Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr Taxi Driver, Y U NO GIVE SIGNAL?!

So I got back from a drink with a high school mate at Station One. He walked me to my car and since he parked his car at a housing area nearby Station One, I offered him a ride to his car.

So after I turned right into the residence area where he parked his car, I noticed the road was blocked with a potted plant and a water container. I asked my friend to move the plants and the water container aside to let me drive past. As he did, he then asked whether to put it back and I told him to do so after all the cars drove pass cuz there was like 2 or 3 cars behind me.

As I was slowly driving, a taxi driver then pulled over in front of me, got down and confronted me and this is how it goes...

Taxi Driver : Eh, you cannot see I am parking ah? Why you cannot wait?

Me : Excuse me, I didn't know you were parking. You didn't even give signal

Taxi Driver : You fucker ah? I put those plants and that container to tell you all that I'm gonna park. I stay around here.

Makes no sense huh?

Me : Uncle, you put on the emergency signal, how am I supposed to know you're parking? And how the heck I know that you stay in this area?

Taxi Driver : You didn't see me wanna park ah har?!

So till then another driver got down from his car and asked what's wrong. The taxi driver then told him and blamed it on me. I then HAD TO apologize before shit hits the fan real hard, even though its not my fault.

As the taxi driver was side parking, the other driver then told me its not worth arguing with an old clock. As much as I wasn't happy about how the taxi driver confronted me, I was surprised that I remained calmed and didn't sound angry. Usually these type of situation I would have told off the driver in a very rude way.

But after watching that video about 2 lady drivers arguing over a parking bay at Tesco on Facebook, I learn that its not worth making a fuss over such a small matter. Sometimes all you gotta do is keep calm, and stay patient dealing with drivers like these.

As much as my night ended with a sour note, I am grateful that it didn't turn out even worst =)

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