Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year WHOOOO!!!

Happy New Year WHOOOO!!!

Summary of 2009

Ok peeps, highlights for the year 2009 :D


Highlight of that birthday. LOL every year looking forward to celebrate with my closest buddies in school. This year is also the last year able to celebrate in school with classmates and the rest. It was a memorable one for me, I remember Weng Joe requested Cik.Nazeema to ask the whole class of 5 Teknologi 2 to sing a song to me. Was really moved though, it was a wonderful birthday celebration. Kyle, Tom, Cheng Heng, Peter, Gan Yang and me had Left 4 Dead gaming session. Still got owned by tanks :(

Thanks guys for making my day :D


Got my very own first desktop as a birthday present from my dad for college (damn early right?) And also bought my first drawing tablet (with my very own ang pau money). *HEARTS* the Wacom Bamboo Fun.



Also had a blast at UCSI's Earth Hour event. Band was rocking good, everyone started to blow each other's candles and everyone was H-I-G-H.
The campus.

Hui Xian and Me.

Oh yeah, not to forget that I got an award for best class position in my class. Don't know what's the big deal but my parents were indeed very happy O.o?

Yeah being part of the school's U-18 handball team was awesome but leaving you sitting out for the whole tournament can really be a pain in the ass for you. LOL, was dropped out from first team to reserves and watched the team lose all 2 games. But anyway, at least I got my own jersey.

Sitting out for the whole tournament and getting your newly bought white shoes just for the tournament dirty, priceless.

Oh yeah, in the month of March Darshini and I stayed back after school for debate discussion and it was a shocking day. There was this boy name Raven, Indian, might look very innocent to you but infact he is a ver dangerous boy. While the janitor complained someone threw books from the 3rd floor, I then found Raven hiding at the corridor along the 3rd floor, gave chase and caught him. Headmistress Halimah took his bag, to my surprise, found a butcher's knife. A fucking butcher's knife!!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I got 48/50 for undang test, which was frickin' awesome cuz previosly, I failed 3 times at home while doing mock test.


On the 4th of April 2009, the Mak family welcomes a cute little hamster to our home, meet Mac. I adopted Mac from this form 1 girl through Gan Yang called Ng Sin Ying. Among all of the hamsters, Mac was very very quiet and adorable and chubby :D

Awhhhhh, ain't Mac adorable with her running wheel in her cage?

Oh yeah, pierced my left ear, for the 3rd time again =.="

Moral project was awesome, never in my schooling days I've enjoyed the torture and headache and bullshitting that our country's secondary moral school project can bring.

Look how exciting can Moral project be....

I'm sure Kyle was excited too. Could have, would have and should have been excited.

Honestly, all the pictures of me sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, washing the dishes, wiping the windows, making bed and so, bullshit acting.

Until we have to let off steam of what's left in our fragile little mind, then only we can resume being normal teenagers. For example, a good healthy activity like "Catch the Rubbish Bag That is Thrown Far Far Away" is recommended for people who are stressed out after a day's work. Especially to 9-5 office workers.

Every year I'll lend a hand to help Hui Xian's mum in Tadika Mayter's Anual Sports Day. It was fun of course, babysitting the kids. Gosh they are so adorable. Here's a memorable picture of me surrounded by sweet angels (note : kids that can give you hell anyday of the year)

You know, it feels good to be tall :D

Oh yeah, as for SMK Seri Mutiara's choir team, we qualified for Pudu Zone's Top 5 in the National Secondary School Choir Competition.


One of the highlights for the month of May, our school choir got 2nd place in Pudu Zone, was soo close to represent for the Wilayah Persekutuan Finals.

Thanks YiVonn, thanks Eve for guiding us. Final year and got a very good end for choir. Loved the practices we've been through.

Started my driving lesson, sucked at the clutch but after the 3rd lesson, mastered it all....

Stayed up for the Manchester United-Barcelona Champions League Final just hours before my art exam. Staying up late and watching Manchester United lose so bad against Europe's best football team is a bad night.


Thank God for Nuffnang :D It was the first time I enter a competition and I wanted that Transformers 2 Movie Premiere so badly until i dedicated a blog post about how awesome Transformers is to me.

And I managed to get 2 tickets to see the epic metal orgy movie with a buddy.

In the month of June I also failed my first driving exam. I lost it at the slope. But at least Transformers 2 the movie cheered me up :D

And after the movie, posted the spoilers on Facebook. Spoiled quite a number of friends who wanted to watch the movie, especially Ian and Yu Kin.

