Sunday, November 1, 2009

All American Rejects

Last night went to All American Rejects' concert, brought to you by Digi, widest coverage in Malaysia (Maxis still owns you coverage-wise).

I got free tickets from Carmen Hor, who last minute tak dapat pergi :( Santosh also tagged along. Thank goodness for Kent, if it wasn't because of him, Santosh and I don't have transportation for the concert.

All of us waited outside Green Apple cyber cafe just outside Leisure Mall. Eng Joo, Alex and the rest also waited and decided to go together.

Ticket say 6 p.m start, but we 5 p.m+ baru jalan.

Traffic wasn't that bad, Kent was driving very slow (slow in the sense that 80mph was normal je)

Then, after finding a place to park, time to be part of the thousands of people lining up.

Gosh, alot of odd and funny moments happened while waiting to go into the venue, which is at Carpark A Bukit Jalil National Football Stadium.

There was a ice cream stall nearby, and Kent they all decided to suck popsicles while waiting patiently. Santosh and I were talking in English, while Kent they all were in Cantonese. Standing infront of me were 3 Caucasians, one who was a kid, pretty much 13-15 years old. The older one then turned around and this happened...

Caucasian dude : Hey, wanna have one? *shows us plastic bag which contains alcohol drinks*
Santosh and I : Nah, thanks :)

Eng Joo : Daniel I don't get it, why he ask you and him but never ask us geh? I also speak English mah. Hi, how are you?
Me : I'm ok :)

You know, sometimes its normal to have yourself surrounded by idiots. No JOKE.

Stranger 1 : Hey, we get the t-shirt then ciao oh ok?
Santosh : Dumbass, then come for what? Just the bloody t-shirt ah?

Then while waiting, a local band performeed My Chemical Romance's 'Teenagers'. They said the 'Shit' word. Awesome!!!!

Then, slowly Santosh was very far away from me. First he was just at the back of me, then a few people away from me, and then, slowly very distant from me. Because a few Chinese ningkampoops decided to seperate us :( So I decided to hit them

Me : Dei, how you managed to get so far lah? Kan you just now behind me?
Santosh : Don't know lah bro, some idiots kurang ajar and seperate us XD

That group of Cina peks looked and us and malu already :)

Kent and his gang were seperated from me and Santosh, and when Kent called, battery empty. Diu Nokia. So I waited for Santosh, and we decided to find a nice place to stand for the next few hours.

Disagree was the first local band to perform for the event, everyone sing along to their 2004 hit "Crumbs". Then Pop Shuvit rocked the stage with "Oh Sizuka!" and "Mara Bahaya" and other hits. Frickin' chun!!!!

One Buck Short was ok, then shit happened.

We were forced to wait for 40 minutes + for All American Rejects to appear on stage. And before that, Natalie and Ean were wasting time on stage. No matter how loud we tried to boo them off stage, they were still on stage trying to be funny. No Ean, I don't care about your Digi playlist, no one gives a damn. We came all the way to see All American Rejects, not you. Listening to you on the Morning Show on the radio is enough already.

While we were waiting, Digi decided to play a Universal Music video advertising clip. Its like a compilation of songs from different artiste from Universal. First song was 'I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, everyone started to sing along. Then Miley Cyrus' "Party In The U.S.A", some started to boo her. Then Lady Gaga's 'Paparazi", Pixie Lotts' "Mama Do" everyone was singing to that uh oh uh oh part, then "You Belong With Me", only Santosh was singing to it.

Stranger : Dei, don't sing it kay? NOT MACHO AT ALL.
Santosh : LOL ok sorry sorry.

Natalie : I'm sure everyone is a DIGI subscriber right?
Santosh : I'm a Hotlink user!!!!!

Santosh : Stop touching me, STOP IT!!!!!

Then, All American Rejects came out. Tyson was dressed as a native American Indian. Gosh, Tyson has the ability to moan and sing on stage.

Tyson : Yeaahhh uuhhhh how are ya Malaysia?!!

Tyson : Yeahh baby uuhhhhhhh!!!

Santosh : He steam already on stage. GYRATE GYRATE!!!!

Tyson : Ya'll must be the sexiest crowd on Earth.

Tyson : Yeeaaaaahhh, uhhhhh how do you like it girl?

Nia ma, all the girls fatt din already.
First song was "Move Along". Everyone high already.

Then...Tyson was at it again.

Tyson : I wanna hear you say diiirrtty....
Crowd : DIRTY!!!
Tyson : Dirty little......
Crowd : Dirty little!!!
Tyson : And you guess the next one....

Next song was Dirty Little Secret, everyone naik lagi gila.

After a few songs, its "I Wanna". Fulamak everyone knows the lyrics by heart. I like the song "When The World Comes Down".

Santosh and Me :)

Got soooo tired, Santosh and I decided to get out of the venue and buy some drinks. LOL, "Gives You Hell" then was played.

Anyway, overall I give it a 7/10. If it wasn't for some people ruining other people's enjoyment by jumping like monkeys, shit security and bad timing and long delay, it will be 9/10 : )

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