Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attack is Not The Best Defense

I really, really never expected Robin Van Persie to sign up and play for Manchester United. Honestly, am I the only United fan that thinks he should remain an Arsenal God that many Gooners worshipped him because he gave Arsenal many years of Champions League football? 

Its just weird seeing a former rival's star player, donning the United jersey. Like when Carlos 'The Merchant' Tevez went Judas on us and headed to Manchester City, I was pretty sad about it that such a great player would betray us to head over to the blue side of Manchester. But he ended up being a prima donna and demanded a transfer request and held the club ransom. 

I understand how Arsenal fans are feeling now that their best player betrayed them by joining United. Like Tevez helped United won the Premiership for a number of times and then went to Manchester City to be part of a 'revolutionary project' by the new Arab owners.

So last night's 1-0 lost to Everton was a wake up call that well, buying Van Persie and Kagawa doesn't guarantee the club a 100% BPL title. Sir Alex Ferguson works in mysterious ways. The problem from last season that we lost the title to City by goal difference, so he decides to boost the attack instead of reinforcing the defense department. Vidic's absence from the line-up due to injury was one of the key factors that United's been leaking in goals (the 4-4 home draw to Everton). I'm not surprise if halfway throughout the season we're short of fit defenders to start in games. Smalling, Vidic, Evans are prone to injuries. 

We have Rooney, Berbatov, Hernandez, Welbeck and now Van Persie. 4 strikers, with Kagawa's creative genius, its just madness. Right after Van Persie's signing everyone's saying United's gonna win the title, which I honestly doubt that. I don't believe signing a rival's star player would automatically put us in pole position to win the league, its stupid. 


I got a C+ for my portfolio exhibition. I honestly thought I deserved a B+. After checking my results, I wasn't satisfied until now. I have been frustrated, pissed, angry that the fact that all the late nights and long hours facing the Mac for assignments and dealing with the exhibition preparations was just well.....wasted.

I am pissed that the management have the balls to hire a dumbass lecturer to supervise the graphic design students on their final portfolio. Having yet to show us his portfolio and have basically zero sense in design, why the fuck did my college didn't run a proper background check before hiring anyone to teach in the college.

That the fact that after going through 7 tough semesters, only to see my CGPA dropped from 3.2 to just over 3. I felt it was just fucking unfair, that I deserved better grades though.
I thought I could end my college course with a good result. What was I thinking....

I just don't know what to do if I don't get that RMIT acceptance letter, it'll be such a let down to my parents. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Many Wake Up Calls?

I think this is another wake up call from God to tell me to drink less, sleep earlier, less hookah, less late night outings and more rest in future.

Jesus Christ, this toothache right after this sinus problem ain't easy for me to deal with. Last night I had to deal with the constant pain coming from my teeth. Last time I checked my teeth was fine, in good health.

So last Sunday I went to the doc. Told him I quit smoking like almost a week ago and he said my lungs are still in good shape and what not.

I only know for the month of July I've been drinking a lot, smoking a lot, and definitely staying up late for almost everyday, 2 a.m in the wee hours then only decided to sleep.

Dad told me this lifestyle need to go, and it'll take time for my body system to get back to normal again. I've lost weight, I haven't been working out since last year.

Again and again I tell myself I need to start changing my habits, still no progress. Shit.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Working at the Playground?

So yesterday I went to visit Motorsport Playground, and told them I'm interested in working part time as their graphic designer. Monday interview, I do want the job. Cars and designs, count me in!! 

TRD Is finally here!!

 Shoutout to Autobahn Ground for delivering this TRD front grill within the promised time period. Was shocked when I saw the box stated Door Visor. Turns out they used the box as the packaging for the grill.

Introducing the new Toyota Vios 2013 new facelift. A whole lot lighter than ever before.

 Instead of spending on letting car accessories workers to install the grill, I have my friend Robyn to do it for me, FOC :D
 And who knew it took almost an hour to take off the WHOLE bumper. We all thought we just need to take out the grill. The thing is, whoever designed the Toyota Vios thought it was a GREAT idea to connect the grill and the bumper together.

After 2 hours, we finally got the grill installed.

 Personally I find chrome on cars, be it on door handles or even trunk lids are pretty much useless and makes the car look just cheap and awful. Been searching the cheapest ABS material for the grill, and Autobahn Ground has the cheapest ones available, without degrading the quality.

It was my first time dealing postage for car bodykits, was worried that worst case scenario the grill wouldn't fit in well. But it didn't. I remember I kinda delayed the payment for the grill because of exhibition, and thankfully Sean (the person in charge of Autobahn Ground) happens to be a very patient and understanding dealer, told me to concentrate first on my finals :D

Would love to deal with them in future, that is if I wanna add anything to the ride again.

Click Here if you're interested in any bodykits available for your ride. 5/5 for overall dealing experience.

Friday, August 3, 2012


For my final portfolio, I've decided to try on character design. And also to make sure its something related to the exhibition theme. So meet the Aggronimals, aggro + animals combined. 