In the world of entertainment and showbiz, the world mourns the lost of the best entertainer and dancer, the one who set the record for the number one selling album, "Thriller" with more than 50 million copies, Michael Jackson

And hor....government so sayang me until select me for National Service :(


The month of July started out awesome. I'm one of the debaters representing the school for the Pudu Zone debate school competition, and surprisingly, we made it to the Final but also happy and glad and shocked that we got 2nd place. Again like the choir competition, so close into representing Pudu Zone for the Wilayah Persekutuan finals. Would like to thank Ms.Adlina and the rest of the teachers for their appreciated guidance to us debaters. Darshini, Amirul, Santosh, Jethro, Angeline Mai Sabrina and the rest for the contributions. So happy we got 2nd place. We celebrated in style by having a feast at Tesco Extra Cheras' food court.

Group photo.

Love this one. Mai thanks for the blowing kiss :D

Our school had this Hari Keusahawanan to raise school funds. And it was the first time I was a manager for my class' stall. Last year we were not that excited about how are we gonna set up our stall and what are we gonna sell. But this year, a whole different story. My class, after discussion with Cik. Roseni, we decided to set up a Playstation 2 stall with a few games to play and a FIFA Street 2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted competition. Was happy that last year's seniors came to give support by attending Hari Keusahawanan. Sure, we have a rival setting up his stall next to mine and also had used dirty tactics by tearing up my poster that was pasted in each class. Nice try kid.

It would be nice if there was a category for best stall poster :D Sorry for being cocky. Glad that I have receive good feedbacks on my poster. It took me 2 hours to do it using my Wacom Bamboo Fun.

And after failing for the first driving test, this time I was determined not to fail again for the 2nd time. I was so motivated until I memorized the side parking and naik bukit formulas. I wanna thank my driving instructor Mr.Chin for being patient with me. Blessed to have you teacher me. And by the grace of God, I passed :D

Things could not get any better when I had the opportunity to be a ticket checker for the Malaysia XI-Manchester United friendly match a @Bukit Jalil National Football Stadium. Hours standing and tearing tickets but it all paid off when we finished our job and was allowed to watch the final 25 minutes of the game. Matched ended with United winning with a slim scoreline, 3-2.

And at the same month after passing my driving exam, I got my license. :D


Had my first summon from DBKL, for parking at the yellow line. Pretty awesome, RM 100 but Santosh's mum helped me settled it for RM 20.

And one thing that I really wanted to do before leaving school, I wanna give Mr.Chew a piece of my mind, and I did. I felt awesome, not because I did something just to show off or so, but I felt free and almost all of my tension and stress all gone.

As SPM was getting closer, highlights were lesser.


Nothing much, hmmmmm.


All American Rejects concert. Awesome performance by the band, worst part is that the show was delayed for 2 hours plus....


SPM. Oh yeah, the last and final exam in Secondary school life. The one that really fucks every form 5's fragile minds to pieces. The one that causes everyone to be a caffeine addicts. But before that, it was a special month for me because SMK Seri Mutiara wanted to show their appreciation to us form 5s by having a first graduation ceremony for us. Heck, even last year seniors pun tak da ok?

Sammy, me and Santosh :D

And on that night, vodka and BBQ chicken. Kyle was the cameraman for the night, and thank him for the wonderful pictures in that post. Cheng Heng, that picture will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Remember remember Cheng Heng :D

Driving home 30% drunk =.=

And after the BBQ night, SPM. Hoooohhhh boy......


Freedom, can smell it after my arts paper. And after the last paper, which is perdagangan, I have completed the SPM exams and I have officially ended my education at SMK Seri Mutiara for 5 years. For the month of Decenber, I had fever after Education Fair, had a minor sinus problem but is now all right. That sinus problem has wake me up to exercise more and slack less. December was the month I went car hunting and got my baby dugong (thanks Dad).

My life has been great in 2009, who knew I meet alot of new friends this year, especially with the afternoon session. Ya lah Trisha congrats getting married with Iqa and may you 2 have a blissful relationship together. Justin, stop emo-ing and get on with life. Zanne, grow taller please :D

Memories of 2009 will forever be inked on my heart. This has been a year of blessing, thank you God for giving me a great year to go through.

2009 is coming to an end soon, 39 minutes left till we usher in 2010. Take care and party safe people. Next I will post the top songs for 2010 and alot of awards I made up with my own imagination.

P.S : Diong, Samuel, Ivan and Kuok Wei, sorry I forgot when we started a band together so sorry kay? But one thing I could forget is that we have an awesome time together jamming and practicing songs. "Decode", "Waking Up In Vegas" still remains the best songs we've performed.

