Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ever wonder in a distant future we're able to store our cars and able to carry it along, portable and user friendly. It saves parking space (I think parking lots will be a thing of a past) and you'll always think of different poses and styles to call your car out.

Inspired by Pokemon, idea originally from me. PokeCars XD

RM 17.50 FML Kaw Kaw

Can you believe it?

RM 17.50 for a parking ticket. Park at Pavilion or KLCC also not as costly as parking at Jaya One. Its Jaya One damnit!!!

I remembered a sign stated that RM 2 per entry. And that car park attendant told me RM 2 for the whole day.

Today I asked her, how come so expensive?

"Oh, RM 2 untuk sehari hanya pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad."

Ultra hyper dulan marah pissed off 'zhong for' gila because of the amount I have to pay for parking ticket >.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Rides.......Pimped!!

I'm happy with my ride's look. Bigger Toyota OEM Enkei 5 spoke rims (20 inch) and a new TRD mesh grille =)

Kyle got rid of his lousy 14 inch rims, and upgraded his Myvi SE's shoe to 17 inch =)

We fly mothafacka XD

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kyle's 2nd Myvi....

Kyle have fun with your new Myvi :D

Shattering Glass

Today's class was good. But still every now and then tired and feeling worn off. Today's advertising principles class ended too early, at 1:40 instead of 3 p.m. All because Room 2 will be used for a workshop for new semester's students.

While we were wondering at the mamak area, we saw this bunch of new students. 80% girls, 20% guys compared to our 70% guys and 30% girls. =(

Furthermore.......quite a few leng luis somemore =( Our class is like a sausage fest compared to theirs...........chick fest.

Anyway for today's mass comm tutorial class, we watched "Shattered Glass".

The movie is based on a true story about Stephen Glass a writer for a magazine called "The New Republic" in America. Stephen Glass managed to create fictional articles that made it look factual and it was published in many issues. His last article, "Hack Heaven", was about a 15 year old hacker who managed to infiltrate a company called Jukt Micronics, hired as a security consultant after the company agreed to accept his terms and conditions (the boy wants a Mazda Miata, Playboy and Penthouse magazines and a trip to Disneyland) at a hackers convention.

That article caught the attention of Forbes and they ran a full fact-check on the article, and found no Jukt Micronics, no data about the hacker, the C.E.O. of the company, the hacker's agent and so on. It was all made up by Stephen Glass.

The reason why Stephen Glass had to make all his articles up and screw up his career and future is because he has to juggle between work and his job as a writer. He had not enough time, because writing an article needs alot of work in very little time.

So to make things easier and have people off his back for once, he decided to imagine and send in fictional articles with fictional notes and sources to back it up.

For "Hack Heaven", he took the trouble to set up a fake website for Jukt Micronics and a fake voice-mail and e-mail addresses and mails as 'solid' evidence.

His editor had to fire him and issue an apology to all the readers and Forbes for letting shit happened.

So of all 41 articles published by Glass, 27 of them are fictional. This shows Stephen Glass is smart enough to lie and make it looks so real and backed with actual facts and sources.

So the lesson is......never produce fake news/articles in a magazine/newspaper/online journal.

After class at 5:20 p.m, stuck cuz of rain.

Jared OH Jared....

Me and Starbucks boy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today Is Their Birthday.....FML =)

Today is Santosh Logandran's (a.k.a DJ Black) birthday.....FML.

Santosh, my Indian brother XD Blessed 18th birthday to you bro, you're like my best macha I've ever known in school and in my pathetic lifeless, obsessed with Facebook life :D Sometimes you might be a pain in the ass for me and the rest, but still when it comes to being a true're the one that suits best.

(facka you better shed some tears when you read this one ok?)

