Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Perodua Myvi SE Diecast model

While hunting for a Toyota Vios 2nd hand G spec on, I spot a Toyota Vios for RM 380, only to find out......its just a diecast model

Then I thought, what about Perodua or Proton diecast models? I used to have a Proton Wira model, huge and noisy. I didn't appreciated it when dad bought for me when I was a kid, then as I grow older, I remove the Proton badges and do my own mods on that Wira. You know, with the Lancer Evolution 3 bumpers and so.

(Daniel lost the red Proton Wira car model, now sobbing over it. Might have accidentally gave it away to someone. That lucky fella!!! He better know how precious is that car model now.....)

To my surprise, while Googling for diecast models, I found a Perodua Myvi. No bullshit.

To be honest, it looks kinda good.

The Myvi is based on the 2008 new facelift model. Wait, no its based on the Myvi SE.

Selling for RM 55, free bonnet sticker for sporty look. And you can customize your own plate number with an additional fee. But since they are having a Merdeka special promotion, it will be selling for RM 49. XD

I can't wait to get my hands on this model by this week.


I don't know what the hell happened, but I think I powerslided the car today while going back home. I don't know how many of you all saw.

Santosh : Dei, you know what you did ah?
Me: I know, I embarrassed myself infront of so many people at the bus stop
Santosh: No lah, you skidded and I think you did something like a drift.
Me : Serious shit ah?! Damn, I don't know wei. I simply hantam the brakes and accelerate only.
Santosh : No, you turned and accelerate at the same time. Peter and Sugin was smiling lah.
Me : Damn.....I made myself more embarassed lah.
Santosh : No, you showed them that you are a driver.

Hmmmmm.....I'll try it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)

Yasmin Ahmad, one of the rarest film makers Malaysia will ever see again.

I guess most of you all might have not heard about this film maker until her death earlier last Saturday. She died just more than 48 hours after her surgery, she had a stroke.

You see, as a part time movie junkie, I couldn't care less about Malaysia's film industry. Stupid, thin plots with ridiculous lower than B graded actors and actresses, laughable dialogue/script and so sets up a bad impression on Malaysia's movies in the eyes of the world. 2004, a movie named "Sepet", or translated as 'Chinese Eye', is about a love story between a Chinese VCD seller named Jason and a Malay school girl named Orkid. And as their inter-racial love blossoms, problems come towards their way too. What makes this movie caught my attention is the way how Yasmin Ahmad presents us with a movie about Malaysians being stereotypes (Jason as an Ah Beng), how society reacts towards inter-racial relationship and so.

You might noticed that there are a few easter eggs in this film, mostly about social commentary. For instance, Orkid's mum was thankful to God that Orkid got a scholarship even though she had only 5 As for SPM, where on the other hand, Kak Yam who sat beside her said that even Jason who had 7 A's (probably a few years back, but didn't manage to get a scholarship). This indirectly criticized the Malaysian Government's perceived biased treatment in handing out scholarships to non-Bumiputras.

At one scene, Orked rebutted her friend, Ling that her boyfriend for questioning her love relationship with a non-Malay, i.e. Jason, by telling him Malay men had been marrying non-Malays for generations. This indirectly referred to today's quite prevailing biased perceptions of people having inter-racial love relationships. It was also expressed through Keong's dialogue with Jason when the former was hospitalized. Keong had said people in the olden times can marry each other regardless of race but people in the today's more civilized society tend to fight over and think too much of such matters.

After the release of Sepet, there has been some controversy. One minister said that it is against Islam that a Muslim can have a relationship with a non-Muslim. He had also warned Yasmin about her works and told her to be careful.

See? Society still have something against inter-racial relationship. But I have to give full respect to Yasmin Ahmad for breaking barriers in Malaysian movie industry. Definately need more movies like this. Its a shame that some of the media painted her as a film maker who likes to spark controversy. They didn't noticed that she's the one who loves to present us what we are in her own perspective.

I didn't managed to watch th sequel to Sepet, which is Gubra. Leisure Mall didn't even bother screening it, instead they choose to show stupid movies like Scenario, Jangan Pandang Belakang, Lady Boss and so. : (

Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and the latest Talentime, I couldn't find these on any DVD shop.

Oh yeah, not only she is involved with the movie industry, have you ever noticed that cute commercial about a Chinese Boy who likes a Malay girl. Tan Hong Ming anyone?

Damn this is cute, check out the face expression on 1:13

Children are colour blind, its just that us adults and teenagers made it ugly and bitter

These are just 2 of the many touching and message driven ads that Yasmin Ahmad presented to us on the small screen.

Her passing shocked me early Sunday morning. I was all gloomy for the whole day, even during Sunday church service. The only film maker I respected is now gone.

Like the world lost Michael Jackson to cardiac arrest, Malaysia lost Yasmin Ahmad to stroke. Here's a blog post dedicated to the one film maker, who started 1Malaysia way before Najib did.

1958- 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pn. Lily, my art teacher, asked my class to draw a caricature of a famous person or an icon.

I choose Barrack Obama, the president of the United States of America who has packs on his body and is the first black president for the land of hamburgers and hotdogs.

What da ya think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

7 Things I Learn While Driving on KL Roads

Ok, I know I just got my license this Tuesday, and the first thing I did was drive to school alone. Mum was so worried, she missed called me 4 times to check whether I'm alive or not. lol.

Ok, throughout the days of driving, I've learned that.....

1)Driving is never easy
"Oh c'mon, just the brakes and oil pedel, easy lah". No it ain't. It takes time to just control the acceleration and brakes. You're not gonna master it within just days ok? Trust me.

2)Driving is a huge responsibility
Driving on the road, you'll have a huge responsibility to shoulder on. Any tiny mistake on the road, you're in for a deep shit situation. Just remember not only you have to take care of yourself while driving, but also to ensure other drivers' safety.

