Monday, December 29, 2008

Penang dissapointed

I was disappointed after coming back from Penang. The food, especially the food. I thought their Fried Kuey Tiaw would be miles better than K.L, but was like KL.

I never had the chance to try the curry mee, cuz they sold out before I get to order it.

The nasi kandar was ok, just ok. Indian banana leaf rice saved the day.

And as for the desserts, it was worth every penny. Bu bu cha cha, RM 2, better than K.L. Cendol, perfectly done, also RM 2 only.

Breakfast at the hotel was a disaster on the second day of the trip . It was so bad, I couldn't wait for lunch so that I could get rid of the taste. The chef that cooked appeared to help the workers to take out trays, that time I sworn that I wanted to punch him so badly. He don't deserve to cook man!!!

But anyway, learned my lesson, too much hype on things can kill.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Penang trip

I can't wait to go to Penang. For once, other than going to Malacca or Perak for outstation trip, my parents finally decides to go to Penang. Fried Kuey Tiaw, ais kacang, cendol, and others.....HERE I COME!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas party

The 2 last minute gifts for Ian and Kyle.

The presents for my lousy friends.

Woke up quite late today, like about 10 45 a.m. Was excited about tonight's event, my Christmas party. Kyle, Samuel, Ian, Yu Kin, Adam, Melissa, Kerrie, Evon, Hui Xian, Shu Teng and Carmie will be over at my place around 4 :30 p.m.

Mum and dad kept on bugging me to clean up my study desk, didn't bother until mum gave me the fierce look.

I was busy in my room decorating the room. I can't believe my limited edition of Gorillaz's Demon Days album promotional poster is gone. Same goes for my autographed Cyndy Wang poster. Do'h!!!!!

Sam came early. Went to fetch him from McDonald's. Finally, Sam helped me fixed my Counter Strike problem. No its not me shooting blanks. It's because of my screen resolution. You see, let's say my weapon's crosshair is pointing straight, but when I shoot the bullets, the bullets will hit upper possition than the selected one.

Yes, problem solved!!!!

Then Kyle and his bro came. I couldn't believe that he didn't find the Monopoly set, which is in the guest room. Kyle, looks like I know more of your house than you do.

Fixed the Wii, and played Tennis with Samuel. Then Kerrie messaged me, saying that she and Melissa and Evon and Adam are at Leisure Mall already. I was lazy to follow my mum to fetch them, hooked on the Wii already. So, I told Kerrie to wait at McDonald's and look out for my mum's car.

Mum managed to fetch the right people back to the house. A few minutes after they all came, Ian called and said he was on the way.

Ian was beginning to like Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, but as soon Sam and I introduced him to Wii Tennis, he immedietely starting to kick each people's asses in it. Until Kyle's brother challenged him to bowling, Ian started to lose.

Yu Kin, Sam and Ian "Kanye" Cheong.

Dinner was served at around 7 something. Dad cooked grilled chicken with spagetti, drinks were Ribena with soda water, lime and ice. Carmie was a little worried about the amount of fat and high cholesterol on every dish. I told her to forget about her diet and start eating the damn food.

Ian was the comedian cracking up jokes during dinner. Always had to pick on Evon, cuz she still don't know the 'birds and bees' yet. Nevermind, she'll know it in a few years time.

Santa's little helper.

Yeah, then we had a little crazy photo session after resting from dinner. I guess Sam's Kanye West specs has been possessed by Kanye, and the effect start kicking in already.

Can ya imagine, the real Kanye doing this to a fan?

I don't know what's with Shu Teng, Hui Xian and Ian. I think its the food that's kicking in, not the specs.

Well...ya know what I mean?

Shu Teng and Ian.


Babi betul Kerrie ni, nak ambil gambar, dia dah guna tangan untuk block.

2 normal people posing for a photo.

As for the group photo, I screwed up the second the camera flashed.

Then it was Ian's turn.