Also celebrating her birthday is Carmen Hor. FML x2

My 'niece' for 4 years (since I form 3, she form 1, you do the math) When you need someone to brighten up your emo, dull, cloudy pathetic day, she's the perfect candidate to make you smile. And she's well, obsessed with Rabbids (google it you dumb cock) 2 are getting old, FYL XD!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


At times when you're a growing teenager like me with raging hormones of wanting to hump every hot chick that walks by, you tend to have moments or end up in situations that made you go

(you probably get the idea what it stands for right?)

Anyway yesterday night I was preparing for my design for a Lamborghini car skin contest. I'll tell you more about that later. Then Aubrey called, and told me that tomorrow morning there's computer graphics class at 9 a.m. Which means I have to wake up at 6 a.m again and get out of Cheras by 6:45 a.m the latest.

Slept for 5 hours, woke up at 6 a.m and go out of the house 45 minutes later. Reach Jaya One at 7:30 a.m. Meet up with Zoeii at Oldtown for breakfast.

Then......while 3 of us were chatting, suddenly Aubrey received a phone call from IACT office. It seems that class today was canceled, lecturer took MC.


What the hell am I supposed to do for the next few hours? Soon after Aubrey got the call, Zoeii got the message and told the admin that she's at college now. Then after that I received a call from IACT too.

"Erm, yeah, about that.....I'm with my 2 other classmates at Oldtown. Nah no worries.... =)"

So next plan, we decided to head to the library and do assignment/Facebook.

What surprised me is Imran. He's not part of the designing class, and he don't even have class this morning, but......he came for class. Rajin, but for all the wrong reasons XD Should have look at Imran's face when we told him we were not bullshitting about him having no class at all.

Went to the library, did my research on my mass communication assignment. Screw it. Oh yeah, on the way to library bumped into 2 more idiots who like Imran, thought that today morning got CG class, and they are not part of the designing class at all. So pandai lah =______=

Thanks Doreen for helping us out on the assignments. If only there was no need for referencing on assignments, sigh.

I tell ya, Aubrey, Zoeii, Kelvin and Andy not to forget Doreen went mad and crazy on Facebook. If you have noticed my profile having so many people tagging me and I have tagged so many people in a few minutes. Its like a Facebook tagging orgy, in a clean way XD

Until at one point Andy purposely tagged us to ask us to take a break from tagging, he's too tired to reply. And all of us did replied and he had to type again and again and again.

Ok, for the past few days I'm having doubts on whether to join this Lamborghini car skin designing competition. The prize is indeed awesome, top 5 winners get to test drive the Lamborghini Gallardo on the Sepang race track, cash prizes, publicity and so on. But then, the competition started last year on 22nd of December, the organization people came this week to tell us. And while the other colleges have months to prepare, I have only a week. The deadline is on the 31st of March.

RM 150 for entry fee, and as stated on their website, all will be given to charity. Sure it might cost me but given the true fact that the experience and joy while participating this contest is PRICELESS. So what the heck, I'll join.

Came back home at around 6:40 p.m. Frickin tired and exhausted to the max. I really really need a good night sleep.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Girls know cars more than Boys :(

Today went to college quite early, thought of going to the library to read some books (surprised huh?) but then decided to join Kelvin and gang. Damn it Kelvin, of all the celebs you can draw on vector graphics.......MILEY CYRUS?!

Anyway, then went to mamak with Jane, Bryan, Austin. Immy then tagged along.

Now, after parking my car, I went up via the escalator. Then as I first step on ground floor, a Bentley Continental/Flying Spur was parked right infront of me. Shit, I can't remember what colour was it, but I think its black.

Can you imagine parking your Proton/Perodua/Kia/Hyundai/Honda/Toyota family car next to a Bentley?

"Eh who's car is this? Can move ah? Blocking all the attention for the Bentley lah ok?"

Ohh daamnnn embalaasssiinngg gila =________=

After going up to class to put the bag and go back down with the gang to the mamak, a black Hummer, tinted with huge pimpin' rims and lime green vinyls cruised by, chillin'.

That time Jane and Austin frickin H-I-G-H.