My Baby Dugong

Today is the last Thursday of 2009, yesterday was the last Wednesday of 2009, Tuesday and Monday and Sunday and last Saturday and Friday was the last weekday for 2009. Its been a wonderful year, I'm gonna post a list of awesome things I've done for this year. This is also the last post for 2009, as we welcome 2010 :D

And today's a happy day for me. Registered for IACT (Institute Advertising Creative Training). I am looking forward to study graphic design at IACT, and also looking forward to college life. Its gonna be different than secondary school life, and all I can say is.....I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Today went back to school to help out for Orientation Day for the new enrollment of Remove and Form One students. Gosh, every year these juniors are shrinking O.o Helped out on the P.A system, teachers were surprised that I took the time to come back to help (better write/prepare/type a good student testimony for me kay?)

Diong, I know you're gonna miss me, admit it XD Samuel, have fun being head prefect for your last year in SMK Seri Mutiara, SPM somemore wor....

Gan Yang came back to help too, he was the one who told me that Mr.Chee needed our assistance. Gan Yang will shift to Sri Petaling and stay with his dad, means that no more mamak session with him when masa lapang :( You guys might think his attitude as a childish teenager (yes, I do think of that way too) but when you need a friend that can always be there to help you out on your problems, he'll be there for you. Saw Melz, wonder why is she buying books back at Seri Mutiara?

Samuel followed me back, played Dirt 2. Yes, the Ford MKII oversteers easily and also can be a bitch to you. Wonder how the late Colin McRae can handle that piece of American crap. At least the Subaru 1995 Sti was ok. DIRT 2 was a perfect ode to the late rally champion who died of a freak helicopter accident. Sorely missed by racing fans like me. Ken Block and his Subaru STi Hatchback can go to hell, you call that a rally machine? Dave Mirra and his bloody Subaru too can go get bent. LOL, guess Subaru can really really digg a hole and bury their face in it too.

Watched Zombieland for the 4 time already, this time with Samuel. Halfway throughout the movie, tak da electricity =.=

Dad came back just in time, after resting we went to Ampang to get my car. I'm really blessed to have my own car months after getting my license. I still love the 1997 Honda City that my parents used, its still a solid car.

After signing the papers, dad then took the car keys and went to the car with the salesperson to do final checking on the car. Mileage is 16XXX and I never knew the car was so quiet. I love the 4-din MP3 player that's like so awesome. The signal sounds so adorable :D But hor, buntut Vios macam Jennifer Lopez XD

We got lost after telling mum to go home first. You know, dad has a bad sense of direction, same goes for me. After turning out from the used car lot, we just simply turn here and there and ended up at the main road back to Cheras.

Honda City and the Toyota Vios

Vios badge.

Front part of the car.

Test drove the car, need a few days to get used to it. It ain't like the City, everything feels different. Dad wants me to get used driving around the housing area before taking it on the main roads. Mum wants me to drive the City to familiarize myself with Petaling Jaya roads before using the Vios.

Driving the Vios is like driving a big car, help me!!!

Now the song "Brick By Boring Brick" by Paramore is my year end song to listen. It kinda sums up my year. Will post my countdown list by tomorrow maybe, anyway before signing off as this is the last post for 2009 (maybe...) I would like to thank you guys for reading my blog and giving comments. If anything that I posted offended you in some way, I sincerely apologized. Thank you so much.

P.S: Alex Lai still the best player to own goal.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

90's Songs Are Better Than The Rubbish Hits We Hear On The Radio

It's a bittersweet symphony that's life yeah......I need to hear some sounds that recognized the pain in me yeah. I let the melody shine, let my mind feel free now.

I am here in my mold, and I'm a million different people from one day to the next I can change....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Want A Healthy Lifestyle :D

Ohhhhhhh gosh. Back from Malacca. Supposed to come back by Thursday but then, my sinus problem is back and mum had to bring me back home cuz I forgot to bring the pills back to grandma's place.

The pain....seriously makes you wanna scream and cry.Well, crying only makes it worst. I need to wake up and realize that I cannot solely depend on doc's meds to keep me away from the nudging pain in my head, I need to exercise and sleep early from now on.

I remember last year holidays, sleep at 2 a.m, wake up at 12 p.m. Parents always nagging at me about my recent sleeping hours and not exercising to be healthy.

Until this sinus problem came, I only realize the importance of having enough rest and sleep and always exercise. I mean, when was the last time I woke up as early as 8 a.m and breathe in fresh air into my nostrils?

I hear stories from an uncle of mine that people have sinus problems have to go for surgery and some had near death experiences. THAT alone made me so farking worried.

"You want lifetime medication or lifetime exercise?"