3)Its tiring
Trust me on this, it is tiring. Your legs will be so tired, it will beg you to rest them for the whole day and not walk at all. While having my driving lessons, left leg on clutch, right leg controlling the pedal and brakes. 2 hours sitting at the same position, legs doing the same thing, its tiring and makes you restless.

4)KL drivers are really terrible drivers, and you are one of them
Yes, you drive on KL roads, you are automatically categorized as a KL driver. Definition of KL driver
i)Never give signal (you will make this mistake)
ii)Slow down
iii)Occupy more than one parking space
iv)Double park
v)No common sense

Yes, there is no escape.

5)Other drivers will annoy the living fuck out of you
Yes, this is definitely true. Drivers who last minute give signal makes you wanna horn them loud. Drivers who drive slowly and once you try to overtake them they'll speed up makes you wanna point the 'happy finger' to them. Drivers who sometimes drive at the wrong lane makes you wanna wind down your window and yell at them. Sigh, this leads to road anger.

6)Learn to give way
Yes, who knows by giving way to others, you're helping them alot. Remember to give the 'thank you' hnd gesture too to show your response.

7)Last but not need guts to drive
Yes, big fat guts to drive on KL roads. If you can survive KL roads, you can drive anywhere in the world already.

Can't take your shit anymore you douche!!!

Congrats to the new prefect board for the 2009/2010 session. We seniors (Matthew, Angeline, Kyle, Gan Yang, Darshini, Sri Ayu, Azila, Thiam Jun, Sammy, Guo Chong, Man Li, Yi Vonn, Vivia Ong, Sze Mei, Edwin, Sasi, Sabrina, Manpreet and me) can 'retire' peacefully finally!!!

Ok, rehearsal on Friday was funny. Matthew, don't blame us Chinese people for having Chinese names that you can't pronounce. Blame yourself for being a little 'toned down'.

Ok, for those of you who know me well, I have a habit of folding up my sleeves during off duty. Yes I do that because I don't like to wear long sleeve shirt but I have to abide with the school rules.

While practicing, Mr. Chew came to us seniors while we're standing at our positioned place. He came, sounded me with this...

"Why you short sleeve?! You want long or short sleeve?! You are a prefect, fold down now!"

My mood went from cheerful to being downright pissed. First of all Mr. Chew, its just a rehearsal, and we seniors know Monday is an important day and we will be presentable infront of the school students with full attire (coat and tie). Is it wrong for us senior prefects to let loose a little? Its now like we have our shirts untuck, pants sagging, tie too loosen up and so.

Oh yeah, you find me a short sleeve secondary prefect shirt, then only you talk.

I really can't take anymore of Mr.Chew's crap. Can't!!! And I know more than 90% of my blog readers dislike that lecturer. Save your lectures for juveniles.

And I promise, one more time if I have to hear Mr.Chew lecture me with small silly matters, I will release my stress on him. I mean it. What? You think prefects no pressure ah?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spotcheck gone mad

Today's spotcheck, frickin' weird and shocking. I mean, tell me which school you'll find a scorpion as one of the many confiscated items during spotcheck?

All form 4 students were required to stayback after assembly, again spotcheck. So among the items we confiscated were:

1)Highlight pens
2)Liquid paper
4)Bottle water
5)House clothes
8)Doll, yes a playing doll.
9)Scorpion, no joke.

Oh yeah, did I mention the teachers were a little bit crazy today. Mr. Chew, Mr.Chee, Pn. Chin, Pn. Anita and Pn. Tan. Oh boy, what the eff is wrong with you all?

OK, look students. You're reading my blog right, let me make this damn clear again. I would appreciate your co-opperation if you don't curse us, scold us for spotchecking your bag. It is our duty, all we did was follow orders. Don't call us dogs to teachers ok? Its disrespecting and I hate it. One day you'll go out and work and listen to people's orders, do you like it if I call you the same way you did back in school? What goes around comes around remember?

Fair enough, the prefects were also spotchecked by the teachers, and all our highlight pens, staplers, keychains, liquid paper and even a handphone. Heck, even one of the prefect's bag was considered beg berfesyen and was confiscated too.

Gan Yang was pissed because we couldn't understand why on earth keychains aren't allowed? Does the school rule book said so? What about staplers? Like what Gan Yang said, we need it to staple our account work.

Both of my highlight pens were gone. Motherchud, give me back lah!!! I need it to highlight points from lessons lah!! CHI BAI!!!!

Oh yeah, mind you that pendrives ARE ALLOWED for Pete's sake. I don't get it, please make it clear whether pendrives are allowed or not. Upper forms have to use it for Pendidikan Sivik folio, maybe Moral projects and so.

Sigh.........SMK Seri Mutiara is going mad. I'm not surprised that students one day can't take it and start rebelling against teachers. I know, even though I am a prefect as a post, but for the rest of the day, I'm a student just like you. So I can't blame you all for rebelling, I'm not surprised if one day I'll rebel against the teachers.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got my license today, will blog about it soon. Still traumatized from driving. :)

Ticket checker and bumping into KYSPEAKS.COM

Ok, sorry for the delay guys. Actually, I'm still tired from Saturday's work in Bukit Jalil Stadium. Furthermore, if you expect pictures of Manchester United's football players up close from me, forget it. I didn't even have time to take pictures by the way, was busy with work.

All thanks to Weng Fai for giving me the opportunity to work as a ticket checker for Saturday's match between Manchester United and Malaysia. Joshua Leong also joined in, which is great cause both of us are loyal Manchester United fans. I wanted to go for this event so badly, cuz not only I get to watch the match and gain access to places you people can't, I also get to experience being a ticket checker for Ticketpro too. How cool is that!!! I am truly blessed man!!

Woke up excited, oh yeah....I was surprised when dad asked me to drive to the nearby parking area to go for breakfast. Yeah, still need to work on the breaks. I got used to the manual transmission, that I'm using both legs while driving an auto car. Dad was surprised. So from now on, I have to adjust myself. Left legs rest, right legs do the work.