Yum cha at mamak in Jaya One, it was the worst mamak to serve maggi goreng. Memalukan nama sahaja =______=

Tiba-tiba.......a black Nissan Skyline GTR revved by. Damn it, have to heard how the engine sounds like? Sexay!!! Its like an Japanese AV model moaning to you XD (kidding only c'mon)

Daniel : Nissan Skyline GTR
Jane : Nissan Skyline GTR R35

WTF?! Jane knows cars more than me? She even had the specs right on!!

Until I posted on Facebook and 2 grease monkeys by the name of Josiah Lim and Calvin Wong then reeducated me.....

Its a Nissan Skyline R35 VR38DETT
(Good Lord such a long name to remember)!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=102657286437858&id=1066813130

Sunday, March 21, 2010

FHM and assignments :D

Yippie, done with my computer graphic homework. I thought of drawing a Scarlette Johansson portrait since she's well, hotter than Megan Fox. Was supposed to draw Jessica Alba but I thought S.Jo was better.
Oh and E Zhen, this ain't a perverted at all.

Oh yeah, you guys watched Lady Gaga's new music video with Beyonce? 'Telephone"? Go watch it, I feel like yelling at the director for ruining the video. I thought music videos was supposed to be related to the lyrics of a song. Its a 9 minute long video, and a tribute to one of Quinton Tarentino's movies, and has the Pussy Wagon as a cameo vehicle.

I hate dislike Lady Gaga already. Loved the song before the actual video premiered.

So last week Sunday I went to Kyle's place and stay over just to use the Internet for my assignments and Facebook and :D Yup, my neighbourhood punya free internet blocked me and had password key to prevent me from using free internet. Screw you.

Ya lah ya lah, I can afford to drive a huge ass Vios but I can't even bother having my own Internet line. You know what?PHUCK YOU :D

Actually we thought of doing an experiment involving Mentos and Coke. But then we supposed to have Mentos mint and Diet Coke : (

Phail :(

So then again, after all the stress on Google-ling topics for our assignments, why not take a break and read. Membaca budaya kita, as they say.

No, screw textbooks and storybooks, we're going to read something more for the grown ups and savvy people.....


And NO, FHM is not a porn mag. And if it is, why would Popular, Borders, MPH and so on have the nuggets to sell it at the magazines section or at newsstands nationwide?

I actually have to feel bad for Kyle for dealing with his bro's friends. To a 13-14 year old kid, a FHM magazine is a ham sap book, buku kuning =_____=

Erm, look kid. If a hot looking girl dress with slim fitted clothes turns you on and makes you wanna cum and jack off, I wonder what will the REAL pornos will make you do?

I mean, FHM stands for For Him Magazine. Means its for MEN only, but then again you ask, what the heck am I having these mags when I'm only 18 and not a MAN at all.

You know why? Because I can :D

Furthermore, its good to know that there are hot chicks living among us in Malaysia *winks*

And of course, the faint hearted ones will be the victim of sakit jantung, erection problem and so on XD

So what if I have those, what cha gonna do?

"Eh Daniel you damn ham sap loh..."
Eh kiddo, you lust over Megan Fox in Transformers? Siapa lagi teruk?

"Parents never scold meh?"
Dan can you put properly the mags ah? Don't simply throw here and there lah, I accidentally give to old newspaper man you don't come crying to me ok? - Mum

It doesn't make you any better/different than me by judging me ok? So after drooling over Hannah Tan, Yvonne Sim, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 and 2009 and many more, resumed assignments and then hit the sack after a long night.

Kyle, you have too many fats in your body? 19 Celsius and you can't feel the coldness?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SPM Results Day and Wong Kok @Pavilion

SPM Results day was awesome, finally a day to catch up with friends who you never see for months after the last exam paper. Gosh, 3 months and alot of changes. Good or bad, I'm not to judge.