That was the one question that got stuck in my mind. So from now on, I wanna have a healthy lifestyle. Ok lah, once in a while I'll sleep late XD but every morning I'll go for morning walks and suck all oxygen from the plants :D

Car coming this Thursday. ARRRRGGHHH!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sinus Sinus Sinus

Had a terrible terrible headache pain today after waking up. And I didn't even had a good night sleep. Christmas sucked, being sick on the most anticipated festive season really really kicks you in the nuts, really :(

Last Sunday's futsal was good. Kyle scoring goals as usual. And for once I found back my goalkeeper form. Used to be good, making saves and all until I totally lost it and became as bad as Paul Robinson XD

Oh yeah, good news. My car will arrive on Thursday :D Dad saw this ad on yesterday's Star Classifieds. A 2009 Toyota Vios S Spec at a reasonable price.

Today went to Malaysian Institute of Arts College to pay them a visit. And honestly, I'm not impressed. Hey, when you go to college, you have to be picky, cuz' you're gonna further you studies in that one college that will change your life. The college is located near the National Zoo. First of all, comparing to IACT's diploma course, which offers you 3 certs after 2.5 years (IACT Diploma for Graphic Design, International Advertising Agency from New York and another one from UK.) IACT is better. M.I.A only offers you just one cert.

After touring around the campus, which is just one 3 story building, with a few classrooms and 2 computer labs (one for the normal desktop, one for Macintosh)

Went to Ampang to check out my car, after negociating, deal sealed. Will get the car by Thursday. Thanks Dad.

I tried sleeping this afternoon, but only to be screwed by my headache. The pain is felt at te vein located at the eyebrow. So for 2 hours, I was on my bed yelling and cursing in all kinds of languages.

Finally went to see the doc....

Doc Ho. : Hey Daniel, what's wrong now?
Me : Doc, I'm having this aweful irritating pain on my eyebrow, something like a headache.

Mum was sitting just next to me...

Doc Ho : *does a pressure test on me* Hmmm, Daniel, any alohol?
Me : Well, once a while
Mum : Well, you know lah doc, once he reach at this age sure will drink geh
Doc Ho : Yeah, but at least not drinking too much right? Smoking?
Me : Nope

Mum gives me that face expression.

Doc Ho : *looks at my knee scar, which was very very disgusting* You fell right?
Me : Yeah, futsal, normal lah but this time my fault.
Doc Ho : Did you knock your head while at it?
Me : Nope.
Doc Ho : When did you begin having this headache?
Me : On Christmas.
Doc Ho : Oh well, nice timing. *press on my right eyebrow* pain here?
Me : Nope
Doc Ho : What about here? *press harder*
Me : Oh damn it that hurts!!
Doc Ho : Hmmm, ok, what about here? *press on cheeks*
Me : A little
Doc Ho : Well Daniel, you have a sinus problem. Your nose blockage causes the room to be blocked right at your sinus and causes a major headache, something like a minor migraine. Do you have any history of this problem before?
Me : Yeah, last year.
Mum : He has asthma when he was a kid.
Doc Ho ; Ok, fear not, I'll give you some antibiotics for you and your acne. Some flu and pain pills, and I'll give you cough syrup for your cough.

Great, antibiotics. =(

Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Scored as Visual&PerformingArts

You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in the Visual or Performing Arts (e.g., Art, Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Culinary Arts, Dance, Drawing, Fashion Design, Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing (advertising), Music, Music Education, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Theatre).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.

I tell you, the most screwed up time to get sick is days before Christmas Eve and Christmas. Of all the days fever, flu and cough wants to visit me, my friends chose 6 days before Christmas.

Its been 6 days since I last ate a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6 days since I last bathe and 6 days I've been sweating, coughing and sneezing all out.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy
(November 10th 1977-December 29th 2009)

The one who acted along Eminem in his movie, "8 Mile". Also a singer who teamed up with Paul Oakenfold created the number one dance hit "Faster kill Pussycat" in 2006.

Like Michael Jackson, another victim to cardiac arrest.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ohhh boy....

Gosh, now I'm having a dilemma on which college I should go.

Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology
Desain Collge
Saito College
Malaysian Institute of Arts
Institute Advertising Communication Training (IACT)

Ohhh boy, now doing research. Today suppose to go for design camp at Saito College but I was caught with a fever =( Hopefully tomorrow can make it by LRT. Why does Saito College need to be located so far away?

Friday, December 18, 2009

TARC Open Day

Disclaimer : What I am about to blog about might offend Tunku Abdul Rahman College students. If any of you beh song me come and find me, I'm happy to explain why am I unsatisfied with how you people handle your college's open day. Tell my dad why you don't like the way I critisized your open day, I'm all ears when he comes back home :D.

