Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So if you noticed on your Facebook news feed you see your friends started sharing all sorts of picture quotes about life, love and what not. Yes, I do think they should have a Tumblr account if they're planning to share 20+ quote pictures a day, because most of them are from Tumblr. I stumbled across this picture of a Chow Chow doggie.

This Chow Chow dog was abandoned by its irresponsible owner, and managed to find its poor self back home, 3 times. The owner got so fed up, decided to injure its eyes so that it wont find its way back home, ever again.

I do have a soft spot for dogs, and this has got to be one of the most heartbreaking stories of dog mistreatment in months. The description of the picture was in Chinese, and I managed to understand most of it. I assume, repeat ASSUME that this took place somewhere in Mainland China.

I personally think China's society is just going down the drain. Last week I saw this video of a 2 year old girl got run over by a van and a lorry, left to die on the road and after 18 passerby, a garbage collector went to aid her. She died over this weekend. 18 lifeless bastards could have not care less about a 2 year old child lying on the road, dying.

What's up China?

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