And some people so desperate to show off that he got a car and blast out Cina Beng techno thrash music and purposely drive to the school bus stop with his Honda Accord windows down =___________=

I call that epic phail XD

Anyway, I meet up with Kyle, Man Li, Angeline and Cheah Foo at the mamak to have breakfast. Food was terrible : (

Then went to school by 9:20 a.m, school guard was being a bitch. Ever wonder every school guard that the school hires acts like a bitch and looks like a bitch?

Then waited in the car for 40 minutes, went to the bus stop to chat with friends for 40 minutes, then went into the school compound by 11 a.m plus. Then waited outside the school hall for 30 minutes.

Like that wasn't enough, a special ceremony for the students who scored 6 A's or more.

Then....time for the rest to take the slip.

I was satisfied with my results, not very happy about it. Was shocked that certain subjects I thought I was gonna get an A got C, and more shocked and high when certain subjects I thought I was gonna fail for sure.....managed to get me C+.

Accounts, answered one question for Paper 2 ONLY, got me C+. A credit :D

Then after that, Santosh and gang with me planned to go to Pavilion and celebrate in style. Santosh said that Leisure Mall low class XD

Went with 2 cars, Kyle fetched Darsh, Vivian, Angeline, Sasi, Sri Ayu and Azila.

Sri Ayu, you can't blame me for berterus terang....calling you fat XD

As for me, Santosh, Cheng Heng, Zi Yang, Derek was in my car. Took the SMART tunnel way, which was more faster than the UE3 way.

One thing I like about Santosh is....he's a self confessed CHINDIAN.

And off we went to Wong Kok to makan and celebrate. Kyle and the chicks went to the food court to makan cuz they can't find Wong Kok =_________=

The moment me, Santosh, Cheng Heng, Derek and Zi went into Wong Kok, there was like a few seconds of pin drop silence and stares. All because they saw Santosh walking in.

Derek, Zi and Cheng Heng.

Derek ordered this weird drink, Mocha chocolate, its like the lips of the glass is hugged with mocha and nuts.

Cheng Heng with his burger babi :D

Santosh enjoying his Hawaiian drink.
Zi's Converse, my Dunk : D

Santosh's BATA shoe, Heng's Vans Off The Wall.


Overall, had a fun, tummy filling day. Wish it lasted forever :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My SPM results.............honestly, I wish I could have got 3 or 4 Aces, but then again.....................................I'm satisfied =)

Still can't believe Science got B and Accounts got C+ (Paper 2, answered 1 question only)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures Again.....

I like Shanor's new camera. Its not just any ordinary 12 megapixel camera that takes highly detailed pictures, its a for people who love to take self shots/self potraits (a.k.a. camwhoring)

Jeen Pei with Shanor's camera. Noticed the screen can be pulled and adjusted according to photographer's will :D

I was actually surprised cuz I've never seen this type of camera before. I think I'm gonna purchase it by end of the year after I'm done getting the Playstation 3. Still stuck with 86%....

Thanks Jeen for the pictures :D You can actually go to my Facebook profile and click on the pictures that I was tagged and then click the album to view more. That is, if you've added me :D

Stalkers who have not yet to add me yet..........good luck getting the approval from your's truly XD

Me and Dandy....can you feel the love? Eewwww.....

I'll give you a cookie if you comment me being cute in this picture :D I promise from my pinky fragile heart.

My shirt really meant it, go...........

I'm not sure what's wrong with Andy Lua by the way, he's been pinching, ticking every guy's nipple's in class. I actually dared him and Kelvin to go do it to the girls or to the lecturer :D

Andy seriously.....this is not the right time =_______="

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Role Model :D

I really pay full attention in class ya know :D
(Jane caught me off guard)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Results Day Soon

To be honest, I am very worried about my SPM results. I know I can't change it, but darn it.....................

Its only until Thursday, Thursday will be my biggest day yet. Brings me back when I was form 3 when I had to go and collect my PMR results, and it wasn't even close to my target. A lone 'A' on a result paper to me is a bad result, because I was actually aiming for more.

But what's the point of day dreaming of yourself getting A's when you don't put the effort to push you to your goal?

