Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's too late.....(R.I.P Wong Wei Feng)

There was this student, his name is Wong Wei Feng. He was with the same class with me back in 2006, class 3 Cekap. I knew him as a stranger at first, after a few days, I knew him as a friend. He was tall and skinny, with brownish hair.

We would sit together with Tomster a.k.a Jian Yuen, Daryl, Kang Hui, or maybe Gan Yang and chat about our favourite things, especially anime series and many more.

During gym class, he'll be in my team with Meng Yew , Kien Sim, Kang Hui, kicking other team's asses in handball.

When I got problems, he'll hear mine and try to help me out. In reverse, I would do for him the same thing too.

I remember one time.....Pn.Sahilawati gave us back our Maths paper. Our class got such a low mark, we were like a handicaped class. Instead of being sad and worry about what our parent's reaction, we and gang would laugh at it and celebrate.....

This year........we're not in the same class at all. After March, he didn't come to school at all. For the past 7 months, he was missing from our eyes.

PMR was comming near, and yet Wei Feng was not to be seen. We were worried whether will he made it to PMR that day....

He didn't.....

Today, 7:43 p.m, Kerrie sent to me a SMS, saying that my dear friend Wei Feng passed away....

I was listening to my songs through my hand phone. I was shocked. I thought that could be a joke. I tried phoning my friends, only manage to get through my "son", Chan Wei Jian....

"Erm.....Wei Jian, you know Wei Feng died?"

"Yeah, today we went to see him in his funeral.Thiam Jun's mum sent us there. Kee Yean, Thiam Jun, I and alot of people also got go mah.Ah ma, why you never come to school?"

"I overslept..."

"Ohh.......Ah ma, don't sad lah."

"Ok........*sniff*......how he died?"

"Oh....he had cancer....blood cancer..."

"I see......"

"Ah ma, I need to eat my dinner, later chat lah."

"Ok, bye....."

I felt guilty............I should have come to school.


But now....it's too late. Crying won't bring him back to life.I just hope that God will not send him to hell even though he isn't a believer, because he didn't deserve to go to that place.

Wong Wei Feng.....1992 - 2007, even if you passed away from the face of the earth, you will be deeply missed by us, your friends and family.

I dedicate this blog to him.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My former piano teacher's wedding.......

This is more like a picture and word blog than a normal blog, so here it goes....

Recieved this card like nearly a month ago....guess who's wedding?

No.....not Micheal Jackson. That sicko won't get married by the way. Gay people would even reject him, knowing that he touch little boys. Oh Micheal.........beat it!!!

It's my former piano teacher's wedding invitation to me and my parents.

Woke up at around 10. Yesterday night slept at around after 12 a.m. That's early.

Took off out of da house around 11:15 p.m. Nearly got lost and manage to get back on track.

Before the photo sessions begun, the emcee and his translator (there's English and Chinese member's of the church, so don't expect a English educated Chinese listening to Mandarin....hardcore Mandarin). They gave us strict rules during the wedding like no chit chatting during the bride and groom's moment, no taking pictures during the sermons, and mainly switch off or silent your phones immediately. Duh.... I only manage to take these following pics after the message and prayer session.

Bride's family.

Bride and groom's family. (Don't ask me who is who, I don't even have a clue...)

Bride and groom's relatives. (Don't ask me why suddenly the colour like that)

Arghhhh........damn pillar!!

These are the 4 photographers that blocked my view of snapping a single shot of the bride and the groom. CURSE YOU!!!

Oh well...this is the best shot I could get from my phone. Do'h!!

After having lunch with my mum and her friend with her family, I manage to personally wish my former piano teacher and her husband a blessed marriage and have a fun honeymoon.

Wanna know why I'm sad.......cause she get's to marry first before I do......boo ~ ~ Hey, I was smiling to the camera, trust me, maybe after the flash I muka macam ini leh...cannot blame me de.

Balik rumah camwhore....LOL. Nothing to do mah......


Alex Chai...

Wendy Foo lao shi.....

May the 2 of you have a blessed marriage and a blessed and joyful honeymoon.

Don't go to the moon ah......sangat sejuk tau!!

Alex....don't even think about going to the sun....sangat panas tau!!

