Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm back

Year of the Ox really was fun. I don't have any pictures during Chinese New Year, was busy eating and collecting ang paus.


Oh yeah, now I'm saving and planning to buy a new pc. Yes, for once I have a chance to have my own desktop instead of sharing it with my dad. Really, sometimes his documents have virus, computer crash. And then sometimes my files got virus, again crash and make him angry.

Dad gave me a budget of RM 3000.

And today I count the total of my savings and ang pau money.

RM 1040.

Oh crap, I was so shocked at the amount of money I saved throughout the year 2008. Ok lah, at first left RM400 only after spending on crap. But today add together the ang pau money and birthday money......RM 1020.

Thank You Lord!!!!!

I had this in mind....

HP TouchSmart IQ 506

HP TouchSmart PC IQ508D

HP Pavilion TX2000

Today went to another relative's place to visit at Seremban after coming back from Malacca (Will blog about that later on), I went to try on my cousin's HP Pavilion TX2000.

And my my, I really enjoyed drawing stuff on it.See? Easier and more fun. But the one thing that sets me back is that it doesn't have Intel Core Duo, and the graphic card ain't that good if you wanna play high end games.

Not being a bitch, I deserve to have this feature in my PC.

HP TouchSmart PC IQ508D cost RM 5688. With my dad's sponsored budget of RM 3000 and my savings of RM 1040, RM 4040 isn't enough for it.

The HP Pavilion TX2000 I don't think so is still available in Malaysia. But the last time I saw the price was RM 2999.

Or......I buy a cusztomized PC with a touch screen monitor? HELP ME!!!

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