Parents then went to church's gotong royong. Was left alone at home in the morning waiting for Ah Joe to fetch me to the meeting place for breakfast again. Dress code was all black.

We meet up with Khai Liang, Yik Yau, Wei Jian, Ah Foo, Weng Fai, Du Hou, Ah Hooi and Joshie at Foo's place. They went Aladdin for gaming early in the morning like 12 a.m plus.

So we walked to the nearby coffee shop at Taman Connaught. Had our breakfast, and meet my seniors too. Honestly, they were all friendly and funny too. One of them is Uncle Heng, who loves to crack alot of funny and dirty jokes too.

"Do you believe, Uncle Heng drives a Ferrari?"

Yeah......right, it was a Datsun with an aging red colour with the prancing horse logo on the hood.

Li Chuan's bro fetched Yik Yau, Khai Liang, Wei Jian and me to Bukit Jalil Stadium. I soon realized that he was Li Chuan's bro cause they both look alike.

Reached at the stadium like about 11 a.m+. To kill boredom, we all crack alot of jokes. Everyone was picking on Wei Jian and Ah Foo.

'Ah.......went gaming early in the morning rite? RM 10 off from your salary."

All blame on Ah Foo. Gosh, it was so funny.

We, dressed in black, meet up with other security people for briefing. Then, there was 2 hours left to kill, we went to sit down at the stadiums seats. The pitch condition was ok. Well, you know Bolehland's standard lah.

Then, Uncle Heng brought me, Wei Jian, Ah Hooi, Joshua, Du Hou and the other 4 people to go see the person in charg of ticket checking. Changed our black shirt to the white TicketPro shirt that they prepared for us. Joshua and I and the 4 unknown people we meet were assigned to the green gate, where Billy, our new friend is our leader. Wei Jian and Ah Hooi was stationed at the yellow gate if I'm not mistaken.

Had lunch, it was terrible, but have to at least eat to gain energy. I went to buy Ramly burger, but it was so dry.

And I regretted not bringing enough money to buy a Manchester United black polo tee. Arrrghhhh, why am I so smart? Bring RM 10 only on that day?!

Work will begin at 2:30 p.m. And fans were starting to line up, unpatiently wanted to go into the stadium already. Some of them begging us to let them in right away. Josh and I made friends while having the final briefing for us, making sure we know our duty. start. 3 hours of tearing tickets begins. I was so nervous, I was worried I screwed up anytime.

That time, everyone was pushing to get in. I was so frustrated, I yelled "ONE BY ONE PLEASE THANK YOU!!!"

Now, as a ticket checker, my job is to check the tickets, and tear the left side of the ticket. I was so blur, I tore the left side, noticed my mistake and then tore the right side of the ticket. The ticket holder's reaction was like...

'Oh shit....there goes my ticket."

Gosh, I'm so sorry dude.

While doing my job, since I'm being well brought up by my parents, I did say "Enjoy your match" before I pass back the ticket. And surprisingly, the ticket holders were kind enough to reply me. Not to be racist, but I find the Malays were so kind to respond in a cheerful and friendly manner like..

"Ok boss, will do."

"Thank you wei."

'Terima Kasih bang."

"Oh thank you thank you!!"

"Thank You very much!!!"

I was surprised. And to think that some of my friends said that Malays are lazy and arrogant, all were gone in my mind. We shouldnt' just straight away judge each race based on the type of people we meet daily. C'mon, I mean not all Malays are lazy and greedy. Trust me.

Now..........every job sure bound to have problems. Now, one of the rules is that bottled drinks are disallowed into the stadium. One ticket holder didn't like the rule, drank his Coke bottle halfway and threw it just a few inches from me to the floor. Great, my school shoe now has coke stains on it. Nevermind about that, some thought that food are not allowed in, they threw it too. My shoe was so dirty, I don't think so I can wear it to school. My skinny jeans wasn't let go too.

Too many people rushing in at a time, the situation was so bad, marshalls can't handle it. I argued with one of the ticket holders, 4 were Indians. It started out like this...

4 friends had violet zone tickets, first one came to me. I didn't noticed the violet zone stated on the ticket, I let him in. Then the rest of the 3 came to me. I then only noticed their tickets, then I denied them access to the green zone. They start to yell and scold me just because one of their friend managed to get in and now they are denied access. So fine, it was my bad. But please lah, if you wanna curse, curse IN A LANGUAGE THAT I UNDERSTAND, not Tamil lah. And don't get my mum involved, she's innocent alright?

Another incident is that one of the marshalls at the next green gate had to confront with a bunch of Indians cuz they were told that drinks were not allowed to bring in.


That time, I felt like telling that fella this...."Eh, tak faham Bahasa Melayu ke? Kan dia dah cakap tak boleh means tak boleh lah. Next time suruh you punya father build another stadium and set whatever rules you want!!"

But nah, since I so good, I don't want to confront idiots like these people.

At times we were forced to close some of the gates. The person in charge told me and my marshall that my gate will be closed because it was too packed. We both ended up being scolded by ticket holders.

Then, when gate was reopened again, they all rush in. I had to yell at them to remind them to line up and one by one.

Oh yeah, I bumped into KYSPEAKS.COM. He and his girlfriend bought tickets for green zone. KY was wearing the Malaysian football jersey while his chick was wearing a Manchester United jersey. Tore their tickets too, but don't know why KY's face macam emo je.

Then, as my gate is closed, I finally had room to relax for a moment. I went in to go to the bathroom and then decided to take a peak of the match.

Damn, this is as close as you can get to feel like you're at Old Trafford.

I only get to watch the match at the 17th minute.

After that I went out again to resume my work. Joshua and I took turns to go in and watch the match. As soon as I got out, Rooney scored. DO'H!!!!