You 2 better not go to Hawaii tau.....because ada Stitch (experiment 626)

To see their wedding photos......www.redantz.com/aw/

Now.....I can call you 2 aunty and uncle!! Wakakakaka!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Again this crap!!

DO'H!!!! I kena tagged by all of you blogspot.com bloggers in S.M.K Seri Mutiara. You'll get it from me lah!!! KANASAI!!!

1)Tag victim has to come out 8 different points of his/her perfect current lover.
2)Have to state your lover's gender (duh)
3)After this, tagged your friends.

What's the point of tagging your friends when all of them have done it.

This is lame......but what the hack lah. Here it goes......


1)She's cute.
2)She's funny.
3)She's sweet.
4)She has that sweet innocent look.
5)She's mature enough to be my special "her"
6)She's outgoing and sporting.
7)We have many things in common, which makes "her" special to me.
8)Last..."she" loves me as much as I love her.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is camwhore.......

"cam whore" in Answers.com

A cam whore (sometimes cam-whore or cam-slut) is an individual who exposes himself or herself on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for goods, usually via enticing viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts. While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting, it is also used by these people to describe themselves, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.

The term "cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.

The term was first used in print as early as November 2001, but may have originated in Australia as early as 1999.

Some insights into the world of underage cam whores was provided by a major article in the New York Times. It described the story of Justin Berry, a thirteen-year old boy who, after hooking up his webcam and listing himself on an online forum in order to make friends, was propositioned by older men to strip and masturbate on camera. CNN referred to him as a cam whore. He eventually started his own paysite, let himself be molested for money, sold video recordings of his encounters with Mexican prostitutes, and helped to hire other underage models. He made several hundred thousand dollars over five years. In the end he turned all information over to prosecutors in exchange for immunity.

"Cam whore" in wikipedia.com

Kanasai the kitten

Should have brought my handphone to school....but one thing that makes me go LOL today was Mr.Chee himself. Here's his speech.

"I know you students exam time love to bring your handphone, wanna show off, knowing that it is beautiful and very update. Let me tell you this... your handphone is not as nice as it seems. You wanna show off with me, fine. Come, let's go to the phone shop and buy phones. You buy one, I buy one too. You buy 10, I buy 10 too. You buy 100, I also can buy 100 handphones. How do you like that?"

.....LOL XD!!!!

Then after the assembly, I and Wei Jian and Thiam Jun went to the SPBT room to keep ourself occupied since we have nothing to do. Pn.Lily asked us to arranged the returned books from loan-book students. At least we were given RM 2 from Pn.Lily as "duit raya". Thanks!!!!

Then we 3 play Counter-Strike on the PC in the room. Pn. Lily knows it, so she didn't scold us, she even asked us this....

"What's so nice about this game anyway...." Pn.Lily asked as her daughter who was sick watches Wei Jian blowing people's head off with guns. LOL.

When Pn.Lily is away, the handphones come out and play. Thiam Jun and Wei Jian brought their phones. While me, I sit down and envy. LOL, I didn't lah, tomorrow I'll bring my phone too.

After recess, I and Wei Jian and Zheng Yi went to the siting place just near the guard house to eat. A kitten appeared, looks hungry.


Threw the kitten some Chips-More, the kitten, which was a she, since there weren't any testis dangling around (LOL), but the kitten didn't eat it. Damn!!!

I myself manage to lure the kitten to the first floor of the school building. Joshua Leong a.k.a Joshie and Lee Kuan Yoke a.k.a "the-next-asian-Pamela-Anderson" followed us. Pn. Elizerberth saw us, she begged us not to bring the kitten close to her. Our distance from her was like about 200 cm away, she gestures and begs us not to bring the kitten near her.

Now I know what to give her for her birthday gift.....a cute little kitten.

Oh yeah...the kitten's mum died her too...on Monday. Should have saw how and the way it lied down on the corridor down stairs of the first floor.

After playing with the kitten, we decided to call the kitten.......


Kanasai a.k.a the kitten who's mum died in school....is our so called little kitty for the day. Awwwhhh ain't that cute.

"Apologize" - Timbaland feat. One Republic


I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around and say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But that's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue
And you say
Sorry like an angel, heavens not the thing for you,
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologizes, it's too late
Woahooo woah

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, a yeah

I'm holding your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"How To Not Be An Ass Infront Of A Grieving Family" by Maccaroni Boy a.k.a Daniel Mark.

