ye flips the piano
The mood swings like the change of a channel
He’s heating up like they wrapped him in flannel
Sellin’ kilos through your iPod nano
Cocaine vandal, I induct scandal
Money drive you crazy, look at Marbury’s handle
Vaseline face, reminiscent of my tires
Ice cream paint job, somethin’ like Breyers
Euro tank top, Dior inspired
Sell it to you hard, no assembly required
(Eyuck!) I’m 2012 in 2010
Which makes this a time machine, not just any Benz
Floss for the members of the gang with 28
While haters wish death ‘pon me, that’s many men
Yeah, and if you slaim you on your paper route
Stop talkin’, motherfucker, pull your paper out

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

(Big Sean)

Now tell me, do it feel good? Well, all right
Don’t worry, we gon’ be here all night
And you know a nigga rep that Westside (Westside!)
Westside, Westside!
So te-te-tell who the freshest of ‘em all?
They claimin’ that they fresh, they ain’t fresher than my balls
A nigga seen the fresh like I’m headed to the fall
MC hunting season, putting heads up on the wall
I sneak peeked ahead while we headed to the loft
Man, I always thought with the head inside my drawers
I guess that’s why in school, my grades went from As to Bs to Cs
All over double Ds, I be absent all week
This is for my niggas, all the ones I ride for
Man, that’s the fam, we let ‘em in through the side door
Hold on: That’s the girl you gave a wedding ring?
Man, me and my niggas nutted on her everything

(Charlie Wilson)

And let me hear you say ahhhh

Let me hear you say ahhhh


Ay, we promised

Now put your hands up to the sky
Until the day in that we die
And we’ll be here all evenin’
G.O.O.D. Fridays, I hope you have a nice weekend

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Are you?
Ready to go?
I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

I know the city gettin’ ready for me
I know the city gettin’ ready

Kanye West Good Friday lyrics found on

Look Out Point

Monday went to Look Out Point at Ampang with Zi, Joshua, Derek and Kah Yin for dinner and some get together. Had to tumpang my car to go uphill cuz' Kah Yin's Kenari wouldn't even make it half the trip. We're just worried the car will flip when its driving uphill.

Oh right Zi.....Look Out Point is just around your backyard. I didn't know your backyard was THAT far.

Anyway while going to Look Out Point we missed the entrance to the place and had to drive even further to find a U Turn.

Once we were there, after looking around what Look Out Point has to offer, we decided to go for Gasoline. Haven and the other restaurant's price was quite expensive. I had the usual grill chicken chop with the house made white sauce, Josh had lamb chop, Derek had Gordon Bleu and Kah Yin had udon mee. Kah Yin made one of the funniest mistake of the night, he ordered this vanilla chocolate drink, it was warm instead of ice blended. And damn it, the drink was so thick, he had to order a glass of ice and buy a bottle of cold mineral water to make the drink less thick.

I brought the camera along, so here's some pictures.
Derek with his puppy eye look.

Oh yeah, the view from the restaurant was nice. 645 p.m -7:15 p.m is the best time to enjoy the view. You can see the whole KL from here.

Derek, Zi, Josh and Kah Yin

Beer goggle vision.

Went for a second round at Haven, a Mediterranean restaurant. One of us wanted to have shisha session, so we decided to sit and watch him blowing flavored smoke. He ordered pineapple flavor. And I wanna thank Zi Yang for being the camera man for the night =)

Sitting at the next table beside us was this middle eastern family. Their kid was so adorable, especially when he smiles. Regretted not taking a picture with that boy though.

Looks like those lava rocks at volcano sites.

Kah Yin posing proudly with his shisha. He has one at home. It was his first time doing shisha, and he was kinda high and addicted to it.

Zi Yang and his lamp. Reminds me of those gatekeepers at haunted Medieval mansions or castles.

And yes I was that bored, so I decided to well, try shisha. Heard its a hell lot worst than cigarettes. ain't that bad.

But that doesn't mean I'll shisha regularly. I think once is enough.