Billy told us that we can only go in after first half. Work as a team, go in to watch football as a team. Good one. One of our co-workers slacking. 5 45 p.m went to buy drinks, 3 minutes before halftime only come back. He told Billy that he went to toilet. Right......slacker.

Josh was funny. You see, some of the ticket holders, they left their food and motorcycle helmets on the gate. So Josh went to see whether got any nice junk food for us to eat. He took Cheesos for us. Billy advised us next time don't simply take people's food and eat, nanti kena diu by boss. Drinks can, but food cannot. I saw some ticket checkers taking Ramly burgers from the floor and eating it. I was quite disgusted, so was Josh.

We only managed to watch the match on the 75th minute of the second half. It was so pack, standing up to watch the match was a problem for all of us.

I was surprised by the score line, 2-2. Cuz while we were outside working, we heard 4 cheers. We thought Man United scored 4 but each side ended up scoring 2 goals each. Rooney and Nani scored for the Red Devils, while for Malaysia, we have our very own hero named Mohamad Amri Yahyah who scored both of Malaysia's goal. I heard the first one was the best goal that a Malaysia has scored against a international club. Somemore against van Der Sar!!! His second was against Ben Foster, who made a huge mistake by miskicking the ball.

So here's some pics...

See how crowded it is in the stadium?

The fans.

Have to say that 98% of the stadium is filled with Manchester United supporters. Only a small group waving the Malaysian flag high and proud.

Giggs then came in. He received a good welcome from the fans. Those who supported Manchester United for many years will know that Ryan Giggs is the most celebrated footballer in the British Premier League. Having the EPL medal, FA Cup winner's medal, Carling cup medal, FIFA World Club Cup medal, and 2 Champions League winner's medal too.

Then....the moment we all been waiting for, Michael Owen's debut. "OWEN!! OWEN!! OWEN!!" Chanted by the crowd.

And what a way to silence critics by scoring a goal on your first day as a Manchester United player. It made me to rethink that maybe Sir Alex Ferguson didn't gamble at all, he invested instead.

Malaysian goal keeper collided with a Manchester United player in the penalty box. Owen took chance, dribbled past keeper, with one last Malaysian defender standing on goal, he shoot. Ball past last defender, goal!!!

3-2, on the 85th minute. Finally, I witnessed a Manchester United goal, and what better way than it is to watch it live.

Malaysia could have got the 3rd goal, but they kinda ran out of stamina. And they players were quite selfish, trying to dribble past Ferdinand, Carrick, O'Shea and so. And they tried far shots but ended up shooting wide. Was boo-ed by both sides of fans.

After the match, met up with the rest at meeting spot. Then helped out at moving the barricades. Had debriefing and feedback session. That time we were told that Monday there will be a rematch again, but we all can't go because of school.Went dinner after that. Dinner was full. Reach home at 10:50 p.m.

Had a great day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just came back from Bukit Jalil Stadium, match was wicked!!! Will blog about it

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok ok, I'm so hyper gila happy wei guys!!! A month ago I was all emo by cursing the Kancil for screwing my test up. Ok ok, now different story wei. I finally passed the test.

Some fella told me, forgot who's that fella. You must be one with the car, and show love to the car. some lurve towards a man-made machine? And a Kancil?

So yesterday, I went for another 3 hours of driving lesson again. Yeah, I'm used to the manual transmission. And to you guys who hates manual transmission, you'll love it in the end. Trust me, shifting gears can never be so damn fun. Its this close to have that Initial D feeling, only that you can't drift with such a small car on a third-world mentality driver owned road. :)

So for yesterday's lesson, I spent 80% on memorizing the engine noise when revving at the yellow line on the slope task. So can you imagine, while driving back to the slope, I was hymning the engine noise.

"Rrrruummmmmmmmmmmm..........." in my mind. :)

I did managed to practice side parking. Oh, another fun thing to do. My formula.

1) Drive straight, keep close to the left, not too close mind you.
2) Look behind, and look at the first pole. Make sure its visible on your right side of the rear window.
3) Shift to reverse gear, turn steering wheel one and a half on left.
4) Reverse, look at your right side mirror. Stop when rear right tyre ngam ngam touch yellow line.
5) Then, full right steering wheel turn, reverse. Look out your window, and make sure front right tyre in yellow box.
6) Full left steering wheel turn, shift first gear and SLOWLY go front.
7) Straighten your tyres, wind down your window, raise your hand to signal to JPJ officer that you're done.

Ok, now to get out of the yellow box....

1) Full left steering wheel turn, reverse
2) Full right steering wheel turn, first gear SLOWLY go out.
3) Rejoice, and be happy.

Now for 3 point turn....
1) Go front, second pole turn right. Stop before yellow line.
2) Full left steering wheel turn, reverse. Make sure tyre don't kena yellow line.
3) Full right steering wheel turn, first gear. Take your time and go out. Watch out for cars
4) Rejoice and be glad that you won't need to deal with these crappy Kancils anymore

Ok, the Kancils preapred by the JPJ is all in shit condition. No, there isn't a single Kancil that is in perfect condition. The Kancil I had for today's test, I was lucky that the clutch was waaaay better than the last time.

I rushed back from school, nervous. Oh yeah, thanks guys for the wishes. Josh, you know I was so darn nervous lah. Santosh, I knew you have been praying for me. Haha....yeah.

For those who failed the first time, second time test will be at 2 p.m. We were all required to wait in a room. And I was one of the 2 Chinese boys in the room, but the only boy retrying the 3 tasks. Yikes........

Ok, I was listed the first to go. And something embarassing and funny happened to me. I started the engine, ok......but I didn't realized that I was in free-gear mode. So I released the clutch. The car moved, but it was so darn slow. The JPJ officers, one sitting at the side parking zone and one at the uphill zone was wondering what on Earth was I doing? Oh yeah, both were female officers.