Yeah, talk about funerals, the last one was my grandma's one. February 11th was that fateful day. Even though funerals are suppose to have a sad and grieving atmosphere, I am so bloody disappointed of my relatives. I don't give a damn whether they found my blog and show it to everyone, heck, not even half of them know bloody English, only a few. Like I care.

This blog is inspired by Kenny Sia. But this blog post to me, you all better pay great attention to it. So that it wont happen in future. Instead of how to be an ass infront of a grieving family, this is "HOW NOT TO BE AN ASS INFRONT OF A GRIEVING FAMILY."

5 things I've noticed during my grandma's funeral...........

1) Please leave your phone in silent mode, I mean it.
Here's something that my dumb relatives can learn from this blog (if they know what Internet and blog is...), please leave your bloody handphone in silent mode or off it. It's like your going to church, except that everywhere you go, people cry and moan of a loss one. When I was weeping because of a loss of a loved one, suddenly a ring tone sounded.....

"Shou qian shou, wo men yi chi zhou, jing tian ni yau jia gei wor......."

A wedding song on a funeral event, SCREW YOU!!!!

Do you like if you are giving a speech, an important speech, suddenly a ringtone comes and distract your fellow audiences.

"Go shawty. It's your birthday. We gonna party like it's yo birthday. We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday!"


2) Learn a lesson......smoking kills for God's sake!!!
My grandma died because of more than 50 years of smoking (some achievement to be proud of I guess), and yet some of my relatives still not yet wake up and still smoke.....


3) Don't gamble....please I beg ya...
Nah......not gonna beg ya, next time I'll slap ya and scold your ass off when I see you gambling during my father's funeral. It's the most disrespectful thing to do when your in your grandma's funeral. Somemore jolly jolly gamble happy happy. You think seeing you all happy will make grandma proud meh? Disrespectful, really disrespectful. I wanna slap their face....

4) Don't you dare buy lottery tickets!!
After the funeral, my dad and his brothers and sisters had an important meeting in grandma's house. One of my aunt then asked for grandma's passport and IC, then used the last 4 digits to buy lottery. Jesus Christ!!!

Here's a number for ya.........748!!! (In Chinese....go and die lah!!)

5) Don't you decide how much are we gonna get without knowing who is the one who decides it!!!
My dad suppose to decide it, since he's the eldest and fairest. Yet, that aunt who asked for the lottery tickets, suddenly decides how much are we gonna get from grandma's money. Thank God my dad step up and decided fairly. RM 88.70 for each of us.

So please, don't be an ass infront of a grieving family. This is a public announcement brought to you by Maccaroni Boy a.k.a Daniel Mark.


Sunday, October 21, 2007


http//:ciyuan.5d6d.com~----星光帮,真棒----~ says:
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u cause people to get angry

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ask her to take u to a school that has aircond lo

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u everyday sit on chair one lo

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I thought yr back no problem jor???

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Ur classmates said
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You have failed to receive file "Nokia_19_jpg.zip" from http//:ciyuan.5d6d.com~----星光帮,真棒----~ .

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
what the hack is that

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
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Crap.................that girl is gonna get it from me. LI KEI!!!


http//:ciyuan.5d6d.com~----星光帮,真棒----~ says:
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wakakkakakaka.....SWT!! XD

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
alot of leng lui lo at Sg Wang

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:
of coz la

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I wanna get their numbers

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:
all punk girl la

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
got number two lao po loh

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:
gogogo XD

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:
wah, when are you going to get the 10th ? XD

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I use my charm on those girls

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I'm Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder, go Google him)

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
I wonder how the wedding gonna be

[c=14]Kerrie__@93 {LightSpringZzz} -[/c] says:
uh oh
Whoot!! What I got from Sungai Wang.......not cheap you know!!

Carbino Tailored black slack. Here's a BIG shoutout to the people at Carbino, Sungai Wang.

Here's what I've got from Times Square......Cosmos Apparel

All for a grand total of RM 200. One year of clothes for me.


From Indian stand up comedian Kumar (heard it via Sylvester):

"Bloody Germans. I hate Germans. Why? The Germans make Mercedes Benz. Malays sell Mercedes Benz. Chinese buy Mercedes Benz. We Indians? We wash the bloody Mercedes Benz!"

