Thursday, May 24, 2012

Formula Drift Asia 2012

Last Sunday was round 2 of Achilles Formula Drift Asia 2012. Josh and I thought of attending Sepang Time Attack but watching cars burning rubbers and drifting over a bunch of rich people drag racing in GTRs was a better idea XD

If not mistaken, last year's Formula Drift was at Dataran Merdeka. This year's event Achilles opted for Speed City Kuala Lumpur, playground to Saturday Night Fever drifting, and also Tengku Djan's backyard =) 

 The crowd was starting to build up in the venue. It was a good thing Josh and I decided to leave by noon after first church service. There was plenty of parking space.

 Motorsport Playground had their own tent to promote their services and to sell their merchandise.

 Around afternoon we were waiting for the practice sessions. Drivers are allowed to test the track before the Round of 16 starts.

 Already after 2 practice sessions, 2 rear bumpers fell off.

 A left handed Camaro was displayed during the event, sad thing it is auto transmission. 

One good advice about going to these type of events, bring your own drinks and apply sunscreen before coming. I've suffered sunburns and paying RM 5 for a bottle of water. Cheeky fellas sure know how to take advantage by raising up prices for food and drinks.

 M7's Drive Energy Drink was really, really sweet. And I thought Redbull was sweet, wait till you have a sip of this. Too much sugar.

 To sum it off, Formula Drift Asia 2012 was an awesome event. Even the rain couldn't stop the action. Watching Tengku Djan, Ivan Lau, Ah Fai, Daigo Saito and the best from Asia battling out by going side by side was really worth it. It was a shame that Ivan Lau and Ah Fai got knocked out at the Final 8 and 4, and Tengku Djan settling for 3rd place too. 

Also got this Motorsport Playground lanyard for RM 20. Wheeeee

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jane!!

Last year I missed out on Jane's birthday, was sick. And since this is her final year to celebrate with us before leaving for UK, I FINALLY MADE IT TO HER PARTY!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 

It was supposed to be a pyjamas party but everyone kinda came out with all sorts of excuse of not to wear pyjamas so it got called off. 

Things started off slow first, a few rounds of Tekken. And again, got my ass kicked by a girl in a video game. What is wrong with me?!! 

 Sad gamer is sad.
 A long long time since I last had a picture with them. Jared and Jeenie =) 

 Do you know the gingerbread man? 

 Hello there birthday girl.

And then, the drinks and card games came along. 

 F yeah mini sausages!!! 

 Zoe decided to buy Krispe Kreme's instead of a birthday cake for Jane. And all of us had one doughnut with a candle on for Jane to blow and make a wish.

 Imagine this poor girl went around blowing candles and having one bit off every doughnut around her.

 And her dad was teasing her of how much fat and cholesterol she gained within a minute. So much for going to the gym to lose it all XD

 Om nom nom nom noms!!!

 Uncle Zhou

 Took plenty of poloroid pictures, this is Jane and I

So the night continued with more drinking games and more gossips, more cigarettes lighted up and more grandfather/grandmother stories from Uncle Zhou. Its been a long time since I last had a long talk with my mass communication friends in college. I mean, for the past few months I spent more time with my graphic design classmates. Hardly had a time to have a proper catch up with the 201001 batch.

It was until 5 am then we all called it a night. Knowing that I couldn't drive given the current fatigue, slept over at Jane's place. Was a sushi for a night =D

So here's a blessed 20th to you Jane!! I hope you'll like your surprise in your bedroom. Thanks for hosting the party, it was a great night.

A lil update on the car

 Another few hundred to spend on the front tyres. A worker from UMW told my dad that the front tyres are gonna go bald soon.

 Woah look at the amount of rust on them brake disc.

And a fire broke out of this sushi restaurant at Taman Yulek. Not sure why the police came first before the fire department.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last night was fun =D Jane's early birthday celebration. Its been a long time since I had this much fun with my college friends. Drank and ate a lot last night, was too tipsy to even drive so decided to stay over for the night. Was a sushi, but more on that later when all pictures of last night uploaded =D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Batdude is Awesome


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!!! Its that time of the year when you age a year more awesome than the previous year and a lot wiser too =) 

My dad didn't started off well. Had to skip church because I was feeling nauseous and the headache after waking up wasn't helping me ease the morning sickness. I think its because I've been sleeping really late due to assignments and what not. Such more for promising myself to sleep early and adopt that healthy lifestyle. Heh.

Slept from noon till 3 p.m, decided to continue assignments and then prepare myself for dad's birthday dinner. Last year I didn't get to celebrate with my parents and my bro and sis in law is because I had fever. But I made sure it won't happen the second time around.

Its probably a long time ago since I had a nice picture with mum. 

 And probably a long time I had a last decent self shot of  myself.

Dad's birthday dinner was a Kam's Kitchen. Dad has always wanted to try that restaurant because everytime we pass by that row of shop houses, that Kam's Kitchen is always packed.

Came back home pretty early, like before 7:30 p.m. And this is the first time tea ceremony on dad's birthday.

 That awkward moment, when my bro and I bought a cake, each from us. And we have to finish them all.

 Green tea cake and blackforrest cake. I think I'm gonna lay off from cakes for at least 2 weeks. Feeling a lil' sick after finishing off these 2 big slices of cake.

 Just realized that the last picture I've taken with dad was during my bro's wedding. So here's to you dad, an awesome loving hug from your rebellious son =D

 I had to, I just had to.

So that, here's to all the nagging, the lectures, the laughs and the frustrations we had shared and gone through together. Here's to a loving father figure that you have been to bro and I, a loving husband to mum and a faithful servant to God. Blessed 63rd, oops XD