Go up, tiba tiba car no power, reverse. That time my mind was like...


I was so close to being in tears. The one that sat at the side parking zone went to me, told me this....

"Adik, lu dalam free gear lah. Masuk gear satu dulu."

HO MY GOSH!!! Lucky bastard lah me. Lucky, so darn lucky lah me. I got second chance. Ok, stop at the yellow line. Just a moment later, the lady ask me to move on.

Ok, this is it.......the moment I can't screw up. Handbrake, release brake. Release clutch until car vibrated, check. Foot on pedal, floor it until moans, check. 3,2,1........release handbrake and clutch.

And for all I know......I was zooming off. I couldn't care less about the Kancil's welfare. I pass.

Side parking, easy. Not to sound cocky, but if you treat it like you're playing the rubic cube with the right formula, its a piece of cake.

After doing all the side parking formulas and raising my hand, I knew that the P license is mine already. I rewarded myself with a slow, relaxing 3 point turn. Parked the car near the other Kancils. Signed the form, LULUS.

LULUS. This one Bahasa Malaysia word, LULUS makes me happy already. I felt like kissing the JPJ officer.

While running back to the car to turn off the engine, I nearly lost my L license and my IC. It fell off while being clipped onto the form. Thank God for that fat but friendly JPJ officer who told me that my IC and L licence is on the road, literally. Haha, thanks tuan!!

Got my form signed by the officers, chopped and done. Now, have to wait for 4 days for my licence. Tuesday, come to me fast!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daniel Mark will not fail his driving test on Friday. (repeat 10000 times)
New artiste making airwaves on mainstream radio and MTV , his name is Tinchy Stryder, hails from East London, England. He's a grime music artist of Ghanian origin.

Check out his single, "Never Leave You", featuring Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah.

21 Guns by Green Day

"21 Guns" - Green Day

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Band practice

Today's band practice was a 100% better than last week. Yes, "Decode" by Paramore sound great. Yes, 2 guitarist tearing it up!!!

And again, I couldn't hear myself on the keyboard. I prefer grand piano. Adui, sponsor lah satu.....

Ivan Ten really went berserk on the drums.

Mac and french fries

Had McDonald's for lunch, and I was wondering.....


French fries made from potato rite? So I decided to feed Mac one french fries.

He chew, he looked at me, he buried it and then sit there do nothing.

=.=, what the heck were you doing Mac? Saving it for winter season?

Until my mum went extreme by asking Mac whether he wants Coke or not?

"Mac, be one with us. Have a Coke."

Monday, July 13, 2009

1. smoked.
2. consumed alcohol.
3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex.
4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex.
5. kissed someone of the same sex.
6. had sex.
7. had someone in your room other than family.
8. watched porn.
9. bought porn.
10. tried drugs.

1. taken painkillers.
2. taken someone else's prescription medicine.
3. lied to your parents.
4. lied to a friend.
5. snuck out of the house.
6. done something illegal.
7. felt hurt.
8. hurt someone.
9. wished someone to die.
10. seen someone die.

1. missed curfew.
2. stayed out all night.
3. eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
4. been to a therapist.
5. received a ticket.
6. been to rehab
7. dyed your hair.
8. been in an accident.
9. been to a club.
10. been to a bar

1. been to a wild party.
2. been to a Mardi Gras parade.
3. drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night.
4. had a spring break in Florida.
5. sniffed anything
6. wore black nail polish
7. wore arm bands.
8. wore t-shirts with band names.
9. listened to rap.
10. owned a 50 Cent CD.

1. dressed gothic
2. dressed girly.
3. dressed punk.
4. dressed grunge.
5. stole something.
6. been too drunk to remember anything.
7. blacked out.
8. fainted.
9. had a crush on a neighbor.

1. had a crush on a friend.
2. been to a concert.
3. dry-humped someone.
4. been called a slut.
5. called someone a slut.
6. installed speakers in your car.
7. broken a mirror.
8. showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
9. brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush.

1. consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.
2. seen an R-rated movie in theater.
3. cruised the mall.
4. skipped school.
5. had surgery.
6. had an injury.
7. gone to court.
8. walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping.
9. caught something on fire.
10. lied about your age.

1. owned/rented an apartment/house.
2. broke the law in the police's presence.
3. made out with someone who had a gf/bf
4. got in trouble with the police.
5. talked to a stranger.
6. hugged a stranger.
7. kissed a stranger.
8. rode in the car with a stranger.
9. been harassed.
10.been verbally harassed.

1. met face-to-face with someone you met online.
2. stayed online for 5+ hours straight.
3. talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
4. watched TV for 5 hours straight.
5. been to a fair.
6. been called a bad influence.
7. drink and drive.
8. prank-called someone.
9. laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
10. cheated on a test.

Grand Total: 34

If You Have Less Than 10.. write [I'm a Goody Goody]
If You Have More Than 10.. write [I'm still a goody goody]
If You Have more Than 20..write [I'm average]
If You Have More Than 30..write [I'm a bad kid]
If You have more than 40..write [I'm a very bad influence]
If You Have more than 50..write [I'm a horrible person]
If You Have more than 60..write [i should be in jail]
If You Have more than 70..Write [i should be dead]

I'm a bad kid

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hari Keusahawanan 09

Hari Keushawanan 2009 was way way better than last year's. Damn, I wish I took more pics of today's packed event. I bump into quite a number of ex-Mutiarians. Mohd. Joshua, Michelle Ita, Iqa, Yong Shan, Kent, Mun Jin, Ngap Zhai, Kit Yin and so on.

A shoutout to my classmates for helping me out. Yohn Heng, Wei Keong, Jun Heng, Edwin, Chee Yang, Hak Lee, Jin Yek, Yee Haw. Without you guys, our stall's situation would be a whole lot shitty.