Wei Jian's teased-by-gay-people moment........

Wei Jian told me.........

"One day, I went to this hair saloon with Loo Hong Seng. The reason is because Mr.Chee caught me for leaving my hair quite long and ask me to cut. So Hong Seng took me to his regular hair saloon. He said it's worth every single penny. So I follow loh.

Then when I went in the saloon, to my surprise, alot of sissy guys with long girly hair and girly tone, walking like Tyra Banks, and acting like one too. I thought maybe their just normal people trying to connect with the customers, whom most of them are female patrons.

So one of them cut my hair that time, suddenly commented I was cute as poster boys sticked on walls of gay people. I was shocked and I felt like vomiting. They even tried to asked whether am I free on weekdays or any other day to go out. Heck, they even ask me for my number, which of course I didn't give them.

I knew that Hong Seng was gay, since he confessed to me that he had a boyfriend before and they both broke up. But I didn't know that hair saloon was full of gay people. Yikes!!!

Before I and Hong Seng was friends, I saw him sitting alone in the canteen with no one. So I went to him and tried to befriend him. He went on to tell me this, 'If you knew I was gay, why would you wanna talk to me, mind as well try to even befriend me?' So I told him that humans need friends to talk to so that they wont be lonely. I was shocked when he told me that.

Sigh, gotta pitty Hong Seng. He's like rejected from society and only talks to girls in school."

What Wei Jian is trying to tell me is ......no matter whether are we gay, lesbian or bi-sexuals, they are still human and have feelings. I know, they sinned for being in a same-sex or bisexual relationship, but they are still considered as God's creation. Furthermore, God created humans according to him image when He started creating Adam and Eve.

But still.....why they choose this type of life??

I wonder as I type and post this blog..............think about it people....post your comments on this blog to reply on this post.

LOL Moment

Was having a chat with one of my niece...........Carmenu a.k.a Karmen a.k.a Carmy!!!

Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
carmenu in short and cute form
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
u gave me 3 cute name
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
n karmen
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
bye uncle daniel
- [ CÅ®M€Й™ | Karumenu | PaNDa ] - Sun of Beach says:
Daniel__@92 {LightSpringZzz} - says:

Counter-Strike with Kent and co

Yeah................staying in the house proves to be to bored already. I wonder how am I gonna survive during the 2 month holiday. Father in heaven, please help me find a job so that I can earn to save up for my education fund (yeah right......................).

Yesterday went to Gamebox with Kent and his friends, including Chicken Little, Chun Doi, Alex and many many more. Hey, even Meng Yew came along. Went there at 3 p.m, Kent was late due to helping on something. He arrived at Gamebox with a Maggi cup on his hand. Awwhh....poor Kent.

Played Counter-Strike 1.6, map "Iceworld". First before the match started, I had a one on one with Kent. Whoot!! Manage to kill him more than once, but overall, he's way better than me. Then Chun Doi came along (wonder why they would call him that, huh?) Then..............everyone joined in.

Wakakaka....manage to kill Meng Yew a.k.a Bamboo and alot of people. Was counter-terrorist with Kent, Chun Doi, Chicken Little up against Meng Yew, Thoo Thoo, Xiao Sam, Kun Chong and Lok9. Counter-Terrorist won until someone changed the map into a sniper war and I only killed one, died 14 times...more than that.

After Counter-Strike, they all went DOTA. I was alone, playing the net and then played this game called Hamster ball. Kent and Chun Doi was like WTF.

After that, went back home like about 7 something. Homecell was on, shared alot of things about the Lord and learnt alot of things.


Hey guys, just to let you know, there's this great Malaysian blogger called Kenny Sia, and his blogs are cool. So, check em out if you're bored, it's worth your time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trying to act funny....

You know those people in Friendster, especially the girls, trying to act kawaii and all that, their typing style would be like this....

YoU kNoW ThOsE PeOPle iN fRiEnDStEr, EsPeCiAlLy tHe GiRlS, TrYiNg tO AcT KaWaii AnD ALl tHaT, ThEiR TyPiNg StYlE WoUlD Be lIKe ThIs....

