Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long Overdue Blog Post : Dementia Premiere Night

I was just cleaning up my room because I noticed there's still a lot of dust around where I'm sleeping and its pretty much affecting my nose and all, and then I saw this 

All of the sudden the flashbacks just came and I really missed those fun times with my friends back in college days. Checked back the blogs for July 2012, I realized I didn't blog about that night, only mentioned it on the previous post. And there's a part 2 coming up soon. 

 I thought I was gonna be late but the event only started at 6 :30 p.m with Jason Chen and Marrisa being the MC for the night. After a few Q&A's to the people involved in the 3 different short films, the first one, 'A Cup of Love' was shown. 

'A Cup of Love' is your typical Mandarin love story, the one that's like the local dramas of young love and disapproval from parents that's currently shown on 8TV or even NTV7. Its about a young guy and a girl, falls in love at a cafe, got together and oh wells, their parents didn't really like seeing them together and wanted them to be seperated. Girl gets pissed and frustrated, decided to drive the boyfriend's car to escape from their parents and ended up crashing, with her losing memories of the time she was with the boy. Boy moves on, in years time goes back to the cafe and found her. You probably get how the story goes, a lot of clichés and predictable plots. 

Then there was almost an hour's break before Dementia is showed. Siang Er, me and the rest of the gang decided to go to Mojo Cafe for dinner. Until today, I missed their Shepard's Pie. 5 minutes before the première resumes, we all rushed into the gallery.

Dementia's about this girl named Jane, who dreams of becoming a vampire, which as the years go by turned into an obsession. She and her younger brother John, is being taken care by their butler ever since their parents died. Dementia shows Jane's journey on becoming a vampire and the consequences she faces while she falls for this obsession. was weird to see my self in a film, again I really wanna go for eye surgery and fix my tiny asian eyes. I had 2 roles in the film, the assisting cop to Kyle's, and one of the couple of party goers that dragged Siang Er's character into the house. 

Some parts of the film did managed to scare me a bit, I remembered Jessica was amazed at how Siang Er was really into the character of the story. I guess the 2 long nights in Glencove and the faith in her paid off. I'm not the type that gladly shows my emotions, but on that night I was just proud of her performance on screen and proved me right once again that she was indeed, multi talented. 

The make up, the costumes, the locations were just perfect for the film. I don't wanna sound bias and all but as the credit rolls and the bloopers aired on the screen, we had the loudest applause and the biggest cheers. The only group of people that deserved it is the film crew and whoever that was involved that made the film great. 

 Banana Studios on stage, with Zoe Lim (director) answer questions and giving a small speech to the audience.

The third and final film was Avarice by Phatface Productions 

Avarice is about Scott, a gangster, who desires the key to a warehouse which is held by Ramone. While figuring out ways to get it with an ally, he falls for Ciara who is Ramone's girl. If you had watched a lot of typical HK/Mandarin/Korean/Hokkien drama that involves the underground triads with a love story being thrown in, you'll know how this goes and probably love it too. 

 The premiere was over, time for group pictures and so on to be taken. The Red Carpet Premiere for the DMC students was the final event to be held in the IACT college for the 201001 and 201004 batch. 

The smile on her face just sums up how happy she was after being doubted for her ability to act and all. I was so glad she proved her critics wrong this time.

 And then Drake's 'Make Me Proud' was just in my mind throughout the whole night. 

Premiere after party, we all invaded Barcode for drinks and to toast for a successful night. I remember even days before the event every Mass Communication friend studying in IACT that I follow on Twitter was so nervous about Monday night. 

 Such a shame that its been 5 months since that night, I would love to relive it again

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