Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wohoooo.....counter-terrorist wins!!!!

Geeeeeee.......this is good enough to release some stress for my upcoming PMR exam.

Friday, September 28, 2007

RM 3.....

RM 3.......can buy you lots of lollipops and sweets.

RM 3.......can buy your girlfriend a expensive ice-cream for her to eat. So sweet.

RM 3.........pergi cyber cafe can play more than an hour.

RM 3.........can buy yourself a plate of fried kuey tiaw.

RM 3.........cendol pun boleh beli at Malacca.

RM can donate to beggars and changed their lives.

For as little as RM 3, you can do many things from it.

I Daniel Mak a.k.a Maccaroni Boy got robbed of RM 3........

This is the sad story of a boy....who lost 3 dollars to a thief.....a desparate skinny thief.




Oh boy.....another break in.

Here's a picture of how that burglar got in to my room...........boy he sure is skinny!!!

It started out like this.......

Neighbour love to play loud music, so I have to sleep downstairs.

2 a.m, sometime like that, I saw a dark figure checking around my study desk and took my dad's bag, I thought that was my mum, but it was that burglar.

Woke up, went upstairs at 6 something, saw my room's door closed. I didn't bother checking it.
"Hey, where's my pants?"


Mum bugs me out of the sudden....

"Dan....where's your pants??"

"How the hack do I know??"

Eating breakfast that time.......



Dad woke up.........then we all check my room, once I've open the door, my pants and dad's bag was here. All was checked up.

My wallet and my IC was saved.....

Guess how much I've lossed..........

RM 3 and some of my dad's coins....

Dang....he must be desparate.

Thursday, September 27, 2007



Pimp My Ride??

Pimp My Room??

No........Pemeriksaan Menengah Tahun!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Today after the assembly, we all went to the school hall to find our sitting place and then listen to Pn.Anita and Mr.Chee and our headmistress to lecture us on that faithful PMR day. Before that, Wilfred and I have to get ready the mics for Pn. Anita to use it for today in the hall.

I nervously try to find my table in the hall.....

Derek Chew

Daryl Tham

Gan Yang......

Where's my table???

Damn it!!! I need to take this exam. You don't tell me you kick me out....NO!!!!

Eeee.....Samuel found my place....sitting next to Michele Tan, infront of Sammy, behind Eh Zheng Yi, and Chi Hong is on my left. Sweet

Haiz...............Kerrie....I'll try my best darling. I really wanna get good results for my Science and Maths.

God will be with me on that day. I need to start praying in a serious mood lo. I don't wanna dissapoint my parents.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks for the wishes.......

I would like to dedicate this blog to the people who wished me to "add oil" in this comming PMR.

2)Xian Xian
6)Huey Neng
8)Hao Yang
9)Yong Shan
10)Joy Yuriko

Thanks!!!!! I will try my best.....especially in Maths....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mooncake celebration and some snatch thiefs.....

Awwwww......aint that cute?? My lantern for the K.P.J Lantern Festival held nearby Hao Yang's place.

Shu Teng got owned by candles around her....muahahahahahah!!!

Another "murder case"....this time Death knocks on Kyle's door. This time, no one bothers about it and continue chatting and eating too. LOL. posing with the "dead victim".....LOL!!

Haha.......Hui Xian pikat gadis.....muahahahaha...jokking lah Apple!!!

Jun Nam was right.....we'll be playing our handphones rather than celebrating the lanterns.....what's with San Min? LOL

LOL......these 3 girls...I think they were drunk man!!! Kerrie also gor drunk, better take her to a motel!!! Swt!!! =.="'s those emo characters.....Pon and Zi. Still figuring out which one is Pon and which one is Zi. Deng.

Mr. Chew asked us to parade around the residential area, which we created alot of noise. Samuel's lantern got burned. BURN BABY BURN!!!

Oh yeah......I kicked Hao Yang's ass while playing Need For Speed Carbon. Loss to me in sprint race and drift race too.

After the celebration, we kinda like left to mamak. Well....when we reached to the mamak, news came to us that 4 of our K.P.J members got robbed by motorcyclists. Nicole Ng got kicked in the tummy and injured her head while falling down. Xiao Xi manage to escape without losing anything and without injuries too. The rest are Michelle Khoo and one more fella.'s Gan Jerry's fault. He was with those unlucky ones, with Wan Chuen also. But he suggested to leave them with Wan Chuen and they both like went to the mamak stall quite fast. You know why, cause Gan Jerry say that Nicole Ng is fat and ugly, and he left them. Gan Yang and Kyle asked him about this, Gan Jerry like act innocent.

Thank God........God protected my friends from being a victim. Thank you God. We owe you big time.

Went back at 11 something.......guess what??

My parents went to Connought there to eat at 7 something, well, I and Kerrie and a few of my friends went to Inferno to play Counter Strike, and I kinda like hold Kerrie's hand, and my mum and dad saw it, and thank God they thought I was like making sure that Kerrie walk in the inner lane and I was like guiding her. LOL. Phew.

Lesson to be not walk in dark alleys. Do not take out your phones and show off. Do not fight back. Surrender because your safety is more important than your valuebles.

Walk in big groups if you were to walk in alleys.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Form 1 people screwing up the wrong clique....

Imagine, a Chinese fella, form one, suddenly called a form 4 Malay student a "babi"......what happens???


Please lah you baru masuk this school last year through peralihan, then now form one, wanna act macho ah? You litte prick, you not even look like macho to me. Calling a Malay "babi" is one of the worst things that you can do. Serves you right, you kena punched by that Malay fella. You both went to see Mr.Chee, you are the one kena lo. Mr.Chee won't be dumb enough to help you lah.

Tomorrow I need to scold you kau bring shame to Chinese people in our school.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

PS3 and Xbox360......awwww

Ahhh.....the ultimate video game console, even my Kerrie lao po knows it. It's the ultimate console called the Playstation 3. Ahh Sony, you did it again. But then, why the games so expensive de?? Blue-Ray disc?? Better than High-Defination DVD format?? Oh well, gotta own the console to believe it.

The grand daddy of consoles with his little son, the wireless controller.

The Xbox360......... Bill Gates' gaming console which has Halo and Gears of War for us. HD-DVD game format, cheaper than Playstation 3, got fake games. Nothing much to say, just that.....well, I only played the Xbox 7 times, and i don't know whether the next-gen one is good or bad...

Xbox360 RM1599
PS3 RM1899

Damn Blue-Ray....damn!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You want me to break up??

Well, if someone were to say this to you....


You straight away break up with him.

This message is to you girls out there.

Cause I'm so sad to hear a guy would be so fucking stupid to say that to his girlfriend

Go ahead, jump down 10 floors, I don't mind.

But......if someone ask you to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend out of the sudden.....


Today Wei Jian came to me and Kerrie. We were having a nice chat. He then told us that it goes....

Li Kei asked him to tell me that my young brother and some other girls in form 2 wants me to break up with Kerrie.

I don't blame Li Kei this time. Thanks for the info. But all I want to know is......who is that jackass who wants me to break up with my Kerrie???

First of all......
Do you have any rights to ask me what to do with my relationship with my girlfriend??
Do you care at all about what type of girl I have??
What makes you way better than Kerrie??
Jealous ah??
Wanna spoil her happiness issit??
And also wanna spoil mine too??
You know it's hard to find a girl like that....
And after a near 7 want me to break??
Dream on....
I'll proberly maybe invite you to my wedding....
Or maybe I'll invite you to Kerrie's funeral...
Or Kerrie will invite you to my funeral...
Or maybe we'll invite you to our 100th aniversary... could happen....