Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long Overdue Blog Post : Dementia Premiere Night

I was just cleaning up my room because I noticed there's still a lot of dust around where I'm sleeping and its pretty much affecting my nose and all, and then I saw this 

All of the sudden the flashbacks just came and I really missed those fun times with my friends back in college days. Checked back the blogs for July 2012, I realized I didn't blog about that night, only mentioned it on the previous post. And there's a part 2 coming up soon. 

 I thought I was gonna be late but the event only started at 6 :30 p.m with Jason Chen and Marrisa being the MC for the night. After a few Q&A's to the people involved in the 3 different short films, the first one, 'A Cup of Love' was shown. 

'A Cup of Love' is your typical Mandarin love story, the one that's like the local dramas of young love and disapproval from parents that's currently shown on 8TV or even NTV7. Its about a young guy and a girl, falls in love at a cafe, got together and oh wells, their parents didn't really like seeing them together and wanted them to be seperated. Girl gets pissed and frustrated, decided to drive the boyfriend's car to escape from their parents and ended up crashing, with her losing memories of the time she was with the boy. Boy moves on, in years time goes back to the cafe and found her. You probably get how the story goes, a lot of clichés and predictable plots. 

Then there was almost an hour's break before Dementia is showed. Siang Er, me and the rest of the gang decided to go to Mojo Cafe for dinner. Until today, I missed their Shepard's Pie. 5 minutes before the première resumes, we all rushed into the gallery.

Dementia's about this girl named Jane, who dreams of becoming a vampire, which as the years go by turned into an obsession. She and her younger brother John, is being taken care by their butler ever since their parents died. Dementia shows Jane's journey on becoming a vampire and the consequences she faces while she falls for this obsession. was weird to see my self in a film, again I really wanna go for eye surgery and fix my tiny asian eyes. I had 2 roles in the film, the assisting cop to Kyle's, and one of the couple of party goers that dragged Siang Er's character into the house. 

Some parts of the film did managed to scare me a bit, I remembered Jessica was amazed at how Siang Er was really into the character of the story. I guess the 2 long nights in Glencove and the faith in her paid off. I'm not the type that gladly shows my emotions, but on that night I was just proud of her performance on screen and proved me right once again that she was indeed, multi talented. 

The make up, the costumes, the locations were just perfect for the film. I don't wanna sound bias and all but as the credit rolls and the bloopers aired on the screen, we had the loudest applause and the biggest cheers. The only group of people that deserved it is the film crew and whoever that was involved that made the film great. 

 Banana Studios on stage, with Zoe Lim (director) answer questions and giving a small speech to the audience.

The third and final film was Avarice by Phatface Productions 

Avarice is about Scott, a gangster, who desires the key to a warehouse which is held by Ramone. While figuring out ways to get it with an ally, he falls for Ciara who is Ramone's girl. If you had watched a lot of typical HK/Mandarin/Korean/Hokkien drama that involves the underground triads with a love story being thrown in, you'll know how this goes and probably love it too. 

 The premiere was over, time for group pictures and so on to be taken. The Red Carpet Premiere for the DMC students was the final event to be held in the IACT college for the 201001 and 201004 batch. 

The smile on her face just sums up how happy she was after being doubted for her ability to act and all. I was so glad she proved her critics wrong this time.

 And then Drake's 'Make Me Proud' was just in my mind throughout the whole night. 

Premiere after party, we all invaded Barcode for drinks and to toast for a successful night. I remember even days before the event every Mass Communication friend studying in IACT that I follow on Twitter was so nervous about Monday night. 

 Such a shame that its been 5 months since that night, I would love to relive it again

Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Part 1 : College, Great Friends, New Love

Looking back, 75 post only for the year of 2012 is pretty fucking pathetic. It also showed that I'd had so little time to even update this blog, not sure how 2013's gonna be like for this site. So right now I'm only gonna list down what are the important ones that made an impact to me in 2012. Let's go!!

