Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Happy birthday grandma. I'm so sorry last year I wasn't able to visit you as much as mum did for the whole year. College has been keeping me busy since after Chinese New Year. And now I'm going through 3 months of hectic internship, with more work and pressure to impress the company that I'm in, and a few months time my final semester for college, and I'll be getting that diploma soon. 

I'll promise to visit you whenever I'm free. Here's to many years ahead and do take good care of yourself and remember to take your daily dose of medicine. I cannot imagine the pain and frustration you're going through and at times feeling awful for not being able to do the things you used to do and like. Gardening, cooking, going out with mum and I to shopping malls to walk around.

Blessed birthday grandma, I love you =) 

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