Thursday, January 26, 2012

iPhone 4S : A short review...

So I finally got the iPhone 4S, and before hordes of Android fan boys decides to start off with iFag jokes, I've tested the Android powered phones and it wasn't to my liking. 

The one main problem for the 4S is the battery life. When I got my first phone, the Nokia N73 Music Edition, it lasted 6 days after full charge. And as the years go by, it only lasted a day after 3G Internet surfing and calls and text messages. It was hard surviving on a Nokia, you couldn't really do much with it. Symbian was dying when iOS and Androids were introduced. And Nokia's pretty much stubborn to jump into the Android ship, and continued with their unpopular OS.

Remember back then it was all about Nokia and SE phones. And then Motorola came up with slim phones and Samsung with more entertainment-driven ones. Until Apple launched the first generation of  iPhone, everything just changed. Now its all about iOS versus Android. 


 So this was like the first day after getting my iPhone. January 16th after a day's full charge. 

And this was a few minutes ago. I've been going on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, listening to songs for the day.  Oh well, at least my phone won't blank out halfway into a call.

So far I've only encountered 2 problems on the 4S, one is the battery life, another the constant 3g signal drop after switching back to Mobile Data. To fix that problem, I have to go back to settings and reset the network settings back to factory mode. I just hope Apple will release a new update to fix this issue.


You need to turn on your 3G or WIFI to able to use SIRI. The first few minutes after a day's full charge, I did a few test runs on the SIRI. Its not perfect, in fact my friend's Samsung smartphone's IRIS, responded better than SIRI. I'm serious.

SIRI at times failed to get the message that I was trying to say. I spoke really clear and without any China man slang, and yet its funny to see a whole different sentence displayed on the screen. Also keep in mind that SIRI eats up your data usage, so don't go jolly jolly messing around with SIRI if you're on your data plan, because at the end of the month you're gonna be screwed with a wallet burning bill.

SIRI's probably the least useful feature for the 4S, I didn't really make use of it because I prefer to type my own text messages rather than having SIRI to send for me. But for you foreverloners out there, SIRI's your best chance to talk to a girl =D


Don't get me started on the in-ear headphones, listening to hip hop with these headphones is just awful. I'm saving up for better ones. I know a few months ago I was excited about getting a pair of Monster Beats Solo HD headphones, and the fact that most audiophiles loathe that brand. Their ratio of price/sound quality suck donkey balls. Save up for Shure, Klipsch, Sennheiser in-ear or over-the-ear headphones.

The only thing I've satisfied other than the OS is the main camera and the secondary camera. As for the 8MP camera, the results are good. Pictures taken were clear and high quality. The picture above was taken without flash. I recommend whoever has the iPhone to download & buy Camera+, which is just $0.99 only (convert it to Ringgit it'll probably be RM 3+). You'll need to sign up for an Apple iTunes account with your credit card account in order to download or buy free or paid apps. 

The 4S only had a few major upgrades (the main camera, OS,A5 chip) along with a useless feature (SIRI). With a few bugs and problems (battery, headphone quality), so far its still a good phone. It would have been perfect if standby time was a lot longer and SIRI would be availble in the Asia region. I admit that this phone has it flaws, a 8/10 for the 4S.

And now, the countdown for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 =) 

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