 So starting with January, I got an early birthday gift from my brother, an iPhone 4S with a data plan. Major upgrade from the Nokia N73. About damn time I have the access to WIFI whenever I am and some games to kill time. My 2nd phone after so long, it took me 2 weeks to get used to typing on a touch screen surface, dealing with the iTunes store and the music player, the calls and transferring songs and pictures from my iPhone to my desktop.

 So I kick started the year with my internship program at an interactive/ad agency called Scream Interactive. I spent 3 months working my ass off during internship. Was really thankful for being able to work with such awesome people with great sense of humor and everything else. I spent most of the time designing out floorplans and measuring a lot of shit. I hated every part of it. Was also grateful to be involved in projects given by Nissan and Cadbury.

 So here's a picture of me with my best Import Tuner pose.

70+ pages of internship report. The last one for the course.

I know last year I missed out on Jane's birthday due to an awful fever and stomach illness, but I made sure I made it for this year's one. Supposedly a pyjamas party, but everyone kinda didn't have balls to turn up in their bedtime attire XD 

Right....about this one. Let's just say its a really bad thing to do. I know I sounded like a hypocrite now but really, kids, smoking hurts you so bad that people would immediately stereotype you as a stressful person who resorts to these killing sticks as your first option. Because, I've used up all of my options.

Back to college, everyone be stressed up for our final semester and also out final exhibition. I am still, still very much pissed at why the college decided to give us a new lecturer who even has yet to show us his portfolio and guide us properly. It still puzzles me how silly can they be to do all this when me and my course-mates are at our final semester.

Of all the things I could have done, I chose character design. 

Also got this kick ass Pikachu t-shirt at Sunway Pyramid for RM 30. Yes, I've been searching high and low for a Pikachu shirt, and this was actually a life changing event in 2012. Thank you Based God.

On the 5th of June 2012, my bro's promoted and finally a dad. Should see the look of my parents face when they're promoted to become Grandpa and grandma Mak :D 

Also, something special started between me and a certain someone whom some of y'all might know based on my previous posts in this blog. And yes, I was with Siang Er. My last post did tell you guys how the feelings just came back in an instant, but for how we got together, that's only for Siang Er and me to know :) 

For 2012 I've been really blessed to be able to be closer to friends like Jane, Jared, Jeen Pei, Joelle, Zoe, Yun Xuan they all. The thing is I don't wanna just waste time at home doing nothing productive when I can just go out and have a blast with them. And most of the time it involves alcohol to make every meeting more interesting.

Lost count how many times I've done hookah with my college friends, until at one point it has became our routine to do so whenever we wanna hang out and rant about college, how silly the classmates/groupmates can be in assignments and so on. Never thought I would travel till Publika to get my hookah fix.
A change of hairstyle for the month of July. Always wanted to try the shaved sides one. Surprisingly didn't get a long ass lecture from my parents, especially my dad.

I ain't lying when I said I only for my first laptop/Macbook when my last semester. I managed to survive 6 semesters without a laptop with me whenever I was in college. Like my friends be like in Starbucks or The Bee doing their reports and all, and I'll be like waiting to bring my lazy ass self back home and RUSH on the assignment. I never thought I managed to pursue dad into getting a Macbook pro for me. You have no idea how helpful this was to me in my upcoming weeks ahead.

I was happily being my girl's driver to and from her college at Sunway. Favorite pastime in the car, taking selca shots while going home.

Earlier July, was cast as a policeman alongside Kyle for this short film for Zoe and co's film production assignment. I wasn't surprised that Jane, Joelle, Zhou, Immy, Jason was in the same group. They work well this way. I actually had this awful fever until I couldn't stand up to even walk to the bathroom before Kyle picked me up for the shooting at Bandar Utama. The fact that I looked more like a professional male stripper on route to a bachelorette party wasn't making my day any easier. And Siang Er was teasing me the whole time during film breaks.

