Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I jumbled Levi's captions for his Photojournalism assignment. Ahh....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hellooo guys!! I'm caught up with my 2 final major projects for Art and Design Fundamentals and Drawing Principles. Just finished my photojournalism assignment, now left the photo composition and photobook and I'm done with assignments.

Exams is next week, I'm so screwed for Marketing Management. From the first class till now I still have no idea what am I learning =/

Anyway..........I just watched Kanye West's much talked about short film, directed by him called "Runaway". It features some songs from his latest album. The film is about 34 minutes long, and right after watching it, all I gotta say is

As much as you think Kanye West is an attention seeker, arrogant and self-centered S.O.B, no doubt he's one of today's musical genius.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nice? =D

Inspira Inspiring Ke?

Sometimes I feel like Proton seriously needs inspiring designers and work force that is motivated. Sigh, its a sad sight to see our once beloved national pride, PROTON going downhill.

I hate it when they introduced the Iswara special edition. Its the same design, only changes were the crystal lights, an exhaust system and a multi spoke sport rim. Same goes for the Waja, after 10 years, just minor facelifts. Also for the Perdana, 10 years plus and they have still yet to find a replacement model.

Tun Dr. Mathathir, what happened?!

27 years....

Proton Inspira, not even inspiring at all. Proton and Mitsubishi signed an agreement saying that Proton had bought the blueprint for Lancer and will rebadge it to sell it here for a cheaper price.

If the R3 version of the Proton Inspira comes out......I send my condolences to the current Evo X owners =S

Monday, October 18, 2010

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Still excited about owning this shirt =D

Meet Ah Biie ( Bitch I Need Mah Sleep!!)

Any of ya'll remember Ah Biie? Mac's other bitch friend during Chinese New Year? Ah Biie was at my place for the night, my uncle and aunt had to go off for a week for vacation and left Ah Biie under my mum's care. Rico the Siberian Husky was supposed to drop by, but then again last minute he went to cousin's instead.

Ah Biie, like Tiffie, is an obedient puppy. I ask that bitch to sit, she sit. I gently push her with my feet, she won't bark.

And surprisingly, Ah Biie loves to pose for the camera.

Poor teddy bear.

So this is her throne, a basket with a mat made by my mum a few years ago. I had to carry her upstairs cuz she's kinda afraid of the dark. Oh yeah, Ah Biie is quite heavy. What do expect from a pampered Shih Tzu?

So I decided to let Ah Biie sleep in my room, and that was the biggest mistake for the night. That bitch, from 2 a.m till 5 she has been making so much noise by wandering around my room and the little bell attached to her collar was making those sounds, its so frickin' irritating.

Until 6 something a.m, I decided to kick her out of the room. Bitch, I need mah sleep!! Just seconds after kicking her out of my room, I can hear her soft cries but still.....bitch I need mah sleep!!!

Anyway mum was surprised to see her waiting in front of the masterbed's room. She actually wants to shit and pee already. So mum took her out for a morning walk. Ah Biie is such a jakun. She gets scared whenever she sees a plant, neighbors, cat, and even my pet hamster Mac =__________="

This afternoon mum went back to Malacca with Ah Biie and my other cousin Jean. Goodbye bitch!!! =D
=D UPDATES SOON!! This bitch is heavy!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kikstyo Aya Kiguchi

2 weeks saving up and walaah, finally.........
My first and last Kikstyo tee.

Ouuuhh this is a bonus!!

Last shirt for me, I'm done. Until Chinese New Year sales I'll get a pair or 2. Now, I need a new slippers. No I'm not going for Crocs or Vivism slippers.

A slipper cost RM 20-30 at Bata, I think. But this shoe, cost RM 30. LOL for once I no need to worry about getting the shoe dirty, this is alright for RM 30 and I do not care whether its legit or fake, this can replace my slipper. I'm getting a blue one, probably by next week, and I promise I'm done.