Overall, the tournaments were finished early. And yeah, we did have a second round of tournament for Fifa Street 2 because we have an extra hamper. Cik Roseni, thanks for finding sponsors for us. Saved us alot of money.

The most watched tournament was the Need For Speed Most Wanted. Surprisingly, some good players crash out early. And I was surprised to find out the winner for this tournament. Enjoy the hamper with a teddy bear for ya to cuddle :)

Fifa Street, majority the Malays were interested with it, and thank you guys, especially the form ones for being patient with me. Thank you adiks for making it happened.

Ian kicked my ass in the first match of Fifa Street, then second time I win him by a last minute goal. Good game.

Kent and Leslie had a battle in Need For Speed Most Wanted, it was quite funny.

I did entered for the first of the 2 tournaments for Fifa Street. I wasn't in the mood to play at my best, so I purposely let Aiyana win me 5-1. He ended up being the overall winner.

I gotta hand it to Sicky. Losing the first FIFA Street tournament and ended up being runners up, and returned to win 1st place in the second tournament starting from bottom to the top.

Ian bullying a kid.

After all 3 tournaments finished, Kuan Kiat and I just inserted Tekken and Naruto, both on the banned list of video games into the Playstation console. Even though Abdul Aziz was around.

I regretted not taking alot of pics lah, cuz I was busy managing the class stall. Missed out on the food, games, and the ghost house. Arrrggghhhh, next year I'll be back!!!!

After a hard day's of work, I promised Sam I'll go to the EYE stall and play their Water War game. Iven and I were both outnumbered by Trisha's team. Water War definitely cooled me down. Oh yeah!!!

4 Science 2's stall was a tattoo shop, I paid RM 2 for one on my wrist. Slowly fading away.

Was so damn tired, sore throat coming back. But it was worth my Saturday time. It is the best Hari Keusahawanan to date.

Nah E Zhen, since when you predicted I'll post a long post about today's event? :P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Worst stall competitors

Seriously, I have never seen a class so desperate to defeat me for tomorrow's Hari Keusahawanan event. Fine, I don't give a damn whether was it your idea to do the PS2 event, I can give you guys full credit for coming out that idea. Heck, you think I care ah?

Duh....its not like you're the only one coming out with brilliant money making ideas in school (douche).

Look, I'm not being a bitch but seriously, I think my class has put more effort than your class ya know?

No, its not just a few of my buddies cracking their heads and giving out ideas and solutions to problems. For the past few days I see the whole class (Yes, the whole 5 Teknologi 2 class) contributing for this project.

I spent half of the day reediting the whole damn poster because I have to abide the rules set by the Parents Teachers Association and headmistress. No fighting games. No video games that promotes or contains violence. So yesterday from 2 to 4 p.m I've edited the poster again, added some logos to make it more interesting. Rushed to the nearest photostat store and colour photostat 50 of them. Waited 34 minutes for all to be done.

And today, my friends volunteered to help out to go class by class to stapler it. I know, most of them want to do it just to skip class and walk around, but at least I know they wanted to help. Thanks guys.

Ok, Sagilan told me last week that 4 Tek 5 is also doing a Playstation corner. Good, got someone to compete with.

But today, tiba tiba 4 Tek 5 came class by class with their last minute posters. Ok, fine, I couldn't care less. Ohhh so now you're following me setting the RM 2 price lah.

Then, when Weng Hong went class by class with Yu Kin to call out Rumah Merbau players, he heard from his friends that 4 Tek 5 students went to paste their poster over ours. Motherchuds!!!

Eh, i don't mind you doing the same project with me, but please don't be a pussy lah. I don't care where you're gonna paste your damn posters, but please lah respect my class' effort by not covering our poster. What? Jealous that ours look more colourful compared to your dull black-white poster?

Ok, fine, like that wasn't enough, while going back that time, Victor told me one of them tore down our posters. Fuckers!!!

I can honestly say that the person in charge of his PS2 corner has no guts. No balls. By calling his posters minions to cover/tear down my posters so that he'll get more attention ain't gonna help at all you stupid fark!!!

You wanna play tough with me and my buddies is it? Fine, we'll play hard. I'll do my promoting here, don't blame me for doing that.

So for tomorrow, those who are interested in a round of FIFA Street, NBA Street Vol.3, Need For Speed Most Wanted and others too, please come to my class, 5 Tek 2's stall. If that ain't enough, we'll be having a tournament for each of the games.Before that, I would like to state that if time is not enough, we're sorry if you are not able to participate some of the games event. FIFA Street and Need For Speed gonna take quite some time, so please be patient ok?

Now, to participate any of the tournament, you would have to win 3 rounds of that respective game. For instance, lets say you wanna join the Need For Speed Most Wanted battle, you would need to win 3 rounds of Need For Speed before the event start (means during 'free play', it ain't free mind you we just don't know what name to call it.)

My friends would give you a ticket of that respectful game for each round you win. Present it to us, and it entitles you to participate in the tournament.

Places are limited. So quickly play 3 rounds and win it to book your spot in the tournament table. Ok, if there is still time, we'll do another tournament of that game to make it up to you all ok? I can't promise you there will be a 2nd tournament but we'll try.

1st place will receive a hamper. Don't worry, 2nd and 3rd place will not walk away empty handed. So that's it, hope to see you all tomorrow. Thanks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Updates on my stall

Ok, now here's the updates.

1) P.I.B.G and headmistress told me and my co-manager for our class stall that fighting games or shooting games are banned. Yes, no Tekken 5. :( Sorry guys, what can I do?

2) Remember the previous poster, it was stated that RM 3 for a round? Guess what? Its now RM 2. See I so darn good, I beg the teacher to lower the price for you all. Because I love you all

3) Mind you that since the school is such a bitch to me that they don't even allow me to use 2 of the school's TV at A.P.D room and makmal bahasa room. Now, we only have 3 TVs instead of 5.

4) Prizes are hampers.

