Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dreamz Bakery and Thirst 2012

 I know its been a long time since I last blogged. And one of the highlights for December was my first EDM event, Thirst 2012 by Heineken. 

Before heading to Sepang for the event, Siang Er told me about this bakery located right at Kota Damansara, around the Sunway Giza area called Dreamz Bakery. Read the tips left at FourSquare, and thought it'll be worth the try.

 I expected the interior of the bakery to look like a typical Fullhouse-like design, you know the bright pastel colored walls, with some drawings and stuff like that.

 Most of the tips recommended the cakes a must try, especially the lemon slice cake and the chocolate cake.

 The drinks was alright. Had this chocolate blended drink.

 I wouldn't recommend the main course food over at Dreamz Bakery, and there's limited choices to choose from, like 4 dishes only and the rest are just desserts and cakes.

Overall it was just alright. Best to use Waze on your smartphone and just search for Dreamz Bakery via FourSquare search option. Its hidden among the shop lots at Kota Damansara's Sunway Giza area.

 Anyway the event of the day was Thirst 2012. My first EDM event. Was really excited to see Above & Beyond and Avicii to be playing on stage. Missed out on Goldfish and Blink.

 I really don't know how to blog about an event like this. I mean, just expect lots of people to dance like they are in some sort of trance, secretly snorting a line and drinking at the same time. I was a lil bit shocked that its actually easy to sneak in with drugs to get high during the event. Oh, and I met this African who happened to know how to sing in Bahasa and also liked my shirt, and he wanted a picture with me.

 He seemed friendly though. LOL.

 It didn't take a long time until Avicii came right after Above & Beyond. Compared to other concerts of different genres when you have to wait for a long time for the performers to get on stage and perform, it took like 10 minutes for the next act to come on the DJ set, I think that's pretty fast for Malaysian standard. If you're in some other countries the performers would probably be booed for being late.

And Avicii was the shit, I found myself singing along to Silhouettes as loud as possible.

Thirst 2012 was just good, wasn't the best. Was worth the money though. Now to look forward to the next one, Swedish House Mafia :D 

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