Yeah, some of my friends do say that once you're in college, SPM results are merely just a paper to show your qualification. But I don't want to go into a college with that result.

I am very nervous now, I've enjoyed my months of holiday and carefree lifestyle already. All I know that I really hope all my efforts while studying for Form 5 paid off.

I target 5 A's, now aiming for 4, realistically, I want 3 A's or better.

I really really wanna show my parents that after all the years of them spoiling me with my whatever needs, its all paid off with my SPM result.

And I really want to prove to the people who doubted me, I will fucking prove you that I do study and play hard XD

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eagle Chicken

I must give kudos and awesome credits to myself. Who would have thought, KL traffic can be really that UNPREDICTABLE.

See, last night I carefully calculated, if I get up by 5:45 a.m, take a quick refreshing shower and change clothes and prepare everything by 6:10 a.m, get out of the house by 6:15 a.m and try to get out of Taman Connaught toll by 6:30 :D

And by then I actually predicted I will be stuck in a bumper to bumper jam like always on early morning Friday.

So 6:30 a.m + 2 hours = 8:30 a.m (reach Jaya One)

And I wont be late for class :D

But I was soooooo damn wrong, so wrong that I actually feel like planning to knock down Tour de Langkawi riders if I ever see them XD

I actually woke up early for nothing, well, at least better than being stuck in jam by 7 a.m right? But I really felt like yelling myself in the car, but that would be downright creepy.

And I thought maybe its too early to say that no jam, who knows just right after toll I'll be stuck?

Oh noooooo, traffic proved me wrong. I was left to deal with crazy morning drivers speeding with their Benz and Camry and even Alphard O___O And I thought 'After 5 p.m' drivers were more insane.

And I really feel like slamming my head on the steering wheel when I realized I clocked in at 6:44 a.m

It actually took me 20+ minutes, instead of 2 hours.....and what the hell am I gonna do for the next 1 hour 20 minutes before Jason and Jared arrive for breakfast?

Solution : sleep in the car park inside the car, alone.

I tried sleeping with the car still turned on, with music still playing softly. But then again by doing so for the next 80 minutes will affect my car battery and of course, waste petrol. So I had to sleep with the windows winded down and without the air conditioning system.

: (

Guess I'm not the only one after all.
(car left after a minute thinking of that)

Anybody there???


Me :D

Anyway today computer graphics class was fun. Really learned alot, and're just sitting next to me and you took the trouble to log into your Facebook account and tagged me to say 'Hi'?


Anyway Jared was being blur again. He brought his Macbook, placed it infront of the iMac screen. Then he thought that the iMac's mouse was connected to his Macbook, thus he used it. So he was like clicking alot of times but thinking that his laptop has some bug, until Jason told him he's using iMac's mouse after all.

Jared you're so awesome XD And your eagle is not a chicken lah :D

Daniel Is His Class' 'Drug Dealer' :D

I am officially IACT 201001's 'drug' dealer. Yes, call me your sugar daddy you bitches cuz I'll be supplying free Wrigley's. FREE, EFF ARE EEE EEE!!!

For the other 'high' drugs like Mentos, Cadbury, Mars, Kinder Brueno, Kit Kat, Glatorade and so, you pay me, I go get :D (for classmates only, others minta maaf ya)

Pass and 'drug'
Ahhhh.....had 4 of these and constantly chewing on for 3 hours. Jaw tired....

Immy, I guess the Rainbow Mentos didn't work out for you huh? Awesome :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DM Is Hungry. Feed Him Now.

Me : "Dad can I go out and ta pau Ramly burger? I damn hungry lah."
Dad : "=__________= at this hour? Go and sleep lah"

Child abuse!!! XD Eh damn it, I'm frickin' hungry lah. How to sleep?

Monday, March 1, 2010

To Do List : Wash My Car EPIC PHAIL =(

*takes out bucket, sponge and water hose. Attaches water hose to water tap, turns on tap*