5) For the tournament for any of the 3 EA Games, to qualify, you must win 3 rounds of any game. Means
(i) 3 matches of FIFA Street
(ii) 3 matches of NBA Street Vol 3
(iii) 3 Races of Need For Speed Most Wanted

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Ok, I'm done.

Summary on today

Woke up, shivering. Must be the rain that made me shiver once I woke up. And what makes matters worst is that I turned the ceiling fan to number 2. Feels like 10% Alaska in here.

Told dad I didn't sleep well, he allowed me to continue my slumber after breakfast. Oh yes!!!

Today evening, received a message from a pendiidkan officer. Seems that its too late for my name to be erased from the PLKN list. Sigh, if only I sms earlier. Now I'm doomed to go to National Service.

Oh yeah, have you guys watched Michael Jackson's memorial on TV. Damn, the Jacksons really exposed little Paris too much to the media already. I mean c'mon, if you all wanna put on a show then leave Paris and the rest of the children out of it. They lost a great loving father at a young age already, and you people wanna ask her to give a speech infront of 11 thousand people at Staples Centre?

I'm glad Michael is in a better place right now. At least he ain't gonna deal with the media and the bad publisity anymore.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

Bye bye may have serve me well, but a music phone with QWERTY keyboard for messaging and Wifi and an expandable 8GB memory, all I can say is you're gonna leave this year.

I won't be missing your easy to rust joystick, the annoying lagging whenever I multitask. Damn, I won't miss you about your Wi-Fi absence. And for once I can message at instant speed. And what about a landscape view? Haha, I won't miss being able to view my menus at one style only.

Never would I need to jimat cermat on my memory usage. Oh yes!!!


I've tested the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, thanks to Leisure Mall's Nokia shop for giving me a hands-on test. And honestly, I think its the second best music phone after the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The one feature that really made my mind into changing my phone to the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is the QWERTY Keyboard. Yes, text messaging was a breeze, but I was kinda worried if whenever I slide the keyboard out, it would turn loose. 0.0.

Screen resolution was great. Very very much more improved. It makes my N73 screen resolution look so darn ugly. 2006 ugly. Oh yeah, did I mention the new feature called the Homescreen. Notice the second picture I posted above? Now do you see a few contacts pictures. Well, you can choose 20 of them to be featured in your Homescreen and see them online. Know what are they doing and what songs are they listening.

The Nokia 5730 is loaded with cool applications. Maps and Facebook, Ovi service, Youtube, Flickr and so on. Can you imagine, Facebook on Nokia. Cool!!! What's the best thing about this phone is that it has WiFi network and you can surf the web for free in any cafe, restaurants, kopitiams that have WiFi service. YES!!

Music player is the same as my N73, only thing is that once you enable landscape mode/screen rotation mode, you'll get a whole lotta different experiences.

Speaking of music, Nokia 5730 has dedicated music keypads, like any other XpressMusic phones in the market. And like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, you'll get a membership card and you can download 1000 songs for free, thanks to Nokia. F

For music junkies like me, if 2gb ain't enough, then 8gb will do. Now if 8gb still not good for ya, how about 16gb. Good God!!!

As for the camera, I didn't have the chance to try it. I was still playing with the QWERTY keyboard. : ) But I know its a 3.2 Megapixel Carl Zeiss LED camera. Sad part camera cover. Sigh, have to be very careful not to scratch it.

I checked the price tag for this one, and it made me wanna shed tears of joy. For RM 1350 (yes people, no bullshit, this is for real), you get a music phone with wifi, 3.2 Carl Zeis LED camera, a VGA secondary camera, loads of apps, N-Gage, QWERTY Keyboard for texting and so much more. Now, who wants it?

Will do a review once I get this phone. Bye bye N73

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hari Keusahawan 09

Hey people, for Hari Keusahawanan, here's what my class 5 Teknologi 2 is gonna do. Ok, don't laugh.......a Playstation 2 corner.

Yes kids, by paying RM 2 coupon, you get to have 3 rounds on Tekken, 2 laps on Need for Speed and 1 match for FIFA 09. That's per game lah, tak kan RM 2 for 3 games ah? Siao wei...

Anyway, my minions will be keeping an eye for the best players, and select them for tournaments for Need For Speed Underground, Tekken and maybe FIFA 09 (if time permits)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New or Old?

I stared at Kent's Vios on Friday parked outside Aladdin..........sometimes makes me wonder...

Maybe the new Vios is better than the old one. Maybe my dad was right, anycar with black paintjob is sexy.

Oh damn......this is hot.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Debate 09

Ok, sorry for the late updates. I was down with a massive headache, so bad you all thought I fainted in the school canteen. Haha, anyway, for the past few days, I've been sleeping quite early. Early as in 2 a.m to 2 :30 a.m. Yeah, that explains why pimples have been staying at my face.

Oh yeah, my diet for the past few days consist of fried food and vegetarian dinner. Way to go Daniel.....

Ok, Tuesday I checked whether was I selected for 'death camp'. Yes I was. So early in the morning on Wednesday, the school debate team meet up in the canteen. Matthew Joshua went and check, he kena National Service. Amirul also kena, Man Li also kena. Hamreesh, definitely kena.

So Amirul's mum fetched some of us to the debate finals venue. We're going against Jalan Convent Peel, a well established school. So here's some pics....

Me and Sang sitting outside the meeting room.

So the whole debate team, 11 of us were in the room, aircond and fan turned on and brainstormed a few ideas and points. Some didn't even contributed, I don't wanna post names here. Seriously, sitting there relaxing and seeing your team mates going through massive mess and trying to sort things out, that ain't helping at all.

And maybe most of you all tag along just to skip class? I don't know, its just an assumption ok?

Thank God for Cik Adlina's laptop and Internet connection, or else we'll be stuck with nothing. Our headmistress and Pn. Sasikala joined to give some support.

