Saturday, January 29, 2011


Honestly, January has been a boring month. Seriously. I'm just waiting for something awesome to happen. College is not fun anymore like the last time, friends can be jerks for no reasons, weekends are filled with nothing to do. Gosh what's wrong?!

Ok, the only day I've been looking forward every January is my birthday, that's it =) On Thaipusam, the day Mac died, I celebrated my birthday early with a few of my close college mates. Jane, Jeen Pei, Zoe Lim, Austin, Levi, Mk, Jared, Joelle, Zhou, Austin and Christine.

Whoot!! Zhou was serving us for the night.

And they bought be cupcakes from Slice from Heaven. I was really really touched, never expected them to surprise me with these cute cupcakes.

I was THAT happy.

And like every birthday boy/girl had to go through, I had to bite the candle and take it off from the cupcake. Jeen Pei pushed my head and I accidentally ate tiny parts of the candle. Taste like chicken XD

Sunday, went to Pavilion with church youth friends. Was gonna surprise Xan Voon by smashing cupcakes with cream on his face, until I had it too XD

Feelin sticky and sweet.

So one of the task for me and Xan Voon was to acknowledge to at least 10 girls in Pavilion....
Was going to hit on this girl, but we were worried she'll report harassment to the management in Pavilion.

Went to Forever 21...
...also fail.

So screw it, Xan Voon and I decided to make use of our acting skills. We just simply headed to the nearest directory board, and hopefully some girl who's lost in the mall looking for her destination is there.

Guess what...
Xan Voon and I got to know 2 very gorgeous Russian girls. The girl on the left was still giving me eye contact when she walk away. SHE SMILED OHHHH MAAIIII =D

At the end of the day, they all gave me this shirt as a gift. Thanks guys!!!

Group picture in Adidas store before I head home for dinner.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mac's Farewell

Woke up on Thaipusam Day, feeling kinda dizzy. Mum then came into my room and told me Mac passed away this morning in her sleep. I thought I could have her to play around on my birthday. Waking up to bad news isn't the best way to start your day.

That one news alone broke my heart, my first pet hamster died. Just the night before her death, she was so active. She has been eating well, running on the exercise wheel.

She died in her sleep, inside her bathtub, her 2nd favourite sleeping spot after the running wheel =)

Having to remove Mac's small body from the bathtub was the hardest thing to do. Looking at her, she lost alot of fur, her eyes was swollen, and dead. It took me 15 minutes to just take her out of the bathtub and put her inside her 'coffin'. I promised her that she'll be buried with her food....

Sunflower seeds and corns. Back then when I was feeding her, she would just dig for sunflower seeds and corns. Mac was a picky eater.

Mac, I hope you liked it very much.

Thank you so much Perry Zanne, and your sister Joanne for taking care of Mac when I'm outstation and for spoiling her with more than 1 tablespoon of food a day.I remember Mac was a tiny furball, until you two fattened her up.

Perry came and helped me picked out the sunflower seeds and corns.

You wouldn't believe it, she even helped me dug out Mac's burial ground. For someone so short XD

There you go Mac, you're buried with your favourite food, a happy hamster.

The hardest part was burying Mac. It'll be the last time I'll see her, forever.

Mac has been an obedient hamster for 2 years plus. The way she sleeps, eats, baths with the bathing powder, gets her fat ass stuck in the corner of the cage, bites my fingers when I'm trying to feed her, I'll never forget. Mum was also sad cause she also took care of Mac when I'm in school or college.

When Mac had an infection on her left eye, I thought she was gonna die just like that. I prayed that she'll be able to live through Christmas, and she did. Joanne once told me, Mac was the strongest hamster she has ever known, and the only hamster she'll ever like and spoil with food and attention.

I'll be missing the noises you make by rattling your food dish to tell me that you're hungry, or how adorable you shaped like a furball when biting off your sunflower seeds or corns. Thank you Mac, for bringing me unforgettable memories as my first and most probably, my last pet I'll ever have. Hope you like your burial spot, cause whenever the sun shines, it shines on you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Damn cute, I know right? =D C'mon la, let me syok sendiri for today only can or not?????

I love you all =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

R.I.P MacHammie

Woke up feeling a little bit giddy cause I had a can of Carlsberg the night before, mum told me my hamster, Mac, passed away in her sleep.