The fella that ordered shisha had 3 rounds and we had to wait for him to finish off the last one then only can go off. Zi Yang couldn't take it anymore and decided to take the tip and throw it into the ashes XD

Around 10:30 p.m only left Look Out Point. Will definitely try out their desserts and enjoy the night time view for the next time.

Went back to Zi's place to chill.

Feeling so blur....

It'll be nice if there's more people able to join us, maybe in the next coming months =)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Epic Fail.......Seriously.

Its like after a week not using chopsticks...... I'm back to square one. Had steamboat session with Hao Yang, Hui Xian, J and Hua Xiang, Teng, and Hui Ying on Wednesday. I only decided to eat after feeling so awkward, everyone around me was eating and I was left staring at them.

And shit, I guess its the most funniest outcome and probably the most embarrassing one. I'm a Malaysian Chinese, Cantonese-dialect speaking kid. I only managed to learn the basics of the dialect only when I was 13 years old, I know I'm a slow learner. And for using chopsticks, that was when I was only 9 years old. Shit, I can't believe I managed to remember it so clearly.

But just after 1 week (ok maybe less than a week, I think) not using chopsticks, I'm back to the learning stage again. I don't know how the heck it happened to me, maybe I'm special =D

And this is what happened.....

Oh there goes the food!!! Think of the people in third world countries.


Sigh, that's why next time whenever I'm with ya'll for steamboat dinner, serve me to save all the food wastage and trouble, plus the embarrassment.

And I was given the name Professor Epic Phail =)

Then we went to Maideen mamak stall @Taman Connaught for another round of drinks.

Drinking 3 layered tea, 10 p.m + at night, feeling fly like a G6!!!

Pavilion or Bust!!!

Yesterday went out with a few of my former school mates for a movie outing a Pavilion. Decided to watch Vampire Suck, which was full of wrongly-timed jokes, predictable outcomes, but at least the songs used in the movie was alright.

Supposed to catch the 11:30 a.m show, but some SUPERSTAR was quite late and we had to settle for the 3:30 p.m time. After buying the tickets we all decided to walk around to kill time. San Min and I walked in to a few shops with the girls and it was a horror ride!!! =D

And here's some pictures =)

Short. Tall. Short. Tall.

Then, some random people then came towards us, and asked for our autographs and interviewed us =D

Nah I'm just messing around, apparently there was these 2 guys were trying to help their buddy, Wayne, to purpose to his fiance Elaine, by having 99 well wishers writing notes with their wishes.

Only a superstar can write an essay in such a small note. Shu Teng was annoyed that I used up the whole note to wish people. Damn cheong hei.

"Are you done yet? =__="

And thank you Hui Xian for taking pictures of me and Shu Teng while we basked in our new found superstardom and celebrity status. Thank you for being such an awesome PR for us, we'll send in a fruit basket with a teddy bear and a 'Thank You' card in it in return.

Then went to Pizza Hut to have lunch, and damn, the second we walked into the restaurant, no network coverage. Its like our mobile network providers all took a lunch break and left us. I'm glad I managed to catch up with them, even though I'm at college while they're in their final year in Mutiara.

Vampires Suck, I expected alot of well written, plotted jokes. But to my disappointment, the jokes were all given away in the trailer. Had the trailer only showed 1 or 2 jokes, the rest in the movie wont be THAT predictable. Overall, its a just above-average parody movie, 6/10. The only saving grace was well......the chick.

And phuck the parking ticket lah, RM 15. But aside from that, I had a wonderful day.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ok, some of you might know about my piercings. I did both ears back in 2008, removed them and then pierced again last year like in April (WASTED $$$$ TAU!!!). Then during the June holidays, right on the first day had my right ear and cartilage done. I didn't know cartilage and helix were both different placings =/

So this was me right after I had mine done.

And now......I got my helix done, its RM 20 more than last year's one, but I got it done at Tribal Bodyworks, Sungei Wang.

Yeah got mine done by their resident piercer, Kinki Ryusaki. She was a lil bit pissed and feeling quite grumpy. I was sooo worried she'll screw up my ear XD

And it was all done under 20 seconds, I made her job easy as pie.