And after that, I can save for the sport rims, going for 16 inch. 17 is too much, and the tyre price is ridiculous. I might remain 15 inch rims, just different tyres.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I Roll?

When I'm driving, I choose what songs I wanna play. The driver has no reason why he/she needs to please the passengers. Passengers should STFU, feel the music that is being played, whether you like it or not, move your head back and forth according to the beat and ROLL WITH ME MUTHAFAARRKERRSSS!!!!

And that's how I roll. And who says as a car gets older the sound system will aged too? Screw that!! Wanna hear how the Honda City speakers bleed? You'll be surprised that its stock. Ciara's "Oh", fetauring Ludacris never gets old.

I drew this, enough said =D

Broke for Tuesday

Helloooooooo!!! I'm back you smexy readers!! Just finished a few assignments at the very last minute, I guess its already a bad habit for me. There was this art competition that our photography lecturer asked us to join, like there isn't any other option already, MUST JOIN. Deadline was like on Monday, on Monday morning I just started to sketch. Was late for class by 30+ minutes, wasted 45 minutes trying to understand Marketing Management.

We're supposed to print out A1 size. I know, its frickin' huge. I thought it would be like RM 20-30 to print it out, until Jane told me its RM 120+. Then after Marketing class, Jane text messaged Aubrey saying that lecturer told us to just burn the file into a CD and hand it to him by tomorrow.

Oh all that rush wasted =( But anyway here's what I did on Monday night in the space of 2 hours+....

All I did was upload the previous one on Illustrator and just trace it via pen tool and vollaahh!!!

Tuesday was a shitty morning, seriously. I had RM 25 in my wallet, on the way to college just realized I need moolah to pump petrol. Filled RM 10 at the Taman Connaught Shell station. Then I started to panic when I realized my odometer's reading on my petrol gone haywired. It was still stuck on 2 bars.

Again made a stop at the Shell station after the Federal Highway toll. RM 10 gone.

And again my Vios started to make me feel panic like mad!! Still stuck on 2 bars, what's worst, the reading still shows I left 40+ km worth of fuel to survive. Only after a few minutes later it went four bars, but the fuel reading was still being a bitch.

Went to the forums and posted my problem, they say this WAS an issue for the S Spec Vios. Ohhh crap Toyota what have you done?!

I was left with RM 5, valet parking was RM 6, not to forget printing the poster for Art assignment was expecting RM 10+ and what about lunch? I need my char siew for lunch!!

Had char siew with roasted chicken rice at Section 20, PJ. Ah Khai's Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice serves the best char siew I've ever eaten in my life.

You're about to be schooled on what could have been Malaysia's best char siew, so sit your ass down and read!! Pork so soft, so nice, so juicy, oh did I mention the fat was so good your tastebuds begs you for more. Forget about your sushi or your McValue meal, a meal that gives you food orgasm and as cheap as a hooker in Chow Kit, you know you're in pork heaven.

MK, Levi, Zhou and I nearly forget to pay the bill for lunch today. We just walked away from our table, only until I asked whether did we pay or not. Lucky the owner didn't chase us, damn malu tau if that happened.

Back to college for Art & Design principles and was left with none in my wallet. MK paid for my printing, Jared gave me back RM 5 that he owed. Thank God for the valet parking working who gave me a RM 1 discount and accepted my RM 5 for the day.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Sit your ass down and read this, alot better than history lessons, THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING HISTORY OF ONE OF THE SEXIEST VAMPIRES.

No homo, I honestly think he's hot enough to......nevermind.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Vios,

I'm so sorry for pushing you until 160 km/h, nearly collide with a Kancil, and got tailgated by your twin and a Fit. I'm sorry for last minute brakes. Blame the Rexon, pfft.....Koreans. I'm sorry if I accidentally scratch your heels/shoes, I didn't mean to. You'll be getting a new one soon I promise. I'm sorry for not giving you a proper bath after 2 weeks, blame the weather. I'm sorry if you had to deal with bird poop, blame them for not aiming at the other cars. I promise to take good care of you for the rest of my life, ROFLOL sounds like I'm devoted to you already for the rest of my life.