And all of the sudden, supposedly an awesome week before my birthday, this news had to come to me. Just last night I remember, Mac was quite active for a hamster that is aging. She was running on her exercise wheel, eating alot, she was just like any lively hamster, only just older.

But then, I guess its time for her to go. I’m gonna miss those days when she’s rattling the food dish to tell me she’s hungry, or the time she exercises and the noise from it disturbed me from sleeping for the night.

Now, I have to get used to not seeing her pink cage whenever I walked downstairs from my room for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever I come back from college and I won’t be able to spoil her with sunflower seeds or corn already.

I’m gonna miss her alot.

April 2009- January 20, 2011. Died in her sleep.

Mac, like I promised, you're gonna be buried with your food, and there will be corns and your all time favourite, sunflower seeds. You were always a picky eater =)


I'm really looking forward to my birthday this year =) Last year wasn't that fun, I mean it is fun, but not awesome. This year's gonna be alot different. Tomorrow I'll be having dinner with my college mates, mostly the close and fun ones to be with, then Friday with my youth cell group friends from Charis Church. Saturday, Skewers with my bros!!!

Right only there are only a handful of things on my birthday wish list :

1)Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

This album is just........awesome. Yes, finally a good hip hop/rap album. The guest artists in it is great too, from Jay Z to Elton John, Ryan Leslie, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Rihanna, Pusha T. This was 2010's must have album.

2. Apple iPhone 4G

Yes, I've finally given in!!! After years of using Nokia and Symbian OS, I can't stand it. Apple's iPhone is like the almost perfect smartphone. It gets better every new model is launched. And yes I do envy those who had iPhones and watching them having fun playing apps is just soooo tiring!! I WANNA PLAY ANGRY BIRDS AND TAP TAP AND OHHHH THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!

3. iPod Touch
Just in case getting the iPhone plan didn't work out well....this will do. My Nokia N73's gonna die, I spend like 60% of battery life just listening to songs only.

4. Reebok Omni Pump "Tron Legacy" glow in the dark shoes
Reebok and Tron, epic collaboration!!! Another pair please =D

If and only if they were dirt cheap =/

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Like what the previous post mentioned, last week was bad, just plain bad. I missed my IACT 201001 friends, we're like this one big dysfunctional happy family. Now, its like I'm in some foster family, stuck with them till graduation day.

I'm not the only one complaining though, most of my former classmates majoring in different courses complained that their new classmates are noisy and kampung-ish.

I'm having 2 subjects now, typography and sculpture classes. I'm really trying hard to enjoy my next 10+ weeks in class. If this continues, college life ruined.

The only happening thing that happened this week was I got a ticket by the Petaling Jaya city council for not displaying my parking ticket on the dashboard of my car. Dad doesn't know anything about it yet. It was Friday morning, went breakfast with Ian at Jalan Gasing. It was at some banana leaf rice restaurant called Lotus. I have no idea there was a blue color board with the parking sign, and I didn't see any parking ticket machine near the parking bays along the shop lots.

Until after breakfast, walked back to the car. Noticed a wet paper on my car window, its a ticket by the officers. It was all wet cause it rained for the whole day. Mum had to hang the ticket to dry before dad comes back from work. RM 100 gone!!

And now....anyone have any idea how to settle this ticket? I don't know where to pay since its at PJ.

Not Fun =(

First week of college 3rd semester was shit. The reason why me and my 6 classmates get to have a long break from November till January 10th is because we have to wait for the April intake students to finish their 2nd semester, and combine both January and April intakes into one class.

First day of class was bullshit,of the 23 April intake students, ONLY 4 were really paying attention to the lecturer. The rest of them were being noisy and shit. I remember first day of the first semester of college, my class of 32 students immediately clicked right away. But after 4 days with the other batch, my friends and I had yet to talk to them or even say hi. This is the first time I’m really mad pissed at my college.

I really hope this week's class would be better than last week. And I do hope nothing ruins this week for me. I wanna go through 5 days of awesomeness before my birthday =) I'm getting old now.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Part 1

I swear 2010 has been a very very kick ass, roller coaster ride for me. The year when I started college life, assignments, chilling at mamak stalls like never before, rushing for assignments and so forth.

