Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BBQ Night

Saturday after graduation, Santosh and Cheng Heng had organized a BBQ specially for us seniors. Hey, we deserve it after studying for so long, a little bit of relaxation won't hurt right?

It was raining heavily before the event started. Was still very tired from the morning's event at school. Santosh, Cheng Heng, Peter and Max went to Carrefour to buy pre-made chickens and the ingredients.

Went out at 6 p.m, bumped into Peter and his Spectra at the mamak.

At first I thought the venue is located near the overhead bridge, so I decided to go there and wait. First Peter was just behind me, then I saw him turn left while I turn right. Called Santosh for directions and I was still lost. Until I decided to go on my own.

Turn here and there, finally saw them :D Lucky. All the while its at the Taman Tayton View community grounds.

Rajdev, Peter, Santosh and Cheng Heng were there setting up the fire. Didn't bring matchsticks, they decided to take lighter from Sagilan. I allowed Peter to drive my car, afterall I trust him :D

Soon Peter came back with the lighter, Sagilan said he'll be walking and later only come. Benjamin then called asking whether got transport to go, Peter decided to fetch him with Nick tagging along.

And then......BBQ started (pictures courtesy of Kyle Sui)

The chicks of the night, smokin' hot

The lone wiener among the hot chicks.


Its the first time we organized a BBQ event, and also the first time cooking BBQ food. Quite a number of chickens gone wasted because it was burned :( Later it started to rain again, and we shifted all the stuffs to the nearby small hut. Sugin, Pavethra, Sumitra and Manpreet then came.

I couldn't resist pointing out scenes for Kyle to take.....

Especially this one :D Oh Cheng Heng, wear a boxer next time.

Since Manpreet was vegetarian for the night, we've decided to respect him by cooking vegetarian chicken and lamb chop. And it was actually very delicious, only thing is that the lamb chop was a little too salty.

Peter and Nick came back with Benjamin and a new friend name Clarence and a bottle of Vodka. Then Wei Jian and Chean Foo came too.

"Can't wait to see them drunk :D" - Santosh to Cheng Heng

Making a toast



Then it was time for drinking session. Oh yeah, its the first time I drank Vodka :) Each of us only had a few centimeters of Vodka. Manpreet can't drink cuz its part of his vegetarian routine. First round, everyone felt the mintiness of the Vodka flowing down their throat to their tummy. Then second round, starting to feel high.

Our main target, Santosh :D He went for 7 rounds of Vodka and was seriously drunk.

Manpreet : Santosh, how many fingers am I showing? *shows the 10 sign*
Santosh : 10 fingers
Manpreet : 10 fingers your head!! 8 fingers and 2 thumbs

Everyone went laughing mad already. Nice one Manpreet.

Come we go sell backside now!! - Santosh

Blame it on the Vodka

Then picture time...

Me with the Vodka. No it was the flash from Kyle's camera ok?

Me with Marijuana Pete, and Nick's hand.

Kyle had his high-time moments :D Benjamin on the right

Benjamin, me and Cheng Heng

The following pictures shows the effects of drinking to much Vodka.

For example, Peter drank so much he decided to take "Drink From the Tab" to the next level

Santosh, 7 rounds of Vodka

Cheng Heng, recently found flashing his half ass infront of everyone.

Benjamin and I were desperate for more Vodka, so we decided to find the nearest source for Vodka......from Peter's arse.

Coke or sirap bandung?

I told ya........Cheng Heng and Vodka don't mixed that well

Vodka orgy

The man of the night, Santosh

"Benjamin, stop pussying around and just give me the bottle..."

"Dei, don't lah macha......"

Peter and Benjamin.

Kyle and Me.

You don't wanna know what happens next........

Nick and Cheng Heng experementing.


After that, cleaned the place and threw all the rubbish away. Drove Manpreet, Wei Jian and Chean Foo and Santosh to the latter's grandmother's house to drop off the BBQ equipments. Santosh wanted to sit infront to give directions, but I insisted Manpreet to give because Santosh was too drunk. Manpreet had to pull Santosh out of the car then only can sit infront XD After dropping off the stuffs, went back to the grounds to discuss where to go next. Cheng Heng, Kathi, Kyle and I decided to go home early while the rest went to a mamak at Cuepacs. Said our goodbyes and went back.

Oh and I forgot, I had 4 rounds of Vodka, feeling a little dizzy and I'm driving back home. Thank God there wasn't any policemen nearby.

Went back home after fecthing Kyle back and Cheng Heng and Kathi to Leisure Mall. Mum saw my face red, told her that I drank and about Santosh not able to walk straight and pee properly. She went LOL.

Next Sunday morning, slept at church :D

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