Now back to a year ago, sleeping sideways for a week and trying not to knock it while drying my hair after shower.

Oh yeah the reason why I did this is not to be an attention whore, its because I wanted it without any reasons at all. If you want it, go get it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Color

First day of Hari Raya holidays, and a brilliant idea came out.

"Ma, I wanna dye my hair lah, damn bored weiihh..."

"Ok ok ok, what color?"

" can ah? Someone said I'll look damn hot with that color."

And mum started giving me THAT speechless face, every time she does that whenever she thinks I'm talking nonsense bullshit in the house or during family outings. Went to Cosway later to get the dye, Cosway's hair coloring products are much more longer lasting and better than the branded ones I see on supermarkets and pharmacies.

I choose golden honey, added just half of the color booster solution and wala....

=) I just woke up

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amber Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia!!! =)

Guess who I bumped into at Jaya One? Its none other than Malaysia's first Playboy model Amber Chia. Ok lah she appeared in Playboy Indonesia but still...... =)

I was walking back to my car after art class, saw this tall lady in a purple dress, on the phone while eating. Honestly I took a wild guess that lady was Amber Chia.

So I walked on the sidewalk where she was standing and eating while on the phone, to my surprise I was starstruck!! Gosh I sound like a stalker now lah whadaheck weiihh!!

Wanted to well, ask whether can take picture with her anot but then again better not kacau her lah. Just so you know she's pregnant and even with the baby bump, she's still gorgeous =)

Urrgghh today's photoshoot in studio was fun but the constant flashing lights from the backlights, softlights and so on, triggered by the DSLR camera, is a torture for the eyes. Had a hard time driving though =/ Thank goodness today's the last class before the Hari Raya break. And to my fellow Muslims, have a safe journey ahead while balik kampung hoookay? =)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating Spree =)

OK I'm back!!!! Oh damn the marketing management individual assignment. Months after the 2nd semester I'm still wondering....why do I have to study marketing management in the first place. I mean, all I need is to use common sense to know who my target market is, which design suits them and what theme is appropriate. But then again....its nice to know how marketing works.

Oh and yes.....if you happen to know my current Facebook status......I'm on an eating spree. Yes, this is a big blow to you skinny girls who's been skipping meals and now have to read about me eating honeyjoy, bak ku teh, mango ice cream cake, chocolate, ice cream, burgers, fried chicken and so on. TAKE THAT!!!

Looking back I really regretted skipping meals cuz at one time some bastard in primary school told me that had fat thighs.

And now when I think of it...

"WHY THE HECK WAS HE LOOKING AT MY THIGHS?!! Bitch when someone sit their thighs are gonna look fat damn it!!!"

Then secondary school days, was skipping meals cuz the offerings from the school canteen wasn't very nice. Have you tried squeezing the donut? Damn the amount of oil in it. Everytime after eating in the canteen, somehow I feel like I consumed alot of oil than meat and rice XD

This was during my Form 2 days, yes I think I look quite fair in this picture, not to be in vain, but that's what I think of myself. This was when Rajdev had hair, Samuel was a very GOOD school prefect, same goes for Aruvin, Eddy and Nazim. Not sure about that random kid behind.


I mean look at me.....I look skinny alright. This was last year August during my church camp.

So one day I decided to step on the weight scale and boy, my weight sure look unhealty and scary to me.

57KG. I'm like 177cm tall but my weight is more for someone shorter than me. So I decided to of course, go on an eating plan. I shall have 5 meals a day, whatever food I found in the fridge or on the table that looks tempting, juicy, delicious, I'll finish it up immediately.

And my weight target by end of the year......85kg. I know this sounds mad but screw it, I wanna live a healthy lifestyle.

I think I've gained weight, not alot but gained at least some kilograms. I'm happy, but I'm worried eating at unusual hours like during late nights will only make things worst. But who knows, maybe I special case.

By looking at this picture, I've gained weight...I think. I think only lah you don't go and bitch about how perasan I am!! =D