Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Graduation Day

Sorry for not updating much, I lost precious sleep time because SPM is in........6 days :D

Last week, my school had organized a graduation ceremony for the class of 2005-2009 last Saturday, 7-11-2009. Last year's batch of Form 5 students didn't get to have a graduation ceremony because there was only 50+ students, so school never thought of having a graduation day for them. Guess I'm part of the many150+ 2009 final batch students.

Encik Abdul Aziz said that we students are not allowed to bring handphones and cameras to school, only parents can help us to keep, but on that day everyone brought it :)

Before the graduation day, Santosh, Peter, Max and me were busy practicing a song for graduation day. During rehearsal in the hall, school sound system was having a shortage of microphones. Encik Abdul Aziz was pissed at us for not preparing, Santosh hit back at him. Sometimes I really feel like giving Daniel Steven a nice slap on the face. Santosh is singing the song, and that fat tard ask him to hold the mic for Max and Peter. Smart right?

Friday skipped school, went to school at noon to pick up Santosh, Peter and Max from school to my house for final practice. Managed to mash up Yellowcard's "Only One" with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Guardian Angel".

Saturday, had to go to school early because I had been selected to receive a certificate. Guess what is it? A prefect appreciation cert. Urrrghhh.....

After getting the cert, rushed back to choir group to do one final warm up before we're on stage. Santosh and us are singing a song called "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Its a very very cute and simple song.

Then rushed to Bilik Sejarah to try out the graduation robe. Here are the pictures...

Alan and Kuan Kiat......*smacks head*

My classmates of 5 Tek 2

After that, went to do one last sound check with Peter and Max.

Graduation ceremony started very late (Malaysian timing lah what do you expect, VIP dai sai mah) After singing the national anthem for the 2nd time, my headmistress then gave out a short speech. Yes, 3 years of knowing her, this is her shortest speech yet. Then it was the Director of Education Department of Wilayah Persekutuan to give out her speech. Her speech lasted for 30+ minutes. There were times were I nearly fell asleep.

After the long killing speech, graduation ceremony officially starts. First class to go up was 5 Science 1, then 5 Science 2.

After 5 Science 2, a short break for everyone, and time for Santosh and gang to perform.

You know our school's PA system is wonderful, until that we have changed microphones so many times, you might wonder whether did we buy cap-ayam brand from China. 6 times we've changed different sets of microphones. All crappy and cheap.

When Santosh was singing, the microphone went on and off. Then, it died. The microphone died while Santosh was singing, and he had to sing loud enough for the last rows in the hall to able to hear him. At least there were applauses for him.

Then the microphone was alive again....and died again.

Until the last verse for Guardian Angel, Daniel Steven only gave us a proper microphone. We were all pissed, fat tard choose the right time to fix the damn problem.

The graduation ceremony resumed with 5 Teknologi 1, 5 Teknologi 2 and 5 Teknologi 3.

After the ceremony ends, picture time with parents and friends. I'll post the pictures later on.

This is my favourite picture :)

Sammy, me and Santosh.

Next post.....barbeque night :)

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