Thursday, April 29, 2010

Douche Moment

I was driving out of college after basketball, was following this Perodua Viva. I wasn't tailgating him. Was outside Oldtown, then suddenly the Viva stopped.....and reversed.

Before I can horn and reverse quickly....BANG!!!

I was like.....WHAT THE FUCK LAH WEIH?! Dad just bought the Vios a few months back and now kena major kiss!!

I remained calm, its the 2nd accident I've been involved this month. And the last one was my fault, this one was the other driver's fault.

I remained calm, parked the car at one side and then got out of the car in a mentally stable condition. (I have a very very bad temper when shit happens to me). Then, the driver and his GF came out of the Viva, shocked.

Me : Bro, you ok ah?

(Note : My 'are you ok?' in this situation is 'what the fuck were you thinking?!')

Driver 1 : Erm, sorry sorry just now I tak nampak kereta you.

The Viva's rear windows were tinted quite heavily. If his tint wasn't that dark, he would have clear visibility over my car.

Me : Why you reverse? Didn't you see me at the back of you ah?

Driver : Sorry I last minute cari parking.

Me : Sigh.....

(At this time, I wanted to call my parents but my phone died. Bloody Nokia battery)

As I was looking at the damage, which is just minor paint loss and no dents at inner voice then appeared.

"Daniel, chill lah bro, relax!!! its just a small damage, see that paint loss? Not even a millimeter lah bro. Look at that fella, he's already shaking and starting to sweat while his awek apologizing to you like gila-gila. Relax.....RM 50-80 can recover the damage. Just let it be, its ok. Let him off the hook."

I don't know what the hell but I decided to forgive and forget, shook hands with him and told him....

"Shit happens lah don't worry, next time be more careful lah ok? I'll deal with it."

And while I was on the federal highway...

"You actually believe what I said ah? Dude I was high on the 100 Plus tangerine drink lah after a tiring basketball game. Oh my gosh you douche, you could have claimed RM 100-250 to repaint the whole bumper!!"

"Screw you, I'm so not listening to you anymore!!"

And that is when my evening was fucked big time ='( And kena lectured by parents.

"The Vios I buy to get scratch and bang ah?!" - Dad.

Die Hard You Transformers

=) All a night's work

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Music Rant 1

I don't know why, I just hate Justin Bieber. I mean, she's frickin' everywhere. She's on,, MTV, Channel V,, Jaya One Cold Storage playlist and so on.

If and only if the world really ends in 2012, I guess Justin Bieber won't be able to hit puberty.

Fag. Nuff' said.

Honestly, Justin Bieber pretty much represents what the music industry today is. All they need to do is find one boy who really looks like a girl, sings like a girl and has the potential to sell millions of ringtones, merchandises, singles and records in a year to a targeted audiences.....mainly today's youth.

I just cannot believe that in America, where they are wise enough to separate garbage music and real music. And radio stations today just kept on playing songs from recording artist like Justin Bieber because to them, its real music.

"Daniel, why are you picking on that defenseless kid?! Can't you pick on someone your own size?!"

Phuck no. I just can't stand the fact that every time I listen to the radio, they play rubbish songs from Kesha, Lady Gaga, and now Justin Bieber. I just can't stand the fact why people out there who writes their own songs, play their own instruments, spend their own money just to produce a few copies of their work and yet have not been recognized by any talent agent?

I downloaded "One Time", "Baby" and "One Less Lonely Girl". I tried listening after 20-30 seconds maximum, I was stunned. Is this music?

Why a white kid, a YouTube sensation, who doesn't fully write his own songs and his album is teaching me about love? A 16 year old singing about true love to me? Here's a hard fact, no one on earth knows anything about true love!!

Its amazing that his fans, especially teen girls scream their lungs out whenever he appears or sings to them. Like he's the only good looking fella who can sing on planet earth. You people have bad taste of music. Heck, even a 3 year old kid cried because Justin Bieber, in one of his cheesy love songs, said that he loves her.