Yeah................that makes my eyes so stressful, I'm gonna go blind for sure. Especially blogs, please people, especially girls, don't you type like ThIs in your blog.





Sometimes, they will type like this in Friendster.

{{Fast fast add me norh. Me wanna meet lots lots of frens!!!}}
[ My e-mail ish 12345@hotmail.com. ]
**Fast fast norh, (insert name here) wans to meet lots lots of frenzs. Dun forget to drop testis for me profile lorh. B.B.**


They really need to go to grammar school to learn proper English.

Then here's to the boys and girls who do this......

Stupid Skul with stupid teacher

Well.........because your dumb, the school sure gonna be just like you.

Pitty, some of my friends are like that.

Now this blog will offend many people, but I like it.

Here's to the white people in America.....

Don't try to be Eminem, you'll end up as bad as Vanilla Ice.Don't try to brag about how good you're in Need For Speed or Madden.......try driving a real car and play football...with your legs, not your hands. For Christ's sake, football is a sport where you only use legs, while these dumb Americans use their legs to run.......but making contact with the ball by hand. Dumb.....the red Indians should be better than you.

Here's to the black people in America.......

Don't act "gangsta". Don't act like you're a "playa". Don't act like you got the cutest "hoe" in your life, Asian girls are much more better than video vixens in hip-hop videos.
Now here's something for rappers.......

50 Cent can kiss my ass. For 4 years, I've been listening to the same old rap styles that he's been playing.


Like what Chris Rock said........

"Rap used to be art, used to be meaningful. Now, it's all only about guns,sex,chicks,rides and cribs."

Look at all the good rappers.......they're dead.
Look at all the bad rappers.........they're alive.....still alive.

Here's to the Talibans and crazy people in Afghanistan or Iraq or in the world.

By killing Christians who are trying to help you and let you have a chance to get to know our God, you people deserve to die and burn in hell.

By hijacking and praising your god's name and crashing to a twin tower full of inocent people, you are so crazy.

By launching suicide bombs in Bali, full of inocent tourists and people earning clean money to feed their family, you deserve to die.

Sigh.......sick of all these people, and yet they still exist.

Carl Johnson

"Shit C.J, SHIT!!!"

Yeah, was trying to do a base jump from the highest building in Downtown Los Santos. Got the parachute, got the guts, ready to jump.

While jumping...

"Aiya, what button you press to rele.ase the parachute"

"Open the parachute NOW!" the game told me so.


C.J splashed and died. Oouch!!!

Fall Out Boy..........boy, does your song title's have to be weird??

"This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race."

"Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"

"The Take's Over, The Break's Over."

and the latest.............

"I'm Like a Lawyer with the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me + You)"


what about the song's lyrics, they couldn't be as bad as their titles.....

(from "Sugar, We're Going Down", album "From Under The Cork Tree")

"Is this more than you bargained for yet
Oh don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet
Wishing to be the friction in your jeans
Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him
I'm just a notch in your bedpost
But you're just a line in a song
(Notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song)"


What about this one................

(Thnks Fr Th Mmrs)

I'm gonna make it bend and break
(It sent you to me without wait)
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case god doesn't show
(Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll)

And I want these words to make things right
But it's for wrongs that make the words come to life
Who does he think he is?
If that's the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the keys

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
And this crystal ball
It's always cloudy
Except when you look into the past
One night stand
(One night stand)

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

They say
"I only think in the form of crunching numbers
In hotel rooms
Collecting paycheck lovers"
Get me out of my mind
Get you out of those clothes
I'm a letter away
From getting you into the mood

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

(One night, one more time)
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
(One night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories
(For the memories)
Thanks for the memories
(For the memories)
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter


But anyway.................because of weird titles and weird lyrics, they do sell alot of albums and also worked with many famous people like Timbaland and Gym Class Heroes.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My things to do before I say bye bye.............to earth

10 things to be done before my death :

1)Marry my darling Kerrie before I die.
2)Making love to her. (SWT, that's what they do after getting married....rite?)
3)Apearing in an Ecko Park advertisement.
4)Playing my PS3 connected to a 50 inch Sony HDTV.
5)Ram off a Mat Rempit on the road. (looking forward to it)
6)Watch "Forest Gump" before I die.
7)Spend my money on clothes and gadgets.
8)Telling Bill Gates to shove his cheap Xbox to his rich ass.
9)Go to church for the last time of my life.
10)Spend my last moments in life with the ones I loved. Family and friends!!!