July 14th till 15th was the busiest days for the Dementia film shooting. Whoever that was involved in the film (the casts, extras, crews) had to travel to Glencove near Port Klang for the shooting location.

 It was a great experience though, especially you see a good friend of yours donning a Marilyn Monroe costume....

 And your best friend's sporting a blonde wig, with you wearing a pink afro and a Power Rangers mask.

The best director to work with during college years. Zoe Lim.

After all that fun, it was back to college. Fuck.
 I remember looking at my booth, and I just thought to myself, 'how the bloody fuck am I gonna impress the industry people?!" 

I was lost, I guess I wasn't the only one. As I was figuring out the layout of my booth, a few multimedia students was still in the Mac lab rendering their final project for this exhibition. Some took at least 4 iMacs to render out their project, batshit crazy.

 Thank God that I still have my 3D works with me, a shame that my 2012 calendar I did the previous year went missing. Uhh.. 

 Nevertheless, I took a risk at character designing, and I was proud of my own works.

 Really loving the design we did for our exhibition. Love the shirt too.

 So this conversation happened because I've spent whatever my parents left me before they went back to Malacca for a few days. RM 200 + on printing/food/petrol. And I was left broke for the weekend.

And that Saturday night, it was Zoe's epic birthday celebration at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza. And I swear I have never gotten this drunk till these pictures surfaced on Facebook. 

 All I remembered was I had a lot of beer, a lot of liqour and a couple of shots? The thing is, I downed whatever that was handed to me on that night. So right after the event I find myself too drunk to walk straight, and eventually puked into one of the dustbins at Sunway Giza. Ended up sleeping at Jane's bro's room. And once the pictures were all uploaded by a friend, questions came flying in. And there was a text from my ex wishing me all the best with Jane. WTF XD 

 Indigenous 2012 started, everyone was nervous. We expected like a lot of people to visit but it turns out that we spent more time wondering around and visiting each other's booth instead.

 After 2 months of preparing for it and being all shit nervous, I did not expect myself to be chilling at my booth sitting on the beanbag. I mean, look at this mofo her. Mun Kit, had the time to even chill with me. That's how the situation was, barely 20 visitors a day.

 In the midst of the final exhibition, Jessica, Jared, Jeremy, Carmen and I still had time to party and drink. We were invited (all thanks to me) for the soft launch of Bar Tres at Sunway Giza ( hello, we meet again). Free flow started early and ended 2 hours later, it was packed. Didn't really enjoyed that much but then.....

Jeremy knocked out at MJ Cafe.

And then came the hangover. We barely had the energy to go through the day for the exhibition. I for once couldn't even bother about it anymore.

7 looooong days later, it is finished.

And what a way to celebrate after going through all these.

And then came the final event to be held at IACT's gallery for us, the DMC Film Production movie premiere. I was so excited to watch the final cut for Dementia, and was excited to see how my girl acted out in front of the camera.

 Right after Dementia was shown, I have to say that Banana Studios had the loudest applause and support given. I was happy for Zoe's patience with the production being paid off, Jane on the days and nights making sure everything was ok, Kate making sure the costumes were perfect, Immy and Jason helping out on the equipments and all, YunXuan with the finances. And not to mention Jeen Pei letting them use her place at Glencove. 

I was also fucking proud of my girl. 

 I know a few of my friends were against me being with her and all, like how her attitude, her personality isn't right for me. I don't know, but when you really love someone that much, you just set aside their mistakes, and make them feel loved and appreciated instead of reminding them how much of a mess they are.

Like when I looked at her, I just see happiness. That's it. It's not perfect, but its just beautiful enough to make me fall for her a lot.

And after the premiere, DRINK AHHHH!!!! Barcode at Jaya One was invaded.

And that was how I ended my last day as an IACT student. With my girl and my awesome friends for the past 2 years plus. 

I LOVE YOU IACT 201001!!!!