Here's another fact, Justin Bieber does not love you in true love, boy-girl love, relationship love. Get it?

And I really though Usher can do better than that? By just signing JB on his label, he gets part of his profit. Justin......Usher is making moolah out of you. There is no hope already.

I just don't know why I hate her. I'm not jealous of her success BTW. Its just that I'm sick of the fact that Michael Jackson had to make way for rubbish, Illuminati connected singers like Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber.

Heck, I'd trade the whole of the music industry just to have real talented, inspiring singers like MJ, Tupac, Johny Cash and so on to return from the dead.

And people are starting to compare this crap to Michael Jackson =_=" Its like comparing Kia and Bentley. Justin Bieber started her singing career when she was 15. Michael Jackson started at 5 damn it. While Justin was playing kitchen and Barbie, MJ and his brothers were selling out concerts in halls.

Heck, Justin Bieber ruined Michael Jackson's dance moves in his music video for "Baby". Even though I can't moonwalk, I just have to yell FAIL to the television screen XD And why oh why Ludacris has to be in the video? Is he trying to get street cred and up his reputation?

I know, Justin Bieber's music caters to the teen market, but its a sad thing that teens think that he's an amazing singer and he's awesome and shit and THIS is real music. They deserve someone way better than Miss Bieber.

C'mon, look what happened to the Jonas Brothers. The sister group is now nearly forgotten just after a year or two of their fame. I can promise you, Justin Bieber will be forgotten once someone better than him is discovered and had a deal with a record company.

Its so funny, that my class hates her. Like whenever our lecturer mentions her name, we all will go like....


I'm not apologizing to any Justin Bieber fans out there reading the post. I'm just trying to wake you all up. Go listen to real music...if you can find one right now. Or well, you can still stick with her and spend your time day dreaming about her.

"Daniel, don't bullshit lah. You listen to Lady Gaga also mah. 3OH!3 leh? Ke$ha was on your playlist!"

Yes, I used to now no. I stop listening to Ke$ha, she's another singer who can't sing above average at all. 3OH!3 is also another trash electronic group, its like 3 or more songs have the sentence "girl in this bar." Lady Gaga....what's with that one eye symbol?!

And the last time an artiste tried going against the music industry...........he died ='(.


I don't know how to manage time. Yes, I sucked at time managing. I can't multitask, most of the time I'm late for meetings. Just as I hate waiting for people, I have to make people wait for me.

Gosh, things have been very very stressful for me. I've just finished my presentation skills group presentation and honestly, I was disappointed at myself. I still suffer from stage fright and I tend to get nervous whenever I present anything infront of people.

I mean, fuck!! Imagine 30+ eyes all focusing on you, on every move you make, every word you utter and everything about you. Heck, whenever I present something, I just don't know where to stare at. I get all shaky, I breathe heavily and I will go blank.

I hate going blank, I hate that stage. When you go blank, you're out of words to say. Then voices of whispering started and you know you screw up big time.

Today's presentation, I really didn't give my best to the team. I really wish I'd done better. Fuck lah, no point bitching about it already. I still have English Individual and group assignment, computer graphics assignment, advertising group assignment, mass communication group assignment.

Phuket, I'll just give my best again.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facka You Sure Ah? (The Aubrey Culture)

Daniel Mac Mark - says:
*eh facka
*tmr come at 7 30

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:
Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:
*screw u!

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:
*omg weih

=) says:
*no i am not

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

=) says:

Daniel Mac Mark - says:

Try And See Lah

"Why don't you bang the other side of the car and see what happens to your other RM 200." - Mum


Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Accident

Had an accident right after finding Sports Planet Subang Jaya. It was basically my fault for last minute turning to the left without signaling

After colliding, I quickly pulled on the left side and rushed to the Myvi and apologized to the lady driver. I fucked up big time =(

The Myvi had its fender and front bumper damaged, for my parents Honda City.....just the fender and a slight knock on the door.

