Saturday, October 15, 2011

R.I.P Alex Ho

So this week has been tough for me. A friend of mine Alex Ho passed away unexpectedly on Thursday morning due to a heart related sickness. I was shocked throughout the evening, didn't really had the mood to have my dinner.

Tom and I decided to head to the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cemetary to pay our last respect to Alex Ho, with a bunch of former classmates and school mates. Its just sad that within a year I've lost 2 friends.

I got to know Alex through Tom. During form 2, both of them were crazy about Japanese anime shows and online gaming like Maplestory and what not. I remember we went to Tom's house for a sleepover and I brought my Playstation 2 with Zone of Enders to play. Alex Ho completed the game within 24 hours. We also watched the movie, 'Eurotrip'. I also remembered during the weekends we would go to the cyber cafe near Leisure Mall to play a few hours of Serious Sam, Counter Strike.

I didn't talk to Alex much after form 3. He mixed around with a different gang of friends. Tom went to the science stream, I went to the Arts.

The last time I ever talked to Alex was after graduation ceremony, we exchanged handphone numbers to keep in touch. I remembered he told me he wanted to study hotel management, somewhere in the tourism line.

Alex didn't go to college, he ended up working at Nike Pavilion. By looking at his Facebook updates, he seemed to be enjoying his working lifestyle. Getting new kicks, be it Jordans or Dunks.

He's just 20 years old, still have a lot to achieve. His death only reminded his friends, and me that death doesn't care how old you are and life is always unpredictable.

So paying my last respect to him was the only thing I could do. Its a shame I didn't get a chance to try and catch up with him. Ronald's gonna miss you Alex, you were his bro since secondary school days.

What a bad way to end the week, huh?

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