Ok so today was Tunku Abdul Rahman's open day. Dad told me to check it out to see whether is it a good college to start of my Graphic Design course. Malaysian Institute of Arts is still my number one choice, knowing that Lim Kok Wing college is pretty much one of the worst creative arts college in Malaysia. Hey, go ask any ex Lim Kok Wing students.

Anyway, back to topic. Tom came to my house at 10:30 a.m sharp and I was still in the showers. After getting prepared, off we went to the college at Setapak. Mum fetched us.

The open day event was held inside the college's sports complex. Once we went in, we were given a questionaire by the TARC students to fill in.

This is how TARC open day is like. A hall, with lots of booth, but only a few people on duty. No joke, Tom went to his intended course booth, no one layan him. Mum accompanied me to the Graphic Design booth, and we weren't attended by anyone on duty. Serious shit. Mum and I sat down there, waited to be served. I then took the time to fill up the questionaire.

Everything was rated "Poor" by me. The Graphic Design booth was really really ridiculous. It was managed by some students, and there was board games? I'm like, WTF are those board games doing there?

I'm actually expecting alot from the open day, only to be dissapointed after walking one round. Tom was dissapointed too.

"If we had the money, TARC would be my last choice" xD Damn right.

Before walking into the hall, we signed up for a tour around the campus. Our tour guide, let's just say that they really really need to go back to standard 3 English classes. I'm sorry but speaking broken English infront of parents and school leavers really gives a bad impression of the college students. But then again what to do, at least they tried their best. Hey, being a tour guide for the campus is tough :D

"On your right side is the football court."
What the hell? Football court? Football field lah. On my right side is the canteen, is it on our left ?

"Here is the basketball field."
......*smacks head against the wall*

These are just a few of the examples of ultra laugh-my-ass-off grammar mistakes in TARC.

"Study here your English will end up like theirs." - Mum

One of the stops of the tour is the computer lab for the Mass Communication students, we didn't go inside to have a look, because it was locked. We went to check out the hostel, 7 blocks for female students, a pathetic 3 blocks for male students.

The tour guide also don't know how many halls in the campus. First he say 6, then 12, the 18. Guess he kinda confused himself too XD

Anyway, the only saving grace was from my dad's students. Yes, dad saved the day. My dad teaches Hospitality Management at TARC and at least, his students are not as lan si as other students. LOL while walking to the bus a Myvi SE zoomed pass by not thinking about the visitors safety and blasting out Ah Beng songs. Pathetic sad people =.="

Pizza and iced lemon was served and a cooking demo was shown to us. After demostrating how to do a pizza, dad then introduced about Hospitality Management step by step and in detailed :D Answered a few questions from parents and then it was done. I think dad was the only lecturer around to explain. Hmmmmm Anyway good job to the students demonstrating how a Christmas log house is done and serving pizza for uss (even though its kinda salty)

Anyway, to sum it up, TARC open day was dissapointing. On a scale to 10, I give it 4. Dad and pizza saved the day and a few students made my day :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kyle's 17 Already?!

Hey Kyle, blessed birthday to ya :D Hope you really really enjoyed your birthday (inside joke) and please borrow me that Spongebob episode after you're done with it :D

Anyway, its been a blessing to know a friend like you, and also blessed to have a best friend like you. Thanks for being patient with me when I'm screwing up XD LOL remember EYE Closing Ceremony, didn't managed to sapu the awards but damn right we sapu the buffet line. Even that Damansara Utama school don't stand a chance.

Yeah, BBQ night was the bomb. Definitely drank alot and got kinda drunk, but couldn't be as drunk as Santosh :D Yeah this picture says it all. Hope your mum doesn't see this, or else your whole eat-lots-of-salad-to-kill-off-alcohol-smell-in-mouth cover is blown. Be thankful I was able to drive on my lane and got you back safely.

Cuz you and I have one thing in common, we're still virgins, too young to die.

Anyway, finally you get to attend the bengkel talk and get your L license, congrats. Can't wait for you to drive me around town.

You're a year away from the legal age of clubbing, drinking, smoking, surfing porn sites and of course, being an adult. Thanks for being my best friend!!! Happy awesome ass-kicking 17th to my brother from another mother.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cahaya Auto a bunch of cocks

After the Tesco trip, dad decided to take me to the nearest car dealer, the one next to Caltex at Taman Segar. I forgot what is the name of the car dealer but I found the salesperson put an ad at trying to sell a S Spec Toyota Vios. So here's the pictures from the website.

