Thursday, November 3, 2011


So the decision on Maths and Science to NOT be taught in English is FINAL.

Thank you my dear Deputy Prime Minister, for screwing up my future kids' education in such epic fashion. I wouldn't mind if it was bilingual, but NOOO!!!! Just because some people think giving up Bahasa Malaysia for English is unpatriotic and un-Malaysian and what not, you listened to them. Your decision alone upset the majority of the parents who want a better future and education for their children. Your decision made us go BACKWARD instead of FORWARD. France, Germany and Japan, these countries that are able to use their own mother language to teach and develop science and technology because they are ALREADY ADVANCED.

"One can be patriotic in Malaysia, but then tell me, HOW MANY countries in the world is using our "Bahasa Kebangsaan" in their speeches? Yea, the French speak french, the Germans speak German, the Japanese speaks japanese and so forth, BUT comparing their English level and of the English level with the youngsters in Malaysia, the youngsters in Malaysia loses out more! You complain of your Rakyat being too western n etc, but do you know, oh wise Minister, that in the Western schools they have to take 4 additional language subjects whereby 1 of it MUST be English?! " (Patricia Naumann, The Malaysian Insider, 'Muhyddin Decision on PPSMI Final' comments)

I might not be able to vote for the upcoming General Election, but telling my parents to NOT vote for your party is FINAL >=)

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