The first picture above is the 4 main protagonist of the story while the bottom 4 is the villans. Basically Aggronimals is about these 4 cute and cuddly group of 4 animals, consists of 2 bears, one fox and a bunny against 4 evil animals that wanted to invade and conquer their land.
Personally, I am proud of my work. They might not made an impact during the 7 days of the exhibition but still, they are my creations after so long. Am planning to print out one of them and stick it on my car :D 

Indigenous : Day 7, It Is Done and Dusted

Fuck. Last day of the exhibition and I was having a lot of mixed emotions.

 I'm happy that everything's over, like we're done with this after much stress and frustrations and tears about it, and also the sleepless nights that we've gone through all for just 7 days.

And we didn't need to face certain lecturers who was a bitch to us for this semester, we didn't need to look forward for assignments and handing it.

I'm really sad that this would probably be the last time I get to spend time and have fun with my classmates. The lunch meals together, the rants we lash out during yum cha sessions when class breaks, the cigarette sessions we have whenever we're just frustrated or just bored. The drinks we had, the wild nights and so on. 

 Time to pack up. Brought down all of the posters that was pasted on the panels. Cleaned up all of the mess and waited for the people in charge to dismantle the booths.
 And the gallery was back to its previous state.

 Indigenous poster, signed by the VIP's and sponsors.

 After done packing up, we headed down to The Bee to celebrate the end of the exhibition. Kilkenny, 3 bottles for RM 20.

 Me and Emily. This girl has to be the nosiest in the group. Also the one we like to annoy and tease because of her personality. Gonna miss disturbing her already.

 Christine, went all the way to Thailand but all she got for me was a blue bracelet =( 
 And after so long, we finally have a picture of us.

This sohem ah, always like to kacau me for nuts. I remember the 2nd day we watched Act of Valor while visitors were looking at our booth. Not a single damn was given on that day. 

I kinda teared up in the car when everything was over. It was a good week, a good 7 days well spent with my college friends. But this wasn't the last day I was gonna be in Jaya One... 

Indigenous : Day 6, Meet Chloe

You want the best nasi lemak? Head down to Village Park at Uptown Damansara. I swear every ringgit on that meal was worth it.

 Penny, Aubrey, Jared Yap, Kar Weng, Jeremy, Ronald and I decided to head down to Village Park during our lunch break. We were really sick of Jaya One's food. Marufuku, Wendy's, Chilli Rush, Tappers, Mojo, ate it this week.

 Milo Dinosaur. I remember having this drink during recess time back in secondary school. Its just ice milo drink with milo power as toppings.

 The amount of sugar level combined by 4 milo dinosaurs is just off the chain.

RM 14 for my dish. Because I requested extra fried chicken and rice. Its actually RM 8. But really, this is the amount I spend in Jaya One on lunch but without any extras and the portion's smaller.

 Right after lunch, felt really sleepy. I really didn't bother whether would anyone be interested in coming for this exhibition already.

 Ms. Queenie dropped by and gave us a surprise. She bought us a green tea cake as a gift for our hard work for this semester. And her cute lil' daughter decided to tag along.

 Readers, meet Chloe. Like Jessica's brother, she's also another adorable kid.

 Just when we're done with our group photo, and since Queenie's daughter was near the cake, I decided to start off a lil surprise for Chloe by singing the birthday song. And everyone else decided to join in.

 You should have seen her clueless face.

 "Mommy I thought my birthday was over already." 

After one month, I finally get to send my baby for a good car wash. 

Cuteness over 9000

Woke up the next morning, no hangover or what not. We finished watching movie like around  4 a.m. Only had 5 hours of sleep. This post is gonna have a lot of cute pictures of Jessica's brother, so I won't type much.

Meet Jessica's brother, the cutest badass kid ever.

 Ronald was high from last night's event, after many attempts at waking him up, we gave up.

 Jared and a giraffe soft toy.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

From IACT to IKEA to Bar Tres

Sweet Jesus would you look at my lunch on a Thursday. On a Thursday!! 40 IKEA meatballs with a plate of 8 chicken wings, 3 egg tarts, 2 apple cake, 1 chocolate cake, 1 plate of chicken breast with pasta and vegetables for 5 people.

Best of all, free. Remember the Erase/Rewind short film that Benchmark Productions did last year. We didn't get the highest mark tho because it was over the time limit, but we did get 'Best Production' among the other groups, and a RM 100 to spend :D

 We were in IKEA, Jared wanted to buy frames for the certificates that's going to be presented to the sponsors for the exhibition.

 I confess, this is the first time I went into IKEA and looked around the furnitures. 

 Had Bud's premium vanilla ice cream and a red velvet cake to reward myself for going through 4 boring days.

 On that night was Bar Tres' soft launch, and I had exclusive invites to the event. Decided to bring my usual gang along. Knowing that we're gonna drink a lot, I decided to crash at Jessica's place for the night. And we still remember that the next day is still the exhibition day.

Didn't drink much. It was free flow from 8 p.m till 10 p.m but the thing is, there was too many people packed inside the bar. And the long line to the free beer wasn't much help at all. Left around 11 a.m because Jeremy wasn't feeling well.

 Knockout like an IACT student.

The night wasn't over, watched Resident Evil in Jessica's cinema room.