Millage is 23k+ and the next service change is 30k+. There was a small little dent due to opening the car door and it made contact with the car parked next to it. Mum was asking me why of all colours black?

"So that you don't wanna wash the car issit?" LOL!!!

Anyway the price was RM 75000 after negotiating with the salesperson, RM 73K, but the interest rate is 3.88% :(

Dad told me to go look around at other car dealers and who knows we might get cheaper price. For those who know where I stay, Cahaya Autos is located just behind my house, so why not go there and check? I mean, I'm sure they are good because they always advertise at Motor Trader with 2 pages (bad idea to think like that)

So I walked all the way to Cahaya Autos, part of the YB Group which is one of Malaysia's largest import and local car dealers in Malaysia. They have a few branches around Malaysia.

Now what I'm about to reveal to you about the true colours of Cahaya Autos, Cheras may shock you all.

I walked into their lot, and to my surprise, non of the salesperson care to layan me. Damn it, just because I wear shorts and slippers doesn't mean you can judge a person's attire whether he customer of a foreign worker (yes, I was mistaken as a foreigner by a policemen while walking back from Leisure Mall a few months ago. No joke.) Bugger, just because I look like a blur blur small boy doesn't mean I am not your future customer for God's sake.

So anyway, I walked to the nearest worker, a Chinese middle-aged looking man. I spoke to him in English (Yes, I do that because I expect a car salesperson to know at least how to communicate bilingually or more than 2 languages to add to his/her advantages), facka don't understand a word I am saying.

Me : Erm, excuse me is that Toyota Vios S Spec parked outside for sell?
Worker : Hah?
Me : Is that car, Toyota Vios, parked outside for sale?
Worker : *yells at another salesperson, a young man to attend to me*

You arse, next time just tell me nicely to attend to that salesperson since you don't understand ENGLISH.

Me : Excuse me, do you speak English or Mandarin?
Young Salesperson : Both also no problem.
Me : Ok (thank goodness!!) I would like to enquire about the Toyota Vios, the black one S Spec parked outside, you guys selling it right?
Young Salesperson : Yes yes yes we're selling it, hold on a second. *calls another bloke to attend to me*

What you bloody sod?! You think I wasting your time issit?

A Malay salesperson attended to me and took me to view the car. He introduced himself, named Zaki

Me : What year is this?
Zaki : Oh this one 2007.

o.O?! 2007? I don't remember Toyota Malaysia comming out a S Spec for Vios in 2007

Me : much is it?
Zaki : RM 69,000

O.o?! RM 69,000 you must be kidding me, unless this car got accident before.

Then out of the sudden, Zaki asked me whether I wanna look at the other Vios models. And before I can give my answer, he took me for tiring leg-torturing tour.

He introduced me to a 2006 green Vios with rims. I told you, I'm only interested in that S Spec Vios. He then showed me a grey 2004 E Spec Vios. I told you, I'm only interested in that S Spec Vios. Then we both continued walking. Halfway walking he walked into his office and took a document without informing me. Gosh I would feel like an idiot if I continue walking like a blur case. At least I get to look around the cars that were available in the lot. A few Aston Martins, a Maserati, a few Porches, a few John Cooper Minis and quite alot of Beemers and Mercs. And alot of Protons lying around dying to get a owner. I saw this ugly looking Proton Gen 2, rear lights with the owner trying so hard to change it to look like the current Lancer rear lights. Stickers with a Mitsubishi word on it. Identity crisis lah this car owner.

Anyway, after Zaki took the documents, we then walked all the way back to the car that I wanted to enquire. There was something fishy with that Vios.

1) Millage is 59k+ but the service sticker (the one pasted on your front windscreen top right corner) stated next change is 58K+. Hmmm....
2) Car was so dirty. Well, not dirty dirty, just that there were mud stains on the bumper and some sand stuck too. I managed to clean it off.
3) I asked Zaki about the millage and why is it exceeding the supposed millage change, he told me he'll settle for me and put a new sticker. Hello?! One of the most important aspect in maintaining the car in good condition is to check the millage. You want my engine to break down in the middle of the road while driving ah?

Salesperson got all the car information wrong. The car was year 2008, and he told me it was 2007. He then corrected saying its 2008. He told me earlier the price was RM 69K, he then told me it was RM78K.

RM78K!!! Diu, I buy J Spec and mod still cheaper than the E Spec.

He called his boss, after discussing. RM 77k. =.=" He then offer me a free paint job, a new one and a rear skirt. Erm, hello, the skirt is already installed! Paint job? It takes a week to do it. You mean cleaning is it?

After talking, he then gave out his name card and I told him I'm think about it. I walked home, having the feeling like I was ripped off.