The book, "God Takes Care Of Me", is proudly presented by the Happy Nutheads Co., whom members are Kerrie, Me, Ian, Yu Kin, Evin, Shu Teng, Carmie, Hui Xian and Samuel. Founded in 2008.

As for desserts, mum made sago with gula Melaka. Ian didn't liked it.

Then, dad asked me to give them eat the Christmas log cake.

You think I had the heart to eat it? C'mon, Santa is using the puppy eye trick.

This is what happens when your hands are itchy. Ian had one of my jewelries stucked on his small wrist. Had to ask Carmie to help.

Carmie and Shu Teng.

Ian showing off his new middle finger pen, gave by SHu Teng.

Yu Kin, Ian...middle finger brothers.

Sam's gift.

Shu Teng's gift.


Anyway, just wanna give a big thank you to you guys who came. Sam, Ian, Yu Kin, Kyle, Adam, Evon, Kerrie, Melissa, Shu Teng, Hui Xian, Carmie........


I wanna give a big THANK YOU to all the people who came and helped out for the party. Without ya'll, it would be like a funeral.

Thank You :
Samuel, for coming early and helping out. And also fixing my Counter Strike resolution. Now I won't fire blanks on AK47 from now on. You and Ian (and you Ryan) better watch out, the real Maccaroni Boy in Counter Strike is emerging right now. Oh yeah Sam, thanks for the Christmas present. Thanks for being my Skype buddy for the past few months.

Kyle, for bringing the Nitendo Wii, and also your laptop so that people can read your updates on your 'Random Zombie Story' posts. The Wii really was the one that made the party entertaining. Especially the Rayman Rabbids Game. The present you got me is wicked. You still should have brought the Monopoly, if you had checked the guest room.

Yi Jian (Kyle's bro), thanks for raping Ian in bowling on the Wii. You really gave Ian a lesson on it.

Ian, for coming late. And also thanks for the witty humour you provided in the party. It was a joy for us all to watch you eat, you can't blame us, cuz it's like we never seen you eating before. LOL, thanks for raping everyone in tennis on the Wii. We thought you're the one who is hacking, not Kyle's bro. Sorry for the slow internet, the lagging in Counter Strike. Thanks for the chocolates for my family, appreciated it alot.

Adam, thanks for coming. Hope you like the present I gave, and thanks for the Christmas present you gave me. Oh yeah, thanks for playing the piano. It was the only was to cover Ian's loud voice. : )

Yu Kin, thanks for being the last person to come to my party. You and your dirty mind, Rayman was spraying carrot juice on the Rabbids, not TFK-ing lah. Oh yeah, my dad loves the Japanese Green Tea you gave as a present. Thanks for eating as much grilled chickens as possible.

Kerrie, thanks for coming. I knew you enjoyed the food, and I hope you love the present I gave to you. I like the golden Christmas tree alot, simple and nice. Nearly lost to you in tennis on the Wii. Love ya, and hope to spend my Christmas with you again. Enjoy "The Gift'' by Cecilia Ahern, at least I kept you occupied for the rest of the holidays. and tell me about it when school reopens. I want to know.

Melissa, thanks for coming. Yeah, and thanks for bringing Adam along too. Nice gift you gave to me, appreciated it alot. Next time you come, don't worry about playing the piano at 10 p.m plus, the neighbours won't complain.

Evon, my Spongebob loving friend. Thanks for the Christmas ornament, its cute. Thanks for coming also, Ian, Sam and me really loved your innocence. You don't need to know all the birds and bees, well if you want, you can always refer to Ian. He's like the professor of it.

Hui Xian. Wohoo!! Thanks for coming wei!!! I thought you and Shu Teng maybe last minute FFK. But you all managed to find my house, miracle!!! Don't worry if you don't have time to wrap the Christmas present you gave to me, I like the Monkey Mug. Whoot!!! Cheer up, you'll find a better one.