Managed to settle it outside instead of making a police report. Really thankful for the Myvi lady driver for not being pissed and yelling/screaming all over me. Thanks to Ben, Clarence, Adrian and Joel for helping me.

Oh fuck like my weekend couldn't get any more worst, futsal was shit. There goes my $$$

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mai naaaiimee issh Jimmy!!

Ok so yesterday I went to Kyle's place to do some photoshooting for my college computer graphic's assignment, superimposing (Google it please). While in his room, his house phone rang and it was from an 'outside area' number.

First Kyle picked up, it was some salesgirl rang up and talked to him in Mandarin. Then he hung up on her. That girl called again and this is how it went....

Daniel : Hello, who is this speaking to?

Salesgirl : Hello is (Kyle's 'fake' Chinese name) in?

Daniel : Who?

Salesgirl : (Kyle's 'fake' Chinese name)

Daniel : Owwhh he's busy

Salesgirl : Oh what is he doing now?

Daniel : He's studying

Salesgirl : Oh and you are?

Daniel : I'm his brother, why do you want to talk to him?

Salesgirl : Oh I wanted to tell him something. Is your mum around? What about your dad?

Daniel : Erm, no she's sleeping. My dad is working.

Salesgirl : Ok nevermind, what is your name?

*I was blank, I had to think of a name quick*

Daniel : Jimmy

Salesgirl : Is that English name or Chinese name? Jing Mi?

Daniel : No no no, Jiiiimeeehh.

Salesgirl : Oh ok, I would like to tell you something. I'm from Panasonic and would like to explain to you about our upcoming roadshow.

Daniel : Oh good, erm, where are you calling from?

Salesgirl : Oh I'm calling from Taman Connaught.

Daniel : Riiiiight, erm about your roadshow...

Salesgirl : Yes about our roadshow we're promoting our electronic appliances at XXXX shopping mall. There will be games and activities for the family to enjoy.

Daniel : Oh ok, I'll see whether my family is free or not.

Salesgirl : Ok, well, what is your mum's name?

Daniel : Erm, what for ah?

Salesgirl : Oh cause we need just need to know only.

Daniel : Her name is erm..........Huang Mei Err

*At this moment, Kyle was laughing like an asshole until I was close to being in stitches and follow suit. Fuck you Kyle XD*

Salesgirl : Would you mind telling her to come and talk to me now?

Daniel : Erm, she's sick and just took her medicine that's why she's having her rest now.

Salesgirl : Oh ok, that's about it. We Panasonic would like to wish you good fortune, prosperous health and a happy week ahead

Daniel : Ok ok, same to you.

*hangs up*

So frickin' easy. Mai naiime issh JIIIIIMEEEH!!!!

Photoshop Effect : Superimpose

"*opens mouth* ahhh............."

"Heeeeeeelp!!!! Eeiikkk!!!"

Daniel 1 : "Google......Maria Ozawa!!!"
Daniel 2 : "Hmmm Dan what cha doing now? O.o?"

Dunk Shots

Some shots of my Nike :D

*Credits to Kyle's Olympus DSLR Camera*

I can't wait for my own one :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Post 11 April 2010

Something went wrong with my Vios' display meter. Thursday late morning I was rushing to college, and my car's display meter telling me I have 2 bars to spare, with 35km left before the next refill.

So I went to pump RM 10, knowing that I have calculated each bar cost RM 10. So I thought 3 bars will do the job for now.

After resuming the drive to PJ, I noticed that the petrol bars were not increased by one, nor the kilometers too.

So for the next 10 minutes, it was still 2 bars, and slowly decreasing to 24km. I was so worried, usually I'll be at the fast lane, but I had to shift to the middle lane and drive C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y. Then it went to 3 bars, but the kilometers didn't go up too.