Zaki, please get your facts right next time because customers like me will have a bad impression on you. Cahaya Autos, within just 15 minutes of my visit to your location, I can see alot of flaws, plenty of them. Salesperson being cocky and arrogant, not able to communicate well with the customers and also getting car facts wrong.

And one more thing, just because I small boy wearing casually and with slippers doesn't mean I don't look like a customer to you. You motherfucks, don't judge a book by its cover. Just because I'm still new into getting 2nd hand cars doesn't mean you get to push me around. You should be thankful that I didn't yell at you and asking who is suppose to be the salesperson attending me!!

Conclusion, Cahaya Auto is one screwed up car dealer to deal with. I advise you all who's reading this, tell any of your friends who intend to get a used car, do not give business to Cahaya Autos.

Sometimes entry line cars are good too....

Hey guys :D hows the holidays going? While some of you all might be busy with your late night talk cock sessions with your brothers from another mother, working part time, going vacation and some researching on which college should go to further studies and so, I was having my very own first time activity.

No no no, it ain't organizing a $25,000 sex party like Tiger Woods. I'm car hunting. Yes, I'll be going to one car dealer at a time to survey on my first 2nd hand car :D

Dad told me that there isn't the need to rush to get my car, I understand that because he wants to settle my college fees first before getting my car. I know maintaining a car ain't dirt cheap, and its also a huge responsibility for the car owner to maintain it well so that the car's lifespan is not cut short. Petrol fees, servicing fees and if you wanna modify the car, extra fees. Sigh......

Anyway, last week I went to Tesco Extra at Cheras with parents to do some shopping. Dad and I saw that Toyota was having a promotion at the ground floor. Only 2 Toyota models were showcased, a J Spec Vios and a G Spec Rush.

My first impression on the J Spec, the entry line for the car..........

"Pretty ok, sad about the rims. Wheel caps *pifft*.."

Aiya what do you expect, baseline like that loh. No airbag, no steering wheel control for the player, 1-Din CD player, 2 disc and 2 drum brakes, no body moulding, no adjustable seats, urethane steering wheel.

But then I thought......airbags.
Why the hell I need it for? Its not like I'm gonna drive like an ass on the road. Mind you I am a terrible responsible driver kay? :D

No Steering Wheel control?
Hey, if I get the J Spec, I can spend it on aftermarket brand to be better equipped. Oh I hear Pioneer ringing in my head :D

1-DIN CD Player
Like I said, I can always use the leftover cash to change the player and replaced it with an aftermarket brand which has better value-for-money sound quality :D Hmmmm.....Pioneer MP3 player not bad hor :D

Drum brakes setback :(

No body moulding
.......WTF is that?

Urethane steering wheel
Steering wheel is to control the car, I couldn't bother if it was leather :D

Dad told me buying new car cheaper and less costlier than getting a 2nd hand car. He has a point.
Ok, Toyota UMW is having a promotion for the Vios, which is first year insurance is waved off. Good news for dad. or a RM 1500 off rebate.

Ok, so here's the math if I'm getting the J Spec vios, auto (mind you Malaysian traffic not syok to drive manual transmission cars).

RM 73,OOO+ RM 438 Pioneer 2009 DEH-1150MPH MP3/CD/AUX Player) + custom bodykit (roughly RM 1000) + RM 599 Advan bronze replica 15 inch rims + 195/50/15 Goodyear tyres (RM138 x 5) - RM 400 trade in stock rims and tyres

equals to a shocking ball dropping RM 75327 :D

Beats the crap looking Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo :D Still cheaper than the E-Spec, gosh this makes sense. Drop your thoughts at my chatbox :D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Real Geolens

Hey guys, I'm helping a very good friend of mine to promote about a product she's assigned to sell. No its not viagra, marijuana, coke, weed, estacy or pills, its Geo Lens. No its not local, but imported from Korea, land of boy bands and television dramas that make people cry XD

1 Pair for all models of the Geo Lens cost RM 35 (postage is included BTW)

Customers can order now, pay on that day and receive stock right on the next day, with Cash On Delivery (COD) at the following places:
2)Mid Valley
3)Sungei Wang
4)Times Square
5)Lot 10
6)LRT Stations
7)KTM Stations
8)Cheras area

For more information, head on down to the official blogpage for the product :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

For Your Own Good Mac, For Your Own Good.....

Once upon a time in Daniel's house....... a female fat, chubby but cute and adored by millions quite a number of Daniel's blog readers was hungry, because Daniel, being a good hamster owner, was putting Mac into a special diet program.

You see, Mac was sooooo fat, she got stuck between her running wheel and the cage quite a number of times and also managed to get unstuck too.