Shu Teng, why lah you have to change school next year?! Can't find another person to crap to lah, other than Hui Xian and Carmie. Hope you liked the book I gave you as a Christmas and a farewell gift. Luckily you don't have 'Thanks for the Memories''. Tell me about it on MSN, there is no way I'm travelling to your school just to hear about it. Take care, make new friends and don't forget about us you know!!!

Carmie.....DAAAARRRGGHHH!!!! Enjoyed the Rabbids being shot by me? Good. Rabbis rawks our socks. Thanks for coming, and eating fattening food like the grilled chicken and the spagetti with some chicken oil on it. LOL, should have scoop more spagetti for ya. Kerrie told me that she even had to give you another pile of it (She said her spagetti was like mountain to her). Thanks for the Christmas chipmunk. Still, the bell is soft.


Mum and dad. Thanks for cooking, cleaning and fetching my friends from Leisure Mall to our house. Without you two, the party wouldn't even exist. Love ya'll, and thanks again for the desserts. Sorry dad, my friends and I couldn't have the heart to eat the Christmas dessert.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrow's party

Dang, never felt so nervous. What I'm worried is that the party screwed up. Here are the list of party-spoiler scenarios I've imagine for the party...

1) No electricity. Man that's really f(beep)-ed up man. Imagine, playing the Nitendo Wii or the Playstation 2, play halfway suddenly no electricity. Darkness surrounds, and I'm worried that Yu Kin will shit in his pants.

2) Food poisoning. I know my dad is what you guys said a high class chef (I'm not crapping here, he really is. C'mon, he had cooked for Dr.M, Cindy Crawford, president of FIFA.). I'm pretty sure this won't happen, but who knows. Fingers cross.

3) Last minute fong fei kei. IF any of the invited friends last minute tak datang, I'm seriously gonna give thm a piece of my mind. I mean it.

4) Bored. Ohhh boy, THAT'S WHAT I WORRIED ABOUT!!!

5) Fights. Erm....I hope not.

Last minute buy the rest of the Christmas presents to my buddies who are gonna come. I spent quite alot in less than a week.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Fine, the Xbox 360 can't make it for my party. But at least, thanks to Kyle, the Nitendo Wii made it.

Yes Carmie, we can play Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, with our butt!! All thanks to the Nitendo Wii Fit.

Yeah!!! Although I'm dissapointed I won't be able to kill off Locustss attacking mankind. Don't worry Sam, the Nitendo Wii is enough.

Babe magnet

Yeah, just realized that all of my followers are female bloggers. Damn, babe magnet

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No more

Yesterday's outing, was such a bore. I'm sorry, really, if you're gonna leave us alone and go with your own gang then fine, don't ask us out again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rise of the Ogre

I bought my own Christmas present, from my own money. C'mon, I deserve to reward myself after a year of bullshit, retards-pissing-me-off, shit-happenings and of course....studying.

So, last year I found a newspaper review of Gorillaz's biography, "The Rise of the ogre".

Murdoc's a Satanist, so that's why he made this comment.

If you haven't heard of Gorillaz, well, here's a thing or two. Gorillaz is the world's most successful virtual band. With millions of record sold instantly, and wicked unique videos to match, and of course a awesome user-friendly official website. They even performed with Madonna for the opening act of the Grammy awards show.

You might have heard their song "Clint Eastwood". Don't ring a's a part of the song.

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless,but not for long
The future is coming on
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
The future is coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on

No? What about their 2005 smash hit Feel Good Inc?

Windmill windmill for the land
Turn forever hand in hand
Take it all there on your stride
It is tickling fallin' down
Love forever love is free
Turn forever you and me
windmill windmill for the land
Is everybody in?

Fine, still don't ring a bell? Youtube the damn song lah.

Gorillaz's biography is the most colourful you can get in any bookstores in the Klang Valley area.

First 2 pages of the book.

And the texts, all consist interviews between Gorillaz and the interviewer.

Gorillaz's journey as trying to become the 'world's greatest band' has its ups and downs. From Murdoc bullying the band's frontman 2D, Rusell bumping into the grim reaper, Noodle returning to her hometown Japan, having a disastrous concert at Mexico to performing with Madonna on the Grammy awards show.