10 things I will NOT do even if it kills me.

1)Take drugs.
2)Convert to Islam.
3)Have a sex change operation.
4)Listening to another gangsta rap song.
5)Becoming a vegetarian.
6)Commiting crime.
8)Big mouth.
9)Go gay.
10)Go Bi

10 things I do when I'm away from the public.

1)Dig my nose
2)Scratch my butt. (LOL)
3)Cam whore for some time.
4)Look at myself in the mirror.
5)Dig my ear.
6)Wearing my "Birthday Suit" in the house.
9)Go mad
10)Fart out loud. (FOL)

10 favourite sentences/quotes.

1)Oh my gosh.
2)What the fuck.
10)That's gay.

20 favourite songs from all time.

1)Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
2)Jesus Walks - Kanye West
3)Moon River - Frank Sinatra
4)What I've Done - Linkin Park
5)One and Only - Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy
6)Buy U A Drank - T-Pain feat. Young Joc
7)Stronger - Kanye West
8)My Favourite Game - The Cardigans
9)Apologize - Timbaland feat. One Republic
10)So Beautiful - Daren Hayes
11)We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
12)Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
13)Million Miles - Too Phat feat. Siti Nurhaliza
14)Anonymous - Bobby Valentino feat. Timbaland
15)Try Again - Aliyah
16)Wait For You - Nelly Furtado
17)Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
18)Gold Digger - Kanye West feat. Jamie Fox
19)Rehab - Amy Winehouse feat. Jay-Z
20)Get Busy - Sean Paul

Friday, October 12, 2007

One night only with Roger Kwok a.k.a Ah Wong........

My FM DJ Sam on stage getting the crowd as energetic and cheerful as possible.

Roger Kwok a.k.a Ah Wong comes out with a grand entrance!!! Should have listen to the roars of the fans!!!

Ah Wong and the hostess of the day.

"Ahahahaa.............my Identity Card went where leh??" Ah Wong wanders and SWTs........

Ah Wong and the hostess questioning the chef.

Zoom in and see the facial expressions of the hostess, DJ Sam from 988 Radio Station. Priceless!!!!!!

Ah Wong tasting his own food....well....his own recipe, cooked by the Wong Kok chef, tasted by him. Hope no food poisoning after eating that. LOL!!

This old man here, he shouted "You play gay ah Ah Wong??!!" to Roger Kwok when Roger himself is finding a lou gong zhai in Malaysia. What goes around, comes around, this old man is the new and first "lou gong zhai" for Ah Wong. SWT!!!

The amount of people was there tonight at Lesuire Mall!!!

Yum yum!!!

One of the games was to have 5 people drinking finish the huge cup of milk tea.............and they did it!!

One of the contestants was a handicap fella. 3 cheers for the kid!! Nothing is impossible!!!

"I'll give you 10 seconds to shoot me......NOW!!!!!" He grined to the fans as we were given 10 seconds to snap photos of him.

After squeezing and pushing in one line......sigh.........I got a card, limited edition one, Ah Wong autograph for me (see the silver signing) and the best part is...............I shook his hand with my left hand. Syok!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Malacca trip.............oh boy!!!

Monday got school, the school got taklimat for us Form 3 students to choose which class and subject we want to take for Form 4 and SPM. Damn.....so many things to think about. Nak jadi graphic designer also have to choose so many ah?? I hate accountant subject!!! Boo ~ ~

Went back at 11 something, told Pn. Anita that I have to balik kampung to see my grandma.

Went back, eat breakfast, online to check my mails and off we went to Malacca.

Sure is gonna be bored.........at least I get to see my cousin who is studying in England. Jean!!!!

Monday was boring..........what about Tuesday?

Tuesday is all about food. FOOD!!!

Went to Malacca Raya to eat cendol. Durian cendol. Trust me, it's the best in Malacca. K.L punya tak ada hope lah.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...................the famous mouth watering durian cendol. Before that I had a plate of fried rice, it was ok ok lo. Add some lime to the rice, my mum and cousin looked at me strangely..............fried rice with lime?? That's something new.

There............durian cendol gone in 2 minutes.......ahhhhh!!!!