For example..........

Can you believe this is how she sleep?

Awwwhhhhhh....cute right?

So, because one time I handed Mac to someone to take care for a few days while away to church camp, the fella feed Mac 3 times a day and well, maybe 4 times also. Thus, Mac, from once a small little blessing to the Mak Family now became a fat, chubby, lazy but still a cute furball.

So, I have promised myself, to only feed Mac twice a day. No matter what type of sad, puppy-eyed look she'll give me, I have to be strict because I don't want Mac to end up like an obese stricken hamster.

"Oh great owner, me want foooooood.........."

And after awhile......

"Bloody bugger, if the food doesn't come to me, I'll come for the food!!! AAARRGGHHHHH!!! *bites cage rapidly*"

After a few minutes, she got too tired and went to her running wheel and sleep :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vios 08 RXT

The most awesome bodykit for the Toyota Vios :D Front bumper cost RM 499 + 190 for painting. Not sure whether which side skirts and rear skirting for the Vios......Tom's or TRD? Any suggestions guys?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just finished SPM, and I'm already frickin' bored. Yes, all the excitement of finishing secondary education has gone down the drain. I didn't sleep last night because of the nearby road repairing work at my house area. Darn lorries :(

11:30 a.m finished my Perdagangan paper. I missed out on the first chapter form 4!!! Lost 12 marks :(

Went back, sooooo excited. I waited for a year to dye my hair, so after changing clothes, walked to the nearby saloon and dyed my hair. Ohh that smell, :(

Noticed that I tend to use the emoticon " :( " so much? Awesome right?

Now, I'm alone at home. Dad still not yet back from work, mum still at Malacca taking care of grandma.

Come January 4th 2010, college welcomes me. Malaysian Institute of Arts, I'll be there......

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time flies.....

1 more paper and 3 days left. Last paper is perdagangan and I've been getting above the borderline marks for that subject. A few weeks ago the whole form five students were so worried about SPM until they want to end it fast. Now, they wish it wasn't that fast over.

After walking out from the hall, would I ever still keep in touch with my classmates? Any teh tarik sessions? Only God knows............

Thursday, December 3, 2009

That everything ends......

Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For A Cutie (OST of New Moon)

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Or darling understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends

Meet me on your best behavior
Meet me at your worst
For there will be no stone unturned
Or bubble left to burst

Let me lay beside you, Darling
Let me be your man
And let our bodies intertwine
But always understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything, everything ends

A window
An opened tomb
The sun crawls
Across your bedroom
A halo
A waiting room
Your last breaths
Moving through you

As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything, everything
Everything, everything, everything ends

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Or darling understand

That everything, everything ends

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6th Day of SPM

December 2nd, 2009, 11:01 p.m

Done with Science paper one and two. Left a few questions blank and sometimes I find the bilingual option for exam papers are pretty much useless.

For example :

State one inference from the experiment above
Nyatakan satu inferens daripada experimen tersebut?

Sometimes I get confuse with the word inference.................sigh, education in Malaysia memang screwed to the max!!

After one hour and 20 minutes, went out of the hall, went to Aladdin with Kah Joon. Edwin and Khai Liang went ahead. Played Left 4 Dead 2, and again the game crashed. Died multiple times in Dead Centre last level. Bloody tank. Then played Counter Strike, 2 on 2, Edwin/Daniel and Weng Joe/Khai Liang. Was raping them in fy_snowworld until Kah Joon joined their side (CT) and from leading 25-10 we were trailing till 47-59. funny until at one point I slammed my face on the keyboard. Q edwin Q to switch your bloody gun!!!!

Then again..........1:30 p.m have to be back at school to gather for Pendidikan Seni Kertas 1. Since 2008, I have never studied the theory part. Never at all.

Pity Joshua, Weng Hooi, Lynette and the rest to come to school just to sit for one paper. Finished after 45 minutes and then balik rumah.

2 more papers.....Friday is practical exam for art. Will draw a watermelon house with its seeds look like humans in a cartoonish way. Let my imagination run wild again XD

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5th Day of SPM

December 1st, 2009, 4:04 p.m

I'm done with Pendidikan Moral and Bible Knowledge. And to tell you the truth, I couldn't care whether I pass or fail that extra subject I took. I was forced to, and it is against my damn wish.

Today was Prinsip Perakaunan paper 1 and 2. For paper 1 is actually quite easy, paper 2 I just only managed to finish the first question on the documents, and did some akaun realisasi. I just wanna pass this subject and that's it. I'm not asking much. paper 1 and 2 and arts paper 1. I still have yet to do preperations for Art paper 2. :D