So it was time for Darsh, Mai and Angeline to be quarantined for an hour. Meanwhile, the rest went in to the debate hall and sit.

Sang listening to his iPod Touch, me with my Nokia.

The motion for the debate finals was "Society does not reap from sports investment". Angeline was picked for the pot draw, and we got the government side. Whee!!!

The debate was really ours to kill. Because what Jalan Convent Peel presented points was just about sports advantages to society, not sports investment. Damn it, we should have P.O.I-ed them when they presented the 'job opportunities' point.

Really, I think even the judges were quite bias. In the end, we lost. Even one of the judges, Mr. Sugu said this...

"Opposition, your 3rd speaker saved you all today. If it wasn't for her, you would have lost."

Damn right.....even though you 3 speak perfect English, your points were out of topic. Maybe the judges don't wanna let a 5 year old school defeat one of the most well established schools in K.L.

But anyway, coming 2nd place in a Zon Pudu final is really a proud achievement for us. All of us never expect to come this far.

So, after the debate, we all went back to school. Amirul's mum took the trouble to come and fetch us back again. Thank you so much Amirul!!! Amirul couldn't join us because he was kinda tired. I mean, he has been contributing alot of facts for us. Heck, I can even say without his help, we wouldn't even make it past the first round. This shows how much value he is to our team. A great researcher and a great thinker. Went back to school, placed the trophy in headmistress office. Mum fetched me, Kyle, Matthew and Daniel Fariq to invade Tesco Extra to celebrate our 2nd place in Zon Pudu. Cik. Adlina fetched Vivian, Darsh, Serene, Angeline and Mai Sabrina. Hamreesh had to fetch fatty (guess who?)

Tesco wasn't prepared for the invasion of SMK Seri Mutiara's Debate Team. Let me do a review on all the debate members....

Meet Mai Sabrina, the no-nonsense yet sassy second speaker. Damn, her English has improved so much. 3 years in English debating, and that's what you get. : ) Best part about watching her debate, you have to hear the last assault sentence towards opponents. So ice-cold.

Me, Mai and Hamreesh.

I had chicken chop with mushroom sauce and for drinks, orange juice. Like it wasn't enough, I treated Santosh and Mai with deserts. ABC and cendol.

Vivian makan ABC.

Meet the blur, innocent looking researcher of the school's debate team, Hamreesh a.k.a Hammy/ Hamster. Thanks Hammy for buying back McDonald's for us, and coming back soaking wet from the rain. Oh yeah, thanks for buying the whole team KFC and Domino's Pizza, even though I missed it for band practice. Hammy, I know this sounds odd but I love you.....NOT. Haha, chill lah. Will belanja you ice-cream.

Mai again.

Matthew, thanks for your contributions. I don't remember it, but I'm sure you did contribute right?

Me, Daniel, slept halfway in the middle of a Skype chat for the first time. Had keyboard key marks on the face on the next day. Mum shocked, dad laughed his ass off. Hey dad, you nearly choked on a banana because of me. xD Ok, I know reviewing myself really feels weird, but here's the thing.

I'm sorry if I wasn't able to be commited as Darsh, Angeline or Amirul because I know my limits. I really wished I could have stayed up until 5 a.m just to find points and help you guys elaborate it. I did my best, and I hope my effort left an impact to the team.

Santosh, he's the one you can argue for the whole day. Trust me, he won't mind accepting all of your P.O.Is at all. He also has been contributing alot for the team, and also giving out ideas and points that sometimes saved our asses.

Santosh, Angeline and Kyle.

Angeline, I'm kinda impressed that you can managed to stay up until 5 a.m, sleep for an hour and come to school to prepare for debate. You are one of the 3 people I know that is so commited to the team. I know you have been sick for us, but all I can say is a big THANK YOU for really helping us making it to the finals.

Serene and Matthew. Serene, thanks for the massage.

Vivian and Darshini. Oh Darsh, what would the debate team do without you? Fast thinking is your middle name. We are really really really thankful that you are in the school debate team. Thank God for you girl!!!! You, like Angeline, stayed up late, went through alot of mess to find points and elaborate them for us. You're a great aset for the team.

Daniel Fariq, don't take it that all of us didn't notice your contributions. You too were commited. You stayed back and tried to help us at all cost, and we really thank you for that. Vivian, I didn't forget you.

Miriam...why didn't you come on Wednesday. We need your brain lah!!! We all love the fact that you can twist our facts and points and make it your advantage. Pure evil!!! Anyway, headmistress noticed your contributions too. Hah, you'll be the next Darshini for sure.

Last but not least, our dear debate teacher, our guide, Cik. Adlina. She also stayed up late, Skype-ed us, discussed with us, cooked food for us, had fun with us. On behalf of the debate team, I would like to say sorry if we had cross the line and didn't follow your strategies of debating, was constantly off-track, wasn't fully focused on the motion, rather than other useless topics. You really are a dedicated english teacher, God bless you Cik. Adlina.

Cik. Adlina, please help me thank your brother for taking the trouble and losing his precious sleep time to help us out for the finals.

Mr. Govinder, thanks for giving us advice. Without it, we're lost.

Pn. Sasikala, thanks for giving us points and elaborations on the motion, "SMS retards reading skills"

Headmistress Pn. Halimah, thanks for supporting us, allowing us to skip classes just to practice debate. Sorry we came back with a 2nd place, but at least we promised you that we'll bring back a trophy. :)

Santosh, me and Mai.

Then it was group picture time.

I know, I'm blur.

When time for superhero pose, I was like...."What the heck man?"

P.O.I pose, I was so malu-fied lah. Can you imagine the people staring at us like one kind.

"Mong meh mong, never see people P.O.I before ah?!"

Mata sakit.

Sigh, last year for me in debate. Even though I was not able to go debate, but I am proud to be a back up researcher and help out by giving points.

Oh yeah, last picture.

Don't ask me why. :P