Your driver =)

Crap get a life lah weiihh!!!


I sent Mac to be taken care of and pampered by 2 good friends of mine. I also get to meet their new doggie, a Pomeranian named Pom Pom.

The second I stepped into the house, I was expecting their other dog, Tiffie a Yorkshire Terrier, to nimble around my feet and try to hump me. Instead, Tiffie great me with licks on my feet. Awhhh.

And instead of barking at me, she comes close to me, sit next to me, lie next to me and never barked at all.

PomPom damn cute kan? =)

I'm surprised Tiffie is so obedient and matured already.

Attention seeker....

Good doggie, dai sek!!

Making sure she doesn't fall.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mum : Dan did you played that "Baby" song on piano?

Me : Erm, yeah out of the sudden I managed to play it without testing which chords

Mum : I beg you. Just. Don't. Play. That. Song. Again.



Just got back from Kent's birthday dinner with his buddies at Skewers, Subang Jaya. On the way the traffic was mad. Was inches of rear ramming a Kancil for hogging the fast lane, and Thank God I managed to brake in time before ramming a Ssanyong Rexon's rear, and Kent and another friend of his managed to brake in time to. I guess Kent was close to kissing my car's behind.

Calculate 1 Ssanyong Rexon's rear bumper, Toyota Vios front and rear bumper x2, and a Honda Jazz front bumper. Thank God for brakes, the last time I'm going fast already.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitch You Get No Love!!

Eminem's song, "No Love" featuring Lil Wayne. I'm sure alot of you people can relate to this song. Its about people tearing you down, happy to see you suffer, looking forward to gossip shit about you. Wish you were better off dead, not being born into this world, demoralized you, destroy your confidence and so on.

"You can keep knocking, but wont know me down.No love lost, no love found...." Lil Wayne

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sin Chiew Daily

LOL guess I can cross out "appear in any local newspaper" on my to-do list in life =D

Ride Getting New Shoes

As you know my Toyota Vios' OEM rims has been scratched quite badly. Its so heartbreaking to see your rims got tortured by Kuala Lumpur city roads. So I decided to ask my dad permission to change the rims, since he's the one that got me the car and is paying for me. And surprisingly, he said ok =D

So now I'm thinking, should I stick with 15 inch with a new set of 195/50/15 possibly Goodyear tires, or go to 16 inch 205/45/16 or heck, 17 inch? And again, it depends on how much I managed to save until the year end.

As for the rims, I thought of getting Lenso rims. Made in Thailand, I Google-d them and read about them being better than Taiwan made brands. I need a lightweight rims, needs to be 4 hole, PCD 100 and offset +42.

Just right after the rims, again I'm gonna save and change the front grill to this

*picture credits to Kaitenaz Racing, Sunway*

And so this is the exterior look I'm aiming for, excluding the TOM's front skirt.

Once I'm done installing both rims and grill, I'm done. Seriously done.

An Honest Mistake at The Bee

Attended IACT's PARTS Unplugged at The Bee Cafe, Jaya One. An Honest Mistake and For This Cycle was scheduled to perform that night. There wasn't much happening during that night, cuz all me and Santosh did was eat and chat and eat and take loads of blur pictures, but only 20 turned out good. Just good.

Santosh was supposed to take a picture of me, and this is how it turned out. =)

Oh this is nice!!

For This Cycle, all the way from Singapore, performed and had alot of applause for him.


Whistle blower.

Honestly lah, there wasn't really alot happened during last week. Its all the same for me, I wished something interesting will happen this week. Oh I hope its an adventurous one. And damn it my Nuffnang pay is still stuck below the RM 100 mark. Its RM 60 now, I guess I'll just wait till its RM 100 and I'll cash it out.