So here's part 1

The year started out great. I'm really thankful for my dad for getting a new car for the family, but most of the time I'm driving. Yeah this is my car, but dad's the one with the final say on anything about the car. Throughout 2010, the Vios had lots of scratches from traffics and careless drivers =(

I'm happy I'm starting out the new year with my first pet around. Mac's getting fatter and on day I'm gonna accept the fact she's gonna leave me for hamster heaven =')

One time I got bored at home, I decided to head down to Seri Mutiara with Kyle to get my school leave certificate. Funny thing was the school admins can get my parents detail wrong, see number 2. I do missed my Seri Mutiara days, it was awesome. I mean I personally think high school/secondary school years are the only 5 years in our life when we know our true friends, those who are willing to stand by you and take hits. The only joykill part about my secondary school years is the ridiculous rules and the teachers. But they are there for a reason.

Candies, chewing gums, sweets.....the ones that kept us awake in class.

2010 was also the year I turned 18 =) Well, its nothing special. Just that I can buy alcohol without need to worry about anyone to check on me, yeah just that. Oh and I no need to worry about sneaking into the cinema hall for a 18+ movie, I'll just walk in =)

And I thought, starting of 2010 is already wonderful.

Computer graphics class was kinda fun. It was the first time I used the iMac. I was tempted to just drag the whole set back to the car after class and just drive home =D

Yeah so college classes some can be fun and interesting, some can be dull and just plain boring. I enjoyed Mass Communication, Creative thinking, presentation skills and computer graphics, but I tried staying awake for Advertising Principles. Jane took this shot. Then again, too much lecture can killjoy in class.

And for every P driver on the road, there's always their first accident on the road too. This was when I was trying to find Sports Planet at Subang area. Was on the right lane, my friend Benjamin noticed the building on my left. Turned left without looking at my side mirrors, RM 400+ gone.

First semester of my course was really fun. I meet alot of nw friends, and most of them really had made my days even more fun.
Jeen Pei, Joelle and Syafiq (behind). Jeen Pei's like the hyperactive kid in a candy store, Joelle's the blur one lost in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

Don't know about you but this shorty over here damn sohem one!! Show here any silly video clip on Youtube she'll laugh like one mad dwarf XD

Advertising Principles class. The last class with Miss Jo ='( She's leaving IACT this year after she's done teaching her remaining classes.

Mass Communication class with Mr. Tan. Mr. Tan will probably remember me as the student....

....who spelt his favorite band's name wrong. The Beatles =D

And I've been wondering, have I been THAT blur in class? ='(


Just a year and alot of shit happened to my car XD

2011 is Gonna Be Good

The first week of 2011, I went back Malacca to visit my grandma. Its been months since I last saw her. She's having a weak heart now, also on a strict diet. From Monday till Thursday night, I find myself relaxing without the Internet, Astro, computer games, my king size bed, KL's cooling weather. One reason why I dislike going outstation is because the weather affects my acne problem. I got more pimples when I came back from Malacca compared to before I went to Malacca.

Ok fine, I did go on Facebook via 3G network.....only until on that night I was shocked to see my bill skyrocket to RM 150+. I informed my brother about it, called up Maxis and Maxis might have 'accidentally' canceled my data plan. I didn't sms or call for the next 3 days with my phone.

Problems aside, Malacca was fun, just to food, nothing else. I had satay, durian cendol, nyonya food at Jonker 88, Jonker Street. More satay again and durian ice cream. Bought back pineapple tarts and dodols. Basically mum and I spent a close RM 100 on food alone.

My 3rd semester class timetable is out. Monday and Thursday is 9 a.m to 3 p.m, Tuesday and Wednesday is 3 p.m to 6 p.m. Like last semester, there's no classes on Friday =)

And yesterday I just went to get myself a spanking new monitor!! The last one died because it got struck by lightning. I got the Samsung 2333TN Full HD nigguh!!! So whenever its raining heavily and there's lightning and thunder, DON'T USE THE COMPUTER, UNPLUG THE MAIN POWER PLUG AND CHILL!!

I haven't been blogging alot compared to 2009's posts. Heck, being a mainstream music junkie, I haven't even started listing out special awards for the songs that made 2010 an awesome year. Maybe later.

Its good to be back in KL, where the weather is cooling now. How the heck can you not like about the current weather, the best to sleep in!! I can't wait for college to resume, I only have like 2 subjects, sculpture and typography. The first batch for 2010 is combining with the 2nd batch students, so its best I better work extra harder.

I think 2011 is gonna be as great as 2010. What da ya think?