3 bars supposed to give me 50+km. But 3 bars and 22km that's scary.

Then I went to pump petrol again after college, RM 20 gone. And this time it went up to 4 bars and 195km O.o.

My car is cursed by the Toyota spell or what?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Berbatov You're Slow

Didn't managed to catch the United-Chelsea match. All I know is....BERBATOV IS SUCH A FUCKEN PIECE OF SHIT!!

Damn it, just when Rooney is out of action for at least 4 weeks, look who comes to fill his shoe, non other than Berba-fucking-tov. Why didn't Fergie pick Owen?! Owen has more experience in the Premier League than that bloody Bulgarian striker.

I remember having Berbatov in the United squad while playing FIFA 10. He's just so fucking slow, I can outrun him damn it!!

In order for United to solve their attacking problems, they must clone Wayne Rooney. 2 more Wayne Rooneys. 1 playing the striker role, and the other playing attacking midfield. And Michael Owen must play alongside Rooney if he wants to be in England's World Cup Squad.

As for Berbatov.........send him to Jamaica to run!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bum oh bummer

Warning : There's one picture that might be disturbing to you all :D

Ok, so what's all that minor surgery I'll been talking about on Facebook you ask? Well, its actually a boil/cyst I had on my erm.....bum.

Yeah, it might be funny to you all but I was irritated to have something disturbing me for the past few days.

Last year it all started when I drove my parents' Honda City (97') to school. Usually I'll park the car outside the perimeter parking spaces outside the school from 7 till 2 p.m latest. And you know leather seats can be a bitch when its hot, and once you sat on it, ouch =(

Well, usually I didn't give a damn about it and just sat on it without thinking about cooling the car first before leaving =(

A year later, things got worst. Apparently once was just a small 'pimple' turned into a huge one. So on Wednesday I just couldn't take it, I went to see the doctor.

Doctor told me to come back on Friday to do a minor surgery.

And today........I went. I was so nervous, I had crazy thoughts like having butt cancer or I might lose the whole left bum or maybe I might die of an accident in the middle of the operation.

As I am typing, I am trying to find a suitable position to sit. Pity me.

So at 3:30 pm, I was on the operating bed, lying with my arse.

Mum told me the injection will be a very painful process. I thought she was bullshitting.......and I was wrong.

It was very painful. I was yelling and cursing in agony. Its like a sharp needle going through your flesh.

The injection was supposed to make my bum numb. It did for a period of time before I started to feel pain again.

4 times the doctor have to give me numb injections, and the stitching process is one tough thing to go through. And again...another injection.

You know, too much of numb injections can make you feel like sleeping. So, after 1 hour plus, the doctor finally removed that damn bugger from my bum.

Eeeeeiiikkk O____O

The most awesome thing is.......I didn't know part of my bum (the cyst) will be sent to a medical lab for national health research. Frickin' cool eh?

And for now, I wish I had a donut with me now. You know, the one for people like me going through a tough time like this to sit.

P.S : To my left bum, I'm so sorry ='(

Short Post 2nd April 2010

Whoot!! Can't wait for my first minor surgery later :D Will tell you about it, you will either pity me or well, laugh at me.

I'm sure gonna be the butt of jokes...........

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Short Post 31 March 2010

Short Post 31 March 2010:

Yesterday was at the mamak having a quick lunch after morning Creative Thinking discussion with Jason, Jared, Shanor and Immy. Was the last person who has his/her food served. Was rushing and then called the mamak waiter to give me a lime.

He gave me, and without thinking twice I quickly in lightning speed (frickin' epic) squeezed the lime out....only to have most of it sprayed onto my eye. Was in tears after that, all of the laughed at me. Heck, even the mamak waiter was laughing too. Left eye was reddish. FML indeed =)

Oh well, epic failure for me but epic sight for my friends. Now this is what I call tweeting. Twitter that that you b*tch!!!