Aiya..............tak boleh makan satay lo. Wanna beat my record of 55 sticks.

God.....................I'm so bored after PMR..............entertain me God. Please!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The best futsal match I've ever played..........

Forget about losing 10-0 to a school team, today I've played my best game so far.

It was raining, Kyle was late as usual. Was watching StarSports, F1 race was on, Lewis Hamilon was out of the race due to his car got some problems.....awwww, pitty. Fuck Mclaren, spy people for what?? Kena saman 100 million dollars!!!

"There's alot of Ferrari in that Mclaren car."

Muahahahhahahahhaha.....rookie, better luck next time.

Then, Kyle came. Reached the futsal centre. Only 10 people come sahaja. This time, better loh, not too crowded.

Match started, pass pass pass, goal. My team was up. Thanks to Kyle's cousin, he banged in alot of goals today. One of the goals, I've assisted by throwing the ball to him, the ball bounced and he half volleyed past the opponent's hapless keeper. Better luck Raj.

First half we were up 5-0, wow. Then my turn to attack this time. One of my team mates exchange position with me, and it was a good move.

I have some asthmatic problems, that's why I can't run very long. Finally, I scored my fifth goal in all futsal matches. Kyle's dad passed the ball to me, I was at my own half, I run a few steps, and shoot the ball. The ball rolled slowly to goal. Uncle Andrew looked on as the ball rolled pass his goal.

How I celebrated??

Like a little child jumping for joy.

One of the 3 goals I conceded was like this. It was the first one, by Uncle Mike.

He shoot the ball 3 meters from me. The ball blocked by my leg. I fall back. I thought the ball would bounce to the front, it did.......


It bounced back to me and I wasn't aware of it. Goal. The funniest goal ever. It wasn't my fault. Seriously.

Kyle played quite terrible. Of all the best chances to score goals past me, he miss kick the ball hilariously. Pitty. His brother played better than him. Lol.

Hahahhaa......best game ever.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shame shame tak tau malu

Wow, our futsal team was great, what about the football team??

...We suck.

Losing 10-0, yes people, 10-0 to Taman Connaught, 11 a side, is very very embarassing.

First half, 2-0. Not bad.....

Second half..........8-0. Shit.

Even though we got Nick, Santosh, Sagilan, Sugin, Manpreet, Viki and so on, we conceded 10 goals.

I played rubbish football.

Manpreet wasn't at his best.

Nick was pissed.

Sagilan......we were all dissapointed of him.

Sugin, if only he could run faster.

10-0, thank God it wasn't a tournament.

The "After PMR" futsal competition

One thing for sure, if any team, with good players has this friend of mine called Amirul Zaki, they'll be pissed and they wont win at all. Well, I'm one of those unlucky people.

Went to Kyle's house to chill and wait for Amirul's mum to come and fetch us.

Amirul's mum took a big round to go to The Challenger futsal court. She could have used the Taman Connaught way, but she's afraid to take the risk and afraid to get lost too. Sigh, Malay people, what to do?? Everything also need to have high class, need to drive big big car to show off status, must get promoted to CEO then only happy. Somemore complain to us that they are poor and all that.

When we reached there, Sagilan was waiting for the people, Raj Dev a.k.a Cristiano Ronaldo then came, Santosh and his bro came, then alot of people came. Noel was late. Deng. Booked the court for 2 hours, a total of RM 120 need to be paid later after the match.

Taman Connaught futsal team then came, just one team. Then the competition started. They versus us. We lost after a few minutes. The rules are first team to score 2 goals win. Well, in a space of 5 minutes, Santosh's team was eliminated. My team, which consisted of Noel, me, Kyle, Amirul, and a tall Indian form 1 student named Shamlin, something like that. (Sorry lah macha, I seriously knew you alot.....=.=")

Ok, let me make it simple for you people

Santosh's team 0-2 Taman Connaught

Form 2 SMKSM 0-2 Taman Connaught

Sagilan's team 0-2 Taman Connaught

Daniel's team 0-2 Taman Connaught

Let me tell you straight, Amirul is by far the worst defender ever. Wait, let me edit it. The worst futsal player ever. We ask him to go to this position, he say he want to go to that position. When we lose, he blames Kyle's defensive skills and my goalkeeping too. He doesn't even see how he plays. When he plays defender, he stands there like a wood. Damn!! No wonder Malaysian Football will be the worst at it's league.