The band give nightmares to hotel's housekeepers, take a look at this.

How hygienic are they?

Becoming the world's most successful virtual band also attracted worldwide media. The band also has been appearing in many magazine front covers.

Gorillaz frontman 2D with Nelly Furtado, Jay Z and Sony from P.O.D.

Gorillaz has the most awesome studio on earth. Right on the hill, Murdoc found it online. The original owners asked whether who wants to be the caretaker of the whole building. Murdoc agreed, meet the owners. Owners passed the keys, ran and began to scream off the area.

Kong Studios ain't your normal band studio. Outside there's a graveyard, where zombies would appear, kitchens, private cinema, a boxoffice, a car park, and even a hell hole. Huh?

I didn't know Gorillaz would come out so many albums. I only thought they come out only 2.

Feel Good Inc was probably the album that launch them to fame in America and the whole wide world. The song was positioned at number 1 for 10+weeks.


Yeah, for RM 70, you'll be able to enjoy 200+ pages of Gorillaz's history, and their artwork.

(Finished the book within 3 days)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ear Infection, I guess.

I noticed I have a lump behind my earlobe. I wonder how I got it, maybe after piercing my ears.

Shit happens. Pray for me

New stuffs bought!!!

Went to PIKOM PC Fair on Friday with Noby, and Saturday with Joshua, Kuan Yoke, Zie Yang, Ronald and Sam.

On Friday, while in Kinokuniya, I found my favourite animated band's biography, Gorillaz. "Rise of the Ogre" was the band's first biography, and it cost me RM 69.50 for that thick book. Mind you that their biography is the most creative and colourful biography on an artiste to date. C'mon, you read about the Beatles, you'll only see texts, loads of texts, and a few pictures. Gorillaz's biography has loads of artwork, designs, unique drawings and the rest.

I haven't bought anything for Kerrie, Shu Teng, Hui Xian, Melissa, and Yu Kin, Kyle yet. Kyle, I know what I'm gonna get you for Christmas and Birthday present.

Nah, just kidding. Saturday I had to burn my pocket to buy Kerrie and Shu Teng's gift. Went back to Kinokuniya and bought the books. You two go guess lah, I damn tired to give ya'll clues...

Yeah, still tired from yesterday. Had to attend my church's Christmas Party. Before that, my parents dropped Noby off at his Uncle's place. Bye Nobs, nice having ya around. Thanks for painting the walls with me. I nearly fell asleep during the Children Church's drama performance. Was bloody blur when trying to understand the next drama.

Yeah, suppose to be in church now. But I'm seriously tired and lazy. All I want is extra few hours of sleep. Parents bugged me to buy newspaper before it runs out.

After watching Spongebob Squarepants (a MUST!!!) ( I only managed to watch Spongebob 3 times only to date this year), went off to buy newspaper. Nia ma, the nearby shop closed, so had to walked all the way to the morning market area to buy, and walk back.

Hate it when you're hair is long, and everytime you wake up, it makes contact with your eye. Quite irritating.

After buying newspaper, walked back to put the papers back home. The minute I told grandma I'm off to trim my hair, she bugs me to wait for my uncle to fetch her back then only I go. Diu, uncle ah!!!! I expect you to come at 10 a.m, like you said so. Now, my PC screen showing 11:35 a.m lah.

I don't think so I'll be trimming my hair today, if my uncle comes really late. I'm annoyed by one of my neighbour's singing to a oldies song.... . STOP SINGING LAH!!!

Christmas is coming.....

Yaay!!! Yippie, yeah whatever.... Christmas is coming to town, so what?

I'm sorry, I lost my spirit of Christmas. It's just that, I'm bored already. (Must be the Sugus kicking in)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Light Purple mania

I still haven't finished painting the dining room's walls light purple. So, my cousin Noby helped me painted the walls. It makes my job easier if an extra monkey helps.

Nobs and his 'masterpiece'.

Me, hardworking.