Monday, April 30, 2012


My current timeline picture. Decided to Nyanfied myself like a boss =D

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dad and Mum

Finally, a picture of dad and mum. They were supposed to be walking closer together, could have gotten a good shot until I accidentally turn Siri on. Sigh =/ 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How's college classes?

2nd week of college and my final semester for Graphic Design. Classes have been good for now, morning classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Was quite pissed about having to wake up early on a Friday morning but given the choice to wake up early for work or study, I shouldn't be complaining huh? 

Advertising Design classes has been really boring and dull. We have a new lecturer, Mr. Jackson, who claimed to have a lot of experience after working in big time advertising agencies. And till today, the class have yet to see his portfolio and what not.

I mean, you can brag and what not, but you gotta at least have some proof to back it up right? 

 And I ask myself why do I bother waking up early and learning nothing from this class. Its pretty much like Advertising Principles all over again. Last Thursday went to class, didn't learn much.

 Been hanging out at The Bee more than I did back in 2010. This is Jessica's Bacon Potato Salad, during Advertising Design 15 minute class break.

 Instagram, making people feeling like a professional photographer with some filter effects and shit. Amazing. Reminds me of kids with DSLRs walking around in malls, taking pictures of their friends and with a caption, complimenting their own photography skills. Bitch, please.

 Jeremy King a.k.a Me Gusta Mofo a.k.a *******'s boytoy

Jaya One decided to build a residential unit, taking away a lot of parking bays. Screw you big time!! 

Chocolate and Donuts

Believe it or not, my first Starbucks drink in 2 years, the last one I had was back in 2010. Its good to reward yourself once in awhile =) Was chillin at Starbucks Leisure Mall, looking past the ever busy Taman Segar street. Will probably miss it when I'm in Australia in 10 months time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bloody Report

When my parents was away for China a week after my internship ended and on college break, this bitch took my 2 weeks of holiday. Friday, 64 pages of report, bullshitting about my experience and personal learning outcomes from the company.

To anyone reading this and have yet to go through internship and after-internship. Be prepared, seriously.
First day starting the report, I looked through the past reports made by my seniors in college. Some went to big agencies and ended up with a 100+ pages of report. I was really worried like how am I gonna vomit out 20 pages, yet alone 80 pages. 

A big lovely shoutout to my dad for allowing me to use his college laptop, sponsored by TARC. Right now I would like to take the opportunity to say that TARC is the most awesome college for your children's future. Do not hesitate to send them off to further your studies, think of it as a good investment on your kids =D 

But seriously, ass kissing aside, the 10 inch screen wasn't doing any of my eyesight a favor.

And losing my pendrive was also another headache. Another lesson telling me to keep my stuff in the right place and always remember where you put them. Have you ever gone through a phrase in your life when you just keep on forgetting stuff. I mean, I'm 20 and still very much young but when I started to forget stuffs and I thought I'm gonna go through mid-life crisis at such a young age.

Sad =( 

Anyway that's all I gotta say. More updates soon yo!!! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


 So I decided on the first basic modification on my ride would be an aftermarket drop in air filter. After doing much research and reading through so many automotive forums, decided to go for K&N's high flow drop in air filter.

Even if its just a filter, it cost RM 250. WTF

I'm pretty glad the warranty for the Vios is over, I waited 2 years to finally do whatever performance changes to the car. So far the pick up response of the car is better than the stock settings (I mean, RM 250 and no improvement is pretty much bullshit huh?)

Didn't really affect the fuel consumption. Still pumping once a week for now.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The weather is driving me nuts. That's all I gotta say. Its been a while since I sweat this much after 2 cold showers and in an air conditioned room. Global warming indeed

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Weeknd

Ever since I found out Frank Ocean of the OFWGKTA crew, and how awesome his voice is, matching with his perfect deep lyrics that relates to any heart broken fellas in the world, I went on Youtube to search for someone similar as Frank Ocean.

Meet Abel Tesfaye, also known for his stage name The Weeknd. The first suggested search Youtube gave me was The Weeknd's cover of Drake's 'Trust Issues'. Have you ever come across that feeling when you just feel an artiste's voice, like 'shit......I get goosebumps from listening to their voice' and stuff like that. Yeah, screw Bieber's cover, The Weeknd's one will make you feel depressed and going into emo mode, in a good way. 

I mean, what's with Canadians?
So right now I'm on The Weeknd's shit, and now downloading his mixtapes that was released last year. If you really want some deep shit to listen to any given day, please do yourself a favour and listen to The Weeknd.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I got my piercings when I was form 4, then removed and got back again a year later, decided to stretch because I got bored and 2 years later of patience and taking good care of it, I'm on 0g or 1 cm.

I think this would be my last size, unless I get really tempted to go up till 12mm =D  

Monday, April 9, 2012


Here are some of the pictures from my internship placement for 3 months at Scream Interactive Sdn. Bhd. In random order.

 Alvin Ho. Office joker, web designer, also the one who had balls to change my mentor's desktop wallpaper, and meme-fied it like a boss.

 This is me trying to pose seductively on my boss' car before leaving for farewell party.

 Yes, the office looks small but mind you, renovation works are completed while this picture was taken and what's left is furnitures!! 

 Since March started, I've been focused on designing layout plans for upcoming events. There was a time when I actually got sick of it.

 Cat on a colleague's car.

One last look before I leave.

And even on my last day of internship, I still have toskipped lunch with my friends. All because of last minute request.

And this was how my farewell party looked like. Overtime, River City Jalan Ipoh. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hard work pays off

 Years of waiting is nothing, you have to work for it. On the 28th of February, after my 1st month's pay and including whatever savings aside, I finally changed my ride's rim to a much lighter and a lot sweet looking than the stock one.
 After much searching around forums like Vioszeroseven and, I found Kean Lee Hin Tyres at Jalan Ipoh 4th Mile. Read the testimonials from customers in the forums, all of them regarding the good customer service, workmanship and knowledge that Kent has about tyres and rims. Be it the weigh, PCD, offsets, you name it.

So the rim I wanted, the SSW Akina wasn't available and needed to wait for stock to reach Shah Alam. Furthermore, their trade in price wasn't really that good. Went to Kean Lee Hin on Saturday the 26th to meet Kent with my dad. I found out that the stock Vios rims are easily 8 kg per rim. Kent suggested Advanti rims or the Enkei Tuning. I've seen pictures of Advanti rims dented, broken. So I didn't want to take the risk and decided to go with the Enkei Tuning SC33, the 5 twin spoke rim. 

There was a hiccup though, supplier gave Kent 2 rims instead of a complete set. He needed time to go to the factory and take it himself. Nevermind, waited till Monday and here it is!!!

 Enkei Tuing SC33, 15 inch. Remember the time when I wanted to upgrade to bigger size. I didn't thought about the price of 17 inch tyres and the effects after the long run.

 And since I've seldom blogged ever since internship started, my friends and I formed our own car crew. Not as popular as the ones you see on car magazines or any car show events, but we're growing in numbers and trying to get some sponsors too =) 

 I didn't drive to work for most of my internship period. The traffic to Jalan Ipoh is ridiculous and after getting a summon, decided that dad will fetch me to work by motorcycle. But every morning before leaving the house, looking at it reminds me that hard work pays off.

Then a week later, some scumbag left a broken key on the road and my right rear tyre was punctured ='/ 

Previously, it was 12-13 km/l. Now, its 14.7 km/l. There was some improvement after the weight reduction. Wait till the drop in air filter and muffler comes in, then its complete =D