Then, Santosh's team again played against the same team over again, until it's our turn. Noel and Santosh manage to score for Seri Mutiara. Our dignity was restored. Noel, just like a one-way train, rams past every player and shoots at one direction. Heck, he even tackles his own team mates, including me. Damn you!! You wanna be like Amirul issit??

Well, that day was ok, we all enjoyed.

Bought FIFA 08, something wrong with the disc, there's some audio problems, loading times are quite long, and basicly, I kinda don't like that game.

Haha, yesterday Friday night finally get to listen to Kerrie's voice again. Muackz!!!!

Freedom is mine !!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

"The Way I Are" - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E

"The Way I Are"
(feat. Keri Hilson, D.O.E.)

[Verse 1: Timbaland]
I ain't got no money
I ain't got no car to take you on a date
I can't even buy you flowers
But together we'll be the perfect soulmates
Talk to me girl

[Bridge: Keri Hilson]
Oh, baby, it's alright now, you ain't gotta flaunt for me
If we go there, you can still touch my love, it's free
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out 'til we get it right

[Chorus: Keri Hilson & (Timbaland)]
Baby if you strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like you just the way you are
(I'm about to strip and I want it quick
Can you handle me the way you are?)
I don't need the cheese or the car keys
Boy I like you just the way you are
Let me see ya strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like, I like, I like

[Verse 2: Timbaland]
I ain't got no Visa
I ain't got no Red American Express
We can't go nowhere exotic
It don't matter 'cause I'm the one that love you best
Talk to me girl

[Bridge 2: Keri Hilson]
Oh, baby, it's alright now, you ain't gotta flaunt for me
If we go there, you can still touch my love, it's free
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out 'til we get it right

[Chorus: Keri Hilson & (Timbaland)]
Baby if you strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like you just the way you are
(I'm about to strip and I want it quick
Can you handle me the way you are?)
I don't need the cheese or the car keys
Boy I like you just the way you are
Let me see ya strip, you can get a tip
'Cause I like you just the way you are

[Verse 3: D.O.E.]
Baby girl, I don't got a huge ol' house I rent a room in a house
Listen baby girl, I ain't got a motorboat but I can float ya boat
So listen baby girl, once you get a dose of D.O.E. you gon' want some mo'
So listen baby girl, when I make it I want you back, want you back, yeah

5 Days of terror..........PMR babe!!!


*den den de da de da dum....*
You wanna be a player,
But your results aint fly,
You gotta study hard,
To sit for PMR.....

Hahhahaha...MTV gonna sue me....Pimp My Ride theme song got owned by me!!!

Monday was Bahasa Melayu. On that day, I got headaches from those 2 papers.

Tuesday was English and Science.
Guess what.....................Andrew Choo's tips didn't come out man!!! Damn you!!!

Wednesday was Mathematic and Sejarah. Kerrie lao po tried to calm me down........because the weakest subject for me is Maths......she did actually.

Thursday.........Kemahiran Hidup.

Friday........one last bloody paper.......Geografi. Tembak lah

After the paper.........................


Here are all my test papers......they don't allow us to bring back Kemahiran Hidup paper, Tai Wei Shan said that because they (Education Ministries) mostly come out the same questions year by year. Sigh, lazy people.

Finally PMR is over, all I need is rest, especially for my brain.

Hope our love last forever...........

If moments like these last longer than life itself, I'll be thankful.

Ever since I've found her and she being inside my world.............I'm happy again.

I ask you........will moments like these last long than life itself?

I doubt it...............

But I dont want her to go away..............cuz' she's my one and only Kerrie.

One "ah mui" of mine said to me..........

"Love wont last forever de.........trust me. Don't regret after saying 'I love you forever' to someone......."

That sentence..........that quote..........has been stucked on my mind.

But all I'm trying to say is............I don't regret loving you till death do us part.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Funny pics from Counter Strike Condition Zero. It'll make you go LOL!!!

Lol................"Matrix" style......sweet.

Not even a single chance dude..........

This is the terrorist's reaction after I own him with a shotgun....sweet.

Gotta love the shotgun, especially when you're up close and personal with your enemy. Die!!!!